Justin Bieber And 4 Other Twats Who Shouldn't Still Have A Career In Music

From annoying old relatives to potty mouthed young women, none of these characters deserve to still call themselves musicians.
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From annoying old relatives to potty mouthed young women, none of these characters deserve to still call themselves musicians.


Some people are such obviously dreadful human beings, that if we as a species had any decency or self-respect, we'd just ignore them until they went away. But for some reason, if you've sold a few albums over the years, we will pretty much let you get away with whatever you want. Most of us want good guys to succeed and consider it some level of travesty when utter bastards manage to win at life, but for so many people that feeling goes out the window if they've made a tune they like. Here are 5 examples of that:


Probably the world's most bone-achingly tiresome salesman. Every other day he aims to prove to us what a total arse he can be, wading into situations with all the class and tact of a giant, out-of-control baked potato, all in the name of publicity.

The most baffling thing about his continued success is the casual racism and how everyone just seems to be cool with that because it's Kanye. So what if he leaves your ass for a white girl? Surely skin colour shouldn't matter in that context. But it's ok though, right? Cos his new album is totally sick! Fuck off.

If Nick Griffin brought out a half decent rap album, I wouldn't buy that, so I won't be buying Kanye's either. Or his $120 plain white T-shirt.


A 'man' who probably needs no introduction. Remember when he beat the shit out of Rihanna? That did actually happen in real life. He punched a tiny woman in the face, repeatedly.

She has inexplicably forgiven him and his fans say he deserves to be forgiven. I think so too. He should be forgiven, repeatedly, around the face with a huge throbbing monster dong and banished from civilised society forever.

You'd think he'd make some attempt to salvage his reputation but he's continued to court controversy ever since and still "Team Breezy" legitimise his actions by lining his blood stained pockets. Are people really that shallow? Yes.


If you had been lucky enough to become a world famous pop star, you'd probably stop being angry at the world, right? Seems like this isn't the case here. This girl kicks off with everyone. Not even in a rock ‘n’ roll Gallagher brother way either, more like a mad old chav shouting at the cashier in Greggs way.

Azealia has had a Twitterbeef with almost everyone from her pal Rita Ora to gay rights groups. However, in clearly the most heinous attack yet, she recently said of The Stone Roses "Fuck those old saggy white niggas Stone Roses. I wish them nothing but excrement and death."

Not only is that blasphemy, but most of us would expect to pick up our P45 after such an outburst towards other people we’d worked alongside, so will the bookings dry up for her? We live in hope.


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It is said that Justin Beiber was born of witchcraft by an old, leering, 1970s music industry paedophile who crafted him from the papier-mâché of his own crusty tissues. Unfortunately, in this Pinocchio story, there will be no fairy tale ending.

As we've seen many times before (see: MJ, Britney, Macaulay, etc), kid megastars rarely make it to 30 without totally losing the plot. We are seeing that madness blossoming now in young Justin with his various meltdowns and misdemeanours, such as spitting on his own paying customers.

His sole purpose was to be a clean-cut, inoffensive, heartthrob for impressionable young girls. You'd think he'd served that purpose, but these morons are growing up to love the new bad boy Beibs instead. Let's not encourage him, for his own sake at least, before he turns into a gibbering crack head, eating potpourri and wanking out of his hotel window.


Johnny Rotten was once a popular figurehead of the punk movement, who took the nation by the scruff of the neck and spat "ANARCHY" in our posh, cucumber sandwich-eating faces. These days he just kind of lurches around in the peripheral of the nation's consciousness, like a pissed uncle that everyone's trying to avoid at a wedding.

John completely sold out with that ridiculous butter advert and appearing on I'm A Celebrity, so you'd think he had no more credibility, but now he's dragging poor old Public Image Limited on tour again. It's painful to watch.

He made a name for himself by being generally obnoxious, but now it just doesn't really work for him and it’s all a bit sad. Hopefully at the next gig the only person who turns up is John's carer who will take him home and put him to bed.