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I Just Don't Get... Muse

by Dan Alland
30 October 2013 92 Comments

They do a mean line in space-rock theatrics and endless falsettos, but it doesn't chime with me. Here's why the boys from Teignmouth leave me cold...

Having read John Clarke’s elegantly-written, though fundamentally blasphemous, tirade against my beloved Smiths, I thought that as soon as calmed myself down a bit, I would indulge in some scathing iconoclasm of my own. Because there is one band that I have consistently disliked since the first time their fingernail-sounds scratched down the tonally-sensitive blackboard of my ear drums. And what makes it worse is that everyone seems to bloody adore them… Ladies and Gentleman, I just don’t get Muse.

“Uh, Hello!, they’re like the most incredible collective of musicians in music today!”

“Matt Bellamy’s voice is classically trained.”

What a shit-munching philistine you are, Dan… how dare you criticise Muse?!”

“We are no longer friends.”

Just a selection of the responses I’ve had from friends/former friends of mine after having the temerity to suggest that maybe Muse are utter fucking garbage. Not in a Jonas Brothers/Paramore/Coldplay sort of way. I appreciate that Muse are at least trying to make decent music; in the same way that Derek Acorah is at least trying to communicate with “the spirit world.” But trying isn’t enough; what I’m looking for – is nature as opposed to nurture.

You only have to watch one of Muse’s live performances on the telly – if you’ve got a spare year, that is – to know that these guys are seriously good on their instruments. Matt Bellamy’s dazzling dexterity covers the length and breadth of that guitar with the same level of skill as some of the world’s top shredders; he’ll then jump behind the ivory keys and hypnotises us with his multi-trade wizardry, all the while his voice is exercising its way up and down the stave like the love-child of Thom Yorke and Maria Callas. All very impressive. But how does it sound? In a word: shit.

I appreciate that Muse are at least trying to make decent music; in the same way that Derek Acorah is at least trying to communicate with “the spirit world.”

Music is art. Art cannot be taught. I know your art teacher at school said it can, and he’s brilliant at painting horses – all in proportion and everything. But who apart from his good self comes over all peculiar when they see one of his horses – bored, in a field, looking like a photo, in a frame – and thinks “I must have it!” No one; they think: “wow, that’s a really good painting of a horse – all in proportion and everything.” And that’s the problem I have with Muse. It’s obvious where they’re taking their ideas from; what their inspiration is; who their, ahem, Muse is. They ham-fistedely amalgamate their influences and wear them very loudly on their sleeves. Technically accomplished; artistically barren.

The most obvious comparison made is with Radiohead. That was clearly true in the early days of Muse, and heck, who the fuck wouldn’t want to sound like Radiohead? There is a problem, of course… Muse cannot touch them. The dynamics; the odd time signatures; the terrifying guitar solos; the socio-political commentary; the I’ve-never-heard-anything-like-this-before-and-probably-never-will-again sense of astonishment that Radiohead gave us all those years ago, and  which perpetuates to this very day, has not been captured, or even slightly graced by Muse. The dynamics just aren’t there; the guitar solos are stock; UFOs, reptilian-humanoids and 9/11 ‘truth’ tales rule the narrative; and the I’ve-heard-this-before-somewhere-yep-this-definitely-isn’t-anything-new sense of disappointment is palpable to all who will embrace it honestly.

What Muse are, effectively, is a cross between Queen and Emerson, Lake and Palmer (I’m going to completely disregard their latest kinship with Skrillex and his dubstep peers, because it’s frankly ridiculous). Two bands I despise. Muse’s larger than life sounds and electrifying stage-shows tick every box – and more – when it comes to recreating the big sound and spectacle of Queen. Bellamy’s authority over his audience will obviously never hit Freddie Mercury-levels of messianic worship and adulation, but he’s not a million miles away. And ELP’s incredible instrumental-athleticism was really something to behold. I’m confident in saying that each member of Muse is, I’m sure, as technically sound on their respective instruments as ELP were – and just as contemptuous of their listener.

But all of those qualities I have just mentioned have absolutely no place being on my iPod, in my car stereo or swimming in my subconscious. I don’t care if you’re a great showman: I’m sat at home on a Friday night, after a shit week at work, in desperate need of artistic nourishment, with a bottle of red and my iTunes library: I need profound lyricism; innovative chord-progressions; raw, passionate, unaffected emotion. And, I’m sorry, but I just don’t feel that Muse are reaching any of those ideals. So who does?

What Muse are, effectively, is a cross between Queen and Emerson, Lake and Palmer

If you consider the type of pundits who sing the praises of Muse, they tend to be people like Zane Lowe: a man who – if the money’s right – will unflinchingly declare any band/album to be the greatest of that year, and to buy it now, etc. Or readers of the NME, who voted Muse “the most exciting live act of ALL TIME”. I don’t ever remember hearing John Peel enthusing about Muse.

