The Truth About That Face Tattoo Breakup Viral

Vancouver student revealed as the mastermind behind tattoo prank that went viral...
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Vancouver student revealed as the mastermind behind tattoo prank that went viral...


Last week we reported the viral story of a girl who had a tattoo of her boyfriend’s face on her arm that led to a bizarre Facebook break-up. It was brilliant. But, fortunately for the girl in question, it was a hoax.

Here's what really went down:

It all started when the supposed 'new girlfriend' of some kid called Austin Knill from Canada posted a picture of her brand new tattoo on his Facebook wall, which quickly went viral thanks to the witty people at and Reddit and generated over 1000 comments.

The joke was smashed however when the original thread, which can be readhere , was traced back to Knill who, as it turned out, was just another student with a hell of a lot of spare time on his hands:

“My friend Cameron Kenis and I wanted to see if we could convince people one of us had started dating a girl, named Sara Hartly. We rock paper scissored for which one of us would get her. It was amusing at first but we quickly decided it would be more fun to have her appear to be utterly insane.

We made her a false Facebook account and even gave her fake friends, who we also controlled. Their names were anagrams: Maria Giny = Imaginary, Carol Tifiling = Fictional Girl. We knew all along we wanted to see how far we could push our friends' credulity so we started making her do really unusual things.”

Nonetheless, Knill isn’t sure how the thread made its way out of Facebook, saying: “I didn't make that post,” he explains, “someone else cropped the conversation together and went to the trouble of blacking out the names to protect our anonymity. Anyway word got out so I just decided to run with it.”

He eventually decided enough was enough, though, saying “we wanted to reveal it as a hoax because it was a prank on our friends after all, and we didn't want be dishonest to them indefinitely. Also, the internet community has some pretty clever detectives who were bound to figure it out sooner or later. I'd rather reveal it myself and be labelled a troll than be labelled a fraud.” Read as: it was prime time to see if he could cash in.

With his new status as a minor celebrity of the internet age Krill is understandably enjoying his little run in the sun, however he thankfully doesn't appear to have any plans to further capitalise on his mini-status, saying: “I won't be surprised if this all settles in a few hours and the reddit peeps go back where they came from. Glad I could spread some laughs but I didn't do this to become an e-celeb.”

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