London MC Scrufizzer: "I'm Just A Rebel"

The talented silver tongued MC talks about his new album, Rap Rave, having a relentless work ethic and constant comparisons
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The talented silver tongued MC talks about his new album, Rap Rave, having a relentless work ethic and constant comparisons


The silver tongued spitter Scrufizzer is soon to drop his new call to arms, Rap Rave, on Ministry of Sound at the end of the month. The west London MC has been turning all sorts of heads over the last few years, through a combination of his quickfire delivery, intelligent lyricism and relentless work ethic. Not one to shy away from experimentation, he thrives on trying new styles and genres, taking inspiration from everything around him.

His new track has been blowing up over the airwaves, and looks set to start Scru in good stead for the forthcoming year. After years of collaboration and constant comparison to figures like Dizzee and Busta, he’s finally confirming his individual identity at the foreground of UK music. We sat down with him recently in a King’s Cross cafe, and his enthusiasm, drive and honesty was infectious as we talked style, Soundcloud and Snoop Lion.

TOPMAN GENERATION: 2013 is obviously starting pretty strong, so what other releases have you got planned for the new year?

Scrufizzer: I’ve got a track with Faith, called 'Call Back', which is good because people haven’t heard me like that. I’ve also got a track called 'Rudeboy', produced by a guy called RL Grime, an American producer. I’ve got a Fizziotherapy album that I want to bring out, but it’s all about the timing. I haven’t finished it yet, but I want to make sure that when it comes, it has everything, it’s the complete package. I’m not gonna be happy with it, because I’m never happy with any of the stuff I make, but I just want to know that I’ve done it. For now, I just want to focus on my visual presence, do a couple freestyles, maybe a video or something. I had a period where I was doing quite a lot [visually], but I just want to start building it back up again, and obviously as Rap Rave has dropped, I can’t just work with one song; I’m just a rebel, I have to have a load to come out ‘cos otherwise I feel like I haven’t done enough work. When you look back at your catalogue of things, you kinda think ‘rah I haven’t actually done that much! I should have way more!’

TOPMAN GENERATION: Your online game is tight! You’ve really embraced Soundcloud, and it seems to be a constant stream of your musical endeavours as it is being constantly updated. Do you think that part of your growing popularity is because people have this almost instantaneous connection with your music?

Scrufizzer: Well you know some people have different avenues for their music? Well I think my avenue is on Soundcloud. Everyone has a different path, but when I got my Soundcloud, I updated it so much, I grew quite an organic fanbase on it before anyone even knew about it. I just thought, you know what, I wanna get my music out, I haven’t got the facilities to shoot as many videos, but if I start putting up demos then the... I don’t call them fans, I call them supporters, the people who support my music and respect what I’m doing, can see the growth. Not only the growth, but they can feel like they’re part of the journey.

TOPMAN GENERATION: You’ve collaborated with quite a few different producers. How did the 2011, MJ Cole - 'Southern Electriccollaboration come about?

Scrufizzer: Semtex called me and said, J Cole wants to work with you. I was thinking, huh? J Cole? And he was like yeah, MJ Cole, 'cos the phone had cut out. I was like oh! That’s ‘Crazy Love’, that’s the legend! I’d more than happily do a meet. Ever since we’ve met up he's given me a load of respect as a young artist trying to come into music and be professional. At the end of the day, a man of his calibre didn’t need to come to me. I believe there’s so many talented people out there that he could go to anyone, so for him to come to me is such a gift. I was over the moon. Hopefully we’ll do more, we was in talks but I need to get back in contact with him!

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