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Best Song/Worst Song: Oasis

by Tom Greaney
20 May 2012 97 Comments

Even the best bands have one turkey in their back catalogue, one bit of filler to nullify so much killer. I love Oasis, but it wasn't hard for me to think of their lowest ebb.

Best Song: Live Forever

Whistle. “Oh yeah”. Drums. Then Liam begins: “Maybe, I don’t really want to know, how your garden grows, because I just want to fly.” Bang. Brilliant. Noel Gallagher at his finest. Live Forever is Oasis at their best being aspirational, memorable and universal.

Live Forever was the anthem of the 1990’s that you are probably singing in your head right now. Allegedly inspired in part by the then negativity of the early 90s Grunge scene. Noel Gallagher has been quoted as saying “I remember Nirvana had a tune called ‘’I Hate Myself and I Want to Die’, and I was like . . . ‘Well, I’m not f*cking having that.” He definitely wasn’t, the positivity of the song shines through in a direct counter to the self-loathing guff spouted by Cobain.

Live Forever just gets better as it goes on, reaching a peak with the line “We’ll see things they will never see.” Then Noel delivers one of his best solo’s as Liam sings “We’re gonna live forever” over it. It is brilliant from start to finish.

Go on. Stick it on now. Make your day better.

Worst Song: Little James


Now to make your day much worse…

Little James is listless rubbish. Liam’s first foray into songwriting was this song dedicated to his then stepson, the thought was there, sure, but the music and the lyrics weren’t.

Liam Gallagher’s voice makes most songs better but it can’t save this track. The lyrics are well known for their weak simplicity: “live for your toys, even though they make noise” but it is the music that finishes it off. A song that starts terribly and sinks lower with the cringe worthy guitar solo coming in at the end before the inevitable “na na na na” starts happening.

Thankfully Liam improved later on with the some decent songs in “Meaning of Soul” and “Song Bird” but Little James was the point of no return for Oasis, where nothing after it came close to their early brilliance.

It just so happens that the worst Oasis song is also on their worst album. As Liam sings “I’m singing this song for you and your song and that’s all.” Sadly he was singing it for the millions of people that shelled out a tenner for “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”.

I bet no one of sane mind has intentionally listened to Little James for pleasure in the last decade. Not even “Little” James himself; too busy on that trampoline probably.

It’s strange really since the two songs aren’t that different. Simple music, straightforward rhymes but one transcends music and the other, much like “Little” James’s toys, just “makes noise.”

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Martin Appleby 9:58 am, 20-May-2012

shit, I'm in trouble, I actually liked Little James, listened to it all the time, back in 2000, I knew was a reason why people call me a nutter!

Dan M 11:41 am, 20-May-2012

Yeah, Little James is the only Oasis song missing from my iPod lol. It is just so bad-but the reason behind it is VERY straightforward. Noely G said he had to let him have his first go as an encouragement to carry on(in the knowledge that decent songs would be written) As far as the best song... Many could be mentioned to be honest i don't know how you could decide. For me it is one of about 60 songs.

Andrew 11:44 am, 20-May-2012

Afraid I like Little James too! By the way Tom, Greaney, you've got the lyrics wrong to Little James. It actually goes, 'I'm singing this song for you and your Mum, and that's all'. Try listening to it again, it's a grower!

Gordon Harries 11:52 am, 20-May-2012

Honestly, I think ‘Falling Down’ (the last single) is in the running for my favourite Oasis track and ‘Soldier On’ or ‘Better Man’ was maybe my favourite Liam contribution. As for worst track, it’s not like Noel hasn’t penned some contenders….

Kev Cherry 11:52 am, 20-May-2012

Best Oasis Song:The Masterplan Worst Oasis Song:Songbird!!! Oh and Roll with It should never have went up against countryhouse in the battle of the bands while were at it!!!

Lisa 1:13 pm, 20-May-2012

Its hard to think of a bad song, yeah I guess Little James, but give him a break he was trying to do a nice thing. Song bird is a great song sums up his relationship with Nic spot on , but for me its Noel who gives the songs the edge, Slide away is a good song but Noel singing that acoustic style its up there with the best, the lyrics take on a whole new meaning.

