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150 Songs That Mention The Ramones

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100 Non-Motörhead Songs That Mention The Ramones

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111 Non-Motorhead Songs That Mention The Ramones

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400 Songs That Mention The Ramones

250 Songs That Mention The Ramones

by Ulrich Hesse
9 August 2014 74 Comments

Fourth list, same as the third … No, of course not. It's a lot bigger than the third but follows the same rules...

1. Only one song per band or singer can make the list. (There are bands which have half a dozen songs about the Ramones and I wouldn’t want to bore you.)

2a. The songs do really have to mention or namecheck the Ramones or an individual Ramone. That’s why popular suggestions such as “I Heard Ramona Sing” by Frank Black didn’t make the list.

2b. Rule #2a also explains why there are no instrumentals in the list. This arbitrary bylaw bars songs like “Kung Fu Ramone” by the Japanese band Guitar Wolf. Or “Ramones” by 109 Groovy, which lasts for more than seven minutes without mentioning the Ramones or, for that matter, anything at all.

3. No cover versions can make the list. If you doubt that “Johnny Ramone” by Der Nino aus Wien has nothing whatsoever in common with “Johnny Ramone” by Some Cat From Japan and “Johnny Ramone” by Santiago Delgado Y Los Runaway Lovers, check out the songs on YouTube. (By the way, someone from Greece updates a YouTube playlist called “Songs Mentioning Ramones” whenever I update this list. Normally he only finds about half of the songs, but it’s a good place to start if you want to check out some of the things below.)

Which leads me to a brief history of this list. As I said, this is the fourth edition. The three previous ones were also published by Sabotage Times, in 2012, in 2013 and then back in February. The first list had 100 songs, the second 111 (under the new, more rigorous rules), the third 150. Well, and that’s pretty much all you have to know. Let’s go.

