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Light 'Em Up Reviewed: Fall Out Boy Are Back And They're All Grown Up

by Ben McAleer
11 February 2013 3 Comments

After over three years away, Fall Out Boy are back with their new single and a fresh approach to match. The good news for fans? They've also grown up during their hiatus.

When the news broke earlier this week that Fall Out Boy were to reform, the 16-year-old inside me couldn’t contain his excitement. I’d grown up listening to the Illinois originating pop-punk band in my mid-teens and still remember having to by my second copy of ‘From Under The Cork Tree’ the second time around, having overplayed the first.

The band had initially announced an indefinite hiatus in November 2009 following the release of ‘Folie à Deux’ 11 months earlier and a Greatest Hits album three days before confirming they were to take a break from music.

However, on Monday 4th February, Fall Out Boy officially ended their hiatus, confirmed a new album – aptly titled ‘Save Rock And Roll’ – and a tour later this year, with the lead single – ‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)’ – released hours after the news broke.

The official video swept across social networks like wildfire, no pun intended, and features rapper 2 Chainz burning everything associated with the band – instruments, records; you name it. Anyway, after an initial listen to the song, my first thought was simply ‘meh’.


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I hate the term personally, but it’s all I could think of. After the shambolic effort of ‘Folie à Deux’, I wasn’t all too fussed about the band returning. But then, it is Fall Out Boy and I figured I’d give the song a chance. So, sticking ‘Light ‘Em Up’ on repeat for around about an hour, I have to admit it grows on you and at an exponential rate.

The atmospheric echoing chants that are almost hypnotic to introduce a shrilling Patrick Stump, back to his best after time off from the band, and the guitar playing is not only radio friendly, but the perfect accompaniment to the enticing and exuberant screech of “I’m On Fire!”.

Understandably, a return to action for Fall Out Boy was always going to be a risk. The fans that had grown up with them have matured in their time away, but then again; so have they. ‘Light ‘Em Up’ is effectively a drunken, angry, pre-pubescent Fall Out Boy with a tattoo that mum and dad didn’t approve of.

After coming across despondent and, to an extent, fatigued following their previous offering, the return with a renewed sense of vigour and energy will only be a good thing for both the band and the fans to match.

‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)’ is available to download through iTunes now

New album ‘Save Rock And Roll’ will be released globally on May 6th 2013; 10 years after the release of ‘Take This To Your Grave’

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Jimmy 3:30 pm, 13-Feb-2013

Folie à Deux was a great album!

David 6:00 am, 14-Feb-2013

Srsly don't diss Folie a Deux it was excellent, just very different from other FOB releases. Needless to say I'm psyched for the new album/tour.

Sophie 12:30 pm, 21-Mar-2013

I thought that Infinity on High was their best album, but I am so excited about the new album! This song is most definitely a grower. Can't get it off repeat now!

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