Bee 4:07 pm, 20-May-2012

I think Little James is better than Live Forever, actually, but, really, you can't compare them, because they're almost totally different.

oasisblues 4:46 pm, 20-May-2012

classic article written by a Liam-hater, who doesn't even name great songs as Boy with the blues, I'm outta time, etc. Little James was a song for a child, so it should have been simple as it was. There are many songs by Noel that are complete shite, much more than Little James. Can't wait to hear Tom Greaney great tunes...

oasisblues 6:54 pm, 20-May-2012

worst Oasis song Songbird?! so why Noel said he loves it? did you hear the lyrics or are you just another Noel blinded fan?

oasisblues 7:00 pm, 20-May-2012

“I’m singing this song for you and your song and that’s all.” ?!?!?! Tom Greaney can you at least understand your own language? It says: "I'm singing this song for Tom to grow his hair but no hope"

Kev Cherry 7:34 pm, 20-May-2012

oasisblue...songbird thats just my choice mate..does't make it the worst Oasis song,and the video does my head in too!! Think as well Noel says the lyrics are honest dont think he says he loves it!!! Could be wrong though!!! All Around The World..way underrated!!!

Andrew O'Mara 7:41 pm, 20-May-2012

This playful little comparison brings forward the subtle yet clear difference between Gallagher Snr and Gallagher Jr's music. Noel will write nonsense lyrics that mean nothing while saying everything; making you feel ten feet tall for four minutes and the rest of your life. Liam will write nonsense lyrics that leave you with a rather quizzical, 'I thought I loved this band, why is this tune sounding like gash on toast?' look on your face.

BeadyEyezzz 7:44 pm, 20-May-2012

Best Oasis Song: Impossible to say for definite as it changes from day to day from mood to mood but possibly Columbia or Rock and Roll Star or Falling Down or Live Forever or I'm Outta Time..... Worst Oasis Song: Magic Pie. End. Of.

Givet 8:12 pm, 20-May-2012

I'm outta time is defo Liam's best tune. Shout it out loud could be Noel's. My worst is better man on heathen chemistry. Pure shoite!!!

oasisblues 10:15 pm, 20-May-2012

Kev Cherry you're the classic Noel blinded fan not even listening to what your idol says. He repeated more than one time that he absolutely loves it and even doubts that Liam wrote it. Comparing Live Forever to Little James? one must be an idiot to do that. comparing Noel's best song Live Forever to Liam's best songs I'm outta time, or Boy with the blues, or The Morning son, etc., I would definitely choose Liam's.

Cholo 11:16 pm, 20-May-2012

Mind numbingly average band beloved by guitar music fans who don't like guitar music.

Mav 4:37 pm, 21-May-2012

There are about 50 songs that could be Oasis' best. Today I'll go with The Masterplan. Runner up honors for Acquiesce, Supersonic and Listen Up. Worst might be Shout It Out Loud. Just way too dour.

Tom 5:33 pm, 21-May-2012

Yeah, I guess I'm with you on this one. The lyrics are utter sh*te. The tune is not horrible. But every song/album is associated with memories from that time, so it's hard sometimes to tell if it's the song or the memories that go with it. What get's me is when people take the piss out of Noel's singing, it's a hell of a lot better than Liam's song writing, end of. I can hardly listen to much of Beady Eye to be hounest.

Lisa 5:33 pm, 21-May-2012

For my living room Ive just bought a black and white photographic art image of L/N, Liam in the spot light stood at the mike stand and and all you see of Noel is a back shot shadow image of him and the guitar outlay, for me it just sums up the pair of them, I feel in love with the picture as soon as I saw it, it dosent matter who wrote what, best or worst... no Liam.. no Oasis, no Noel.. no Oasis. in my earlier comment I just meant listening to Slide away by Noel, just means something to me, but still Liams version is a pure rock n roll song.

