Danny Brown: Detroit's Most Psychopathic Rapper

Detroit's finest is gearing up for his return to attack your ear drums, put some dark thoughts in your head whilst doing things to your girlfriend that you'll have nightmares about...
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Detroit's finest is gearing up for his return to attack your ear drums, put some dark thoughts in your head whilst doing things to your girlfriend that you'll have nightmares about...


When Detroit emcee Danny Brown described his music as “ Anti Clean Rap “ Some understood what he was saying , most didn't but all it would've taken would've been one listen to his last album XXX for the proverbial penny to drop. His lyrics weren't just dirty as is was and always will be with a lot of rappers out there , with Brown it was more of a case of his rhymes making a statement of actively not being clean ! He’s perfectly happy to tell you about how he was so thirsty for money that he sold crack to a pregnant girl and let her take it in his back room before moving onto regaling you with a tale of what he did with your baby's mama & a carrot and pretty proud of it all he is too as he takes you on your lyrical journey.

Let’s be clear here from the start xxx is not an album that you want to be sticking on if you've got a honey back at your house when you think you’re "in with a chance", don’t go throwing out your Barry White just yet... Well, unless you happen to be hanging with girls who go for lyrics such as “Rhymes that make the pope wanna get his dick sucked, had Virgin Mary doing lines in the pick up, make Sarah Palin deepthroat till she hiccup" from Pac Blood, or the equally endearing “No shame in my game girl look back at me, I don’t give a fuck if it’s shave or if it’s nappy, long as it aint nasty sanitation smelling, one whiff of that bitch, I’mma bailing" when taking the listener through his near indiscriminately love of oral during I Will.

Don’t make the mistake however that young DB is just a one trick emcee throwing out some controversial rhymes to get himself noticed and handed his 15 minutes of fame until stepping aside for the next contender to have a go. The first thing that strikes you about him isn't the lyrics he provides but his distinctive high pitched tone and going off on one flow when delivering them. There’s only so many rappers past and present who have that special voice that upon hearing them for the first time make you sit up and take notice, think back to that very first time you heard Nas pop up on Main Sources Live at the BBQ or Snoop when he announced himself to the world in Dre’s Deep Cover and you’ll see where I’m coming from. Danny Brown has that very same way of grabbing you. Then you start to hear what he’s coming out with and cue the head shakes, eye rolls and immature sniggers !

Then take a look at the man behind the rhymes and you’ll instantly see that this isn't your by the numbers rap star. With his head shaved at one side and the rest going into a straightened comb over that Bobby Charlton would've killed for , two almost perfectly situated missing front teeth with eyes that roll more than Fred Durst would do if he’d been pushed down a hill. When in full flow with his at times manic way of delivery he is the epitome of "that crack head you’d cross the street to avoid". Instead you’d be crossing the road to avoid one of the hottest acts in hip hop right now.


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An emcee that evidently doesn't seem too concerned with fitting in with how he’s supposed to look to the point that you wouldn't even know he was one until he opens his mouth. Rather than wear the identikit regular predictable clobber that you’d expect from anyone in the hip hop game he instead at times favours a retro rock style look. Through his choice of clothing he actually missed out on getting his first break in the industry in 2010 due to his look not fitting with 50 Cent’s G-Unit Recordings label. At the time he pragmatically stated that “ It was a real thing. 50 was with it , he just didn't sign me because of my jeans. He liked the music , but he didn't like the way I looked. I understand where they were coming from with that but you gotta understand where I’m coming from too “

With his new album ‘ Old ‘ now completed and due out (Date Tbc) it’s time go back and listen to XXX all over again and get yourself reacquainted with his unique dark and twisted style of storytelling .... Whatever dark humorous and nasty disturbing tales he has planned for us in his new offering you really wouldn't want to be going into it cold would you ?