I Need A Dodge: In Search Of Joe Strummer's Lost Car

A new documentary about the Clash frontman hits screens this month. Here's why you need to see it.
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A new documentary about the Clash frontman hits screens this month. Here's why you need to see it.


I once wrote an English homework assignment on why I wanted to be Joe Strummer aged 11 in 1979. The reasons being was that he sang with the greatest band that there’d ever been, he co-wrote the best ever songs, he wore the best outfits and that he sang from the heart. Singing from the heart with passion is something that’s stayed with me ever since, although my interest in punk rock was dropped a lot over the past 36 years. It’s still however of the most important movements of my life time. Punk and Joe Strummer in particular has shaped and groomed me into being the person that I am.

There’s a new Strummer documentary that’s due to hit the big screens and DVD in April called “I Need A Dodge! Joe Strummer On The Run” which focusses on the breakup of the Clash, Joes time in Granada and the documentary producer Nick Halls search for a lost Dodge that belonged to Joe during his stay in Spain. Nick has lived in Barcelona for the past 19 years and like me is a long time Clash fan. It was whilst investigating Joe’s refuge in Spain Nick heard a recording of an interview that Joe had given on Spanish national radio in 1997. It was during this interview that Joe requested for assistance with finding an old Dodge car that he’d left behind in Madrid after the split of the Clash.


Nick took inspiration from this and set off on his journey to find Joes missing car. On his way Nick decided to film every detail of his investigation before finally collating a charming documentary that cajoles the audience between the real story of the breakup of the Clash and Joe’s time in Spain when it all happened. Whether Nick located the Dodge car or not you’ll have to watch the film to find out!

On 25th March the film is being shown in London at Camden’s Koko with support from The Crunch – Starring Terry Chimes from The Clash, Dave Tregunna from Sham 69, Mick Geggus from Cockney Rejects and Sulo Karlson from Diamon Dogs.
Chris Salewicz, Joe Strummer biographer, will introduce the film.


House band and special guests play songs by The Clash and Joe Strummer.

Confirmed Special Guests:
 Ruts D.C., Wayne Kramer (Mc5), Chris Bailey (The Saints), Roland Gift (Fine Young Cannibals), Norman Watt-Roy (The Blockheads), Jeff Turner (The Cockney Rejects), Rachid Taha, Henry Padovani (The Police), Tymon Dogg (The Mescaleros), Antonio Arias (091 and Lagartija Nick), Special guest DJ Don Letts
We are hoping to get more Special Guests there on the night.

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As for me, I still think that the Clash are the greatest band that there’s ever been, that Joe Strummer is the greatest front man ever and that this documentary is a must watch for any Clash fan.