Pixwoo: Can The New Social Networking Site Lure Gamers Away From Facebook?

Aiming to bring together all aspects of the gaming world under one roof, Pixwoo has its work cut out. Luckily, it's in capable hands.
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Aiming to bring together all aspects of the gaming world under one roof, Pixwoo has its work cut out. Luckily, it's in capable hands.


In this growing world of social networking, where do the gamers go? For awhile now we all stick to our corners of Facebook, occasionally stepping forward to troll the Xbox One page or tell someone who is stating a completely valid opinion you wish to teabag their close relatives.

But what about a place where you can have a custom feed, you can see what you like, specify your gaming interests from your Triple A mainstreams to your guilty pleasures, and receive information up to date on them while chatting with friends and socialising. That is what Pascal Vielhescaze is aiming for with Pixwoo, a brand new social networking site aimed solely at gamers, for gamers, by a gamer.

A lifelong advocate of gaming, Pascal is currently leading up a digital agency in Paris known as Spider Dreams, and with the help of that, he hopes to make Pixwoo a great success. From his humble days developing and releasing under his own games Scoop for the Apple 2, and Invitation for the Amstrad UPC, He has always wanted to bring gamers together in the best way possible that can be done during this digital age.

The site has just been released on its new mobile application a week or so ago, and upon joining and having a read through there is a fair bit of potential for the new site. One of the problems with a new label like this is that it is going to be difficult to get people interested into it when their Facebooks already have all the information they would need. A lot of people forget that they once started with a blank Facebook profile just like everyone else. Pascal stated that the most difficult thing will be getting everyone to hit the ground running, and they believe they have done so through strong encouragement and survey like questions to help people build their profiles at an early stage.

Another thing that Pixwoo is attempting to do differently is that further down the line it intends to take into account your own interests and what and whom you follow to provide you with content based around what you like. A personal, tailored stream of the kind of games you like, news, previews, photos and videos relating to it, sounds pretty sweet right?

Now being from France originally, Pixwoo has already gained a fair bit of steam over there, with some VIP’s of the french gaming world already a part of it along with publishers and developers alike flooding toward it to provide posts and exclusive information, Pixwoo is shaping up to be something big. Pascal says he would rather be small in many countries, rather than big in just one, as we all know, gaming is a universal language, so he wants the world to join in with this altogether.

After asking Pascal what he thinks sets Pixwoo apart from places such as Raptr, he replied that he wants a place to bring everything together, gamers, publishers, gaming celebrities, journalists, and combine that with a bit of youtube and Facebook all together to deliver every function a gamer could ever want in one site.

From our opinion, this is going to be quite difficult, but if anyone can pull this off, Pascal can. In the age of Facebook where everything is linked together, groups and publishers able to speak directly to consumers already, Pixwoo is going to have its work cut out for it. But I think that a place for gamers isn’t all that bad. On Facebook, not everyone is going to appreciate what you post.

And there a few things you’ll be reluctant to post about, on Pixwoo you won’t have that kind of restriction, a place for your proudest achievements and your guilty pleasures. With Pixwoo offering tips and tricks and quick sharing of photos and videos with full commenting and sharing capabilities, just think of Pixwoo as your own personal gaming Facebook. Give it a try, check it out, what have you got to lose? You could be on the forefront of something huge and awesome.

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