111 Non-Motorhead Songs That Mention The Ramones

After my first collection of tracks that mention The Ramones, I've been contacted and discovered even more. Here's a new enhanced list...
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After my first collection of tracks that mention The Ramones, I've been contacted and discovered even more. Here's a new enhanced list...

Last week or so, my son casually asked: "Do you remember Iron Prostate?" (Yes, that's the sort of conversation we sometimes have.) I was able to reply in the affirmative, since it was me who'd introduced to him to many of these obscure bands in the first place. The one he was referring to now, Iron Prostate from New York City, were a short-lived early 90s group best known for their song "Bring Me the Head of Jerry Garcia" and the fact that their bass player was the rock critic Charles M. Young. "Their song 'Rock'n'Roll Nursing Home'," my son said, "mentiones the Ramones".

Of course it did. The instant he said that, I heard the line in my head – "Got my Ramones albums and my blue-gray hair." It was the moment that triggered a long-overdue update of the "100 Non-Motörhead Songs That Mention The Ramones" list we published more than sixteen months ago. (This original list and the story how it came into being can be found here) For one, because obviously the mighty Iron Prostate had to be included one way or another. Second, because the same went for The Disappeared.

Now, who are The Disappeared? To be honest, I know little more about them than that they come from Manchester. And that one of the members is called Jeremy and left a comment to the original 100 Songs list. His comment, like many others, suggested an additional candidate, in this case a song from his own pen. I promised him his band would be included "if and when we do an update". Don't say I'm not true to my word, Jeremy.

Finally, all those comments to the original list alerted me to, well, not really a flaw, more like a blemish. One reader remarked: "Top 100 Helen Love songs that mention The Ramones anyone?" Indeed there were some bands in the list, most notably The Queers from New Hampshire and Helen Love from Wales, who had multiple entries to their name because they have made singing about the Ramones some kind of trademark. That's nice and honourable, but I felt it diluted the essence of the list.

And so here is a new one – not only enlarged but also enhanced, as the new rule is that only one song per singer or band will be allowed in. (As it goes without saying, these are all different songs, even if some have the same or similar titles!)

Take it, Dee Dee! One, two, three, four ... five, six, seven, eight, nine ...

111 Non-Motörhead Songs That Mention The Ramones

01. "All Good Cretins" - Predator

02. "American Child" - The Stone Coyotes

03. "Ask Her For Adderall" - The Hold Steady

04. "As Long As I Can Listen" - The Dubrovniks

05. "Audacity of Huge" - Simian Mobile Disco

06. "BRB" - Dumbfoundead feat. Andrew Garcia

07. "The CCC Took Joey Away" - The Dirtshakes

08. "Champion The Underdog" - Eureka Machines

09. "Chinese Rocks" - The Heartbreakers

10. "Circles" - Fifteen

11. "Clone A Ramone" - The Liabilities

12. "Country Song (NOFX Should Listen More Ramones)" - Gramofocas

13. "Dancing With Joey Ramone" - Amy Rigby

14. "(The Day All the Girls in Philadephia Dressed Like) Ramones" - Howling Fantods

15. "Dead Love" - Project Wyze

16. "D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.S." - Modern Life Is War

17. "Debbie Loves Joey" - Helen Love

18. "Dee Dee" - Terrorgruppe

19. "Dee Dee And Joey" - The Transistors

20. "Dee Dee Ramone" - Henry Fiat's Open Sore

21. "End Of The Ramones" - Mr. T Experience

22. "Everybody Loves You (When You're Dead)" - Gallows

23. "Festa Punk" - Os Replicantes

24. "Fiesta Ramone" - F.A.N.T.A.

25. "Goodbye Joey" - The McRackins

26. "Granola-Head" - The Queers

27. "Have You Seen Dee Dee Ramone" - Jesus H. Presley

28. "He Looked A Lot Like Dee Dee Ramone" - Mouthguard

29. "I Blame His Brother" - Lugless Booth

30. "I Can't Stop Listening To The Ramones" - The Quintessentials

31. "I Don’t Wanna Get Thin" - Blubberry Hellbellies

32. "I Don't Wanna Look Like No Ramone" - Latex Novelties

33. "I Love Her, And She Loves The Ramones" - The Havenots

34. "I'm Lobotomized 'Cause Of You" - The Riptides

35. "Intro" - Kid Rock

36. "I Wanna Be A Ramone" - Go Go Rays

37. "I Wanna Be A Ramone" - The Dinks

38. "I Wanna Be Like Dee Dee Ramone" - The Parasites

39. "I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone" - Sleater-Kinney

40. "I Wanna Cut My Hair Like Marky Ramone" - The Spazzys

41. "I Was A High School Psychopath" - Screeching Weasel

42. "Jeannie Hates The Ramones" - The Huntingtons

43. "Jeffrey's Gone" - Sixty-Nine Vette

44. "Joey" - Raimundos

45. "Joey Ja Dee Dee" - Hairikot

46. "Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee & Marky (On Her Arm)" - The Hallingtons