But then again, who am I to say what’s good and what’s not? No one. I’m not self-assured enough to believe that Muse are in fact the greatest con-trick in music today and that in five years time everyone will realise and this and think themselves very bloody silly for having bought all their records, etc. That’s how it does feel to me, though.

So this article is not just the savage polemical attack might be construed as; but more of an open letter to all the readers of Sabotage Times who are Muse fans – and I fear there are many, possibly screaming what a c*nt I am; just what the bloody hell am I missing? What drugs should I be taking? Am I just a victim of the subjectivity of music? Answers in the comment box below, please…

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image descriptionCOMMENTS

Darren Allen 7:35 am, 4-Sep-2012

Dont bloody listen to them then u tit...

beepsandblips 8:34 am, 4-Sep-2012

Radiohead where Shite aswell.

Truth 9:17 am, 4-Sep-2012

Heard theyre good live but agree that they're a waste of space otherwise. All their songs are variations of singing "I'm paranoid/Theyre gonna get us" and set to a bog-standard, formulaic dirge

Howard 9:54 am, 4-Sep-2012

like a slightly more edgy Keane.

Sgt Pilko 11:11 am, 4-Sep-2012

You're not alone mate, i've hated pretty much everything they've ever done & like you faced head shaking and looks of bemusement from most of the people i've expressed this opinion to... I just can't shake the feeling that Matt Bellamy is enjoying himself far more than anyone in his audience... i'd much rather hear 3 perfect notes played with bone-shaking conviction than any amount of fret-wankery or clever chord changes no matter how technically impressive it might be... And your comparison of Muse with Derek Acorah was absolutely inspired...

Darren Allen 11:43 am, 4-Sep-2012

I bet the stuff u all listen too is shite 2 others , so b good little boys and jump off the bandwagon , the equation is a simple one so read it real slow so u can store it in your backstreet boy brains -" if u don't like them, don't bloody listen to them "..!!

Max Bullitt 11:56 am, 4-Sep-2012

I encountered a young Matt, pre-fame supporting a much larger band, I was talking to guitarist of said band, who happened to be a member of my family. Young Bellamy took a look at me up and down, said nothing to me, and then stood right in front of me whilst I was in mid conversation and initiated his own conversation with guitarist of other band asking how he thought he had performed. What an absolute tosser! struggled to this day to give them any ear time because of this.

Savage Henry 12:02 pm, 4-Sep-2012

Spot on. If ever there was a band that manages to be less than the sum of its parts, it's Muse. No doubt that they are technically superb, but it does nothing for me; there is no soul to it. I can cope with maybe one or two tracks per album, but the rest just seems like music for people who who won't cop to liking Prog-Rock. Plus their more recent stuff just seems to be a rehash of earlier work; definately a diminishing return.

Sgt Pilko 12:04 pm, 4-Sep-2012

I don't listen to them, but his 'article' expressing his 'opinion' on this 'discussion based forum' amused me so i posted a 'response'... as the whole point of this site seems to have passed you by i suggest you go and have a lie down in a nice quiet dark room where such things wont offend your delicate sensibilities...

Harry Harris 12:36 pm, 4-Sep-2012

In the same boat, can't stand them. Flashy light shows does not constitute a good live gig. Black Holes And Revelations? Even Rick Wakeman wouldn't have dared touch that title.

Markxist 12:46 pm, 4-Sep-2012

Dan, as much as a hetero male can say this; I love you! I used to go out with a girl who was absolutely gorgeous, witty, clever, nicely figured...everything you could want. Problem? She was a HUGE Muse fan. And I mean HUGE. She followed them like they were a football team. If they played, she had to see them. I tried my hardest to appreciate them, but as a big muso myself - and one with a fair few prog records in my collection - I simply cannot get them. They are shit. They are a rock band for girls and immature boys who cannot appreciate real rock (or prog rock) The music itself isn't always too bad, but it's ruined by its inability to find a course and hampered irrevocably by the annoying nasally whine of Bellamy. They are three wankers of the highest order. Personal, failed, relationship aside, I'd still draw the same conclusion.