Tom 5:39 pm, 21-May-2012

@BeadyEyezze, spot on, Magic Pie - rubbish. Nearly forgot that one, thanks for getting it stuck in my head! Still have a soft spot for Cast No Shadow. Not sure why, but it's a classic.

oasisblues 6:20 pm, 21-May-2012

Noel's singing as his singing in falsetto to reach the high notes? hahahaha wow, even Little James is MUCH better than Noel's singing. Liam's writing is better than the usual boring Noel's songs. Live forever? trivial. Noel could never write a happy song as In the bubble with a bullet, there's always something sad in his lyrics

Digsy 8:23 pm, 21-May-2012

Theres nothing sad about Digsys dinner or she's electric.

Kev Cherry 9:34 pm, 21-May-2012

oasisblues-could Noels tongue not be firmly in his cheek when he says Little James is a good song? You say i'm a Noel fan (true)...pretty safe to say your a Liam fan sat at your keyboard dressed in Pretty Green clobber,bet you support City too cos Liam does!!!

Lisa 3:10 am, 22-May-2012

After many vodka's and hours in the pub, its still Slide away, and debated its been , oh I forgot.. she is love.. I love that song, makes me feel happy. We should all concentrate on living our lifes, not wasting them on the internet. Because words always get lost in translation, I for one am guilty of that.No more comments for me, but if anyone wants to sing songbird to me thats fine... xx :)

L 11:40 am, 22-May-2012

@ BeadyEyezzz, Tom, oasisblues, Digsy.. sort it out yourselfs

oasisblues 12:52 pm, 22-May-2012

L, sort it out yourself: before saying anything, find at least a name. Kev Cherry, you can't even read: Noel loves SONGBIRD, not Little James. Can you at least read your own language? Oh and Noel does not support City? ahahaha Noel's fans are so stupid...

Lisa 1:28 pm, 22-May-2012

I meant to put Lisa , it clicked off, end of.

oasisblues 2:07 pm, 22-May-2012

Kev Cherry, I would really like to know your age, as you don't know anything about Oasis and you're commenting here. I bet you're one of Noel's new fankids, those he said on his blog: "they're really kids"... that is: not Oasis fans. Is that your profile on MySpace? 27 years old, that is: 9 years old in 1994... enough said. If I wear Pretty Green? of course, I STARTED Pretty Green with Liam, if you know anything about Oasis. And you? as Noel, always the same old clothes since 2001, big woolly jumpers and cardigans, Terry Wogan, Val Doonican s*it

Lisa 2:36 pm, 22-May-2012

This has stopped making sense,age is chosen if other accounts have other ages, ie 3 sep accounts, on myspace, so its always with the lucky number 7, is this all a big set up, because its become pointless.Im off to celebrate my brothers 50th. Songbird is the lyrics you always wanted someone to tell ya, to late.

oasisblues 3:04 pm, 22-May-2012

It stops making sense everytime this "Lisa" is writing anything. Is that your new internet nickname, Noel? Ah so it was your 50 year old brother telling you what Oasis were, as you clearly didn't live their times. Happy you're off, should've done it before

kev cherry 3:06 pm, 22-May-2012

oasisblue...So much anger in one statement...chill man its all about the music!!! And it must be true if you say so!!!

Lisa 3:11 pm, 22-May-2012

why you looking on his myspace?, who ever Kev Cherry is? I suppose 2+7 =77,feel free to defend yourself Kev, incase people think I am you, its been said before.. and now I'm outta time.

Lisa 3:24 pm, 22-May-2012

next time oasisblue, remember how you spelt Kev Cherry, beforhand. it helps to cover your tracks. By the way I am 42,and should know better.Sorry Sabotage times, this fkin pointless argument has carried on here, when the grown ups involved should have sorted face to face, not through stupid comments. now with my own embarrassment, I get my coat

Lisa 4:01 pm, 22-May-2012

thanks for the set up., yeah get it now. yeah its good to have friends. all things must pass

Lisa 4:11 pm, 22-May-2012

Sab Times. could you take my comments off please.. thanks.

