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Quinn Kyle: 50 Songs I Love

by Quinn Kyle
21 December 2013

The San Franciscan producer's free EP The Fallout is out now and here he chooses his 50 favourite songs ever, featuring Mayer Hawthorne and Velvet Underground...

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1. Lo Lindora – Kodak To Graph
Tropical mid-tempo hip hop instrumental track, feels like the intro to lion king on psychedelics.

2. Final Home(Piano Mix) – DJ Krush featuring Esthero
Minimal and sparse trip hop instrumental highlighting the torch singer-esque
vocals of Esthero.

3. Pass That Shit – DJ Rashad
A warped vocal sample surrounded by a dark & moody atmosphere and southern influenced drums.

4. Fresh Flowers Ahead – Kona Triangle
Odd slushy drums, they sound like they are vomiting, the melodic
elements and leads are amazing.

5. I Wish It Would Rain – Mayer Hawthorne
White guys got soul too.

6. Avril 14th-Aphex Twin
Aphex Twin most calm and (structurally) least spontaneous song manages to be mine and most people’s favourite.

7. Liebstraume – Franz Listz
A track I found while borrowing one of those “100 world’s greatest melodies” compilations from a library.

8. Intimate Friends – Eddie Kendricks
Downtempo soul track provided by former member of the Temptations, sampled by Alicia keys, Drake, Common, Erykah Badu, the list goes on.

9. Say Yes – Floetry
Deep soulful chords, excellent build up.

10. Crazy Over You – Bullion
An unorthodox track combining a sappy 80′s Fleetwood vocal and some hungarian dudes electronic sounding horn, very well done .

11. Someone To Call My Lover(Giraffage Remix) – Janet Jackson
Giraffage uses drums that sound like they came from a fruity loops stock package, but makes them work for the track.

12. At The River – Groove Armada
Slow build up to chorus but the incorporation of the Patti Page sample climaxes the song perfectly.

13. Manhattan – Blossom Dearie
Very atmospheric and dream like minimalist piano and vocal jazz track.

14. It Started All Over Again – Frank Sinatra
Nostalgic jazz track, sounds like it could be the intro theme to the Parent Trap.

15. Inside My Love – Minnie Riperton
Minnie > Mariah.

16. In The Mood – Tyrone Davis
One of my favorite voices from the 70′s soul era.

17. Anywayz – Esthero
A great cinematic track from a undervalued album from the trip-hop music wave.

18. Sugar Water – Cibo Matto
Trippy simple song by this Japanese duo with a good video to accompany it

19. A Ring – Towa Tei
Very creative use of a movie sample to create a stuttering chorus.

20. Girl Talk – Julie London
Very stylistic and good use of the brass section.

21. Strangers On A Train – Loveage
A  Dan the Automator produced, neo-noir inspired track with an erotic novel type of overtone.

22. Over – Portishead
Dark and bleak instrumental with sullen vocals provided by Beth,

23. Bela Lugosi’s Dead – Bahaus
Minimalist gothic industrial track with great atmosphere, vocals don’t come until the song is near half over however.

24. LBLB Detroit – Jimmy Edgar
The drums and stuttering percussion and chords are reminiscent of a 90′s R&B song on this futuristic track.

25. On A Clear Day – The Peddlers
Nostalgic track, used on some Breaking Bad Episode.


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26. Use Your Heart – SWV
R&B track featuring Pharrell’s early production.

27. Drumheller – Caribou
Excellent use of a reversed sample on this minimalist track.

28. Endlessly – Lone
Summer instrumental with hypnotic kaleidoscopic synths and hard drums.

29. Slow Sex – EL-P
Unorthodox track particularly for El-P, very spacious and slow moving.

30. You Caught Me Smilin’ – Sly & The Family Stone
Fun funk-soul track with occasional wailing.

31. Pillow Talk – Sylvia
Soulful midtempo groove, melodic strings, sexy shyt.

32. Girl Let Me Touch You There – Dr. Octagon
Laid back hypnotic beat provided by Dan The Automator, ridiculous over the top lyrics provided by Kool Keith.

33. Ball & Biscuit – White Stripes
Easily one of White Stripes’ best tracks, Jack’s non-sequitur lyrics are abstract if not nonsensical, yet sounds more sure of himself than ever .

34. Didn’t I – Darondo
Excellent falsettos and soulful harmonies, by this SF-native .

35. How Insensitive – Astrud Gilberto
Bossa Nova music goes with everything.

36. Threads – Portishead
Film noir inspired atmosphere very desolate and stark instrumentation.

37. Honestly – Blue Sky Black Death
Could listen to this piano loop for days, although not to fond of the later half of the track.

38. Me & Mrs. Jones – Billy Paul
Powerful voice, good build up on the chorus.

39. That’s The Way Love Goes – Janet Jackson
Low-key and sexy midtempo spacious song.

40. Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf) – Pixies
Surf rock gone dark.

41. Call Me – Aretha Franklin
Soul track that really highlights Aretha’s voice, later used by Kanye West for his track “Selfish”.

42. Oxycontin – EL-P feat Central Services
Minimalist tongue and cheek lo-fi faux garage rock track produced by EL-P using mainly by sample sources.

43. Bitch I’m Lugubrious – Lil Ugly Mane
A favorite just by name alone.

44. Family Affair – Sly & The Family Stone
Sly’s picturesque lyrics combined with the mellow groove on this creates a reflective “down memory lane” atmosphere.

45. Good Times Roll Pt.2 – RJD2
A faux-funk soul track done collage style track by combing samples from various sources.

46. Sunday Morning – The Velvet Underground
Simple psychedelic song carried by a hypnotic guitar riff, and Lou’s melancholy vocals.

47. We Tried – The Drums
Favourite song from their self-titled LP.

48. Prototype – Outkast
Highlight track from the Love Below

49. War Of The Hearts – Sade
Down to earth moody track comparing relationship power dynamics to war by sad girl Sade.

50. Hiraethus – Daedelus
Probably the most simple track by the sample virtuoso, but one of the more memorable in
his catalogue.

Quinn Kyle’s EP The Fallout is available now on a free download on Shifty Rhythms.

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