Darren Allen 1:06 pm, 4-Sep-2012

It's time 4 u medication fellas ., u discussing a group u don't listen too? How the hell can u have a opinion on them then u complete nonce, taxi 4 sgt pilko.. Complete waste of time this , this is my last comment b4 I enjoy the rest of my life , oh sorry if I can't express my feelings here sgt bolloko, like u I have a voice , cleary yours is spent mainly on these how did u put it " discussion based forums "... It's Unbelievable a forum discussing why we don't like muse.. Grow up people..I tell u what if u got a spare 5 mins go a grab a life somewhere I'm sure it's out there . Right time to get on with mine after this waste of I'd say 10 mins.. Nighty night shagwits

Markxist 1:32 pm, 4-Sep-2012

I hate how some people seem to think the only opinion that can be expressed is their own. Guess what, a discussion based forum will have more than one opinion and they are all valid because they are all personal to you. So here's an idea, stop attacking and insulting other posters with your barely literate ramblings and appreciate that not everyone out there likes your favourite band.

mandy 1:42 pm, 4-Sep-2012

At last another person that thinks theu are shit!

Savage Henry 2:01 pm, 4-Sep-2012

-Uses 'u' and '4' instead of 'you' and 'for', like a thirteen year-old. -Throws cheap insults around like an internet hardman. -Then tells eloquent commenters to 'grow up'. Good work, fella!

Markxist 2:57 pm, 4-Sep-2012

@ Savage Henry your two comments are impeccable. Well said

pshhhhh 3:33 pm, 4-Sep-2012

kudos to this great article! - this line says it all - "The most obvious comparison made is with Radiohead. That was clearly true in the early days of Muse, and heck, who the fuck wouldn’t want to sound like Radiohead? There is a problem, of course… Muse cannot touch them" here here!

Truth 3:34 pm, 4-Sep-2012

SavageHenry - not only using u for 'you' but also 'you are' and 'your'

Truth 3:48 pm, 4-Sep-2012

@Marlxist '3 wankers of the highest order' os a bit strong haha

JohnnyB 4:00 pm, 4-Sep-2012

For someone who doesn't like muse, you sure seem to spend a lot of time thinking & writing about them.

PADS 4:02 pm, 4-Sep-2012

"Am I just a victim of the subjectivity of music?" Yes, we all are (although I wouldn't use the word "victim" to suggest it's a bad thing). When it comes to valuations, judgements, and meanings, it's all subjective. You're just stating a criterion of preferences, and Muse don't tick any or much of them for you. Fair enough.

Allmodcons1965 4:23 pm, 4-Sep-2012

Darren Allen do us all a favour and fuck right off you fucking cretinous ballbag,so you like muse we get it you cloth eared cunt...

Ilikemuse 4:29 pm, 4-Sep-2012

ok, im a muse fan but im not going to be all in your face about it by saying loads of shit cause you don't like them but you should try and be a bit more open minded instead of wasting your time writing articles bitching about a band you don't like? surely you can think of more productive things to do than this? its simple, if you don't like a band or artist then don't listen to them. they didnt create their music for you, they made it for people who will like their music so if you don't then that's up to do but bitching isn't going to make them replace all their music to your preferences, is it? no. a 12 year old muse fan

Ilikemuse 4:30 pm, 4-Sep-2012

ok, im a muse fan but im not going to be all in your face about it by saying loads of shit cause you don't like them but you should try and be a bit more open minded instead of wasting your time writing articles bitching about a band you don't like? surely you can think of more productive things to do than this? its simple, if you don't like a band or artist then don't listen to them. they didnt create their music for you, they made it for people who will like their music so if you don't then that's up to you but writing hate articles isn't going to make them replace all their music to your preferences, is it? no. thank you for reading a 12 year old muse fan

Ilikemuse 4:33 pm, 4-Sep-2012

@Markxist your comment about the prog is completely false, i am a massive muse fan but i enjoy lots of prog bands, one of my favourite bands is pink floyd a 12 year old muse fan

DrRic55 4:40 pm, 4-Sep-2012

Muse and Coldplay took the two halves of the band Radiohead would have been if they rested on their laurels, and kept remaking increasingly poor versions of OK Computer. And they've made wonderful careers out of it and had lots of sex with... errr... Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow. Anyway...Radiohead did what proper bands should do, and did something new.

Darren Allen is a chode. 4:48 pm, 4-Sep-2012

Darren Allen - you have shown no thought, wit or intellect at all in your response. Your grammar is appalling and there is barely a morsel of insight to your baseless argument. Totter off to your self-proclaimed 'life' you little worm. I bet you listen to Muse don't you, and I also bet you love the Chilis too. Funkadelic. Chodemaster.

Preachercaine 5:00 pm, 4-Sep-2012

The opinion of anyone that uses text talk is automatically void, regardless. I don't hate Muse, they just have no presence on my radar. Much like the Foo Fighters who have produced some listenable singles but have a body of work that is just wallpaper to me. Unremarkable. I think anyone that believes Muse to be the pinnacle of the music world needs to broaden their playlist. I'm sure once they do they will soon realise what it is they are missing out on

The Baron 5:25 pm, 4-Sep-2012

Darren Allen, the fact that your name sort of rhymes but doesn't quite is enough to render any and all of your opinions invalid. Yes muse are shit and, as someone's already pointed out, so are radiohead.