Tom 4:29 pm, 22-May-2012 Wasn't this about crap songs? Who cares about all the rest? Pretty Green = Over priced clobber, end of. Noel and Liam have both wrote crap and done some amazing songs. Noel doesn't look any more like a muppet in his 90's gear than Liam does walking around thinking he's John F*king Lennon.

Kev Cherry 9:37 pm, 22-May-2012

oasisblue-lets cut to the chase...Liam-great frontman,crap-song writer!!! Noel:not so-great frontman,Great song writer!!! Or lets compare their debut albums away from Oasis...beady eye or High Flying contest is there!!! By the way wots my age got to do with discussing Oasis songs? And Lisa im NOT oasisblue only one of him!!! Peace out!!!

casualspotter 10:53 pm, 22-May-2012

Wonerwall is the biggest load of sentimental shite I have heard from Oasis

Lisa 11:30 pm, 22-May-2012

I am not sure who is real, who isnt.. all I know is I am, and if people said who they were, I got confused who the fk is who? by the way the L/M picture is real( cost enough), it sits oppo John Lennon.The only man who has ever mattered. now she flys away in to the night.And yes its still slide away, nothing comes close.

oasisblues 11:38 pm, 22-May-2012

anger? but if I'm laughing about you? are you offended by the truth? typical of Noel's blinded fans. Beady Eye vs High Flying Birds? of course no contest, BE got 1 negative reivew, HFB got 23 negative reviews from music experts, I doubt you are one of them... Tom = poor man who should get a proper job... Lisa: who cares about who are you? you continuously repeat you're off and we always get your notifications. Next time check how you spell "Lisa"...

Lisa 12:06 am, 23-May-2012

oasisblue.. yeah "Lisa", already checked that earlier, thats me.thanks for pointing it out.Qu'est Que Ce'st. yeah your right, i always say to much.Tom was just being nice.

oasisblues 12:30 am, 23-May-2012

nice?! do you call that nice? get something to do please, but 42 might already be old age, I see

Lisa 1:00 am, 23-May-2012

Yeah, 42 is old, and yet I can still pass for 35,ha ha, you seem like a good chap, youve defended Liam, whom I like as equal as Noel, Liam is the coolest dresser I know.. love his style and ive seen Beady Eye live , great.. now Ive got something to do, pack a case off , cause Im off on holiday, yeah your right Ill get something to do..ill fac hard feelings, im just bored today, no, sort it with Kev, that poor guys been dragged in this,Ive no idea who he is?.. really.Yeah I dont mind being 42, quite proud of it, as long as i do my 500 sits upaday, im ok.. been nice offence oasisblues...

Lisa 1:32 am, 23-May-2012

ps re Tom ..i meant his comment about songs/memories.

oasisblues 1:39 am, 23-May-2012

nobody asked about your life. Defended Liam? do you even think he needs that? sort it with "hounest" Tom? is this a serious website? clearly not. He must have been shocked by the "Godlike Genius" prize... oh sorry to tell you the whole truth, kid: the people couldn't even vote for that... that's why he won it, from his NME... did you at least notice when he plays "Mr. Nice" with the press? I see the results here... Is it better to look like "John f*ucking Lennon" as Liam, or saying b*llshit as Noel "we're bigger than Jesus" as Lennon said. Oh and Noel also said: "I don't care about Lennon's life, he was an idiot"... I read: "We should all concentrate on living our lifes, not wasting them on the internet", "No more comments for me", "I'm outta time", "I get my coat", "end of", etc. and you're still writing. It's about time that your mind took a holiday

sausagehacker 6:49 am, 23-May-2012

Why the fighting? You guys don't have to agree... it's just music, it's an opinion :) Anyway, I'm thinking Supersonic, Whatever and D'you Know What I Mean? are my solid favorites, I'm not really fond of Fade in-out or Swamp Song. Just my $0.02 Also, any love for Be Here Now? I can't believe how underrated it is... and Magic Pie is a rockin song! I saw some hating haha

kev cherry 8:50 am, 23-May-2012

oasisblue-you want to be Liam Gallagher!!!

oasisblues 10:09 am, 23-May-2012

Kev Cherry you want to be an idiot!!!

