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The Strange Tale of the Aldgate Station Ghost

by Iain Spragg
20 January 2013 11 Comments

An electrician once fell onto the lines at Aldgate station in London. Instead of dying from the incredible shock he'd been hit with, he was fine. His co-workers saw why...


There are endless stories of ghosts haunting the London Underground but one of the most ‘electrifying’ tales of supernatural activity has to be the strange case of Aldgate and the suspicious spectral old lady who made a shocking appearance in the twentieth century.

Built on the site of a plague pit that was the final resting place for an estimated thousand victims of the Bubonic Plague in 1665, Aldgate Station was opened in 1876. Almost as soon as the trains began rolling in and out, the stories of spooky shenanigans began. A popular early tale relates to Tube staff being able to hear ghostly footsteps in the tunnels only for the noise to abruptly and mysteriously stop. Then an electrician was working at Aldgate one night when he slipped between the tracks, hit the live rail and received a 20,000-volt shock. It could – perhaps should – have killed him, but despite being knocked unconscious by his fall, he survived with minor injuries and made a full recovery.

Nothing particularly paranormal perhaps until the accident investigators interviewed the man’s colleagues and each of them swore that just before his plunge they had seen the half-transparent ghost of an old woman kneeling down beside the electrician and stroking his hair. Whether she was the man’s guardian angel, somehow saving him from a fatal electrocution, or an Angel of Death, malevolently trying to push him through the gap in the tracks, is a matter of opinion.

London Underground’s Strangest Tales is published by Portico, £7.99,

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Mongbean 5:45 am, 21-Jan-2013

Is that it?......

Sharpy 12:12 pm, 21-Jan-2013

looks like susan boyle..

Tris 7:37 pm, 21-Jan-2013

Well, that's me sleeping with the lights on tonight then.

MJ Wayland 11:25 am, 24-Jan-2013

Interesting story, however likely to be folklore. I am intrigued to find out the references for this story, as I have not found any contemporary reports in any local or national newspapers.

Jonathan R 5:26 pm, 27-Jan-2013

I smell fake. Thanks to Google it is easy to search past newspapers and there is no record of an electrician being killed at Aldgate. It is quite rare for this to happen. Another article claims that the electrician was killed in the late 20th century but I could find no news report on either an electrocuted electrician or a saved electrician.

Teresa 3:56 pm, 28-Jan-2013

The man didn;'t die in the underground he just got a really strong jolt of volts ha ha but seriously I do believe it's possible Spririt is around us all the time good bad and otherwise, a few years ago I was sick and bleeding to death passed out then fell on the hard ground , and had no bruised and woke up and felt no pain (sober) the whole time, but to this day I still wonder who caught me? No one was physically there??????

Roger Soles 6:27 pm, 28-Jan-2013

20 000 volts on underground rail? Don`t be daft; max 660 D.C.

Max Overton 12:57 am, 30-Jan-2013

The picture of the sitting woman is from a Chicago cemetery, I believe. I think it is included here (without title) to bolster a pitifully weak story.

Stan Dalglish 5:30 pm, 21-Feb-2013

Why do all Ghosts look the same? Have you ever been to Aldgate East Tube? Just keep walking until you hit EC3.

Mick Lethal 1:52 pm, 13-Aug-2013

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

osma 12:33 am, 8-Feb-2014

sexy looking ghost chic, id do'er!!!!

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