The List

001. “All Good Cretins” – Predator
002. “All My Favorite Ramones are Dead” – Jeff Dahl
003. “American Child” – The Stone Coyotes
004. “Apathisch Warten” – The Wohlstandskinder
005. “Around With You” – The Chromosomes
006. “Ask Her For Adderall” – The Hold Steady
007. “As Long As I Can Listen” – The Dubrovniks
008. “Audacity of Huge” – Simian Mobile Disco
009. “Baby I Love You (But I Need Somebody to Talk to About the Ramones)” – The Transgressions
010. “Back In The Days” – Union Jack
011. “Bis Ans Ende Meiner Tage” – Mittendurch
012. “Booze-Up With Dee Dee Ramone” – Riccobellis
013. “BRB” – Dumbfoundead feat. Andrew Garcia
014. “B-Side Baby” – Adam Ant
015. “Buddy Holly Was The First Ramone” – Ultimate Power Duo
016. “Can’t Stop The Boy” – Blast Furnace
017. “Champion The Underdog” – Eureka Machines
018. “Chinese Rocks” – The Heartbreakers
019. “Circles” – Fifteen
020. “Clockwork Ramone” – Hamburg Ramöness
021. “Clone A Ramone” – The Liabilities
022. “Cold Wind” – Ghostpoet
023. “Country Song (NOFX Should Listen More Ramones)” – Gramofocas
024. “Dancing With Joey Ramone” – Amy Rigby
025. “Dead Love” – Project Wyze
026. “D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.S.” – Modern Life Is War
027. “Debbie Loves Joey” – Helen Love
028. “Dee Dee” – Terrorgruppe
029. “Dee Dee And Joey” – The Transistors
030. “Dee Dee In the Bathroom” – Idaho Rainys
031. “Dee Dee Ramone” – Henry Fiat’s Open Sore
032. “Dee Dee Taught Me How to Count” – Kepi Ghoulie
033. “Dee Dee Took The Subway” – The Badtown Boys
034. “Dee Dee Was A Murder Junkie” – Grayline
035. “DD Don’t Like Ska” – Voodoo Glow Skulls
036. “Denim Guinness Boys” – Fat Tony
037. “Die Abrechnung” – StaatsPunkrott
038. “Dive Down” – Schäffer The Darklord
039. “Do Your Parents Know You’re A Ramone?” – Acid Reflux
040. “Droppin’ Like Flies” – The Real McKenzies
041. “Ella Ya No Escucha Los Ramones” – Bam Bam Estás Muerto
042. “End Of The Ramones” – Mr. T Experience
043. “En Voksen Mand I Ramones T-Shirt” – Peter H. Olesen
044. “Everybody Loves You (When You’re Dead)” – Gallows
045. “Everything In Moderation (Especially Moderation)” – NOFX
046. “Everything You Hate” – Delay
047. “Fall for Me” – Teenage Bottlerocket
048. “Festa Punk” – Os Replicantes
049. “Fiesta Ramone” – F.A.N.T.A.
050. “For The Ramones” – Lester & The Landslide Ladies
051. “Frühstücksclub der Toten Dichter” – Prinz Pi
052. “God Bless The Ramones” – Patrick McGoran
053. “Gone Forever” – The Raveonettes
054. “Goodbye Joey” – The McRackins
055. “Goodbye Joey” – Sator
056. “Granola-Head” – The Queers
057. “Hampton Beach” – The Riverdales
058. “Have You Seen Dee Dee Ramone” – Jesus H. Presley
059. “He Looked A Lot Like Dee Dee Ramone” – Mouthguard
060. “Homenaje A Los Ramones” – Los Petersellers
061. “Ich Will Nicht So Enden Wie Die Ganzen Ramones” – Supernichts
062. “I Blame His Brother” – Lugless Booth
063. “I Can’t Stop Listening To The Ramones” – The Quintessentials
064. “I Don’t Live Well” – The Murderburgers
065. “I Don’t Wanna Get Thin” – Blubberry Hellbellies
066. “I Don’t Wanna Look Like No Ramone” – Latex Novelties
067. “I Feel Better When I Listen To The Ramones” – Flanders 72
068. “I Know a Girl Who Looks Like Joey Ramone” – Justin Owens
069. “I Love Her, And She Loves The Ramones” – The Havenots
070. “I Love Punk Rock” – The Fades
071. “I Love The Girl Who Love The Ramones” – The Spikeweed
072. “I’m Gonna Miss The Ramones” – The Bittersweets
073. “I’m Lobotomized ‘Cause Of You” – The Riptides
074. “I’m Not A Kid Anymore” – Sloan
075. “I Miss the Ramones” – Kung Fu Monkeys
076. “Intro” – Kid Rock
077. “It’s Up to You” – Chalk Farm
078. “I Wanna Be A Ramone” – The Dinks
079. “I Wanna Be A Ramone” – Go Go Rays
080. “I Wanna Be A Ramone” – The Migraines
