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Tattoo Of Boyfriend's Face Leads To Bizarre Facebook Break-Up

by Sabotage
23 February 2012 4 Comments

A gesture of love, trust and companionship.. or 'the stupidest thing I have ever seen' according to the, now ex, boyfriend...

One week into a relationship isn’t an ideal time to confess your love to someone in the form of a particularly poor tattoo. This girl’s boyfriend didn’t think so. She’s gutted, he’s terrified, but it makes for some brilliant reading.

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Gareth 3:36 pm, 23-Feb-2012

Check out the poor guy's facebook page. At least he's able to laugh at his temporary infamy.

Boll Weevil 3:50 pm, 23-Feb-2012

And I thought my ex was nuts.

gibgod 8:25 pm, 23-Feb-2012

You all know its fake right

DickieDaviesEyes 12:01 am, 25-Feb-2012


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