G-Frsh: Introducing UK Rap's Major New Talent

Signed to Tinie Tempah's record label, G-Frsh looks set to be the UK's next crossover MC superstar.
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Signed to Tinie Tempah's record label, G-Frsh looks set to be the UK's next crossover MC superstar.


With a new single 'The Man' featuring Skepta out now (see above) and a super-sized mixtape called 'Legoman II' out for free download NOW we caught up with rising UK Rap talent G-Frsh. He's been a mainstay of the UK underground scene but the new mixtape shows he's got the flow and the tracks to become a genuine urban music icon.

Topman Generation: You're back with a new single and mixtape. How have you developed your sound since the first Legoman compilation?

"Yes I'm back with a new mixtape, it pretty much follows on from where I left off from with the first 'Legoman' mix and deviates slightly from 'Purgatory' (my last EP). I learnt a lot from those last two projects and 'Legoman II' is a result of that. It is a hard street/underground mixtape whilst also pushing the musical boundaries of the UK urban music scene. It's me having fun and most importantly doing what I love to do."

Topman Generation: How is working with Tinie Tempah's label Disturbing London? Is he something of a mentor for other MCs?

"Disturbing London is a family! Me, Tinie and our manager Dumi have all been close friends for a long time so the situation was pretty much inevitable and somewhat in existence before we made it official. The main thing is that we can all be very honest with one another, which is great when it comes to making sure we always put our best foot forward. Working together now is pretty much the same as it has always been mainly due to his humble nature. The only difference now is that we're not just working on songs, we are experiencing new and different things together like when I supported him on tour in 2011. Tinie is a marker, if not the marker for success as a British urban act, and he is most definitely somebody that a lot of MCs and aspiring musicians look up to without a doubt."

Topman Generation: 'Legoman II' has an incredible roll call – everyone from Tinie to Goldielocks, from Mic Righteous to Benny Banks. Does this show how united UK rap and grime is at the moment?

"It doesn't necessarily show a united rap and grime scene, as with any competitive arena some people will have their problems in front of the camera and behind it. But this mixtape is definitely a testament to the mutual respect that I share with all the parties involved."

To read the rest of this interview and listen to G-Frsh's latest collaboration, go to the Topman Generation website.

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