081. “I Wanna Be Like Dee Dee Ramone” – The Parasites
082. “I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone” – Sleater-Kinney
083. “I Wanna Cut My Hair Like Marky Ramone” – The Spazzys
084. “I Wanna See The Ramones” – The Dirty Scums
085. “I Was A High School Psychopath” – Screeching Weasel
086. “I Wish I Was A Ramone” – Candystore
087. “Jeannie Hates The Ramones” – The Huntingtons
088. “Jeffrey’s Gone” – Sixty-Nine Vette
089. “Joey” – Raimundos
090. “Joey And Dee Dee” – Kevin K
091. “Joey Had to Go” – The Hanson Brothers
092. “Joey Ja Dee Dee” – Hairikot
093. “Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee & Marky (On Her Arm)” – The Hallingtons
094. “Joey Ramone” – James Marshall Black
095. “Joey Ramone” – The Cascarinos
096. “Joey Ramone” – D.D.V.
097. “Joey Ramone” – Fattijons
098. “Joey Ramone” – Haggis
099. “Joey Ramone…” – Cornshafter
100. “Joey Ramone (Tributo)” – UHF
101. “Joey Ramone Boulevard” – Ricky-Bobby 1313
102. “Joey Ramone’s Dead” – Andersen Silva
103. “Joey Ramone Street” – Raygun Cowboys
104. “Joey Ramone Way!” – Ghouls Against Boys
105. “Joey’s Radio” – Brant Bjork & The Operators
106. “Joey’s Song” – Kitty Kowalski & The Manges
107. “Johnny And Dee Dee” – The Eastern Dark
108. “Johnny Joey Dee Dee” – Fever Hut
119. “Johnny Ramone” – The Bobs
110. “Johnny Ramone” – Santiago Delgado Y Los Runaway Lovers
111. “Johnny Ramone” – Der Nino aus Wien
112. “Johnny Ramone” – Like Some Cat From Japan
113. “Johnny Ramone” – Los Mentas
114. “Johnny Ramone” – Scott Malyszka
115. “Johnny Ramone Was In A Fucken Good Band But He Was A Cunt” – Frenzal Rhomb
116. “Johnny Rides Shotgun” – Drivin’ ‘N’ Cryin’
117. “Just Like Joey Ramone” – Groove End Road
118. “Just Like Johnny Ramone” – David Young & The Restless
119. “Kill The Ramones” – Boris The Sprinkler
120. “Les Ramones & Les Heptones” – Steff Tej & Éjectés
121. “Let’s Rock and Roll” – The Yum Yums
122. “Lift Up Your Hood” – DMZ
123. “Like A Ramone” – High-School Motherfuckers
124. “Listening to the Ramones” – Dan Cortinovis
125. “Long Blonde” – The Long Blondes
126. “Los Ramones” – Los Pistones
127. “Made in NYC” – The Casualties
128. “Max’s Kansas City” – Wayne County & The Electric Chairs
129. “Mere Pseud Mag Ed” – The Fall
130. “M.I.L.F.” – Judith Holofernes
131. “Miss Argentina” – Iggy Pop
132. “Morris, You Need a Leather Jacket” – Doped Dog
133. “My Baby’s Got a Crush On Joey Ramone” – Rat Fink
134. “My First Rock Concert” – Rheostatics
135. “My Girlfriend Hates The Ramones” – The Creeps
136. “My Girlfriend Looks Like Joey Ramone” – Real Ramoneroonies
137. “My Granpa Is Joey Ramone” – The Swoons
138. “My Other Guitar Is A Mosrite” – The Atoms
139. “My Punk Girl” – Pale Sunday
140. “Nancy Ramone” – Nancys Rubias
141. “New York Is Rockin’” – Curtis Stigers
142. “1994″ – After The Fall
143. “1975 (Joey Ramone)” – The Raving Knaves
144. “Noam Chomsky Versus The Ramones” – Milky Wimpshake
145. “No Disparó” – Anti-Sociales
146. “No Loot, No Booze, No Fun” – The Tossers
147. “Now I Wanna Listen To The Ramones” – Daggerplay
148. “NYLA” – The Weekend
149. “Ode To Ramones” – The Commandos
150. “Ode To The Ramones” – De Heideroosjes
151. “Oh Boy!” – The Dickies
152. “100 Discim” – HaShakranim
153. “Our Ramones” – The 99ers
154. “Pelebroi Nao Sei?” – Alice Clair
155. “Plus One” – Coyote Shivers
156. “Punk Rock Christmas” – The Ravers
157. “Punk Rock Club RIP” – The Unlovables
158. “Punkrockgirl” – Die Ärzte
159. “Punk Rock Is Her Life” – Pyogenesis
160. “Quero Meu Ingresso Pro Show Do Ramones” – Gritando HC
161. “Quiero Ser Un Ramones” – Delavuelta
162. “Ramona” – Las Ultrasónicas
163. “Ramone Control” – Gigantor
164. “R.A.M.O.N.E.S.” – Motörhead
165. “Ramones” – Greenland Whalefishers
