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Richie Hawtin: Why The Techno Pioneer Is No Longer Relevant

by Jody O'Dea
9 November 2013 148 Comments

One of the founding fathers of underground techno has become nothing more than an EDM conformist and hypocrite in recent years, yet seems to be immune to criticism. It's time he was held to account.


One sunny afternoon last summer Richie Hawtin played a short DJ set in the shallow waters of Salinas beach, Ibiza. Fist-pumping with one skinny arm and waving an iPad with the other, Hawtin’s slight presence was in contrast with the huge inflated black rubber rings employed to hold the speakers, amps and various other bits and pieces needed to generate loud music in the sea. The assembled crowd was a fair representation of Ibiza society – buff tattooed males, a few leggy club dancers and some puzzled family holiday makers. The occasion of this painful PR stunt marked the end of Richie Hawtin’s credibility as one of electronic music’s forward thinkers – despite what he might tell you himself.

Richie Hawtin is no longer ground-breaking. Now the quintessential superstar DJ, he tours relentlessly in his private jet alongside his entourage of similarly-dressed fixers, photographers, helpers and yes-men, appearing at bland ‘festivals’ between weekly appearances in the (yawn) clubbing Mecca of Ibiza. Here is a man maximising income from his brand, his popularity peaking despite (or because of?) a rigorously unchanged music style.

And that’s ok with me. There are plenty of incredibly talented DJ/Producers who are genuinely pushing the boundaries, side-stepping the clichés with which the scene is riddled and redefining electronic music as we know it. So it’s ok that Hawtin has left that behind, the remaining void has been amply filled. But what I don’t understand is the almost complete lack of objective discussion about him and his current relevance to music and clubbing.

The Guardian’s weekly Guide supplement, normally with discerning clubbing and electronic music output, slips lazily into unquestioning Hawtin hyperbole. In a recent festival preview, they wrote that he is “someone who could have easily settled into pipe-and-slippers mode but instead keeps his finger on the pulse…” More about pipes and slippers later.

A FACT magazine article introduces Hawtin as “one of dance music’s most opinion-dividing names” but I’m struggling to find divisive opinions about him on any platform. Digital media and the clubbing world at large maintain an almost authoritarian level of worship of all things Hawtin.

Where are the “Richie Hawtin is shit” articles? Isn’t that strange? A rudimentary internet search will pull up plenty of critical opinions on almost any musical artist – criticism – it’s what the internet does best! A glance to the “bottom half of the internet” under any YouTube video is your first port of call if you want to snort up some mindless negativity about almost anything – but Richie Hawtin is troll-proof.

I’m not saying Hawtin is shit – I’m listening to one of his DJ sets right now and he sounds as good as he always has done. In fact, this one sounds just like a mix he would have thrown down 7 or 8 years ago. But I object to his God-like-status being reinforced by a complete lack of objective opinion on any of the big DJing websites. So I guess the concern in some ways is not that Richie Hawtin has sold out, it’s that the electronic music press hasn’t noticed. And that is symptomatic of the awful quality of DJ and clubbing media. The few DJ magazines that are still surviving are filled cover-to-cover with over-the-top hyperventilating dirge which does nothing for the credibility of dance music.

Indie music has Pitchfork, and while it’s a bit holier-than-thou, dance music could really do with an equivalent – somewhere with balanced output about DJ’s, clubs and records. Critical writing doesn’t necessarily mean criticism, just thoughtfulness, and that’s the least that should be expected.

Am I alone in thinking that for all the cutting-edge technology, software and hardware that Hawtin peddles nowadays (he’s a ‘brand ambassador’ for Native Instruments), his sets sound just the same as ever? I’m certainly not an expert in this field, but I’m not convinced that technology has improved his sound. Hawtin rattles on about technology that opens up the possibilities, game-changers, etc. but I would struggle to take any performer seriously who prances around on a stage with an idiotic toy such as this. I don’t know what “tools” Richie uses each night, but the tracks he plays are now so totally deconstructed by looping and multiple effects that it’s back to square one – the tracks sound different, but not any better or more interesting. Despite all of these technological “advances”, the sound is the same as it ever was.

Richie Hawtin now appears at the uber-commercial EDM raves which have become insanely popular in the US. Some of these road shows such as Electric Daisy Carnival and Ultra Music Festival have migrated to Europe. London’s Olympic Park hosted an Electric Daisy party back in July. A friend of mine who lives nearby informed me that the noise coming out of there was shocking on that day – it probably sounded a bit like this.

If Hawtin’s sharing stages with Avicii, Swedish House Mafia and Skrillex, that’s his business, but if that’s the crap he wants to be associated with, then he’s off my Christmas card list. Doesn’t this concern anyone else? This is what he is does now, along with his weekly Ibiza junket (and that’s another thing…). What bothers me is the excuses he gives.

One day somebody must have whispered quietly into his ear how much he could pocket on the US EDM circuit. After that it was just a matter of post-rationalising the move as ‘pushing the boundaries’. The internet is full of inane sound bites from Hawtin and some of his contemporaries doing precisely this – one notable instance being when he performed back-to-back with Deadmau5 at SXSW last March. In a public discussion with him at the festival he harped on about Deadmau5 being the “gatekeeper of electronic music”, suggesting somehow that the reason he’s appearing with a performer in a mouse mask is to encourage him to bring the EDM fan base underground. Complete and utter badger poo – and Sasha agrees.


Dancefloors Against Ketamine

Disclosure Unplugged: Why DJs Need To Step Down From The Stage

Much more idiotic sprouting oozed on a weekly basis from a contrived 2012 DJ/lecture tour around the US called CTRL – Beyond EDM which Hawtin “curated”. The lectures produced many titbits of wisdom from various DJs – all preserved for ever more on Twitter – inspirational quotes such as “I think there is something still very magical about someone who is solely a DJ and not a producer/DJ”. I don’t even know where to begin with that one. The real message here is that DJs shouldn’t lecture, unless you’re DJ Spooky.

