Hot Chip's Joe Goddard on 2 Bears, Juke Joints and Mr Motivator

Joe Goddard talks about his forthcoming albums for Hot Chip and 2 Bears, reveals how he managed to do four gigs in one night at Glastonbury and explains how DJing helps him use up his adrenaline.
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Joe Goddard talks about his forthcoming albums for Hot Chip and 2 Bears, reveals how he managed to do four gigs in one night at Glastonbury and explains how DJing helps him use up his adrenaline.


Joe Goddard first broke onto the indie-dance scene back in 2004 with Hot Chip. Now alongside his day job with the five-piece he balances a number of different projects, including The 2 Bears – which has taken up a lot of his time this year. Here he talks about all of his musical guises, what’s on for him in 2012 and his upcoming Juke Joint show in London…

Joe Goddard On The New Hot Chip Album…

Right now we’re just working really hard on the Hot Chip record, we’ve got like 10 tracks finished, we’re still writing more and at the same time recording stuff with an engineer that we’ve started working with in west London. I think we’re nearly there really and it’s sounding great – I’m very very excited about it at this moment. We’ve been writing most of this year while Alexis and I have been doing our other projects and we’re looking to put the record out in May/June something like that.

On his work with Valentina…

I’ve been writing with Valentina at little bit more – there’s a couple of tracks that may get released early next year. She’s probably going to do an EP on our label, Greco-Roman and she’s working on music for that at the moment.

On The 2 Bears…

The 2 Bears album is finished and coming out in late January and there’s going to be a single called ‘Work’ before that and I’ve been remixing with Raf [the other half of 2 Bears] and working with him at the weekend DJing around the country. I’ve been busy but I’ve been enjoying all of it.

On juggling his projects…

The earlier part of this year was just focusing on 2 Bears, there wasn’t really that much Hot Chip stuff going on so it wasn’t too difficult. Right now I’m having to kind of put 2 Bears on the back burner and focus on Hot Chip. And with the Valentina stuff, we’ve not done a lot of work together - we’ve just done a few days here and there. The first thing we did together was Gabriel and that turned out brilliantly – I was very happy with that whole thing. We’re doing a bit more work now but she’s also working with other producers so it doesn’t take up tons of my time. We’re not aiming to make an album or anything like that. I’m also slowly working towards making another Joe Goddard album but that probably won’t get finished for quite a while and will come out next year or maybe the year after. I like to keep busy but there’s got to be a limit to it.

I enjoy having a balance – sometimes playing live and sometimes DJing stops me from getting bored of either one.

On the differences between DJing and playing with a band…

I get different things out of each one. Playing with a band it feels great to be on stage with these people that I’ve been friends with and been working with for a long period and I’m really looking forward to doing that again. With DJing it’s a very different thing, like this year it’s been mainly just me and Raf [of 2 Bears], which has been a learning experience for me because Raf really knows his way around house music and has been kind of obsessed with it for 10 years or so. I’ve learnt about that music from him. And also DJing just feels like such a different thing because obviously it’s different music every night and that’s a different kind of skill to playing live. I really enjoy doing both and having that kind of balance – sometimes playing live and sometimes DJing stops me from getting bored of either one. It also can be wicked to play live and then go on to do a DJ set, I find that with the kind of adrenaline I get from playing live – going somewhere to play records afterwards is a good way to use it up. I really like both aspects of it – and I really wouldn’t want to do just one and not the other.

On his upcoming Juke Joint show in London later this month…

It’s a recreation of an old juke joint like they have in the southern American states – where they have blues music all weekend long. Historically it would be for the poor black farmers who couldn’t get into normal nightspots so it’s where they would go to kind of have their weekend entertainment. There’s going to be musicians involved from the deep south too. I’m going to play the kind of set that I’ve been playing this year which is a lot of new and old house music, some garage, some faster techno things and maybe some hip hop. I kind of mix things up quite a lot but I’ve been focusing on good Chicago house music mainly.

On playing four sets across the Glastonbury weekend…

That was fucking tiring man. Especially because me and my wife brought our young baby to the festival so it was very very tiring for my wife. I was out for the night most nights and then catching up on my sleep a little bit in the mornings so she would have a lot of work to do with our little one. And me and Raf were just traipsing all over the Glastonbury site to do different gigs at various different places. So it was pretty tiring but we had a great time – not all of those gigs turned out to be amazing but there were two that were just fantastic. One in this specially constructed bull ring out in the further reaches of Shangri-La with us DJing from a quite high elevated position looking down on loads of people. It was like four in the morning and it had been raining for quite a long time and it just stopped while we were playing and people really go into it - we had a fantastic time. And we did another similar gig in a big tent near the main stage on the Saturday night, which was wicked as well. I just really love Glastonbury and so does Raf, we really get into it and I think it’s a good thing so we were prepared to work hard at it – we had a good time overall it was just knackering.

I think we’re nearly there really and it’s sounding great – I’m very very excited about the album at this moment.

On other festivals this year…

Creamfields was fantastic – we had a wicked time there. We’ve really got to take our hats off to Annie Mac for supporting The 2 Bears so much this year – we were playing in her tent at Creamfields. That was one of the first ones where we kind of realised people were starting to know who we were as a group. At the beginning of our set there weren’t many people there but people came flooding in during the set and it was a massive tent and by the end it was pretty much full – we just had a really good one at Creamfields. We didn’t resort to playing massive, horrible, noisy, electro records that we’re not really into – we played the kind of thing that we like and people really got it and got into it. Bestival was the same – we were on after Mr. Motivator and Goldie Looking Chain – so we didn’t really know what it was going to be like but we had a really good gig there. We played one in Ireland, The Electric Picnic, which wasn’t quite as great but we still had a good time. To a certain extent me and Raf have been learning how to do a 2 Bears show this year, it being the first festival season we’ve done but we felt like we were getting there by the end, by Bestival and things like that and we really started to feel like we knew what we were doing as DJs together.

On Hot Chip performing live again…

We will be touring next year too, definitely, I think in the Spring and maybe the Autumn as well – we’ll be going around the UK, the States and Europe as well and just having a good year on the road. We’re also going to hit the festivals next year and hopefully be playing all over the place. That feels good as well because we’ve had a proper break from playing live now – we haven’t played a show together since last November so we’re raring to go at the moment.

Joe Goddard will be performing an exclusive DJ set at the Southern Comfort Juke Joint on November 17th. Go to to get tickets.

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