Power To The People: Danny Dyer Gets Political

Ever been so frustrated with being ignored by politicians that you contemplated setting up your own political party? Well these boys did...
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Ever been so frustrated with being ignored by politicians that you contemplated setting up your own political party? Well these boys did...


Mickey Tobin (Eddie Webber) is on his lunch break reading an article in the local newspaper which triggers a reaction of anger and frustration with regards to how his local borough is being run by the powers that be.

When at home later that evening, he finds himself in front of his laptop researching the practicality of starting up a local political party and comes to the conclusion that it would be difficult but do-able.“The People's Advocate Party” is born. He explains his epiphany to his long-time friend and full time gambler Terry (Geoff Bell) and his long suffering apprentice Peter Hole a.k.a P-Hole (Aidan J David). Together they embark on a life changing journey of political adventure driven by Mickey who solely believes he has had a vocational epiphany and with it a chance to make a difference for the everyday folk in the local constituency.

On their journey they come across Marc Cannon (Danny Dyer) a seedy council officer that abuses his power when allocating new flats to local young girls that are desperate for accommodation. The PAP (The People’s Advocate Party) come up with a scheme that leaves Cannon no option but to become the political face of “The People’s Advocate Party”.

With the help and guidance of Mickey's dad Mickey Snr (TBC), an ex Dockers union shop steward, they achieve their goal of political acknowledgement.


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Eddie says “I was involved with another internet project called Svengali starring Shameless star Jonathan Owen which inspired us to make Power to the People. I bumped into Danny Prescott (Producer), and a lifelong friend and fellow Bermondsey native, who I hadn’t seen for a few years. He told me that he was doing a film course at Ravensbourne film school and this led to sitting down one day talking about local politics. We thought this topic could make for a great internet comedy project. Using 3rd year film students The seed was sown for the Power to the People series and agoodeyedeer”

Eddie also revealed “It' seemed a far more practical way to put the series out on the internet as a calling card than to shlop around TV companies also due to the Social net working sites we felt at this embryonic stage that it made sense to keep it at a grass roots level...but would love to get a TV company involved and make a 10 half hour episode series for a channel. The response we have been getting from the general public is phenomenal we are getting a thousand plus hits a day on each episode when released so the universe seems to be some what with us”.

If you’ve not seen Power to the people, you really are missing out. London Amigo’s Geoff Bell, Danny Dyer and Eddie Webber are as entertaining as ever. Don’t be a wally miss it miss out. Peace and Jam.

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