And so to Space in Ibiza, the nightclub behemoth which hosts Richie Hawtin’s weekly Enter.bash (the full stop is intentional). An event so confused about its identity that the branding for it has ended up as incoherent rubbish falling uncomfortably between at least three stools. It was always going to be a big leap to credibly market Hawtin in Ibeefa without excluding his original fan base; it’s just too much of a contradiction. So, what we’re left with is big black dots (full stops? Periods?) everywhere, from billboards to the sides of buses all over Ibiza (and the internet) – reminiscent of the minimal cool from the Plastikman moniker but a little bit derivative. Add an “intimate” Japanese sake bar, a silly slogan (“Are you ready to take the next step?”) and of course the pop-up floaty DJ set-in-the-sea malarkey and you’ve got yourself a totally over the top Ibiza party.

It doesn’t really matter though, because Ibiza, as we know well, is filled with unquestioning moneyed-up disciples of techno who won’t think twice about shelling out dizzying amounts of cash for a night out with Hawtin and friends. He may not be the first to take that “next step” from underground minimalism to mainstream but he’s definitely not going to be the last, as German label Get Physical is now hosting a night on the island this summer.

In this way, Ibiza and Las Vegas are converging. The Balearic island of love and music is where DJs go to die – when you’re as rich and famous as you can possibly get as an entertainer, when you’ve done it all but you don’t want shift into pipe-and-slippers mode, what do you do? You get a season-long show in Vegas of course, just like Celine Dion and Santana. Likewise in Ibiza – glancing up at the billboards which line the highway between the airport and the centre of town, you will see the giant faces of the DJ elderly smiling back at you – the likes of Eric Morillo, Paul Van Dyk and the king of them all, Carl Cox, whose enduring popularity is completely inexplicable. These are DJ slebs who haven’t produced anything remotely interesting for years. Richie Hawtin, are you ready to take the next step?

So Ibiza is kind of like Las Vegas, but for DJs. And meanwhile, in Vegas, Hawtin’s buddy Deadmau5 is getting $400k a night for a two year residency at a nightclub called Hakkasan. It’s one of Billboard magazine’s Top 10 Vegas musical events – along with Boyz-II-Men at the Mirage. There’s loads of other DJs getting on that bandwagon too, David Guetta (wouldn’t you know!?) and AfroJack amongst others who have also sorted out club nights in Las Vegas. The crossover doesn’t end there… Vegas veteran Elton John made a live appearance last summer in Ibiza with electronic producers, Pnau.

The obvious and only conclusion to all this is Richie Hawtin’s “final step” which will almost certainly be an Enter.Las Vegas residency (he’s already been to Vegas this year with the Electric Daisy jaunt) and with it, the ultimate nail in the coffin for one of underground techno’s founding members. No longer setting the benchmark or breaking the rules of dance music, Richie Hawtin is now a conformist and a hypocrite.

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coco bryce 12:06 pm, 27-Aug-2013

I'd have taken this article a bit more seriously if the writer had paid less attention to the hawtin of '7 or 8 years ago' and more to his output from, say, 10-15, or even 20 years ago. Its 14 years since 'DE&909' came out and in that time he's undoubtedly regressed as an artist even as his stock has risen. Going back further the material he released as Plastikman (which isn't mentioned in this article) seems incomparable in its vitality and urgency.

Any 12:19 pm, 27-Aug-2013

As long as the music is still great who cares if he has a bigger name, His music is still the best your going to hear and he is pushing technology all the time. That's the only thing that matters.

picklish 12:26 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Had it, lost it, will never regain it again.; twas ever thus. Loved 'Sheet One' and 'Dex Efx and 909', but anything since then has sounded utterly banal and soulless to my ears.

JimJam 12:27 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Watching his boiler room villa party was an utter embarrassment and a pure display of what you can get away with. It's the predictable Ibiza nonsense you'd expect from the wangers without his pedigree. A niche musical authority without any musical discipline of his own at the moment. No specialism, no edge, no superiority. Just shonky haircuts and choppers in vests who've latched onto his current wave of looking the part. Give us some substance.

Fuk 12:28 pm, 27-Aug-2013

This article is about as relevant as Miley Cyrus' bum.

Derrick 12:36 pm, 27-Aug-2013

They are all wash ups and sell outs! Except for my favorite DJ, but you have probably never heard of him because he is really underground and only plays on DAT tapes. Techno was meant to be listened to in your mothers basement! Keep it real!

Ben Gomori 12:47 pm, 27-Aug-2013

"Indie music has Pitchfork, and while it’s a bit holier-than-thou, dance music could really do with an equivalent – somewhere with balanced output about DJ’s, clubs and records. Critical writing doesn’t necessarily mean criticism, just thoughtfulness, and that’s the least that should be expected" Yeah, we could also really do with dance music journalists who know how to use apostrophes.

damagedgoods 1:09 pm, 27-Aug-2013

i have a certain amount of sympathy for the author but he's obviously just hanging around with the wrong bunch. there is absolutely no shortage of people taking the piss out of hawtin in 2013

robdun 1:20 pm, 27-Aug-2013

You sound like a thrash metal purist from the 80s who is upset with the latest metallica album. Get over yourself. Richie is the king jsut like dice and cox because they did innovate now they sell their global brand. It should be a good thing that they are trying to indroduce underground to the edm massive, regardless of the profits they make from it.

db 1:29 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Couldn't agree more!

WastedPotential 1:32 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Coco I think you have missed the writers point. Excellent article. Though it makes me a bit sad.

Luke 1:36 pm, 27-Aug-2013

This is one of the most retarded articles i've seen?! I personally am not a huge fan of Hawtin's sets or music but you can hardly slate someone for playing bigger stages etc?! Thats the most pretentious thing ive heard. You slate Hawtin (and ibiza) but then praise stuff like dusky and other standard radio 1 friday night tracks in your "hot mix" (no offence to dusky)?! He pioneered techno many moons ago and made it what it is today. What else is he to do now apart from grow and stay top of his game as the scene grows?

Neil page 1:36 pm, 27-Aug-2013

A difficult question to answer is this: if you were in the same position as Hawtin, with the ability to do what he has done, or "sell out" - would you? I actually liked the article, for sure I sensed the authors frustration at where he feels Hawtin is taking, or believes he is taking Techno and Minimal music. But that aside, I hope it creates more discussion about the sudden surge in popularity over the lower bpm's in House music amongst the younger generation..

Tom Armstrong 1:42 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Luke, Just to clarify, Sabotage Times publish lots of different articles by different contributors. The writer of this piece didn't write the Hot Mix 5 article you're referring to.

