Irvine Welsh: 50 Songs I Love

Irvine was raving about music on Twitter so we asked him to put a playlist together.
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Irvine was raving about music on Twitter so we asked him to put a playlist together.

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1. Sunshine on Leith - Proclaimers. If you're from the green half of Edinburgh, you've belted this out at football games and weddings and cried as it plays at funerals.

2. If There Is Something - Roxy Music. I love the epic changes in this song. The way Ferry playfully sings the opening line in mock country twang ill-preps you for the angsty ballad it becomes.

3. Station to Station - David Bowie. No song makes me want to take any drug like this one makes me want to take cocaine.

4. The Greatest Love of All - Kevin Rowland. I love his solo album My Beauty, this track makes me want to make Kev a mug of cocoa and sit him down in front of a roaring fire.

5. Hypo Full Of Love - Alabama 3. If you don't want to party hearing this bad boy you've no pulse.

6. Going Underground - The Jam. Is this the greatest rock n roll song ever written?

7. Rise - PIL. Once Bowie has got you on the cocaine, stay there with that number.

8. Your Love - Frankie Knuckles/Jamie Principal. My nipples still get hard and I want to fondle everybody I see when this comes on.

9. Comeback Girl -Republic of Loose. I think of Dublin and rainy streets and heading to a nice warm boozer every time this plays.

10. Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye. Don't think I could live in a world without Marvin's music.

11. What's In Your Life - Smokey Robinson. This little known pathos-drenched track from the little known album 'Warm Thoughts' also happens to be Smokey's finest moment. If you are falling for somebody, play them this record. If they don't jump into bed with you straight afterwards, ditch them immediately, they aren't for you.

12. Avenue B - Iggy Pop. Title track from the album of the same name is a cracker. Iggy plays the world-weary romantic hoping for love in a cold climate.

13. Seven Kinds of Wonderful - Brian Jonestown Massacre. The album Aufheben is a masterpiece, a journey of crazy, dense, complex psychedelic sound. Wrong to single out any track in such in a complete album, but I love this one.

14. Our House - Madness. This song is so brilliant and beautiful because it reminds everybody of where they came from.

15. The Repentant - Band of Holy Joy. A crazy, scary rant from the brilliant album How To Kill A Butterfly.

16. The Tyger - Billy Blake & The Vagabonds. If I told you a group of Chicago musicians, led by an English expat, had put William Blake's poems to music you might think that's mental. If I then told you that it was possibly the best album of the year you might think I am. But it's true.

17. Atrocity Exhibition - Joy Division. I love this song. I throb and shiver when I hear it.

18. Hypnosis - Les Gray & Mud. Probably the best lyrics in any pop song ever.

19. I Feel Love - Donna Summer (Patrick Cowley remix). Jesus fuck this a fucking amazing track.

20. Burning Wheel - Primal Scream. If Hibs won the league I'd love this to be the song they played in celebration.

21. Street Hassle - Lou Reed. An epic walk on the wild side from Lou.

22. Superstition - Stevie Wonder. I remember on night at Edinburgh's Pure, they played this when the lights came up and nobody would leave till it was over.

23. Lost In Music - Sister Sledge. Has there ever been a better homage to music?

24. Good Times - Chic. Nile Rogers. Genius. Enough said.

25. Europe Endless - Kraftwerk. A terrific tune. Sung in a parody of boredom that can only be rivaled by Tottenham fans singing When The Spurs Go Marching In.

26. Love Is Like Oxygen - Sweet. The version with the long acoustic guitar solo.

27. SOS - Abba. I remember being in a pub in Motherwell after a Hibs game and the biggest bar room brawl i've seen broke out while this was playing on the juke box.

28. Love Song - Simple Minds. I go crazy when the opening bars of this song kick in. What a fucking band the Minds.

29. Dressed For Success- Roxette. I am. I do.

30. The Killing Moon - Echo and the Bunnymen. This I associate with getting a knee trembler up the railway line off a lassie I fancied for donks. As the moon was bright I went home and played this track to celebrate.

31. Story of the Blues - Wah! This song always makes my spine tingle.

32. Mind Games - John Lennon. I would love to hear this sung by a Japanese person on karaoke.

33. Part-Time Love - Elton John. Once sang it on the Bakerloo Line off my nut and covered in every bodily fluid known to man. Cringe...

34. Dance Floor Collision Course With Love - Hibee Nation. Needsie, Henry and I's finest hour in a year of cocaine, lager and curry at the sadly now defunct Punishment Farm studios in Brick Lane.

35. Avenues and Alleyways -Tony Christie. I love this song. It could make a Tory cabinet minister want a medallion, a hairy chest and a place on the sex offenders register.

36. A Day In The Life - Beatles. This song to me represents the end of the British post-war dream.

37. Cole's Corner - Richard Hawley. A genius song, about Sheffield's KB corner. We've all been there, I once had a deckchair under the clock at Binn's in Edinburgh's West End.

38. Glory, Glory to the Hibees - Hector Nicol. Fucked if I can remember the b-side to this old classic.

39. Vambo Marble Eye - SAHB. Possibly the greatest rock n' roll band of all time.

40. Squeeze Box - Who. I was playing this track as a spotty adolescent, and my dad snuck up on me and squeezed a prominent pluke on my face. 'That's you pal, squeeze box.' The scheme could be cruel. So cruel.

41. Dancing Days - Led Zeppelin. Always associate this with getting dressed up on the first warm day of the year and going out on the pull.

42. Time For Action -Secret Affair. One of my fave bands.

43. Sandstorm - Cast. Another band I love, should have been bigger.

44. Lucky Man - The Verve. Ashcroft is a genius and I love this sweeping epic. It's been on TWO movies of my books, Acid House and Ecstasy.

45. Jackie Wilson Says - Dexys Midnight Runners. Jocky on TOTP, great humour from Kev R.

46. Roll With It - Oasis. This song is about suddenly getting mega famous, and I don't think I've seen anybody handle that better, anywhere, than Noel.

47. Country House - Blur. This song is about suddenly getting mega famous and I don't think I've seen anybody handle that better, anywhere, than Damon.

48. Lazy Sunday Afternoon - Small Faces. This song is about sitting on the fence and I don't think I've seen anybody handle that better, anywhere, than me.

49. The Fairytale of New York - Pogues. I never get sick of this tune, even at Christmas.

50. Reason To Believe -Rod Stewart. My second Japanese karaoke favourite. Rod Stewart is the greatest soul singer Britain has produced.

ps 51. Overkill - Colin Hay. The acoustic version shits all the over the Men at Work Original.

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