166. “Ramones” – Horsehead
167. “Ramones” – Japanische Kampfhörspiele
168. “Ramones” – Love A
169. “Ramones” – Roger Miret & The Disasters
170. “Ramones” – Odd Movers
171. “Ramones” – Pöbel & Gesocks
172. “Ramones & Stravinsky” – Kollaa Kestää
173. “Ramones Fever” – Paalmer
174. “Ramones For Yu” – Cómplices
175. “Ramones Girl” – Shock Treatment
176. “Ramones (Have Been Banished From Heaven)” – Romero’s Nation
177. “Ramones Institutionalized Party” – Deadbeat Sinatra
178. “Ramonesland” – Adam Franklin
179. “Ramones Never Die” – Mudo
180. “Ramones No Bar Do Ico” – Reatores
181. “Ramones On My Stereo” – Tough
182. “Ramones T-Shirt” – The Emersons
183. “Ramones T-Shirt” – The Hexstalls
184. “Remember The Ramones” – The Fleshtones
185. “Ripped Jeans” – Sneeze
186. “Rock’n’Roll Can Rescue The World” – Electric Eel Shock
187. “Rock’n’Roll Nerd” – Tim Minchin
188. “Rock’n’Roll Nursing Home” – Iron Prostate
189. “Roxy” – Triumvirat
190. “Sandy” – The Maxies
191. “Schönen Gruß, Auf Wiedersehen” – Die Toten Hosen
192. “Seidl Doesn’t Have All Ramones Albums” – Carbona
193. “Sexo, Algemas E Cinta-Liga” – Tequila Baby
194. “She’s A Poser” – Teen Idols
195. “She’s My Bitch” – The Supersuckers
196. “She’s Ugly But She Likes The Ramones” – The Come Ons
197. “Shonen Knife” – Shonen Knife
198. “Sky Bleeds Red” – DieMonsterDie
199. “Son Of A Beach” – Venerea
200. “Soundtrack Of My Life” – Born Cool
201. “Soy Más Ramone Que Tú!” – Maledukados
202. “Soy Un Ramone” – Fast Food
203. “Stars In Their Eyes” – Briskeby
204. “Take Me To Manhattan” – The Disappeared
205. “Tarde De Sol” – Expulsados
206. “TCP” – The Boys
207. “Teenage Ramone” – The Monster Ones
208. “The Biggest Prick” – The Ashtones
209. “The CCC Took Joey Away” – The Dirtshakes
210. “The Colour Of My Mind” – Red Fetish
211. “(The Day All the Girls in Philadephia Dressed Like) Ramones” -
Howling Fantods
212. “The Ghost of Joey Ramone” – The Downrights
213. “The Mess” – Newtown Neurotics
214. “The Night That Joey Died” – Wax On Wax Off
215. “The Other Improv” – Nirvana
216. “The Ramones” – Pinky Nackybal
217. “The Ramones and George Jones” – Heidi Howe
218. “The Ramones Are Dead” – Joey Cape
219. “The Ramones Saved My Life!” – La Massoneria Ramonica
220. “The Sex Pistols & The Ramones (A Love Story)” – Gary Sunshine
221. “The Things That Dreams Are Made Of” – The Human League
222. “Thin Ice (Don’t You Ever Coz It Wouldn’t Be Clever)” – The Crybabys
223. “This Is The First Night” – Anti-Flag
224. “Tommy Ramone” – The Vapids
225. “Tomorrow Tonight” – Jesse Malin
226. “Too Much Jazz” – The Beat Angels
227. “To The Ramones” – Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah
228. “29 x The Pain” – The Wildhearts
229. “Vinyl Records” – Todd Snider
230. “Wake Up” – Abrasive Wheels
231. “Walk Away” – Barlow
232. “What If Punk Never Happened” – The King Blues
233. “What Would Joey Ramone do?” – The Creeping Ivies
234. “When the Flintstones (Met the Ramones)” – The Magic Sponge
235. “We All Wanted To Be Rocked By The Ramones” – Anna & The Psychomen
236. “We Are Still Kings” – Abd al Malik
237. “Where’d The Time Go?” – Michael Gaither
238. “White Trash” – Junior Senior
239. “Wutang Sucks” – The Bones
240. “Wir Hassen Die Ramones” – Lokalmatadore
241. “Xerox Your Genitals, Not The Ramones” – The Ergs!
242. “Yes, I Miss the Ramones” – Johann Sebastian Punk
243. “Yo Solo Quiero Ser Un Ramone” – Los Quebraditos
244. “You Are My Ramones” – New Pants
245. “You Can’t Kill Joey Ramone” – Sloppy Seconds
246. “You Don’t Like Rock’n’Roll” – Hunx And His Punx
247. “You Have Boarded” – Rogue Wave
248. “You’ll Have Time” – William Shatner
249. “Your R.A.M.O.N.E.S. Cover Band Sucks” – Bad Drugs
250. “Yo Queria a Los Ramones” – Miguel Costas