Gordon Harries 10:10 am, 23-May-2012

Actually, I quite like about half of ‘Be Here Now’. It’s completely overblown and pompous record, but not without its charm. And I agree. Music is music, you either respond to it or you don’t. Argument is fine, hate is not.)

kev cherry 12:10 pm, 23-May-2012

Only one guy on here turned this debate to nonsense,and its not me!!!

Lisa 12:58 pm, 23-May-2012

oasisblue.. your point has been proved, yes it is a serious website.Yeah my mind needs a holiday. One more thing the point you were trying to prove regarding Bready eye,i understood. The Oasis B/W art can be bought from Sonic Editions.. I have bought quite a few prints from there. Regarding Magic Pie, yes I may have listened to it a few times, but it was never hated, as in the last few weeks Ive hardley listened at all, I realised it was being played back. Oasisblue yes your points been proven, i think you will find you wont have to prove it again. Yeah i will give my mind that holiday, before that apple falls.I had worked that out myself.

Lisa 2:43 pm, 23-May-2012

ps forgot, regarding the serious website, i felt i didnt need to read the main article, as the writer had let his thoughts be known in all the articles he had done. With regards to highflying birds.. I find the video for the death etc, very liberating " she needed to be pushed in the pool, so she could leave, I love the gypsy caravan she goes into.. might be dark going in, but she will come out the other side, might take ill get back to reality, the grass needs cutting, no other buggers gonna do it

Lisa 3:26 pm, 23-May-2012

ps the grass does need cutting, that isnt a bloody hidden message.

kev cherry 3:41 pm, 23-May-2012

Lisa-maybes grass does need cutting is a beady eye b-side and how dare you slag off one of their songs* *THATS A JOKE INCASE SOMEPERSON GETS UPSET!!!

Lisa 4:12 pm, 23-May-2012

right I made a mistake, I became friends with someone, never met , just talked, he was a good friend, i was looking after my mum, it was a stessful time.. i made promises, never kept them.. since then ive flitted in and out of his life, still causing grief, i was wrong, i looked at his videos, his photos, even his friends.. im just nosey, its not meant in sorry to everyone... I did get on with my life.. my mum died and it effected me , it just reminded me off the time, he helped me when i was caring for her, my mum died due to neglect in a nursing home, im dealing with it... im sorry for any stress caused, by looking at anyones private things, yes the jokes on me... im sorry, youve made your point.. so has everyone... and "You", thanks.

Lisa 4:20 pm, 23-May-2012

heres my other email feel free to give your views, it is open.. . some of you might want to know the truth.

Lisa 5:06 pm, 23-May-2012

It wasent wrote for sympathy, it was wrote to admit my guilt. thats all, and admit id had become depressed. I hope all have had some enlightment out of this, because i might be depressed.. but i wouldnt have never gone to the extremes as you.

Lisa 5:22 pm, 23-May-2012

yeah, i get the dylan ref.. dont do this here, ok

Tom 6:03 pm, 23-May-2012

oasisblue: What is your investment in this? Are you Liam's publisist? Sorry I accidently added a U to honest, I don't spell check everything I write. Nor to I go through your posts seeking errors. I just stated opinion. Pretty Green is nice clobber, but me thinks a bit over priced. What market is for? I'm not seeing it at fitba, but I'm not going to scooter rallies these days much. Look, everyone is entitled to their own opinions about the band, the songs, the brothers, etc. You taking the piss out of everyone here isn't going to change that. For someone so important, after all you started Pretty Green, you waste a lot of time arguing with strangers on internet comment sites. What's your name anyhow? If you are a business partner with Pretty Green, your a public face anyhow, right?

Lisa 6:03 pm, 23-May-2012

Sab times.. can you remove the comments, thanks , melt down over

Lisa 6:18 pm, 23-May-2012

Tom, no oasisblues was right..,he had every right to be angry, people arnt honest,they started out as honest, but realised they get it wrong. guess this is end of!

