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Five 'New' Music Genres For You To Ponder

by Sam Rowe
19 April 2010 20 Comments

Heard about the latest acapella-psych-goth-fusion band? Course not, it doesn’t exist. Instead, why not spy the newest musical fads hoping to infest your ears.

Let’s not kid ourselves, music genres are two-a-penny nowadays. Every time you go online you’re faced with a new musical ‘innovation’ that sounds suspiciously like a re-hashed renaissance of a distant decade, but for a few extra bells and whistles.

But for every overhyped sound that lasts about as long as a Pete Doherty promise to stay clean, there’s also true musical ecstasy on offer. But don’t bother dirtying your hands in the big bad blogosphere, here are five musical movements to gorge your eyes and ears on.

<1> GLO-FI


A woozy, sun soaked sedative that will make you lust for summer. Also known as chillwave due to its anaesthetic qualities, glo-fi is generally made on cassette recorders and knackered laptops, giving it plenty of lo-fi snap and crackle.


The scene burst from the American underground last summer, with dream-filled ditties made by 80s kids reimagining synthpop through a bleary lens. Perfect for a 3am post party comedown, this music will mesmerise your senses into slumber.


Toro Y Moi splices freak folk with psychedelic soul, while Washed Out sounds like a top-down cruise down a US boulevard with your feet up. Also, check out the intoxicating chimes of Memory Tapes and Neon Indian.



Acoustic, country crooning for the indie generation. From stripped down, tender balladry to full blown knee slapping and washboard scratching barn-dancery, this scene blows the cobwebs from folk and breathes new life into bluegrass.


The genre has been knocking about for a few years now, but 2010 has seen many nu folk acts spring to stardom. Known to some as the London folk scene, the capital is without doubt the hub of activity and home for the nu folk alumni.


Laura Marling may be the scene’s hardest working artiste, with a second album recently out and another dropping before the year is out. Aside from Marling’s delectable harmonies there’s the barnstorming splendour of Mumford and Sons and the soft swooning of Johnny Flynn and Noah and the Whale.

<3> SURF


Full of feel good 1960s spirit, the surf revival is sunshine pop personified, but will keep you captivated long after our own showery summer has passed. Brian Wilson himself would be proud of the jaunty, hook-laden tunes coming out of this scene.


The latest surf revival emerged in summer ’09 alongside the glo-fi scene, with a shared love for lustful sun-filled melodies. But surf steps back in time further than chillwave for its 60s beach pop pulse.


It’s actually quite an achievement to have not heard of The Drums by now, the New Yorkers hit like The Cure building sandcastles with The Beach Boys, and are set to be colossal. Other players include New Jersey psych-poppers Real Estate, fuzzy noisemaker Wavves and the rockier guitar toting Surfer Blood.


Ever wondered what it would sound like if Sonic and Super Mario gangbanged your speakers? No, us neither, but that’s pretty much the vibe of this retro, 8-bit revolution. You may think “It’s just noise”, but be warned, these Casio carved tunes can become irritatingly catchy.


The latest revival of this scene has been huge on Myspace for a good few years and has even spawned a fashion line, with the Nintendo sampling upstarts bleep-blooping their way to the hearts of many-a-young cokehead (the carbonated sort mind) in the process. It’s no surprise then that a lot of chip acts started splicing electronics before they even sat their GCSEs.


This year could belong to 8-bit ace Unicorn Kid. The 18-year-old lad from Edinburgh produces frenetic bouts of adrenalin whilst wearing a rather fetching lion hat, why not. Other digital supremos include electro-mongers Henry Homesweet and Pixelh8.



Straight from the plains of Africa comes a feeling of pure celebration and joy, mainlined straight to the heart of Western music. The sound is one of customary African drums, guitars and a party atmosphere that will have you swaying your limbs to the Calypso mood.


Not so much a scene as an influence, the genre has gathered remarkable pace in the last two years with many American indie bands injecting their records with the feel good afro rhythms.


New York scenesters Vampire Weekend have long been tipping their cap to afropop, as do fellow NY genre-dodgers Yeasayer. But tropical soul merchants Fool’s Gold truly embody the style, with upbeat danceable numbers and Hebrew vocals to boot. Also check out Foreign Born, another project of FG’s guitarist.

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chill clinton 6:27 pm, 16-May-2010

dude, no one says glo fi. its chillwave

ROMTE▲R 11:46 pm, 19-May-2010

This list sucks.

Mike Hunt 11:48 pm, 19-May-2010

Chiptune has been going for about 30 years now, don't try and claim it as something new, especially using Unicorn Kid as an example. You need to research a bit more.

Sam Rowe 7:44 am, 20-May-2010

Point well made Mike, the point of the piece is that none of these genres are truly 'new', but reimaginations of old scenes.

Mike Hunt 4:37 pm, 20-May-2010

You still need to research, as a rather well known chiptune artist myself I spat out my drink laughing at your description.

Juan Sheet 8:52 pm, 23-May-2010

Sounds like a 'rather well known Chiptune artist' is a bit gutted he didn't make the list.

Ishmael 11:01 pm, 30-May-2010

Sounds like a person who suggetsing a ''rather well known chiptune artist' is a bit gutted he didn't make the list' 'spat out his drink laughing at your description' of a 'well known chiptune artist'.

Steven 4:00 am, 29-Jun-2010

The last "great" genres created were Grunge and Brit-Pop.

Keith Wildman 11:12 am, 28-Jul-2010

"rather well known Chiptune artist" did you do the music to The Sacred Armour of Antiriad on the Amstrad CPC464? That was the best game music ever.

me 4:17 am, 14-Aug-2010

looks like no one read that he said that there was a REVIVAL of chiptune, not that it was new. It pays to read things instead of scanning over them.

qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm 8:50 pm, 1-Oct-2010

all this shit sounds the same. And it also sounds like the same hipster "indie" stuff that has been around for the past 10 years. what ever happened to the edge in music??

Paul Belacé 3:11 pm, 19-Oct-2010

Looking for new music is fun, and this list had a few new names I had not heard of. The band Engineers in Your Ear are bad a**es at their genre blending of modern styles of music. I don't even know what to call it but it is sweet. They are promoting their new album and you can download it for free here: The album is called Til The Clouds Run Dry.

Tim Kranz 7:36 pm, 19-Oct-2010

Here's another one for you. We call it INFUSION! It's the mixture of whatever you want however you want to do it. Check out OAKCREST

I'm not Edd 6:01 pm, 25-Jun-2011

I agree with qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm, all this stuff sounds like the same indie party music just with a different name.

nospr 9:21 pm, 4-Jul-2011

Surf and chiptune aren't new genres.

Damien 8:03 pm, 24-Aug-2011

Steven, Grunge killed the last great genre, stadium rock

Couchtime 9:43 pm, 15-Feb-2012

Looks like a lot of people are really mad that someones showing appreciation for there Chiptune music

Spameye 1:43 am, 11-Nov-2012

You guys should check out counting coins! they're blending abit of everything punk/ska and hiphop together!

Samantha 4:31 pm, 8-Jan-2013

I'm here to just find music that most people don't listen to any more. nothing new, im done with new. I'm a punk rocker/dupsteper/indie rocker chick. i just want to find something that not mainstream anymore

CloudeAytr 6:32 am, 18-Apr-2013

Please don't link to MYSPACE, that's just such a horrible thing to do.

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