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Road Cat 1:11 pm, 9-Aug-2014

Learn all about the Ramones in the book; “ON THE ROAD WITH THE RAMONES”. Throughout the remarkable twenty-two-year career of the Ramones the seminal punk rock band, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famers, Recording Academy Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winners and inductees into The Library of Congress' National Recording Registry, Monte A. Melnick saw it all. He was the band’s tour manager from their 1974 CBGB debut to their final show in 1996. Now, in this NEW UPDATED EDITION he tells his story. Full of insider perspectives and exclusive interviews and packed with over 250 personal color photos and images; this is a must-have for all fans of the Ramones.

niki 1:54 pm, 9-Aug-2014

am i missing ALL - Teresa from Problematic

Niki 2:51 pm, 9-Aug-2014

how about ALL - Teresa from Problematic (2000.)

Lester 3:14 pm, 9-Aug-2014

All I Want For Xmas - The Malakas Classic by the great and unforgetten Cranford Nixon "She’s so bad ass. She’s got tattoos She’ll fuck you till your thighs are black and blue. She’s Rock and Roll. She’s GTO She’s the only girl I ever want to know. She likes Motorhead. She’s great in bed She’s everything I want for Christmas. She likes to drink. She’s got nipple rings. She got a tattoo of a monkey right by her thing. She’s got leather pants. And God made her ass. All the other girls ain’t in the same class. She likes The Ramones. She understands a Jones. She’s everything I want for Christmas. Solo She’s so bad ass. She’s got tattoos She’ll fuck you till your thighs are black and blue. She likes to drink. She’s got nipple rings. She got a tattoo of a monkey right by her thing. She likes Motorhead. She’s great in bed She’s everything I want for Christmas. She’s everything I want for Christmas. She’s everything I want for Christmas."

Gabriela 3:30 pm, 9-Aug-2014

Eternamente juntos of Nancys Rubias mentions Joey Ramone

jowil 11:41 pm, 10-Aug-2014

Everything You Took - Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires

@barberanaquino 4:50 am, 11-Aug-2014

"Pobre Corazón" Embajada Boliviana.

Steven Hogan 4:55 am, 11-Aug-2014

The Straight Mile by Barton Carroll

Matt Simons 5:01 am, 11-Aug-2014

Mommy S3z No - I Miss The Ramones

badger manu 5:02 am, 11-Aug-2014

add "punkachien" by The Fatals Picards

Pascal 5:08 am, 11-Aug-2014

Japan's garage punks Teengenerate have a song called "Johnny & Dee Dee" which is obviously about the Ramones, despite the vocals being indecipherable (the vocals are in english, but they are buried under soooo much distortion) [a bit of an obscurity, from the "Tokyo Trashville" compilation].

marley.mark 5:39 am, 11-Aug-2014

you forgot the "Um mundo sem Joey" by Carbona.

Ariel From Argentina 5:50 am, 11-Aug-2014

From Shaila "Te vi(Dos)" "y te vi cantar, mientras sonaba olvidado aquel viejo cassette de los RAMONES, que escuchábamos de chicos..."

nico 5:59 am, 11-Aug-2014

"Pobre Corazón" de Embajada Boliviana (banda punk de Argentina) nombra a Ramones en el mismo.

Motorvatin 6:46 am, 11-Aug-2014

"This one's for rock n roll" by Hanoi Rocks mentions The Ramones along with Little Richard and The Rolling Stones. Cheers

Ian McMillan 7:32 am, 11-Aug-2014

"Debbie Loves Joey" and "(Sheena's In Love With) Joey Ramoney" both by Helen Love. Fantastic songs!

rod 7:55 am, 11-Aug-2014

"Three Angels" by C.J. Ramone!!!???

2moresongs 8:04 am, 11-Aug-2014

also Falling Apart by Lagwagon and Indestructible by Rancid

Shibster 8:13 am, 11-Aug-2014

Belgian band Faroutski does a great song tribute to the Ramones. "I wanna be a Ramone" One of the best I've heard. I have another one by an artist named Eric J called Ramones Don't Go, in which he laments the end of the Ramones. Both are excellent.