Lisa 6:49 pm, 23-May-2012

light on..i see Toms point, i never realised, beady eyes usual stop of shop, was closed, so i heard they needed a card, so that was all a major shop had, it was the comment beady eye went for, plus the colour of red.. heard Liam didnt figure it out, till after, coincedances will kill me.

Kev Cherry 7:10 pm, 23-May-2012

Lisa -you never had the verve channel on youtube did you?

Lisa 7:11 pm, 23-May-2012

yes, I see your points been proved, re trolling.. nice article, how witty and informal..for your info.. the only comments ive ever wrote lisa,anortherngirl, northernswaggeragain, and choke on the bullet.. you all looked very witty and clever.. my comments I wrote was in connection with the articles, ive not put any bad comments, ive enjoyed sab times, im not bloody clever enough to troll.. i am thinking this greenwichbarber is a set up, as well.. an exercise well done, because if he isnt.. you can apologise.

oasisblues 8:01 pm, 23-May-2012

hate? taking the piss? did you check what YOU wrote? what the hell are you saying? oh, not Noel eh? he never insults anyone eh? ahahahaha a serious website this one? ahahahahahaha Tom Greaney, what is your investment in this? are you Noel's PUBLICIST? can you at least spell correctly your own language before writing "articles"? who do you wanna be, a journalist? you could be a perfect one, a perfect ass licker, but first, go to school

oasisblues 8:06 pm, 23-May-2012

oasisblue? who? this is definitely a serious website: licking Noel's ass is the standard...

oasisblues 8:10 pm, 23-May-2012

erase the comments? he should erase the whole rubbish of this page

oasisblues 8:17 pm, 23-May-2012

I wonder how one who doesn't even know basic facts about Oasis history and people, can write an article about them. Oh you must be a Noel blinded fan, even Noel doesnt know simple facts about Oasis history, let's say he got old... the truth is that he hates Oasis, leaving them 3 times and repeating he doesn't want a reunion

Kev Cherry 8:18 pm, 23-May-2012

oasisblue..erm and who won't hear a bad word against LG and his song-writing skills...and everyone else is a Noel ass-licker!!!! Mr Pot meet Mr Kettle.

Tom 8:19 pm, 23-May-2012

oasisblues: Is that your entire argument, to look for spelling and grammatical errors? I'm sure Noel insults people, I could care less. To be clear, I'm not the Tom who wrote this article. What the fuck are you people on? Does anyone make sense here? To be clear, I like Oasis, both Noel and Liam, there are songs by both I like and dislike. I happen to like Noels new music a bit more. That’s just my opinion and my taste. Why is that such an issue? When did I say this was a serious website? Yes, I noticed I spelled publicist incorrectly after I posted, big fucking deal. I don't get why you are so aggressive. FFS, I even admitted PG clobber was nice, just pricey and not my cuppa. Can we drop this now? Again, I am not the Tom who wrote this article and have FA to do with this website.

Lisa 11:40 pm, 23-May-2012

why have you put something on my phone, plus check my searches.. i made a mistake, i wrote comments , not in hate. im sorry for any thing i ill have to change things, not because so i can look, but its not on.dont worry, i wont you the internet.

