Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?

Wish-List-Girls Are Giving Women a Bad Name

What happened to independent women and Beyonce giving it "I bought it" every five minutes? Now it seems women just want to get things bought for them by rich admirers online...

Welcome to 2013 and the world of girls who think they can achieve fame and fortune without working and/or star quality, and will stop at nothing in order to achieve it. It’s a world full of soft porn and confused prostitutes with wish lists, and naked breasts. Are we feeling liberated? Meet the wish list girls. They publish their amazon wish lists on social networks- enabling men and women anywhere in the world to buy them gifts. Have wish list girls given women a bad name? Or should they be celebrated?

‘Wish list models’ are the girls who publish their amazon wish list to their profile on their social networks and upload self taken topless photographs with their web cams in order for instant fame and fortune. It seems, for them nothing is too private to be published on the web, from the girls on the twitter pages @iliketitsdaily and @WishListGirls with over 13,000 followers ‘providing a platform for girls to come and talk, promote their lists and interact with the people who love to spoil them!’ In other words like cattle they round themselves up into one area of the internet and make a living from asking men to buy them things.

These girls seem too lazy to work, or do work and are not paid enough to fund their extravagant lifestyle that they have made themselves become accustomed to, and have resorted to wish lists rather than getting some dignity and some well needed self respect and a second job. Clearly deemed not cut out for the hard life as a model they do however live the party lifestyle that allegedly comes with it.


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The wish list girls can usually be spotted loitering in the regular celebrity haunts like Mahiki and China White, drinking their Hanky- Panky gin based cocktails opting for the the tightest and brightest dresses they can find, so that their dresses, and pushed up breasts can do the talking. These girls appear on the party circuit on the strength of one photo shoot calling themselves ‘models’, and it is usually a photo shoot they have paid for themselves.

They live what seems to be like a very shallow existences, and being incapable of paying for the items on their very own wish list. These girls appear to have delusions of grandeur, yet all the gear and no idea about hard work and what it takes to be able to achieve the items. Wish list girls appear to be nothing more than glorified prostitutes in denial, however if you called a prostitute a prostitute you would be corrected and told that they are in fact working girls.

The difference between working girls and a wish list girl is simple on a cold freezing night and despite the fact of wearing two pairs of socks, clad in a low cut short dress and lacy tights, boots, and a huge coat, the working girl on the street is shivering playing an elaborate game of cat and mouse with the police whilst loitering for the next ‘punter’ the ‘wish list girls’ loiter behind a computer screen dressed in lavish ‘gifts’ from the comfort of their own home.

In today’s world there is no such thing as a free lunch. Someone will always want something. They appear to be the new age gold diggers of society. Who needs sexual chemistry and love when you can have hard earned cash? Behind their full lips and underneath their hair extensions there is an ugly message. A message of a woman who will cross any line of decency to get what she wants. They are like mosquito. Beasts of prey. Only these girls don’t just take their belly full. They are putting the blood in the bank, and the shame of it is they know that it’s not only the mosquito that knows.

Thomas Jefferson famously said ‘I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it’ in other words you only get out of life what you put into it. He was a wise man- a clever man, and wrote an autobiography, published in 1895. Life Coach Lynda Field wrote a book titled ‘Self Esteem for women’ both are on amazon, some should put the items on their shopping list! Twenty pounds for a blow job, sixty pounds for ‘love’. The difference between a prostitute and a ‘wish list girl’, is a prostitute earns their living.

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Daisy 9:39 am, 19-Feb-2013

There were some interesting points here, although I would like to have read more about what would inspire a woman to create and publish a wish list. Sadly, women trade on their sexuality for reasons that are a lot more complex than greed - it's the result of thousands of years of negative conditioning. And although I agreed with many of your comments about other areas of the sex industry, street walking is much riskier than persuading strangers to buy you gifts online.

Dan 10:43 am, 19-Feb-2013

Kicked it Gia

Matt 11:25 am, 19-Feb-2013

Daisy, are you trying to blame men for this with your 'thousands of years of negative conditioning' comment?

David 11:51 am, 19-Feb-2013

Firstly, great article. Matt, go easy on Daisy, after 1000 years of negative conditioning she must be exhausted!

