Space Is The Place: Invest In Surreal Estate

From canvas to fish eye lens via record sleeves and real estate, here's the story of how a digital camera provided the eureka moment to perfect my planetary obsession...
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From canvas to fish eye lens via record sleeves and real estate, here's the story of how a digital camera provided the eureka moment to perfect my planetary obsession...

The Replicated Universe Of Possibilities

if my imagination is infinite then i cannot consider outer space being closed... craig cooper 2012

I happened upon this idea about 15 years ago. It has gone through many transformations. From a straight forward canvas painting using a 12 inch vinyl record as a template then filling it in, a very very time consuming process and very frustrating considering I was thinking up these planets a 1000 times faster than I could paint. It then progressed to camera with the use of a Nikon fisheye lens, which allowed a speedy result, but I then found this to be very limited in the images I could collect because of the lens super wide focal range. Basically I had to find natural or self made hollows to get the desired planet sphere effect. Although they were desired enough to be used on the Dope Smugglaz record sleeves in 2000.

It was only recently, after pissing about with self taught photoshop and the beauty that is the Sony Cybershot camera, that I had the eureka moment that I had been waiting for. Technology had finally caught up with the pace of my planet inventory thought patterns. And from that moment I went into overdrive and danced on to bring to the masses the first of the newly founded planetary groupings. The Asset Sun Solar System is the beginning.1000 planets and a sun arranged in 13 constellations. The infinity of it all, the invention, the production, the presentation, brought about the idea to present the whole show, this one and the many future ones, as that of an estate agent. The way, in which, the property people display the endless houses and apartments for sale. I call this whole operation SURREAL ESTATE.

This first warm up show starts with a 100 pieces from 1000 newly invented planets created from a variety of sources. Patterns, textures, colour schemes, natural or man made, endless shapes and surfaces… salad tossed in the planet factory that is my craig cooper mind, then artistically manipulated into the form of a beautiful sphere.

Then through extraordinary acts of wordplay (in homage to the Surrealist Movement and its contribution fantastique) each one is then given a name, which I invent, along with a surreal poetic one liner, which I compose, to project an atmosphere bringing these planets to life.

Then it goes through the motions of presentation and packaging, ready for action, ready to show, ready for the masses to gaze upon. It is the ultimate pop up show… the universe fits in a suitcase and I can open up shop anywhere I wish.

The planets are catalogued and ownership papers drawn up for each individual planet so the buyer not only buys a piece of art but they get ownership of that planet which exists in reality somewhere in the wide open infinity of it all…

Available to buy as a signed, catalogued, dated, numbered one off canvas print presented in a beautiful handmade frame

“space is the place…invest in surreal estate”

To find out more about Space is the Place and where to go and see the exhibition click here...

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