Lisa 10:12 am, 24-May-2012

Sorry, the penny took so long to drop, the network share/the articles/the digs/.. I am sorry, its just words. I will close down any internet use. I was just bored. The music/ the dreams/hopes were real just never put in to plan. my youth/teens/up to about 2008 was real.. i cared for my mum since i was young, my brother has muscular dystropy.. but he will move out. I am sorry to anyone i hurt, it was being nosey. .. ? - sorry, im sorry that i looked at anyones site/fb( even though i had not since dec, apart from last week, just the profiles.. most was just being nosey. I DIDNT SEE THE CONNECTIONS, JUST THOUGHT IT WAS STRANGE, EVERYTHING CONNECTED.i apologise to all the major websites, the two comments on louderthanwar, comments on live4ver, (5 i think).. the 1 comment on CS,sab times, plus others. I am ashamed, of the lies, hurt.. i cant afford too cause any upset for my sister/ i will tell her tonight... yes i lied about my mums death, bk in march2011( my mums death now is ongoing, and yes i will be giving my money away, my sis is her choice) my N/N are eveything to me, theve been hurt by their grandparents dying.. my dad has prostate cancer, hes in remission( i never said he had died, anywhere).. ?= the pic was xmas 2008, but ive put on lots of weight,stress etc... I understand the serious ness of this, but ive got to see to my brother/uncle and dont want to hurt the kids, please dont rreport this....I WILL UNCONNECT MY LAPTOP, AND NOT USE THE INTERNET, I WILL LEAVE THE CONNECTION ON SO YOU KNOW IM NOT USING IT. ? = Sorry for mixing you up in all this, sorry for any grieve ive cause,apologise to your friends. sorry that my actions made you do this. Please let everyone know regarding/ utube im sorry, made some good friends on there. also everything was connected through " green".. now im going to sort out my life the best way i can. ps.. searches.. yes ok, deep down im not a bad person, just wanted my own life, not looking after ebay.. i wondered why my stuff wasent up, buying to much stuff.yes i do know oasis, i was just checking over lyrics. you know, i feel sick with what ive done, if i didnt have to look after everyone, i woud end it all, but my niece and nephew have been through alot oasisblue/tom/kev etc sorry whoever you may ill get on with my live sorry.

kev cherry 12:12 pm, 24-May-2012

Lisa...please just chill and if you can relax,i know it may be hard!!! Im sure your a good fact i know it!! Gods knows wots went on over the last few days and all of this seems to have kicked off over wot is good and bad oasis songs. All this is not worth it.Think of Ian Browns walk through the streets of Manchester another youtube posts!!! Peace out. Kev

Simmo 12:23 pm, 24-May-2012

This website is mental...

oasisblues 12:36 pm, 24-May-2012

Kev Cherry wake up. aggressive? are you a scared cat and moaning just like your idol? again: did you check what YOU wrote? Live Forever vs Little James? it's clear there's a mental one among us here: Tom Greaney

Steve 1:21 pm, 24-May-2012

Worst song would have to be the cover of Heroes by Bowie, fuckin diabolical, only ever played it once or twice and yet every time I get annoyed I hear it playing in the back of my head, shouldn't have been allowed!!!

Lisa 1:45 pm, 24-May-2012

I have decided to go the police, i would sooner get in trouble then put my family through this, the camera.. by the way seen it, the cats are the neibours... one last thing, yes i deserved it, but making fun of a boy who lost his nan, with a fbook comment.. I will phone them, not sure how i will prove it, has you all seem to have names of people i know, hi cherrypop man

Lisa 1:57 pm, 24-May-2012

writers picture.. figured it out.

Lisa 2:48 pm, 24-May-2012

This whole thing was a set up, the whole sabotage times..for what , and the two people i spoke to on the phone, who i met through utube, had a friendship with.I realise now, why, good god,i realise now pictures.. in my saves, im not like that.? = was you part of the set up.

Lisa 2:51 pm, 24-May-2012

youve lookedin my pictures, ive only got a few,hairstyles, lennon etc, this will be proved wrong..

kev cherry 3:13 pm, 24-May-2012

oasisblue-wot the fuck are you on about mate,i said at the start of the week i did't like little james,or songbird and youve went fuckin mental over it. As ive said thats juch my thoughts thats not it done dusted. Ye again like Noel over Liam its not the end of the world. So you like Liam thats your choice,me my not bothered thats get back to the music. blue youve turned this way fuckin on its head for no reason man!! Just chill out and stop going all mental when someone has other views to you!!! Peace out!!

Tom 4:21 pm, 24-May-2012

Is it too hard for you to figure out Oasisblew? There's more than one person named Tom in this world and I'm not the baldy fuck who wrote the article, just someone who decided to comment here, for some regrettable reason. My name is Tom, but not Tom Greany. Get that, you thick northern twat? Tried being nice, didn't work. I'm done arguing with you over what makes little sense to me. If I don't agree with you, then I'm wrong, that it? Lisa, you need help. Go to: Or call a help line. The rest of you, it's been real. Real mental.

