Watch Dogs: Grand Theft Auto For Computer Hackers

A game ahead of its time, Watch Dogs is an original and unique game which is far superior to Grand Theft Auto and others like it. Here's why everyone should want to get it...
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A game ahead of its time, Watch Dogs is an original and unique game which is far superior to Grand Theft Auto and others like it. Here's why everyone should want to get it...


The game that will change it all, Watch Dogs is an open world game, but not your typical Grand Theft Auto where it's all Gangsters, Guns and Dope. Watch Dogs takes a unique turn, when I say unique I don't mean your character can dress up as Prof Genki and fire citizens from a cannon as they do in Saints Row: The Third. I mean unique as original, never quite done before.

The story takes place in an alternate present day Chicago where you play as Aiden Pearce, the anti-hero. Aiden is like a modern day Robin Hood, haunted by the justice he deals but constantly fighting for the greater good that is needed. Anyhow, in this alternate Chicago there is a supercomputer known as a "CtOS" (Central Operating System). This system controls every piece of technology in the city, from the lights to the trains. It also hosts information about everyone living in the city.

Now you might think a supercomputer would never be hacked, the firewall defence must be incredible, right? Wrong. Our tech genius Robin Hood seems to hack in just fine from his mobile device. This all might sound a bit ridiculous at first, but once you realize the physical applications of this in real-time gameplay, your mind will be blown away.

Now that Aiden can hack every traffic light and more, it's time he puts these skills to the test.

At E3 2012 Ubisoft showed the world what they can really do using Watch Dogs, with the next generation graphics the elaborate story line and the free flow gameplay, they showcased, in my opinion, what will be one of the greatest games of 2013.

The gameplay involved Aiden attempting to assassinate a media mogul named Joseph DeMarco. The exchanges from gameplay to cut-scenes is seamless. The incredible graphic are demonstrated with the hand combat fighting scenes, similar to that experienced in Assassins Creed and with gun fights similar to those present in Max Payne, it makes Watch Dogs one hell of a game.


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Aiden uses his hacks to walk straight through the front door to DeMarco's electronic gallery. He has used his hacking ability to listen into a phone call from a DeMarco employee, and has learned that DeMarco is heading for the gallery. The gallery is on lock-down for Aiden. That's no issue though. With one guard blocking the way out all it takes is two hits with his expandable baton and the guard's out cold. Into the night our hero goes and waits patiently at the corner of the street. When DeMarco is in sight, one click of a button and all the traffic lights flick to green, causing as mass pile up of cars at the junction which DeMarco is in the middle of. With a few explosions and a dynamic gunfight, Aiden pulls DeMarco from the car.

“I want you to deliver a message for me...” BANG!

Not only is this game much more superior to GTA in its action, but I think the story line will out grow GTAs by a good mile. Though it is a bit worrying as the only gameplay we have seen seems fake. Fake in the sense that it all seems a bit too set-up. Me, as a timid but enthusiastic gamer have a dream that one day there will be a game you can do anything with, and that there are hundreds of outcomes to every sub-plot. This concept is demonstrated in Skyrim, as every kill matters and everything is effected by everything else. That's what is known as dynamic, and a truly dynamic game will be the best game.

There is much hope for this awe inspiring game though. A month or two ago Ubisoft released another gameplay video for my much beloved Watch Dogs, this time it looks a lot more free and less constricted. It was also shown at the announcement for Sony's PS4, the narration explained that there is no mission, no objective, but everything you do brings you closer to the end of the game. That is vague I know, and there must be an overall objective or mission.


In the new gameplay Aiden spots a mugging that is taking place. He confronts the criminal who quickly tries to flee the area by running through a grocery store. This of course sends Aiden into his parkour element, with him ducking, diving and dodging his way after the criminal. Aiden then uses his handy CtOS hacking device to disrupt a few fuse boxes which shock the criminal as he falls and is handcuffed by our hero. But the police don't think of Aiden as a hero, more as a vigilante.

A car chase ensues.

It's all very thrilling I must say I can not wait for more gameplay. This game will redefine single player games, everyone is certain that the world is moving in an online gaming direction, but nothing beats reliable single player gaming.

With the release date fast approaching, gaming will be redefined with the PS4, but we will not forget the classic gaming: pc gaming. The real gaming. I am eager as ever to get my hands on Watch Dogs and trust me it will be a spectacular event in the gaming world.