Top Ten Facts Without Wikipedia From Twitter

Wikipedia is down, here's the Twitterarti's attempts to fill the void with their own brand of "facts"...
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Wikipedia is down, here's the Twitterarti's attempts to fill the void with their own brand of "facts"...


Wikipedia has gone dark for 24 hours to protest a new web piracy bill being passed in US Congress. They say they are protecting their right to publish free information on the internet, and in their absence the people of Twitter have provided an alternative set of facts for lazy researchers everywhere, under the hashtag #FactsWithoutWikipedia.

Here are ten of the best:

@RedMancunia (Vik) sets the record straight on the return of a Manchester United hero - "Paul Scholes only re-signed for Manchester United because he has developed the 'Benjamin Button' syndrome."

@MikeTheRelic (Mike Sullivan) combined science and criminology - If you took every vein and artery from a human body and laid them end to end, you'd end up in Broadmoor.

@Michael_R_Grant (Mike Grant) took Rockstar Games to task on their disappointing change in direction with the new Grand Theft Auto game - "Grand Theft Auto V was originally set in Weston-Super-Mare."

@GrimReaperBlog (The Grim Reaper) answered the question on the mind of everyone that was watching Prime Minister's Questions - "Dennis Skinner is 275 Years Old #PMQs"

Whilst it was going on, @MrChrisLent (Chris Lent) discovered the inspiration behind some of JK Rowling's scariest characters... - "David Cameron, George Osborne and Michael Gove are all Death Eaters"

Someone who has clearly never been to my favourite boozer, where wild anger trumps research, @JeanBurgess (Jean Burgess) suggested that - "Today is the International Day of Uninformed Pub Arguments"

@PatrichVardhan (Patrick Vardhan) reflected on one of 2011's Twitter stars, and gave a million hipsters a new buzz-word with - "'Sheen' is a verb, it means 'snorting cocaine'"

@DizzyDub1 (LH) confirmed what we had all feared, and added a good 25 minutes onto our daily email and Facebook time - "534,699 people a year die from not forwarding chain emails and FB status's"

@Document (Aaron H) got to the bottom of the REAL reason Wikipedia is down. Protest, Shmotest - "In January of 2012, Wikipedia found their chance to *finally* do a reboot."

@RedTrainers (Jon S), clearly nonplussed by the blackout gave this brilliant 'fact' - "Wikipedia is a reliable referencing tool"... Take that nerds.

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