Ben Gomori 1:55 pm, 27-Aug-2013

I stand partially correct - apparently 'traditional style guides' dictate that you should place an apostrophe before the 's' when you pluralise a proper noun acronym but it's being phased out by more and more papers/news desks. Maybe your editor put it in, IDK, SORRY. Some good points here, an interesting read - although why you think that Carl Cox's "enduring popularity is completely inexplicable" is beyond me. He is one of the most technically adept DJs around, has an infectious energy and has never 'sold-out' or 'gone mainstream' in the way that many of his erstwhile contemporaries did. I guess you just don't like him, but not being able to comprehend why others love him is a bit short-sighted.

Ben Gomori 1:55 pm, 27-Aug-2013

*corrected - god damnit!

boomtown 1:57 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Richie Hawtins "troll-proof". Don't where you get that from??

coco bryce 1:59 pm, 27-Aug-2013

WP - I'm not sure I am. the article suggests Hawtin's not relevant anymore, but to be honest you could easily argue he's not been relevant for a good 10+ years. At least outside the white isle and the click-click-boom minimal circuit

hagbard celine 2:02 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Using that BAWBAG sasha to make ANY point about Selling out is BEYOND irony. And thinking ur the first to notice hawtins not experimenting or that no-one else is taking th episs, is just blinkered and shows your reasonings behind this article......2013 and ur just noticing!!!! away back to bigbeat mate...its gonna be huge.

joe 2:04 pm, 27-Aug-2013

no longer relevent? then why take the time to write an article? just putting his name back in the limelight. speaking of limelight dude killed it so many times there back in the day, if there was the same media attention and blogger BS back then you would've been sad and depressed then. can't hate a guy for doing what he does. it's not like his faders aren't up in his mixes, or he's to busy crowd surfing in a boat while somehow mixes keep going on. should he throw a cake or hide in a bunker for only a few? he pushed and open so many doors who cares at this point. in rock in roll dudes are dead or f***ed up on drugs to the point of their career and not able to to anything. who cares? if it's real and good then let it happen. why fight it? if you care about the OG's and relivent go to some teen mag. and talk about your boy Bieber or your chick Miley. otherwise respect yo! not for him you'd still be watching 90210 and lisening to boys to men. suck it trabeck!

adam 2:17 pm, 27-Aug-2013

''7/8 years ago'' killed the whole article/point.

MAXX (Polymeric Records) 2:23 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Sad but true. I kind of agree with the author of this article, although I guess he would have done the same if he was to find himself in Richie's place. I guess everyone needs a good pension to retire, along with pipe-and-slippers...

elk e 2:26 pm, 27-Aug-2013

no, DJ Spooky shouldn't lecture either, what a made-up gasbag

Alan Badger 2:29 pm, 27-Aug-2013

I really don't agree with sabotage journalism, if you think Ritchie's gone off the boil then find some new, inspirational talent to write about.

djdata 2:35 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Wait till he shaves his head again and goes back to glasses. Its a mass cover up for Hawtin... It will be nuclear when he explodes EDM and sends it back running home to Mommy :P

chayan 2:41 pm, 27-Aug-2013

The writer clearly has no idea about the midifighter which he refers to as an 'idiotic toy', its very easy to bash a successful big name who has done a lot for the scene and still doing it, guess nowadays its a fashion to write these sorta articles to generate traffic, ha

Big Rich 3:00 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Not completely sure but I think it was Anish Kapoor who talked about Richie Hawtin as an artist going past the innovator stage and on to the facilitator stage. Meaning all his best work is behind him but he is still allowing other people to develop innovative ideas through M-NUS and whatnot. While there maybe a grain of truth to the article I really don't see what the problem is. Richie Hawtin has a massive back catalogue to be proud of and if he wants to take the money off people who are more into what is popular rather than what is new and interesting then so be it. While there is

João Valente 3:01 pm, 27-Aug-2013

"quote" "If Hawtin’s sharing stages with Avicii, Swedish House Mafia and Skrillex, that’s his business, but if that’s the crap he wants to be associated with, then he’s off my Christmas card list" This comment just shows that u dont know what ur talking about, that u just dont get what electronic music culture is. Please dont waste time writing abou what u dont know.

t463632 3:12 pm, 27-Aug-2013

How do you write an article like this and not read resident advisor?

Joe 3:26 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Sever or eight years ago balloons were not popping in the background of any track even if it was most minimalistic ones, but now vision is lost. By the way I don't understand this hype about Richie Hawtin he is not special at all. What about The Black Dog, Sandwell District... Write about that if then... Totally wasted my time reading this...

JP 3:37 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Agree on everything. Music is just random, low quality tech house. There´s no real technology involved, just 1 laptop and 1 Maschine which is just a crappy midi controller. No quality music and he is not pushing technology anywhere whatsoever. Just one more standard dj with great marketing and branding. He used to be the best 20 years ago but we are in 2013 NOW.

Josef F. 3:38 pm, 27-Aug-2013

if the music is still good (which I and a lot of other crowds think it is) then why are we bitching about him selling out? His style hasn't changed in my opinion, and his plastikman live shows are still some of the most revolutionary ones in live techno in my opinion...where's the problem here? Sure he's got a lot of popularity and paparazzi chasing him around Ibiza all season long, but it's not like you couldn't say the same about people like Paul van Dyk, right? In my opinion, it's not what you use- it's what gets the crowd dancing that matters in this day and age. Richie Hawtin has always been one to remain true to his fans about his style and it's reflected in his sets. I love how we are quick to question his presence, but when we look at other people's styles that have mellowed out and softened over the years (Dave Clarke, Carl Cox, Sven Vath for starters), they're still regarded as techno gods. He mastered the 1200s and 909 and all the other gear he's always toured he's getting older and enjoying himself with some fun new technologies that give him a lot of exacting control over bits and pieces of other people's music...what's wrong with that?

atxer 3:53 pm, 27-Aug-2013

very well written! :)

Indigo Children 4:00 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Richie Hawtin doesn`t need to lift his finger any more,he`s done SOOOO much for electroni music..and if you are dumb enough to buy his story now,then why shouldn`t he sell it ? respect for Richie !

TC 4:09 pm, 27-Aug-2013

F.U.S.E instead of Plastikman... always. Just listen to the Dimension Intrusion album and you'll hear see he's never topped that.