Luis 8:42 am, 11-Aug-2014

Just a small correction on number 154. The band name is Pelebrói Não Sei? And the song name is Alice Clair. You can verify this here,ói-não-sei Awesome list btw!!!

Shibster 8:59 am, 11-Aug-2014

Oh yea, I have a Ramones fan tribute blog. I'll link up to your list. Great article and I checked out that guy's youtube page, nice to be able to hear some of these songs. Thanks!

Meikä 9:17 am, 11-Aug-2014

This one's for rock'n roll - Hanoi Rocks

Diego 9:53 am, 11-Aug-2014

Here is another tribute song. "Adios Amigos", by Chilean band Arsénico. Greetings.

Javier 10:32 am, 11-Aug-2014

Add one more to the list 251 - jhonny guitar - Pearl Jam

john 10:46 am, 11-Aug-2014

Joey Ramone by the lifesavors (michael knott / lsu underground)

Fraser Cowan 11:01 am, 11-Aug-2014

I would also ad the Human League who mention the Ramones by name in their song "The Things That Dreams Are Made Of" on the album Dare.

Tom Ramone 1:03 pm, 11-Aug-2014

I am missing "The Night that Joey died" by wax.on in the list.

Luiz 1:14 pm, 11-Aug-2014

Devotos de Nossa Senhora de Aparecida - Gibi, Ramones E Motorhead. Forgot that! ;)

Jody 1:38 pm, 11-Aug-2014

Mooney Suzuki's song Rock n Roller Girl

Jude 2:00 pm, 11-Aug-2014 Bad Karma Beckons.

Jude 2:00 pm, 11-Aug-2014 Do da snae by Bad karm Beckon.

Daniel Dreibelbis 2:05 pm, 11-Aug-2014

there's also "Running Out Of Ramones" by Grover Kent.

Mike 2:11 pm, 11-Aug-2014

Dame Darcy by Rat Fink mentions Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee

Felipe Aguilar 2:13 pm, 11-Aug-2014

Miss Intoxic llega a la Disco - Pánico

Felipe Aguilar 2:14 pm, 11-Aug-2014

This song mention Ramones

Peter Santa Maria 2:14 pm, 11-Aug-2014

Daniel Bayer 2:22 pm, 11-Aug-2014

You left off "1975" by the Raving Knaves:

Steve Ogram 3:02 pm, 11-Aug-2014

"Hot Leather Love" -- The Sweaters The prechorus states, "I put you on and I become a Ramone!"

sloopy 3:07 pm, 11-Aug-2014

also: Embajada boliviana - "mi pobre corazón" it says: "y como dicen los Ramones, hoy tu amor, mañana el mundo!"

John Talbot 4:15 pm, 11-Aug-2014

Also include "Hari Karaoke" by The Beach Bastards. (Title track of their 2013 album)

Joe 4:33 pm, 11-Aug-2014

I Don't Wanna be a Granola Head - The Queers

Oliver Porsche 4:59 pm, 11-Aug-2014

"Ich würd so gerne Metal hörn" is missing. A sonf of the german Band J.B.O.

Gavros1876 5:49 pm, 11-Aug-2014

"Joey Ramoney" or "Rockaway Beach For Me, Heartbreak Hotel For You" by Helen Love

Nicolas 6:13 pm, 11-Aug-2014

Dont forget "Trinidad por que me puteas?" says dont leave me like jeffrey hyman cause u r linda

Uli Hesse 8:45 pm, 11-Aug-2014

Thanks very much, everybody. I guess most of these suggestions will make the next list (though Carbona and the Queers already have songs in the list, while the JBO song is a cover version). Gracias!

Uli Hesse 8:46 pm, 11-Aug-2014

Oh, and thanks for the correction, Luis!

Caio 9:51 pm, 11-Aug-2014

It's missing "Gibi, Ramones e Motörhead", by the Brazilian band Devotos de Nossa Senhora Aparecida

Matutefaizel 11:11 pm, 11-Aug-2014

"Sol da Caparica" Peste e Sida Forgot that!