Jon Wilkins 5:39 pm, 4-Sep-2012

Every word of this is spot on.

Markxist 5:40 pm, 4-Sep-2012

@ilikemuse, you like Pink Floyd, fair enough, but has it occurred to you you may be an exception? Of Muse fans I've met, they bang on about Muse but would run away from real prog - I can only state from personal experience as this is my personal opinion. You like The Floyd, but surely you can see that they are infinitely better than these pseudo wannabes? Their output cannot hope to touch the genuine catalogue from bands they are clearly inspired by (Queen comes screamingly to mind) They are little more than utterly derivative. As for requesting the writer to be more open minded, I fear you're missing the point of this article-this is to provide a minority voice, the 'I don't get it' angle. There are plenty of articles utterly effusive and gushing with praise for Muse out there, this is merely readdressing the balance and is not a waste of time at all. No personal opinion is EVER a waste of time. It's just you can't agree with it, and that's fine - but the writer still has a right to air it.

Markxist 5:43 pm, 4-Sep-2012

@Truth I was tempted to call them Teignmouth Tosspots instead, but it's offensive to others utterly innocent and likeable people from that area ;)

Markxist 5:51 pm, 4-Sep-2012

Did anyone get the chance to hear their official Olympic anthem which was, quite rightly, largely ignored by the BBC? If The Darkness had done it we would have all had a chuckle, it was so obviously an OTT pseudo wannabe Queen anthem, wholly unoriginal, embarrassing and laughably bad.

Lee the Great 6:31 pm, 4-Sep-2012

Agree with most of this, although I've got to say I disagree with the idea that everyone thinks muse are great. They've become a bit of an easy target over the last few years I would say. Familiarity breeds contempt, eg. don't tell me you don't hit skip when creep comes up on the old shuffler?

despina 6:38 pm, 4-Sep-2012

@ Darren Allen Why are you being so aggressive to people posting their own opinions about a band... Oh that's right, you're a Muse fanboi! If you don't like other peoples opinions about your FAVE band, don't read them, simple. By the way... You're constant use of ranting txt spk on a normally adult forum makes you look like the sweaty palmed, sexually frustrated little boy that you probably are... Go and play your XBox live or something and leave tha adults to have a grown up discussion. I can't stand Muse either!

Musehobo 6:49 pm, 4-Sep-2012

I liked your assessment of Muse, though I disagree. I thought it was well thought-out and articulated. I tend to agree that Muse wear their influences on their sleeve (my biggest issue with them personally) and that the UFO/dystopian thing is a bit out of hand (though I can't remember anyone ever really doing that shtick). I would disagree, however, and say that Muse did have an original sound at one time...long before they began to rip off Queen's harmonies. And that the comparisons to Radiohead were only slightly validated by a tend to lean falsetto (Yorke could only claim that he was damn good at it, and not that he has rights to it). And I am completely convinced, especially considering Micro Cuts and the very end of Showbiz, that Bellamy, along with Yorke, is the greatest rock vocalist of all time. Not in a "it looks like a horse and is in proportion" type way...but in a "I've never seen a horse more abstractly interesting".

Sammy 7:28 pm, 4-Sep-2012

Muse is only good for people who can't understand English and think cheesy guitar solos are cool. Bellamy's lyrics are AWFUL, it makes me cringe and I can't believe an adult fan of music can listen to them and don't feel ridiculous.

Js 9:11 pm, 4-Sep-2012

Everyone has their opinion, however I don't see how people can criticise their originality, this just sounds like a bunch of people who are fans of less popular bands who are jealous of muse's relatively large popularity. If you dont like them, don't listen to them. However some people seem to have done that and still expressed a strong hatred towards them, which is nonsensical.

Truth 9:18 pm, 4-Sep-2012

@ILIKEMUSE - True that it seems silly to write about something you dislike, but if you read the newspapers and etc you'll see that people enjoy reading a point of view with which they agree regardless of whether it is positive or negative. Especially in the case of this series of articles in which people are exspressing their hatred for bands people usually dont bad-mouth. Gives us a feeling of being not alone haha

Sammy 9:36 pm, 4-Sep-2012

at Musehobo Bellamy has nothing compared to Yorke! I am sorry, but Bellamy, although having a good voice, has much less range than Yorke. Listen to Thom's vocals outside Radiohead, his collabs with PJ Harvey, Bjork, the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack, UNKLE, the way he sings so many different songs, going from falsetto to lower range voice, and even on the Radiohead b-sides. Bellamy is always Bellamy, like trying to prove he is a classically trained singer in every single song. I listened to Madness out of curiosity and, for real, it is cringey the way he tries so hard to emote. Yorke can do that without even trying. Listen to him sing After The Goldrush or Pyramid Song live, it is efortless, it is natural and sweet, you feel the emotion. With Bellamy is always "me! me! me! I am the best!" vocals.

sanfuel 9:46 pm, 4-Sep-2012

I think part of the issue I have with Muse is that their music is aimed at 12 year olds...and frankly I'm not 12 anymore. The simplistic awful lyrics and the bombastic elements are good ear candy for kids. Even now Muse fans are jumping ship to other bands because puberty is setting in. Its kinda like when you no longer liked playing hide and go seek and moved on to chasing girls. In general there's nothing wrong with this, its just some of us are older now and have moved on to other bands.

