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Hot Mix 5: Lone, AZ & Tor, New Jack City

by Sabotage Music
7 June 2013

This week's round-up of the best new releases, from hazy sunshine head-nodders to bouncing Air Max bass


Lone – Airglow Fires

This new track from Nottingham’s Lone could be the tune of the summer already. The black horse of R&S never fails to disappoint – they haven’t had 4 decades of success by sitting on their arses.

Karma Kid, Friend Within & Yasmin -  Feeling (So Special)

Amazing old school UK Funky vibes on this one. When the beat drops it feels like you’re Tom and Jerry has just come round the corner and whacked you in the face with a frying pan full of bass.

AZ & TOR – Sit Back (Polkadot remix) 

One of my favourite production duos of the past 12 months, AZ&Tor come correct again with another EP for Kerri Chandler’s Madtech label. Young Midlands prodigy Polkadot has put this one through the 2-step machine to give it that Air Max bounce. Lapping it up like the cat who got the cream.

New Jack City – No Matter What

I thought 2013 would be the end of the ’90s house revival, but it doesn’t look like it from where I’m standing. As well as being named after Wesley Snipes’ finest film, Amsterdam’s New Jack City are ploughing forward with more New Jersey magic.

Noyce – Our Mornings

Gorgeous head nodding vibes honey dipped in sunshine, perfect for festival mornings. Been keeping an ear out to Manchester’s Noyce for a while, would love to hear more throughout the summer. Definitely one to watch.

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