Glasvegas' Top 5 Cult TV Shows

Who knew Glasvegas were cult TV fanatics? From Twin Peaks to Father Ted, here's what's on their tour bus telly.
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Who knew Glasvegas were cult TV fanatics? From Twin Peaks to Father Ted, here's what's on their tour bus telly.


Curb Your Enthusiasm

This is the one comedy that we always end up watching on the tour bus when we have a day off. I don't think I've met anyone who doesn't like it. The way that Larry David can make the most uncomfortable situations very funny and vice versa is brilliant. Around Season Six “Leon Black” appears, arguably one of the funniest characters I've ever seen on TV. Some of the scenarios that crop up are unbelievable, but that only adds to the fun (and cringe factor). Another interesting thing about this show is that we got into this before we went to Santa Monica to make the 2 album. Then after we came back and got back into the show we'd recognise certain places that we'd actually been too so it also adds to the buzz of watching this show!

Father Ted

This could be a contender for being by far the funniest show to come from Britain or Ireland since Fawlty Towers. From the start, where Ted has been sent to live on Craggy Island for having charity money “resting in his account”, to the last episode where Father Ted has the chance to go to America (there's a Brian Eno cameo in there too!), it's hilarious. The dynamics between the three main actors are incredible and they manage to all make the show very clever, and poke fun on what is a very hard topic to make genuinely sharply funny while avoiding offending anyone. Dermot Morgan left us too soon as it's a certainty that there would have been a Father Ted movie.

Twin Peaks

Probably the show everyone thinks of when they hear the words “Cult Show”. It can sometimes be a tough watch, but it is a work of art. You can really tell that every single scene has been pored over, that every prop or movement on the screen is there to help you lose yourself in the story. It's almost criminal that this show wasn't allowed to run for a lot longer than it was, but I suppose that's what helps make it what it is today. This whole atmosphere of this show and how it was created has certainly been inspiring to us as a band and David Lynch has definitely influenced us all as artists. His attention to detail is brilliant. It's not on the view list all that often but when it does go on the tour bus is quiet!

Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

This caught many people out when it was first aired and one could argue it was too clever for it's own good. For us though as a band it is utterly brilliant. It is the best show-within-a-show show!

Any scene where a cat is meant to jump out at someone but not only can you see that the moggy has been thrown but also the arms of the member who threw it is always going to peak anyone's interest. The premise of the show about getting it's first screening after years locked away due to it being too “horryfying” was a hoax. However it was the way it was carried off and styled as a first time showing of an 80's TV show in a DVD style documentary, complete with interviews with the cast members of the “show” that was genius! Even the old Channel 4 animated logo added to the “realism”. So many good quotes from it too which have been adopted by us on the tour bus! Look up “One Track Lover” on YouTube if you've never seen the show, you'll wet yourself!

I'm Alan Partridge

I just started watching this again as the film, “Alpha Papa” is coming out soon. I think that this is one of the most influential British comedies ever. Alan must have been a hard character to write, as you can't help but like him even though he is a slightly crazy, narcissistic, controlling, cringe worthy arsehole. But with that, you still want him to succeed, to move out of the caravan and into his newly built house. The scene where he takes his PA to her mothers grave but stays in the car to play air drums to “Return of The Saint” and reminding her she has “No more than ten minoots”, in a cod German accent, to grieve for her mother had me rolling on the floor.