Markxist 9:53 pm, 4-Sep-2012

:Js, come on seriously? Do you really think bands like Queen, Radiohead, ELP, Floyd, Tull, Yes, Kraftwerk etc all of whom Muse have cribbed from are 'less popular bands' The issue is Muse aren't original, the inspirations they wear on their sleeve are from much bigger and better bands

Randy 9:56 pm, 4-Sep-2012

Wow! I am and will remain a Muse fan, though I do suspect their latest album may not be my favorite. I also adamantly reject any and all comparisons to Radiohead. Not because it hurts my feeling, but because I just don’t see it, or should I say I don’t get it. I’m old enough to know that taste in music is one hundred percent subjective, so I can’t and won’t criticize anyone for not liking Muse. There are plenty of bands I don’t like or “get,” and these are the bands I don’t listen too. Muse, though, is at the very top of my favorites list, along with—what I think are—other great bands like, U2, Chevelle, Alter Bridge, Hurt, Journey, Tool, Breaking Benjamin, Rush, Pink (yes, Pink), etc., to name a few. One thing I know for certain, even with a questionable next album, folks will show up in droves to see them perform live. Why? Well, if you’ve ever seen them live, you will know the answer to that question.

Candler 10:23 pm, 4-Sep-2012

Couldn't agree more with the article. I liked Dying Atheist a lot, then not so much when I discovered it wasn't Radiohead. More recently, I found it unbelievable that what I assume are masses of people were taken in by the sinister, fascist stomp of the painfully ubiquitous That Song.

Con101 10:27 pm, 4-Sep-2012

I dont even know where to begin on this issue. First of all, the suggestion that Muse fans steer away from progressive rock and only listen to Muse is frankly obscene. I am a Muse fan, I listen to all kinds of progressive rock from Radiohead to Floyd as a previous commentor also mentioned. These Muse fans you have met are clearly very close-minded individuals but I assure you, they are very much in the minority. Secondly, the superior bands (there isn't really such a thing IMO) you've mentioned are, like Muse, long past their musical best. The likes of Coldplay and Radiohead haven't produced anything close to the albums of their earlier days. I am not a Coldplay fan incidentally, however Radiohead happen to be my favourite band and whilst I like anything pre-Amnesiac, I dont care much for anything they have produced since (bar In Rainbows). I also think that Thom Yorke appears to have this attitude when he performs live these days that it doesn't really matter anymore, often missing chords or singing in a quiet mumble. This isn't the Radiohead of '97 anymore, so let's not pretend Muse are the only band to have got past their best. Finally, the suggestion that Muse are unoriginal is laughable. They have influences, EVERY artist has/does, Radiohead, Queen, Floyd, ELP ect. are absolutely no exception and you can't tell me you've heard anything like Origin of Symmetry before, that is if you have heard it at all.

LanaD 10:47 pm, 4-Sep-2012

There is not a single fiber in Muse that you listen and think: whoa! That's innovative! Every time you listen to a "new" song of them it comes with the thinking "well, I listened to it before, with other (and better) bands. Now they are thinking they can rip off Queen and get away with it. Matt Bellamy isn't Fred Mercury, no matter how he tries. That drummer looks like an ass and their lyrics are the cheesy cheesiest crapfest ever. The fact they are so big in UK is inexplicable, I hope Americans don't fall for that crap (aside those retarded Twilighters) and they continue just being another UK band whose big record label is trying to force us to digest.

Doesn't matter 11:04 pm, 4-Sep-2012

Anyone who plays music on an Ipod rather than a proper Stereo is obviously a cant. Therefore you're just talking shite. Ans The Smiths? Granted they rcorded several good tracks but I'd say they were every bit as guilty of Filler that Muse are.

Doesn't matter 11:05 pm, 4-Sep-2012

Bit pissed so excuse the typo's.

David 11:18 pm, 4-Sep-2012

lot of butthurt muse fags in here

Mr Vicious 3:15 am, 5-Sep-2012

Darren Allen is a cunt

HardcorePrawn 4:48 am, 5-Sep-2012

I have to admit to quite liking 'Plug In Baby', but just get the impression that every song Muse have recorded since is a slight variation of it.