Paul Green 11:55 am, 19-Feb-2013

While I see no reason that anyone, male or female uses whatever assets they have to achieve a goal. As long as it is reasonable, moral and legal which is of course the dilemma. What I consider to be morally wrong may differ to anyone else’s opinion. I don’t live anywhere near a large town or city and would not mix in the circles that these women, or maybe men as well. I am sure this is not gender exclusive. However it is a problem that is not exclusive to the world of “modelling”. I encounter plenty 40/50 year old men who are “stars of the paranormal world”. Which as Gia points out means that instead of a photo shoot they have at best paid for a prod company to film them and at worst got a mate to do it. Then posted on YouTube. It seems that society today is still in love with fame and wants it NOW. I am happy to admit that I am trying to break into the world of TV, but I and my business partner have a combined experience of over 30 years in the field we are pitching. A book which is a finalist in a national competition, as well as successful radio show. I cannot see myself heading towards the skin tight Lycra look, the word is not ready trust me. Maybe the girls Gia refers top should consider getting a solid ground of work behind them before digging out the push up bra. If they did I for one would not have a problem with that.

tian 11:59 am, 19-Feb-2013

So true g xx

Louise 1:48 pm, 19-Feb-2013

Brilliant use of the English language! Talk about the girl who brought the AK47 to a knife fight- well said kiddo! 'Glorified prostitutes' Have it!

Daisy 2:27 pm, 19-Feb-2013

YES! I demand that the title is changed to "Sexy ladies are sexy because of men, which is BAD, and everything is terrible." Although I mostly have a problem with it because I look like shit after thousands of years of patriarchy, and no-one will buy me the pleather panties on my wish list.

mutlu 2:40 pm, 19-Feb-2013

Oh the shame of a wish list

Mr. Goodman 6:19 pm, 19-Feb-2013

To be honest, I have never heard of a WLG, but I couldn’t agree more. It is very confusing for men (young and old) to understand the true intentions of a woman. If they are open, honest and friendly, they send the message that there is a chance for…whatever. However, chances are that if a man (or boy) were to make an advance, a credit history and proof of steady (upscale) income may be required. If a guy can’t afford all the gadgets for the girls, he is forced to settle for a “real” woman, not a fake. A much better choice! Thank you for your clear insight and brilliant story.

Laura 8:13 pm, 19-Feb-2013

Good one Gia. Had never heard of a WLG before, although saidly I know of a few girls who are like this.

Colin 8:35 pm, 19-Feb-2013

Haha great article! Although Im not sure who is worse; the "wish list" girls or the total planks who actually buy the gifts!! I would say you cant blame a girl for trying (as much as I hate the image they bring to the table) but I can certainly blame the guys who buy the gifts! Im shaking my head right now

Lord Creator 9:08 pm, 19-Feb-2013

So women should be "liberated", but only in a context that suits you? If they are free to choose a second job, etc, why shouldn't they be able to choose to choose something else if it works for them? I don't see why they would be considered to have given women a bad name, nor why should they be celebrated, it is a complete non-story about a tiny proportion of people.

Stephen 12:26 am, 21-Feb-2013

As with Paul I find it a bit hard to take that people can land on their feet without working hard for it. Had seen a TV show about WLG and I must say I wouldn't be wasting my money but that is my choice. Good article Gia.

sarah 2:12 am, 20-Mar-2013

i dig that this is a sex-worker positive critique, its true that real prostitutes have to actually work. but however shameless these girls probably are, they still exist as part of a culture that objectifies women and judges them for their appearance. not everyone has the inherent psychological stability, or inherent sense of self worth to handle that. maybe they have given up on the idea of being valued for any substantive contribution. it's not a fun feeling, trust me.

PaperTigerGirl 10:59 pm, 20-Mar-2013

Okay, I'm going to butt in and explain why I have a wish list. I've worked in the adult industry for 16 years and have a bit of a brand. Yes, they are cheesy and I rejected them for many years, then it became, "why, the hell, not?" Every once in a while I get earrings in the mail because someone sees me as glamorous or some one sends me a butter dish because he likes the idea of being a part of my real life. I've never been to a club in a bright colored dress, pushing my wish list agenda. It's more of an afterthought that doesn't cost any money. I would venture a guess with the low to zero cost of putting up websites and wish lists it's more of a "see what happens" and very, very few are living off of it. I could be wrong but I don't think I am. This could easy go to the porn argument as weather it preys upon women or men.