47. "Joey Ramone" - James Marshall Black

48. "Joey Ramone" - Haggis

49. "Joey's Song" - Kitty Kowalski & The Manges

50. "Johnny And Dee Dee" - The Eastern Dark

51. "Johnny Ramone" - Der Nino aus Wien

52. "Johnny Ramone" - Like Some Cat From Japan

53. "Johnny Ramone" - Los Mentas

54. "Johnny Ramone Was In A Fucken Good Band But He Was A Cunt" - Frenzal Rhomb

55. "Just Like Joey Ramone" - Groove End Road

56. "Just Like Johnny Ramone" - David Young & The Restless

57. "Kill The Ramones" - Boris The Sprinkler

58. "Lift Up Your Hood" - DMZ

59. "Like A Ramone" - High-School Motherfuckers

60. "Long Blonde" - The Long Blondes

61. "Made in NYC" - The Casualties

62. "Mere Pseud Mag Ed" - The Fall

63. "Miss Argentina" - Iggy Pop

64. "My Baby's Got a Crush On Joey Ramone" - Rat Fink

65. "My First Rock Concert" - Rheostatics

66. "My Girlfriend Looks Like Joey Ramone" - Real Ramoneroonies

67. "My Granpa is Joey Ramone" - The Swoons

68. "My Punk Girl" - Pale Sunday

69. "Nancy Ramone" - Nancys Rubias

70. "Noam Chomsky Versus The Ramones" - Milky Wimpshake

71. "Ode To Ramones" - The Commandos

72. "Ode To The Ramones" - De Heideroosjes

73. "Oh Boy!" - The Dickies

74. "Plus One" - Coyote Shivers

75. "Punkrockgirl" - Die Ärzte

76. "Ramona" - Las Ultrasónicas

77. ”Ramones & Stravinsky” - Kollaa Kestää

78. "Ramones For Yu" - Cómplices

79. "Ramones Girl" - Shock Treatment

80. "Ramones (Have Been Banished From Heaven)" - Romero's Nation

81. "Ramonesland" - Adam Franklin

82. "Ramones No Bar Do Ico" - Reatores

83. "Ramones T-Shirt" - The Emersons

84. "Ramones T-Shirt" - The Hexstalls

85. "Remember The Ramones" - The Fleshtones

86. "Ripped Jeans" - Sneeze

87. "Rock'n'Roll Can Rescue The World" - Electric Eel Shock

88. "Rock'n'Roll Nursing Home" - Iron Prostate

89. "Schönen Gruß, Auf Wiedersehen" - Die Toten Hosen

90. "Seidl Doesn't Have All Ramones Albums" - Carbona

91. "She's A Poser" - Teen Idols

92. "She's My Bitch" - The Supersuckers

93. "She's Ugly But She Likes The Ramones" - The Come Ons

94. "Shonen Knife" - Shonen Knife

95. "Sky Bleeds Red" - DieMonsterDie

96. "Son Of A Beach" - Venerea

97. "Take Me To Manhattan" - The Disappeared

98. "Tarde De Sol" - Expulsados

99. "TCP" - The Boys

100. "The Things That Dreams Are Made Of" - The Human League

101. "Thin Ice (Don't You Ever Coz It Wouldn't Be Clever)" - The Crybabys

102. "Tommy Ramone" - The Vapids

103. "Tomorrow Tonight" - Jesse Malin

104. "Too Much Jazz" - The Beat Angels

105. "To The Ramones" - Dustin's Bar Mitzvah

106. "29 x The Pain" - The Wildhearts

107. "We All Wanted To Be Rocked By The Ramones" - Anna & The Psychomen

108. "White Trash" - Junior Senior

109. "Wir Hassen Die Ramones" - Lokalmatadore

110. "You Can't Kill Joey Ramone" - Sloppy Seconds

111. "You'll Have Time" - William Shatner