My 30 Favourite Songs By Liverpool Bands

From Shack to The La's with a whole load of brilliance in between...
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From Shack to The La's with a whole load of brilliance in between...


1. Something like you – Michael Head introducing The Strands.  Just a heartbreakingly beautiful song.
2. Come in come out – The La's.  The funky side of Lee Mavers massive talent.
3. Meant to be – Shack.  The crescendo this builds into makes the hairs on your neck stand up (as anyone who has seen Shack or Mick Head will tell you)
4. I want you (she’s so heavy) – The Beatles.  A desperate, dirty and sexy song which sounds like a jam that they never wanted to end.
5. Free me – Cast.  Harder edged than some of their other singles and more mature sounding.
6. I wish I could have loved you more – Candie Payne. Saw her on Jools Holland and fell for her straight away.
7. Zuton fever – the Zutons.  Beefhearty and trippy 1st album opener.
8. More than you’ve ever had – Edgar Jones and the Joneses.  Soul, Funk, r’n’b, Ska, Edgar covers the lot!
9. Daniella – Shack.  Haunting closing track from the classic HMS Fable album.
10. 1000 years – The Coral.  Classic 60’s pop sound from one of the best bands of the last 10 years.
11. Riot radio – the dead 60’s. Punk and ska mix which moved away from a lot of the typical Liverpool band sound.
12. I would do anything – Edgar Summertyme.  This could have been anything Phil Spector produced in the sixties, and just as good.
13. This is my love – The Aeroplanes. Big sounding pop beauty, don’t know if they are still together.
14. Sweet thing – The Stairs. From the psychedelic/garage masterpiece Mexican r’n’b.
15. Its only love – Ian Skelly.  Dreamy stuff from coral drummer. Great live aswell.


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16. Mariner – John Power.  From Power’s 1st solo album, wouldn’t have been lost on a cast album.
17. Jean’s not happening – The Pale Fountains.  The song that got me into Mick Head and never looked back since. This should have been a massive hit for them.
18. Killing moon – Echo and the Bunnymen.  Big hair, big coats and big tunes.
19. Rayners Lane – The Real People. Another band who deserved bigger and better things. Classic 90’s pop.
20. Set me free – The Sand Band.  Country inspired melancholy.
21. Undecided – Shack.  One of many classics off the amazing Waterpistol album.
22. God I hate this town – Smaller.  Saw these in a tent at Reading in the late 90’s and always remembered the lyrics “I’d eat a tin of chappie just keep you happy , bow wow” -
23. Do it like you like – The Stands.  Rifftastic opening song from horse fabulous album.
24. Number one dominator – Top.  Saw these support The La’s and loved the swagger of this song.
25. Double decker bus – Tramp Attack.  A song about catching a bus!
26. Pressure point – The Zutons.  You can actually feel the pressure building in this song.
27. Passionate friend – Teardrop Explodes.  Pop classic. Most of em were from Liverpool weren’t they?
28. Weed Bus – The Stairs. Another song about being on a bus!
29. First picture of you – the lotus eaters.  80’s classic pop tune, can’t remember any others by them though.
30. Who knows – the La's.  Lee Mavers singing the same words over and over but still creates this haunting, brooding track.