I hate trendy cunts. 5:50 am, 2-Apr-2013

Fucking morons everywhere. Nice to see blokes are getting the blame again - thanks Daisy. Yes all women are poor iccle victims and cant think for themselves, poor them. Us blokes are just utter bastards aren't we...Women are untouchable these days! Feminism or female chauvanism?

Kane 1:19 pm, 2-Apr-2013

As with most of these new fads, I don't give a fuck, I am not an attractive and shallow as fuck young woman nor am I a dillusional and lonely man so this doesn't really impact me at all. However, I do like to click articles and pour scorn over whichever group of losers are involved - YEAH! that felt good...

Katie 9:18 pm, 2-Apr-2013

Fantastic article and couldn't agree more! Who's ever said "nice girls always finish last?"

Pays for it herself 9:26 pm, 2-Apr-2013

Worst still is that these wish list women prey on pissed men. Blokes that think their luck is in only to find they've forked out a fortune for nothing ... wish list girls have been seen in ski resorts this season and judging by some of the pics from 'Ladies' Day at the Gold Cup! Fuck right off!!

wow 1:47 am, 3-Apr-2013

pointing out vapid bitches exist as part of a larger structure is "anti-men" now?

Addicted 12:10 pm, 15-Oct-2013

Not sure if anyone was blaming men here but to say that it has taken a lot of negative conditioning to reach this point could be said about many things really. How about someone who batters old people and takes their money or someone who abuses children, or a plan old rapist? It's all down to conditioning of some sort isn't it? I didn't see her say it absolves them from blame. On this issue though I have to say it seems a bit more like preying on people who; if they don't have severe mental health troubles, have extremely low low self esteem and are very very lonely. My gut instinct is usually to feel sympathy for this type of person, but also it pushes my sympathy limit as far as sympathy for the stupid is concerned.

Terribly informed article 3:14 pm, 4-Jan-2014

I am a dominatrix, I have men worship me and get much sexual satisfaction from humiliating them whilst they only adore me in return. From my experience I am an extremely empowered woman, I am studying my masters in social sciences and as a way of helping me fund my way through I have things bought for me so that I can progress with my career in academia. It would only be a sexual trade off if I didn't want to be involved with these men, and I reject those whom I do not like.

Kelly 6:00 pm, 23-Jan-2014

Get over it.. On,y because u haven't the balls to do it!! Its not hurting u

Dude 2:14 am, 19-Mar-2014

If people want to buy people stuff and have the means to do so, I don't see what the problem is. It's not like the women are forcing people to buy them stuff. If the women get gifts, great. How many times out there have people been showing the goods for free?

urahater 11:31 am, 1-May-2014

The only people who are giving women a bad name are people who write articles scorning women verses getting your ass off your laptop & going out there to make a difference in the world everyone always has a terrible opinion about women who are doing something to achieve something...whether they use their bodies...or whether they use their textbook intellect THAT's what's giving women a bad name! all the people who talk negatively about women all day long on stupid websites.. i hope one day your journalism skills improve for the better and afford you more productive opportunities that inspire you to write better material

Reality Check 4:48 am, 23-May-2014

Since when did Beyoncé become a "role model" for women? It's people like her who encourage wishlist culture in the first place. Don't try to separate Beyoncé from the wishlisters. Mindless materialism is mindless materialism, and in reality, Beyoncé also trades upon her looks for extravagant material goods, because she sure as hell can't write a decent song. Even though I agree with the essence of the article, holding up someone like Beyoncé as an example of a good role model for women is ludicrous. You might want to read about women who did real hard work, and tried to make a difference in the world, instead of becoming rich and famous from crappy pop songs.

Disgusting 11:19 am, 11-Sep-2014

Absolutely disgusting. Especially with some of these comments. Patriarchy? hahaha get fucked you stupid asshole.

CWolf 5:41 am, 7-Oct-2014

As a guy, I'm mostly jealous there isn't a 'wish list boys' group :< I'm cute, too!

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