Anonimous jane 4:13 pm, 27-Aug-2013

I don't even want to get flustered about this anymore . i am anyway disgusted by how the music scene is now a days, it's all about who u know and which ass u kiss, like in Communist Romania. I ws hoping to discover something else when i started this journey, but i only discover that everything is based on BS and not real talent, when i spend a week in making a track perfect, making my own sound and i am not acknowledged by any of this guys, and when somebody who knows nothing about production but mixing 3 loops together get their music featured on this guys charts and so on just because they once did a line or 2 with them.. well that just makes me think twice if i still want to continue this fight or not. so serioslly i will give this one more year after that fuck all this Drug and nepotism industry and i will do something else. And so you all know the guy is almost deft and holding tight with his teeth to the job when he makes so so much money pr gig! And u can say that yeam his music is soo great when u are fucked out of ur head and everything is good, but when u are there and haven't taken anything and everything sounds like just random noises , just makes me feel frustrated about paying 60 e to get in to see the big Richie. Ok what ever he did in the past is in teh past ppl but what is he doing now, even with his crew, i am sorry guys but Magda his best friend can't play... is just too shameful what is happening these days!

Luis 4:13 pm, 27-Aug-2013

I saw Richie Hawtin in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in January 2013... I waited until sunrise for him to amp it up and it never happened... Total Let Down. He peppered in an exciting track or two among a sea of wish washy boringness. In contrast, the crew playing the 'Music On' party at Amnesia in Ibiza this summer was amazingly on point... track after track of exciting, good beats with no random filler tracks from DJs who take their sets very seriously. I think 'Music On' will overtake 'Cocoon' as the most exciting party in Ibiza and set the tone for cutting edge club music worldwide. Sven Vath and the Cocoon label are clearly headed down the tubes. I met him and like him as an individual. I know guys who have worked with him for years, but his music is not exciting. He is pushing his label's music during his sets, but his label's music is not igniting the people.

casiokerry 4:15 pm, 27-Aug-2013

While I'm not a massive fan of Hawtin, I have no issue with what he's doing, He made Minimal Techno huge and now keeps playing Minimal Techno. Smaller DJs have the ability to switch scenes or break new ground easily, but the bigger names tend to almost never change their sound. Hawtin is the global ambassador for Minimal and I don't see why he should change that. Sasha keeps playing Prog, Danny Tenaglia keeps on the Tribal tip... It's just what you do if you're a big name DJ.

Anonimous jane 4:19 pm, 27-Aug-2013

I don't even want to get flustered about this anymore . i am anyway disgusted by how the music scene is now a days, it's all about who u know and which ass u kiss, like in Communist Romania. I ws hoping to discover something else when i started this journey, but i only discover that everything is based on BS and not real talent, when i spend a week in making a track perfect, making my own sound and i am not acknowledged by any of this guys, and when somebody who knows nothing about production but mixing 3 loops together get their music featured on this guys charts and so on just because they once did a line or 2 with them.. well that just makes me think twice if i still want to continue this fight or not. so seriosly i will give this one more year after that fuck all this Drug and nepotism industry and i will do something else. I am not a hypocrite i do an occasional pill and i am a stoner myself. But this man is too much, the guy can't even hear anymore ppl are u serious ? he plays like Frankie Wild, which is great but what about the talented artists who starve and have to do shitty jobs , just because they are not friends with any of this ppl. What do we do with them? do we let them sit in the dark , without even supporting any of them. And keep paying over 60 bux to see Richie and Magda fuck our heads? No thanks. I rather go and listen to this "small" guys who are "nobody" and play from their heart for their friends. :)

kickdrummedia 4:21 pm, 27-Aug-2013

And if you're DJ Spooky, you should stick to lecturing and not DJ.

Peter Venkman 4:39 pm, 27-Aug-2013

This article was secretly written by hawtin's yes-men to bring his stale, long out-of-date name back into the public discussion/view Well done! And yes nobody is noticing these points because they were all noticed 5 yrs ago. Had this article been serious, it should been written 5 yrs ago. But its just a joke article written as a secret plot to help hawtin land some publicity

Damien 4:46 pm, 27-Aug-2013

as they say.. if richie hawtin was playing in a bar in ibiza.. But if richie was playing unnanounced and nobody could see him, but only hear his music from the bar, do you think richie would get noticed or would he seem just like one of the rest of the 20000 dj's on the island! richie has pushed technology by reinventing plastikman in 2009 and trying to make the clubbing experience a modern experience. i respect richiefor trying this as it was a amazing show (time warp 2009) But i dont think richie is a good dj, he comes and he plays songs, he gets people to filter out good music for him, he expects lots of money and he fills every nightclub or festival he goes to.. why? cause when i was introduced to techno/tech house i used to look at who was the best and to play songs like him so then i would be the best, but richie as already stated in this article, never recieved bad publicity for doing anything.. it was almost like richie could launch a 'minus teddy bear range' - and be told how such a amazing idea it is and how nobody had taught of that before in the music industry! well all new comers to techno/tech house have been mind fucked into thinking he is no.1 and nobody else is anywhere near like him. Well thats bullshit, i respect his forward thinking, but my god he is a shit dj.

Pedro Santos 5:13 pm, 27-Aug-2013

i'm very pleased to see hawtin's career falling down... finally :) actually i never liked his music, not even in warp's golden years, private planes, a lot of dirty money coming to his pocket, fuck him, take him away for good and bring me back james stinson!

johannes 5:27 pm, 27-Aug-2013

funny and groundbraking article. remixing some keywords to some wordsalad, listening streams but has the writer been in ibiza, or at one of the edc shows? does the writer know on how many different skill levels traktor and ableton can be used ? ah...... and hawtin doesnt use the machine these days, maybe the author should look at the latest ibiza pics a bit better. recherche baby, recherche.

G 5:30 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Now that was boring. Can I have those 5 minutes back please to do something usefel like clean my football boots with a block of cheese

MMBeats 5:39 pm, 27-Aug-2013

His recent pool party at Enter Ibiza - Over use of effects, bland Techno and Electro(if you could call it that)finished the set off with tracks such as: Nicki Minaj - "Beez In The Trap" nuff said :/

DJ D 5:55 pm, 27-Aug-2013

For someone to write an article about him is one thing, but meet him and it is totally different. He doesn't put himself above others, compared to the commercialist EDM DJ's(or should I say producers). Yes he is collaborating with Native Instruments on new hardware, but his redesigned the "Richie Hawtin" version of the allen and heath board that made him famous (before some of the up and comers were in high school). If you don't think he is a good DJ, give him just a set of turntables and a stack of records, and see what he can do. He doesn't need technology to make him great, and yes his sound may not have been through a major evolution lately...but he is happy with what he is doing.... Let him do it!