Alexandre Meyer 2:01 am, 12-Aug-2014

Fliperama (Brazil) - Jaqueta Preta Forgot this band !

alison 2:36 am, 12-Aug-2014

"Judy is a punk" by The Ramones

Luz Casarín 5:23 am, 12-Aug-2014

Joey Ramone - La Monja Enana

Danilo Vorkapic 6:42 am, 12-Aug-2014

"Ramona" - Psihomodo Pop

Adyman 3:20 pm, 12-Aug-2014

I only know 10 of these artists

Punkkari 3:39 pm, 12-Aug-2014

Some ramopunk bands from Finland: ( Häiriköt: "Joey ja Dee" Rantavahdit: "Pitkin Vantaajoen rantaa Himanes: "Matkalaulu"

Punkkari 5:21 pm, 12-Aug-2014

More ramopunk from Finland: Iskuryhmä: "Ei enää Ramoja"

Uli Hesse 5:23 pm, 12-Aug-2014

Thanks. The first one is in at #92, Punkkari. What about the great Finnish band Ne Luumäet? They did so many Ramones cover versions, don't they have an original song that mentions the Ramones?

Punkkari 6:24 pm, 12-Aug-2014

I suppose that Ne Luumäet have any.

Punkkari 6:44 pm, 12-Aug-2014

One more from Finland: 70-luvun Vihannekset: Joey Ramone

Matthew 11:37 pm, 12-Aug-2014

Come on, Frank Black wrote an entire song SPECIFICALLY about the joys of listening to the Ramones, and just because he gave them the nick-name "Ramona" its not on this list? Is there even one other song that was similarly disqualified for this reason?? Dumb.

Tim 12:35 am, 13-Aug-2014

'The Radio Is Trying To Kill RnR' - by the COLYTONS "do you remember Peggy Sue, Elvis, Dion and the Ramones too" 'I Wanna Be A Ramone' - by the HUNTINGTONS which is probably the most ultimate Ramones fan song of all! The title speaks for itself.

Uli Hesse 10:16 am, 13-Aug-2014

Yes, Matthew: The Bowery Electric” by Jed Davis. There is also a Patti Smith song that is supposed to be about Joey. However, it could just easily be about someone else. And a lost that is called Songs that MENTION the Ramones is not the same as a list called Songs that Might Be About the Ramones.

Uli Hesse 5:12 pm, 13-Aug-2014

Pascal, the Teengenerate song is a cover version of the Eastern Dark song which is on the list. But thanks anyway.

Steffen Post 9:35 am, 16-Aug-2014

the Zatopeks - don´t let the Night get you down!!

june 5:29 am, 18-Aug-2014

Human League have a song "These Are the Things That Life is Made Of" And mentions the Ramones one by one.

ITS 7:59 pm, 18-Aug-2014

You left out "Thank You for Ramones" by 50 Kaitenz.

alvaro 3:05 pm, 21-Aug-2014

Missed "Ramones Forever"-Shonen Knife

Frey 9:40 am, 25-Aug-2014

Adios Ramones - The Miscounts

Punkkari 8:59 pm, 28-Aug-2014

One more From Finland: Me Wokkivihannekset: "Inno no Senomar. hope yo add missing songs.

Uli Hesse 9:55 am, 29-Aug-2014

Yes, I will, Punkkari. @June: It's on the list. @alvaro: This band already has a song on the list. Thanks to everyone who contributes.

Jari R 5:14 pm, 8-Sep-2014

Song : Rock Science / Band : Imperial State Electric . 1 of the best rock n roll bands in the world today.

DOS ALERT 8:56 am, 2-Oct-2014

Uli, you miss too: Ramonez 77 - Dee dee's dead I'll take soon we are at 300! With 3 cheers from Hamburg

Uli Hesse 11:13 am, 2-Oct-2014

Thanks for that, Dos Alert. Actually, we're already beyond 300. Cheers from the Baltic Sea!

dos alert 8:16 am, 8-Oct-2014 Latte - Johnny Ramone. Happy Birthday Johnny! Cheers

Uli Hesse 3:57 pm, 24-Mar-2015

Here's the new list (400 songs):

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