Hot Mix 5: New Tunes You Need This Week

From Paris to Cuba via Essex, it's all here in this week's music round-up.
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From Paris to Cuba via Essex, it's all here in this week's music round-up.


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Ego Ella May - How Far

Ego Ella May is a name you should be hearing plenty of in the next few years. Her debut EP was a hint of what the young'un had in her lock up, but the follow-up, released this week, is simply off the scale. Imagine if Erykah Badu was from South London and you're nearly there. You can smell the incense coming out your Mac, right?

Available for free via Ego Ella May's Bandcamp

DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson - T'es Qui?

This one's fresh out on the Paris-based label Hot Casa Records. The whole album is smoother than the silk on your mother's nightgown, working a kaleidoscope of jazz, soul, Latin, funk and afrobeat through the lens of modern France. It's a joy to listen to the creativity of the pair, glad to see the LP finally out.

Out now via Hot Casa

Lapalux - Puzzle

If you grew up on a diet of advertising jingles played through a worn-out VHS, the electronica of Lapalux will resonate with your very being. The Essex boy released his debut LP 'Lustmore' on Brainfeeder this month and it's full of warped acid dreamscapes like this one.

Tom Trago ft M. Cruzer - Hard Cash

This is what it feels like to have a one night stand with a synth and wake up covered in electrofunk. With its roots in those fertile, sexually driven mid 80s Prince sessions (think Bob George, Housequake, Scarlett Pussy) Tom Trago has knocked it out the park with this one. The track is taken from the latest Tempo Dreams comp on Brooklyn's Bastard Jazz, curated by Soul Clap. They're always top drawer. Go and get it.

Daymé Arocena - Cry Me A River

Landing on Gilles Peterson's Brownswood this week, the rich vocal talents of Daymé Arocena came to light during the Havana Cultura project, which saw the veteran DJ producing an album with contemporary Cuban musicians. Her version of Cry Me A River completely different to any you've heard before but equally as evocative.