MattJames 6:08 am, 5-Sep-2012

@HardcorePrawn It's clear you haven't listened to anything after that. How you say that anything like Megalomania, Ruled By Secrecy, Hoodoo, Map of the Problematique, or Exogenesis (or just about any other Muse song) is a variation of Plug In Baby at all?

Holden Caulfield 6:19 am, 5-Sep-2012

Nailed it for me, we were discussing the same subject at work after Absolute radio's daliy dose of the ear splitting row aired (I think they must have some sort of contract that says they have to play one Muse dirge a day)There's bands that I dislike and bands that I despise but Muse are so far off the radar my feeelings about their fans is more pity than astonishment, it's just awful 'music' how did you get sucked in?

Pistols 7:07 am, 5-Sep-2012

I came across this article on Muse randomly and I knew there was going to be a degree of hatred, I'd like to say as a male fan of Muse that saying that we can't appreciate real rock/prog music is a bit of an ignorant generalisation considering I and my friends have been listening to bands like Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Yes, Dream Theater and Rush for around 20 years now. As a prog fan and a Muse fan, I have to say Muse aren't really prog rock; they're more new prog which is more centred around alternative music then progressive music. Plus, there are some truly terrible bands out there who can't even play their own instruments, or harmonise well together as a band or have the most basic lyrics ever (considering Muse have pretty basic lyrics anyway). And what's wrong with a guitar solo? You have your own opinions on what you think of Muse, that's fine by me. But don't generalize and make sure facts are correct.

Joe 8:51 am, 5-Sep-2012

I completely understand you. I am a fan of Muse and I don't find their music very pure and emotional as well, evethough I did in the begininngs of my relationship with Muse :) I fell in love with them when I knew very little about the evolution of rock and so on...So now I admire them mostly from the technical side and I enjoy the fact each of their songs has a completely different form and I'm curious what they will come up with next time...but when I discovered all of their Muses like Radiohead etc, I fell in love with them much more than with Muse..Radiohead are genius...

julius 10:55 am, 5-Sep-2012

Agree their lyrics are not that good but there is nothing for them to care about as they are musicians. They just interpret the melodies of their music through singing. If you tried playing guitar or bass or drums or trying to have a good band just once, you would know why people do like Muse and you would know how good their performance is. Their expression through music is their originality which is what music is all about - expression of the soul. No doubt people who can not play the music do not get them and yes, you are right, only listening to ipods never helps you to get them as long as you know only how to get the musics by hitting your ipods's play button.

julius 11:09 am, 5-Sep-2012

Agree their lyrics are not that good but there is nothing for them to care about as they are musicians. They just interpret the melodies of their music through singing. The truth is MUSE just can play the music and PERFORM it better than you and many other bands that is where their popularity came from. Yes, you just do not get them as you probably do not get that they are just better than you.

Howard 11:26 am, 5-Sep-2012

I doubt Dan is going to argue that Muse play their music and perform it better than him. Or is there something we don't know Dan?

DrRic55 12:35 pm, 5-Sep-2012

Part of the problem with Muse is simply that they have made songs called Exogenesis and Map of the Problematique. And going back to early Muse, Sunburn stole such a huge wodge of 90's Radiohead guitars its untrue.

Markxist 12:47 pm, 5-Sep-2012

Guess what guys, opinions are founded on 'generalisations' Why? Because, they'e a personal opinion based on personal experience. Before I post my opinion, I simply don't have time to survey the world's population to ensure what music is liked or not liked, which means what you're reading is a personal opinion based on my own experience and my own experience is the Muse fans I have met wouldn't touch prog rock - a heavy influence of theirs - with a bargepole. I'm so happy to see Muse fans posting here saying they like other bands that clearly influenced Muse, but I find it laughable that my opinion is called an obscene generalisation because like your own post, it's just a matter of personal opinion and experience. Yes Queen was equally heavily Led Zep. But if Queen were the Lidl Led Zep, Muse are nothing but the Netto Queen. I can't believe it's not BETTER ;)

Mauricio Savarese 2:13 pm, 5-Sep-2012

I hate Muse. Not only for their own material, but also for the terrible song they were given to show at the Olympics. In every venue I went to all the international crowds just wanted it end whenever they played "Survive". And this is the song that was supposed to tell people "hey, the olympic action is coming up!". It was the worst cheerleading song in the history of the Olympic Games. And I follow them very closely for ages. For that alone Muse should be relegated to the second division of rock stardom.

Pete D 2:19 pm, 5-Sep-2012

I've tried to like them. They're a proper band not One Direction. But I can't. It's always troubled me.

Simon Wrell 2:34 pm, 5-Sep-2012

Don't like Muse, they try far too hard and all their songs sound the same to me. That's all I'm saying.