G 5:57 pm, 27-Aug-2013

You would have been better off just posting this clip. Explains it all really

freddie 6:10 pm, 27-Aug-2013

the guy who wrote this is a hypocrite because sasha is a staple of ibiza legend and he has just started his own night in the most commercial club in beefa, ushiua. i agree with a few things in this article but hawtins just doin what everybody else is doing, its just that he's such a pioneer people think he shouldn't be doing it....everybody sold out ages ago, there's still good music and parties to be had tho, and i have heard enter is really good from people who know what they sre talking about,

Schmeagz 6:13 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Green monster out! Whats wrong is it because he is doing well you must put him down or is it cause you cant make it you must put him down shame on you

joncoe 6:24 pm, 27-Aug-2013

The author does not at all mention Rich's Plastikman Live project of 2010-2012, which was a platform for his more expressive artistic side. His brand and style of techno is in demand. Why should he not take advantage of opportunities to take it to a large audience? The big festivals and events get the media attention and are well documented. Not nearly as documented are the dozens of smaller and special parties where his music selections get deeper and sometimes a bit strange. He has a long history of taking big risks. He is an example to be inspired by, regardless of one's taste in any music.

Koen 6:28 pm, 27-Aug-2013

I used to be a big fan of Hawtin too and I still have a lot of respect for him. In the early days and recently as Plastikman, His Hawtin stuff was insane and besides that he was always 1 step ahead of the rest in the game. He was the guy to keep 'n eye at. Most of the respected dj's were seeing the possibility's of using a laptop after seeing Hawtin perform with it. The way he used the effects, parts or bits of tracks and played his set was creating a whole new way to perform. That was only some years ago. Since he became more and more popular it makes sense that he's noticing more appreciating from the audience when playing recognizable records,..or the yekke yekke party stuff. In the end i agree, its fun, but sometimes, to close a set or whatever. He lost me as a fan of his music today because he's pleasing the crowd to much, he's not telling a story anymore with his music. I can fully understand why after years of serious underground stuff...its more relaxed to perform like that. And if you are getting older and still playing makes sense. But...... I still prefer the days when he started his set and you just knew...o lord...this is gonna be a ride to remember. You could feel it in the audience. This is gonna be where excited. I'm gonna dance my ass of, listen to the music, absorb every mix and track he played and go home and thinking..O fuck, this was something from a whole other level.

jimbo 6:33 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Its like this, the article is good but everyone gets older and if your successful, hopefully easier. I'm more than sure Hawtin doesnt want to be buzzing around the globe playing to the same mongs every night with the same pill'ed up bullshit talk, late nights, crap food, annoying promoters e.t.c. So of course he's gonna go for gold now, anyone would. If is funny though that dance music on a whole is for the kids but run by the aged. Coxy e.t.c all nearing the 50's, Guetta with a comb-over to match Hawtins, all in their 40's. You can blame the kids for all this shit, they're the ones paying for it. The void that Hawtin has left is where you go if you wanna hear something fresh, if you don't then jump on the numpty bus and wait for some dj to do the god pose. Its as simple as that.

tim d 6:49 pm, 27-Aug-2013

This is maybe the most thoughtless, BS article I have ever read about the Electronic Music scene. Richie, live and recorded, is incredible. Everyone who likes the genre knows this and attends this shows. Why are you hating on his for taking advantage of the money he can make?! The guy deserves it, he is a true legend

Michael Wenz 7:10 pm, 27-Aug-2013

You guys are a bunch of jealous haters! This article was complete nonsense, doesn't even say anything relevant at all. Richie is a legend and an amazing DJ. I know it must hurt his feelings to read this as you bash him for what? What did he do wrong? If you can get 40k for a booking do it! Thank god he is playing big festivals to at least get young hipsters to listen to DJ's that are not super obnoxious where every track has a mega drop and is on the beatport top 100 electro house chart. So what you think Chris Liebing is awful too? He has a slightly comparative setup with the Traktor and ableton synced+ effects ECT. Technology is moving forward and Rich is moving with it. You should be thankful he has the balls and the mindset to use all the technology he does on stage to create something that is truly in the moment. What you think he should just play on 2 decks with vinyl? His setup is inspiring and most DJ's nowadays don't even come close to using technology to that extent. You should be ashamed of yourself! LONG LIVE RICHIE THE LEGEND, you guys have fun playing in your basement!

Marco Benito 7:39 pm, 27-Aug-2013

I saw Plastikman in 98 in Phx... He sucked then and he sucks now. Want to talk about techno legends.. Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Cari Lekebusch so many others just amazing artist. Pushing techno I would not say Plastikman was pushing boundries as much as Neil Landstrumm.

stos 7:40 pm, 27-Aug-2013

I haven't been to a set of his since his first CTRL party back in 2002. I'm sure he has had decent sets since then, but he hasn't produced anything interesting other than his DE9 dj sets since M_nus yellow (or is it yelo? I really don't care). Between that Sven Vath "sounds of the summer" album and that AWFUL Plastikman album- Closer- he has been pretty irrelevant to me. I don't hate the guy, I just don't care about him anymore.

clio 8:00 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Useless article,i think the guy who wrote it is an "attention whore" ... i mean he's like "hey ! i'm frustrated today and didn't wank yesterday so let's write some shitty article...i will get a looooooot of views on my supa dupa shitty blog"....U asshole Jody,learn your basics :-)

Tony 8:52 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Absolutely on point. Couldn't agree more.

katy77mck 8:59 pm, 27-Aug-2013

This article is a big pile of boring crap! I've always enjoyed Richie's sets & think he comes across as a nice person who is in the business for the love of music. The fact his Enter night in Ibiza is rammed every week with all the rooms open is proof that his style is popular as ever, If you think he's in it for the money you are very wrong seeing as his enter nights you can get in half the price of fmif at pacha for that prat David Guetta. Go back to whatever cave you came from you Troll and leave the genius alone.