Tom 4:24 pm, 24-May-2012

Steve: Yeah, that Bowie cover is almost as regrettable as this entire thread. 5:54 pm, 28-May-2012

*Anything posted after all that has been said previously (I still can't work out what it's all about?) will just pale into insignificance won't it?* 1:45 pm, 5-Jun-2012

"i am thinking this greenwichbarber is a set up, as well.. an exercise well done, because if he isnt.. you can apologise. " BTW - I'm still waiting for an apology? I find it strange to be accused of being a set up from someone who feels the need to use multiple names? - "the only comments ive ever wrote lisa,anortherngirl, northernswaggeragain, and choke on the bullet.. " I am happy to post my opinions using just one log in and cannot understand the need for using others unless they are all a set up?

SJ 5:43 pm, 6-Jun-2012

Don't look back in anger, anyone?

oasisblues 12:44 am, 7-Jun-2012

Don't look back in anger Noel included? 'cause he blamed every single thing and person for the Oasis split but not himself... that's not credible

Tom 1:02 am, 7-Jun-2012 we go again. Be warned, anyone who should consider posting anything here that may imply you have the slightest inclination towards Noel - Don’t Bother! Be warned, You are WRONG. "oasisblues" (defender of all things Liam, or perhaps Liam his self?) will tell you so. To me, Liam and Noel are both egotistical narcissists, both have done good songs, both have done rubbish songs. Liam sings better, Noel writes better (IMHO). Btw, my name is Tom J. not the Tom who wrote this blog. Welcome to the Thunderdome.

Jared 5:53 am, 5-Dec-2012

Don't Look Back In Anger or Supersonic are the two best Oasis songs. The worst is Little James or Better Man. No offense to Liam even though he has penned several great songs such as Songbird, I'm Outta Time, Soldier On, etc. Noel is definitely the better songwriter. Liam and the rest of the original band tried getting it going, but got no where. Noel joined then band goes to success. Yes, Liam had a huge part in that as his voice led the way, but Noel was the genius behind it writing all the music that made em famous. Now, Liam's anger and craziness pushed Noel to be the best he could as Noel's stubborness pushed Liam to be the best he could.

Jared 5:54 am, 5-Dec-2012

The two will eventually reunite once they realize that they need each other to truly be successful. Don't get me wrong, Beady Eye and NGHFB are both great, but they both have that key part missing. Beady Eye is missing Noel. and NGHFB is missing Liam (Gem too! Gotta love Gem haha.)

Whisky Bolland 7:58 am, 16-Jan-2013

Favourite - Columbia. Least favourite - either I Will Believe or Little James.

Stan Dalglish 7:18 pm, 16-Feb-2013

Supersonic is the best for raw quality and worst is Don't Look Back in Anger - never quite got it myself but what do I know.

Northern Barry 2:17 pm, 12-Mar-2013

Don't listen as much to Oasis as I used to, but love the b-sides, "Listen Up" and "Acquiesce" are contenders for best tunes - the worst is without doubt I Can See A Liar "sitting by the fire", the drugs had definitely stopped working/gone at that point!

Frederich Von Hausen 8:39 am, 22-May-2013

Oasis are/were complete & utter shit. Full stop. A classic case of style over substance and the emperor's new clothes.

Jet Kobra 12:26 am, 16-Aug-2013

9/10 times, people who think wonderwall is oasis' best song, aren't actually oasis fans. Live forever, perfect call. Little James, sloppy lyrically but Noel has wrote some wank, much worst than little James. Just saying

Legal Wrangle 11:35 am, 2-Nov-2013

For me, Columbia is the best and Alive the worst. Little James is very close to the bottom of the list, though. For me, their most overrated song is Rockin' Chair. I didn't even think it was the best b-side on that single, never mind one of their classics.

Mike2stuard 6:50 am, 26-Sep-2014

Best songs are - Live forever, falling down, go let it out, masterplan, don't look back in anger & Some might say. Worst may be - Roll with it, little james & Alive.

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