Markxist 2:44 pm, 5-Sep-2012

@Mauricio exactly, that Olympic effort was a sub par Queen abomination. The BBC went to Elbow for their official anthem, shame the Olympic Commission didn't do the same

Musehobo 3:14 pm, 5-Sep-2012

@Sammy While Yorke may be able to get a bit lower than Bellamy, Bellamy can get much higher than Yorke (thus my references to Micro Cuts and Showbiz). Listen to those songs again. There's falsetto then there's Matt. He hits notes (and powerfully) that could break glass, and with perfect pitch. Yorke has a beautiful, imperfect, texture to his voice that makes him great. The two are are direct opposites (outside of the range), and in my opinion, both are masters at what they do. But when you make an argument like "with Bellamy is always me! me! me! I am the best! vocals.", you just sound silly.

inrainbows24 3:30 pm, 5-Sep-2012

Agree with pretty much everything written in this article.

Jack 7:24 pm, 5-Sep-2012


Nick 10:05 pm, 5-Sep-2012

I think Muse and Radiohead are both great, but very different bands. And the Smiths were absolute shite.

Markxist 5:20 pm, 6-Sep-2012

@musehobo re the me me me argument of Sammy. Read what Max Bullit had to say on here from personal experience re his ego and I think that's proof enough

Tamlyn 10:15 pm, 6-Sep-2012

Can someone pick on Queen please,i saw their name further up,i have always hated them with a vengeance,bank girls music. Never heard Muse,also loath the Smiths.

Markxist 11:09 pm, 6-Sep-2012

Tamlyn - if you've heard Queen, you've heard Muse ;)

Pistols 6:37 am, 7-Sep-2012

Regarding their song 'Survival' - yes, it was a terrible song; and Queen influences are... scarily noticeable. In my opinion, they shouldn't have done that and should have thought more about expressing some sort ogf originality. Muse are undefineable, because they take too much influence from other bands and end up creating a watery version of it. I say this as a Muse fan; there are just some things everyone hates about their favourite artists.

Sam 2:57 pm, 10-Sep-2012

I agree with the writer. Muse may have technical ability but thend result is just a horrible noise. Bellamy's voice is screetch and whiny and their music is just standard guitar dirges which have been recycled since the early 1990's. Muses popularity just goes to show how thin on the ground Rock music has been for the past 15 years.

dickfartvaginabut 1:00 pm, 13-Sep-2012


Musehobo 3:11 pm, 13-Sep-2012

@Marxist This is absurd. Nobody's talking about their egos. And if we were, the stories about Yorke's abrasiveness far surpass anything Matt has ever done. Again, I like both of them regardless of their egos.

Sgt Pilko 8:46 pm, 14-Sep-2012

@Musehobo - i'm not sure this website is big enough to contain a discussion about the size of Matt Bellamy's ego... but there's a massive difference between Thom Yorke being a grumpy sod and Matt Bellamy believing he's the reincarnation of Bach...

Musehobo 2:14 pm, 24-Sep-2012

@Sgt Pilko, Fair point, though I might reference Yorke as a rude, grumpy sod. But once again, I agree, ego should be left out of the discussion. And btw, just listened to the new Muse's pretty bad.

musersg 7:15 am, 27-Oct-2013

hmm i agree with some points made by the writer and i know muse's music may not appeal to anyone. but i dont think its fair to criticise muse so much. no matter what i think most people would agree theyre a good live act. yeah though certain new muse songs may still sound a bit too much like queen, i think as time goes by, it's a fact that it just becomes harder to create original tunes and riffs. someone else before you would prbly have already thought of your melodic idea and chord progressions!

smoledman 9:29 am, 30-Nov-2013

I did worship Muse from 2008-2009 when I discovered all the albums(bought them all), but "The Resistance" and Matt's conspiracy/UFO crap really did a number on me. However songs like "Citizen Erased", "Hoodoo", "Shine" redeem them. Also on their new album the track Animals is in 7/8 time.

Thanksforthelaugh 2:28 pm, 1-Dec-2013

Thanks for the laugh!

Fuck You Dan 6:39 am, 2-Dec-2013

This "article" is complete bullshit. Dan is just bagging on Muse because he knows that he is a talentless cock sucking nigger monkey piece of shit who will never be as successful as they are. Maybe Muse should write an article on how shitty your posts are.

iamamuser 7:25 am, 3-Dec-2013

totally agreed @fuck you dan. haters are just wasting their time and it doesn't matter what you say about Muse cos they're still selling out albums whether you like it or not.