Mike 9:12 pm, 27-Aug-2013

I'm sorry, but when is the last time he actually released a new track? He DJ's all the time, but as far as releasing new original music, it seems to have been forever. Probably because there's not as much money in that. I see his inane Facebook feed and it's hard to see how it would be different from any other "superstar DJ."

Muss 9:20 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Article is spot on. Hawtin hasn't been involved with techno for many years now. He's a complete sellout and plays very bland music. Good for him, just don't associate him with techno. Over at he's gets plenty of criticism.

Paul Gadd 9:20 pm, 27-Aug-2013

I used to be a hooj Hawtin fan. Now he plays some utter garbage and tries to make them sound better. He should probably play good tunes, he is sent enough of them. His sets are a parody of what they once were and lack soul and sadly lack energy. He is talented but seems to have lost the plot and his antics of late are silly. Go back to playing techno with a bit of soul or dare I say a bit of gritty edge to it instead of sound the same garbage.

Jacqui 9:26 pm, 27-Aug-2013

You seem to be completely forgetting the fact that all the big artists who have been around the block are now focusing a lot of their time and energy on finding new artists and building their labels. Richie, Carl, Digweed, Sasha, Lawler, Luciano... they all spend SO much time and effort supporting their artists, along with touring, that I'm sure putting out groundbreaking new music every month is not their top priority anymore. Richie's innovation now lies with the likes of Hobo, Matador, Gasier etc. The M-nus crew is obviously very tight - during WMC, Richie came to Treehouse to support his label and it was clear just how much he cares about his artists. And CNTRL was a huge risk on Richie's part... he played to empty rooms half the tour just trying to bring his music and knowledge to little college towns. I have the utmost respect for Richie and I think you are extremely short-sighted to say he's off your Christmas list because he's no longer playing dirty clubs in Detroit --- oh wait, he is! Because that's exactly what he did after DEMF. Just because someone's sound changes doesn't make them a sellout.

ROD 9:46 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Je suis fan de Hawtin depuis des années. Je ne pensais pas qu'il tomberait dans le vulgaire... Déception.

Ozone Lux 10:03 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Fantastic article and absolutely spot on. Hawtin has had his day. He's turned into a massive cunt. As you quite rightly state, when you break down and remove all the layers of froth and foam that surround him, what you are left with - his set - is just standard house and techno. Nothing ground breaking, nothing exciting at all. The only people who get wet about his sets are danceflaw DJs who listen intensively and squirt sex wee when they hear a tractor effect being applied to the drum roll.

DigitalSoul 10:05 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Saw him at the recent Brixton Enter gig and was amazed at just how awful he'd become. The year before I went and saw his Platikman show and that, despite the impressive light show, was all teasing build up with no end product. I didnt mind that so much because I actually enjoyed a lot of the Plastikman stuff for that very reason, but the crowd that night clearly wanted him to take it up a notch, but he never did. At the enter gig I didnt hear anything that resembled a track all night. just a series of hi hats, handclaps and the occasional bass drum. His sole trick was to take the EQ down and slam it back up every few minutes to the never ending delight of the mindless crowd there worshipping him. I admit, he used to pull the same trick 23 years ago when I considered him one of the best DJs out there, but at least then he played music with variety and passion. For me Hawtin was at his height in the early 90s, FUSE, Cybersonik etc.. Thats when he was releasing cutting edge music. I went and saw him this year because of my memory and respect for the artist he was then, but left feeling that that man was long dead.

DJ Lithium 10:11 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Ritchie Hawtin is one of the key people in the industry who has contributed the most to the destruction of the art form of DJing by pushing his digital technology agenda. I lost respect for him in 1997 after doing visuals for him where he turned out to be a complete dick and even more so when he barfed up to the world finalscratch. None of these super star "DJs" are DJs any more and haven't been for years because they turned their backs on what made DJing special. The format traditionally used to perform on and the format that kept the cheese factor in check. That format is vinyl. All of the major trance labels that used to be good now suck, because they are chasing this "Trouse" crap that no self-respecting vinyl DJ will play - so they stopped pressing vinyl. Fuck that noise. Armin Van Buuren, Ritchie Hawtin, JOOF, Tiesto... they are all sell outs. Every single one of them.

matt. 10:19 pm, 27-Aug-2013

It doesn't matter to me that Hawtin has chosen to take the commercial path. That's his business. As long as he doesn't claim to be "underground" or cutting edge anymore (because he isn't).

andy woods 10:40 pm, 27-Aug-2013

I find your comments areally sad, it sounds more like a jealous rant from someone nobody looking to gain online hits, and, whats even more sad, hugely pathetic & totally uneducated is the comment "between weekly appearances in the (yawn) clubbing Mecca of Ibiza" . . . . Have you been to Ibiza, do you know its history? Sad comment man, really sad! Everyone who is anyone is the scene knows ibiza IS and ALWAYS WILL BE the centre of it all. Problem with that is that the USA brands/events/festivals cant muscle their way in therefore they talk it down!

onebcgirl 10:50 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Has this guy heard Carl Cox live? Also, people from back in the day love DJ's from back in the day, simple really.

Anthony 11:55 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Have you ever even been to Ibiza? I can't believe you are bashing Hawtin for his set in the water in Las Salinas. That was one of the most praised, out of the ordinary, unique, and fucking awesome events of the season in ibiza 2012. Pretty much any credible promoter, artist, or worker on the island would attest to that. Unless they just plain old don't like techno... Hawtin's brand is absolutely brilliant, and with good intentions. He plays at US festivals with the good willed intention to educate the musically ignorant idiots in this country. Also, did you just compare Ibiza to Las Vegas? Sounds like someone just wanted some traffic to his article !

Mochi 12:02 am, 28-Aug-2013

maybe u should start the magazine writer,actions speak louder than........

Rollin 12:28 am, 28-Aug-2013

1- Richie does not "share" stages with those pop EDM names listed. At EDC last year he had his own stage for ENTER. Diversity in sound at these festivals should be seen as a good thing and welcomed. It does bring attention to other styles. When I went to EDC in 2007 there were 4 or 5 stages and a chillout area (with a man playing an electric cello). Drum n bass, breaks, house, techno, were all represented. Breaks even had its own stage (Krafty Kuts, Stanton Warriors, and others...). 2- Not sure about playing with Deadmau5. But from the brief video I saw, Joel was not wearing the mau5 get-up and they played techno.

