Alison Moyet: 50 Songs I Love

From Jacques Brel to Cilla Black, via Iggy, the British icon proves herself a woman of impeccable taste...
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From Jacques Brel to Cilla Black, via Iggy, the British icon proves herself a woman of impeccable taste...


Vesoul - Jacques Brel

Tongue twisting virtuoso. A long distance sprint.

I'm Back In Town -Melanie (Safka)

Painting a song you can see.

Jolly Captain - Jake Thackray

Peerless original. Love how he jams in 'vexatiously'

Pretty Things - David Bowie

Most complete artist England has produced.

Burlesque - Family

Me and Kirsty in a car united in our love of this

Peggy Overseas With A Soldier - Jack The Lad

Wretched tale of ruined love. Wanting shot of the arm but missing the hand.

Identity - Xray Spex

Made me cry

Oh Shit - Buzzcocks

I like lyrics that don't seek to flatter the utterer. We have ugly thoughts too.

Different For Girls - Joe Jackson

Raised questions for a girl growing up in the 70's

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Marry Me John - St Vincent

I like the chug of this and her phrasing

Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd

Makes me cry

Chan Chan - Buena Vista Social Club

This is my happy place. Also enjoy singing along in an altogether different brand of spanish

Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder

No one can match his deft lightness of touch.

No GDM - Gina X

Sexy and timeless

I Believe In You - Talk Talk

I'm hung in space

Un Prince En Avignion - Esther Ofarim

Magical. Her voice is exquisite.

The Boxer - Simon and Garfunkel

Perfect voice blending. Fluid and effortless.

Mr Woman Loves Mrs Man - Hugh Harris

I' love his timing in this. Truly engaging lyric. Caught me first time I heard it.

Typical - Frasier Chorus

Lovely conversational approach. Bitter sweet.

Green Shirt - Elvis Costello

It's Elvis. Silly to try and choose just one.

When It Sings - Elvis Costello

Another that stays with me. Considered and resigned and it weighs on your chest.

Great Expectations - Elbow

Beautifully written and perfectly executed.

Windmills Of Your Mind -  Petula Clarke

The version I fell for.

Les Amant D'un Jours  - Edith Piaf

I was mesmerised by this and sang along with borrowed gravitas as a child, even though I never knew why the banana cried.

Ship Building - Robert Wyatt

Never fails to make my chest implode.

White Chalk - PJ Harvey

Her lyric writing is both opaque and accessible. Like taking the story from a series of polaroids.

Cry Baby - Janis Joplin

That first opening Cry Baby. Onomatopoeia.

Hope There's Someone - Anthony And The Johnsons

Came out of nowhere. A modern day cantata.


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All Through The City - Dr Feelgood

Shrimpers on a sunday night.

Bored -  Iggy Pop

Love this riff.

The Glory Of Love - Lou Reed

A record that introduced to me the notion that there were all kinds of different lives being lived.

Another Girl Another Planet - Only Ones

Perfect pop

52 girls - B 52's

I love it when girls seem to give it some on their own terms and not as some camouflaged act of compliance.

Sun Spots - Julian Cope

I like the circular, repeated melodic theme. Good record.

Birthday - Bjork

I found it hard to listen to when i first heard it because i found it so good.

Never Let Me Down Again - Depeche Mode

I like how they challenged with this. It has a compelling mood

Under The Flag parts 1&2 - Fad Gadget

I did BV's on this. He was an interesting, innovative poet who was not given the credit he deserved,

Boogie Nights - Heatwave

I am 15. I like discos.

i am the walrus - The Beatles

Stupid again to try and think of my favourite Beatle song but one must be included. Picking this out of a hat. First band to get me listening to a back catalogue.

Israelites - Desmond Decker

Tuesday nights. Ballard's Walk Community Centre. After the Judo

Double Barrel - Dave & Ansell Collins

Tuesday nights. Ballard's Walk Community Centre. After Israelites.

London Calling - The Clash

Something was agitating. The town was getting prickly.

Come Up And See Me - Cockney Rebel

I remember the fresh voice on Top Of The Pops. Very cool.

Pjamarama - Roxy Music


This town aint big enough for the both of us - Sparks

Blew everyone away this track and their astonishing stage presence, all at odds.

The Show Must Go On - Leo Sayer

Many layered. Great song.

Everybody Hurts - REM

Nothing wrong with redemption songs. It can be good to have articulated a common mood. It is a balm.

A Change Is Gonna Come - Sam Cook

Beautiful voice and a common prayer.

Brimful Of Asha - Corner Shop

Another happy place.

Anyone Who Had A Heart - Cilla Black

First record we got and I was 3. Having only a handful of records for many years, this was played daily. Cilla's is to my mind, the definitive version.

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