Justice 10:29 am, 15-Feb-2014

if you hate them well good for you but you need to remember the phases of a rock band: 1.- Your music will be drawn from other bands music (inspiration) 2.- Then you start finding your own jam, some people will hate it and others will love it, just care for the ones who love it. 3.- Get to the point to where your music is unique and other bands start to draw inspiration out off them, and so the cycle continues with those other bands. Muse is still in the 2 phase slowly getting to 3, just for your knowledge i disagree with your opinion and accept your ponits. Though i will not give a flying fuck after i posted this comment. c(^-^c)

TrueButNotThePoint 10:28 pm, 18-Feb-2014

Most of what you said was true. The hollowness of their art is apparent and their lyrics absolutely turgid. But that's not the point. Are they a good listen? You have a very specific standard, which is your right, but it seems solipsistic to presume your standard is "right" and not simply "yours". I wish Muse were more than they are. Oh, how, initially, I salivated upon first listening. Then I listened more and realized something was missing. Then I realized Muse has no soul. At that point I could get upset with the band for not living up to my stiff expectations or accept them for what they are: an amazingly talented that isn't quite "art" but is still a good listen...

onlooker 3:10 am, 28-Feb-2014

Holy crap, everyone here is so pretentious about their taste in music.

Boring band 4:41 pm, 10-Apr-2014

Technically superb? Top shredders of all time? Have a listen to Virgil donati's serious young insects - that's superb technicality right there with boatloads of character. Sure, muse might bring a bit more to the rock table than some - but it's so deliberate and sterile. The author hit the nail on the head with the horse painting reference. Live - I'll give it to them that they're accurate and consistent. But they're utterly boring. Felt like I was watching a dress rehearsal. Frontman said less than 10 words of banter to the crowd, who by the way sat on their hands all night - there's just no energy in the room at all. You can only hide behind lasers and screens for so long.

Dan is wrong 2:32 am, 22-Apr-2014

The only true way you can judge music is by listening to it in the way that it is written. Muse has songs that make you want to listen to at full volume and songs that make you close your eyes, shut out the world and think about who you are and what you are feeling. You cant judge muse on how emphatic their live performances are because at least half of their songs are deep and express emotions and are best listened to when you are on your own. And honestly I think they do a rather fine job of making those deep songs sound amazing on the live stage. The author of this article simply just does not understand the lyrics muse produce.

not your level 10:42 pm, 5-Jun-2014

Your logical thinking process and information are both wrong, do your research. Learn to sing, play guitar and base, piano and drums, and look at the whole thing again. I like your style of writing though

museloveralltheway 11:48 am, 27-Jun-2014

I think you're a pathetic little piece of shit,insulting one of the most brilliant bands of this century. Muse's music is just awesome and you can't handle it because you don't have enough braincapacity.Thanks for spending time reading this, go back to school.

Milav 12:23 am, 3-Jul-2014

Totally agree with this article. Muse recycles old iterations of their past music and it all bleeds into the same song after a while. They try to make up for it with flashiness and lightshows, but take that away and you have the same song on repeat for an hour. I mean if you like them, great. But they're not for me.

Snow 6:28 pm, 10-Jan-2015

@musoveralltheway and other muse fans.. Well I'm not really a great fan of Muse but I liked some of their songs.. Doesn't always listen to them though. I also loved some prog rocks, and I love Dream Theater, Joe Satriani, a lot of classical musics (ranging from Mozart's to Rachmaninoff) and also jazz. In short, I loved a lot of music regardless of the genre. But please for all of you who don't agree with anything this article said, stop telling those who don't like your favourite bands to "open their mind, learn music, etc etc" but start say this : "Am I already being open-minded?" Or try "What will I do if I don't like a band and I want to express my feelings somewhere along with others who's got the same opinion as I am?" The point is, keep scolding, keep mocking, keep spitting out bad words etc etc, what difference will it make? Seriously, what difference is it GOING TO make? So instead of trying to tell others who hates Muse that Muse is good, try to accept others oppinion about Muse, because hey, what kind of power do we have so that we can bend the will of others? That's all that I want to say.. And by the way, I agree with this article about Muse and Radiohead, they can't really be compares albeit I still think that Muse is not that bad. And as for my personal oppinion about Muse, they sound a little bit "unique" for me, I just don't know why, but my feeling just tell me that and I always believe my feeling(s), although not as unique as Dream Theater or some classical music And lastly.. Sorry for the bad English

Jan 12:55 pm, 29-Mar-2015

This is a common phenomenon: A band is so good that people try to break them down, bringing up quite ridiculous arguments. Compare Muse to other bands, and you'll realise they are far more diverse. Their technical skills are very good. They don't imitate other artist, they "recycle" elements of old and new genres, in a clever way. And the greatest thing: it sounds accessible, unlike some prog acts. One last thing: can people who don't have a clue about playing music, just shut up? "Unoriginal chord progressions"... >.<

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