Alan Dunlop 12:29 am, 28-Aug-2013

I thought I was the only one. Black T's, asymmetrical hair, buff blocks and size 0 girls. Makes me sick. Give me a dark room, low ceilings and a strobe any day. Fuck him.

Matt 1:09 am, 28-Aug-2013

"Indie music has Pitchfork, and while it’s a bit holier-than-thou, dance music could really do with an equivalent – somewhere with balanced output about DJ’s, clubs and records." Ever heard of RA, buddy? You clearly have no actual knowledge of the genre / community you're attempting to write about...

81 1:15 am, 28-Aug-2013

You lose credibility with the point(s) you are trying make due to: your reliance on hyperbole your failure to acknowledge or examine opposing arguments your subjective bias Nice attempt at an academic and thoughtful examination, but you need to learn how to present and defend an argument properly - not like a angry 15 year old.

jimmie 1:20 am, 28-Aug-2013

funny thing i remember at a drop bass production in milwaukee. Richie was going on after a kick ass set by joe gruttola known as the manipulator... and he was bitching at him for using effects... talking shit like he couldn't believe anyone could ever use effects to add dynamics to a set... now he uses a fricking ipad and effects... just another overpaid old school dj in the right place at the right time...

Chris K 2:43 am, 28-Aug-2013

Guys these man regardless what he is doing now(dj/production/business wise)deserves R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Why? For a start for offering the worl the Plastikman experience. Moreover for the names he is introducing to the masses for more than 20 years. Speedy J,Mathew Jonson,Matthew Dear under the False moniker,Troy Pierce,Marc Houle,Magda just to name few. And i dont know any EDM star throwing a pop up free day party at Hackney as he did earlier this year bfore his Enter event at Brixton academy. At the very end you can not blame someone for earning money because of his work.He is not stealing from anyone,he is getting paid. You dont like him dont listen to him.But dont judge him without taking a close look to his whole life and carrier. When he was throwing illegal parties at the states and canada probably my dear friend writer you and me,and not take it personal,were wearing short pants and going to elementary school.And if wasnt for him and a bunch of other guys our beloved techno music wouldnt have reached that level now days. And if you want to blame someone for the decadence of the scene why dont you write articles about Carola for example who is cancelling fabric gig because he didnt like the hotel he was booked to stay?Richie is back at Fabric 21st of September.Just letting you know. Unless you consider fabric commercial.

Jake P 2:51 am, 28-Aug-2013

The negative tone of this article demonstrates what I don't like about many music writers, and some of these commenters are just as pretentious too. I recently saw him play a Detroit afterparty this past May and he played a great set. It was a lot different than a lot of the festival footage and the recent boiler room set. It's good to keep in mind that deejays play different music for different crowds. In my town for example, house music is embraced but techno clears the room, so we do the best we can. Yeah, he plays boring tech house for hipsters sometimes, but at least he's not playing electrohouse/dubstep.

graham 3:23 am, 28-Aug-2013

respectfully disagree. the author of this article is pretty clueless as to the extent in which hawtin, nearly single-handedly, drives music technology - and as a consequence, the very aesthetic of 'techno' itself. it's addressed but merely written off with a 'I’m certainly not an expert in this field.' no - you aren't. being an 'ambassador of all things Native Instruments' is not exactly a bad thing - his field testing of new instruments and his feedback to NI has a trickle-down effect that invariably shapes the creative output of any artist who uses their technology. additionally, rich's record labels have operated a break-even level for decades. his plastikman tour cost money - it didn't make any. rich could have ten sports cars if he wanted, but he puts all his DJing profits back into supporting his label and his artists. he pours all his cash into artistic projects that have always pushed technology and continue to define what 'techno' isn't - it's certainly not some archaic style of music relegated to 90s detroit. in a world populated by deadmau5s and swedish house mafias, no one should ever complain about rich. ever. DJing is just one part of what Hawtin does. it certainly isn't his be-all end-all. you'd be hard-pressed to find any of the so-called EDM conformists that the author lumps Hawtin in with doing something even close to this cool:

Dirk McGirk 4:09 am, 28-Aug-2013

TMZ called, you're hired. Seriously though if you have to dig to find out what's wrong with someone, they probably aren't doing a whole lot wrong. Get over whatever personal grudge you have with him

Steve S 5:10 am, 28-Aug-2013

From my experience reading this piece, you are little more than a "listener" and for that, I say thank you but... to simply push aside a technological pioneer as a "profiteer" doesn't sit well with me... as an EDM producer I can say FIRST HAND that the progression that Ritchie Hawtin and Plastikman have afforded the genre as a whole allows him far more than the casual listener is willing to offer. Think to the era of Impressionism (in visual art) and how they ushered in decades of art to follow with simple changes in context. The world was unprepared to see beyond the literal interpretation of the art before mashed into a new form, it was turned on it's head... take a moment to take in the COMPLETE affect and see outside of your immediate experience.

st34lvb2 10:51 am, 28-Aug-2013

Richie Hawtin was making acclaimed records before technology and the internet enabled thousands of talentless hacks to release music. By the same token, I doubt very much that you would be publishing anything were it not for the internet to enable thousands of hacks like yourself to air their insipid points of view. Consider the term "newsworthy", it may help you out going forward.

Michelle Robertson 12:06 pm, 28-Aug-2013

Hey Jody - nice fail!! Love Ibiza xx

sync u very much 1:15 pm, 28-Aug-2013

come to think of it - pure genius !like romario touring the stadiums with a power point presentation of his 1994 fifa world cup goals. or noel playing his greatest riff on that guitar hero plastic axe and everybody going ape shit. can't see that happening - well only in the world of big techno business you can VIRTUALLY do the same thing you did 20 years ago and be a success.

Nora 1:50 pm, 28-Aug-2013

Interesting how the author can criticize all the big names playing on Ibiza, but would not mention Sven Väth who also has his weekly night.

Stewartyboy 4:18 pm, 28-Aug-2013

The guy who wrote this is obviously one seriously cool mofo.

bktoronto 5:50 pm, 28-Aug-2013

I completely agree with the author. I feel Hawtin hasn't been relevant since his Plastikman days, now let's move on and celebrate the new guard of producers and djs that are bringing more than bleeps and beeps to the scene. EDM should evolve rather than constantly resuscitating artists that had "hits" decades ago. We need to give up the "God is a DJ" complex, which Hawtin seems to suffer from, and give praise where it's deserved, not because the purists and elder statesmen of the scene say so. I understand Hawtin's point of pushing the technology envelope but the author makes a great point -- deconstruction taken to far leads to minimalist nothing. His sets have become a self-serving, abstract, button pushing bore all in the name of being cutting edge. Bollocks! Come out with something fresh, new and cutting edge then I'll reconsider!

