Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?

Proof That Everything Sounds Great In Morgan Freeman's Voice

by Sabotage
25 January 2012

Look at this picture, read the paragraph on it and then tell us that the theory isn't true. Go on, we dare you...

We’d never considered the above theory before, but now that we have read a banal paragraph in the dulcet tones of Morgan Freeman, we’ve signed up to it. We’re just glad that it isn’t a picture of Zed, that shrieking lunatic from Police Academy.

As well at Titty Sprinkles here are some other things that sound ace in his voice. Close your eyes and try it

Gonorrhea – Sounds like a fine Italian pasta.

Guantanomo Bay – a cool holiday resort with lots of beautiful women.

Uncle Tom’s Old Time Whorehouse – Sounds, well, like a whorehouse, but a nice one you could visit with your dad.

An entire Ikea catalogue,  take your pick from “Karlstad” “Benzy” “Pax Nexus” or “Aneboda”.

Antidisestablishmentarianism – Your Ukrainian Auntie

We found this at The Poke

More stuff we found knocking about…

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Hideous Portraits of Online Dating Conquests

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