Scottc303 6:44 pm, 28-Aug-2013

Ok, Who ever wrote this has not idea what the hell they are talking about. I can tell you dont dj or produce. His live dj setup is two laptops , Two NI x1 controlers ,NI machine and one 6channel alllen and heath mixer. He basically makes live remixes on the fly... It's more live p.a than djing and dont get me started on his plastikman set up. The reason it might seem his music is triped down because it is... it's minimal... it's not your typical nosie dance music now day's ... the sound quality he get is secound to none. One thing you got to understand is that alot of today's software and technolgy that is coming out now and in the distant future that may make people seem cutting edge or grownd breaking and the way they use it is because of him... So what do you think is more ground breaking or relevant, the person who use the technology that make them seem ground breaking and current or the person who made what it is....

Augure 6:49 pm, 28-Aug-2013

Fucking english losers. YOUR article is no longer relevant as soon as you mention Ibiza, "EDM" and other BS. You don't know shit about techno, or any electronic music as a mater of fact, how can you even write such article ?

bktoronto 9:32 pm, 28-Aug-2013

@ augure, I think there's a typo in your name and should be spelt 'Ogre". Btw, should dance music have stayed in basements and abandoned warehouses. Just about every contemporary genre of music started out underground --it evolved and gained popularity. Just so we're on the same page, today the term used is EDM and the mecca is Ibiza, those are the facts take it or leave it. And if you know so much about techno and such why don't you say something more intelligent than your last post and prove it!

Sinixstar 9:58 pm, 28-Aug-2013

A couple issues I have with this. What is "selling out"? Is selling out spending 25+ years being "underground" but living in a cardboard box? The guy's successful, he's built a HUGE fan base over the years, why shouldn't he enjoy it? Furthermore - part of why he seems so "untouchable" is because he's one of the few true pioneers that HAS risen to that level. His following isn't one that appeared simply because they saw him on MTV, or heard his song in a car commercial. His fans to be a bit more educated, and have been around a bit longer (generally speaking). He isn't totally an underground DJ anymore, but he has enough street cred that he still isn't on the level of a Guetta or an Afrojack (or even deadmau5 for that matter). Yea -he plays those big silly festivals - but generally headlines one of the side stages along side far lesser known/established DJs. As far as his sound - to say it's unchanged from 7-8 years ago is... laughable. I will say it's flattened out a bit in the last few - but again if you've followed his career for any length of time - that's not a huge surprise. He gets into a sound for a few years, then changes it up. You went from the Decks EFX & 909 Days, to the Closer to the Edit Days, to the Final Scratch experimentation days (a very low point) to plastikman v2.0, to today. He plays in Ibiza - again, after 25+ years, isn't the guy allowed? Isn't that kind of the culmination of a career - to be able to take up residency in a place like that? I guess the difference is - where you have guys living the "DJ lifestyle" who 3 years ago were studying for their MBA and had no idea what EDM even was - the difference with people like Hawtin is they're enjoying the fruits of a very very long career. Yea the guy's flying in private jets, yea, he may have lost a step or two - but music literally would not be where it is today with him. From putting an entire genre on the map, to the development of software like final scratch, to even developing with Allen & Heath, Native Instruments, ad Livid... I think if anybody's earned a pass to sit back and cash in on a career's worth of hard work - his name has to be near the top of that list.

frank 10:20 pm, 28-Aug-2013

at the guy funnily mentioning dice as an innovator like richie, wtf? the diceman never pushed a single studiofader in his whole life... bad comparison there. besides, slightly tedious but somehow good article, cos the big names truly lack innovation, they are feeding the silly masses. look out for interesting stuff from lonodn hypercolour and so on, there is your spirit!

Mantis Kane 11:10 pm, 28-Aug-2013

This default knee jerk reaction from the ‘purest’ seems as clichéd as a James Bond chat-up line. Endorsing music products, accepting well paid gigs and gelling his hair seems to have put his musical legacy on trial. A little harsh considering what today’s celebrity brings. I’m sure no one questions Roger Federer’s integrity for having multiple sponsorship deals or playing gold plated exhibition matches. But music fans have always struggled with the ascent from underground to commercial success. Even when this success has come without musical compromise, it doesn’t sit well with the ‘purest’. It’s an especially bitter pill for the chin stroking techno enthusiast, so protective of their little domain. The no thrills shaven headed techno librarian must cower when his kindred spirit parades his newly styled Vidal Sassoon chic on the Boiler Room, flanked by scantly clad girls and beaming chavs. It has all the hallmarks of a Dickensian betrayal, and perhaps only a matter of time before one of these techno militia take Mark Chapman’s approach to retribution.

ROD 11:57 pm, 28-Aug-2013

Richie mixes in the waves with Ipad surrounded with idiots(salinas - 2012)...Richie rises on the tables to greet the public as a crooner (2013)...Richie smiles as a model...Hawtin is dead.

sammsousa 2:50 am, 29-Aug-2013

this is the biggest bullshit i've read in a real long time! about him changing gear, after 20 years of spinning vinyl, i can imagine that at some point you can get bored with it, playing 4 decks, adding drum maschines, external effects, etc, keeps him busy, in a productive way, wich is what he wants and it really helps to bring his sets to the next level! but at the end of the day (or party) the crowd isnt even suposed to notice that he is using new things, the crowd is just suposed to have atleast as much fun as allways if not more! so basicly him changing gear is more of a personal thing, rather then something for the fans to say something like ''oh richie has a new controller, he must be playing better now, lets check him out'' (as you, the reporter, make it look like) something that i can totally understand, but you a fucking journalist dumbfuck can not, aperently you judge people by the gear they use and expect a day and night diferent with every new controller! about him playing major festivals! i cant even begin to understand how there could be a possibility of thought of him selling out! selling out would be him playing those festivals and playing comercial aswell! but for him (or any dj even) who allready has lots of die hard fans and an established sound, if he gets invited to play at one of those spots, why dont do it! im shure most djs would! he is still there representing his sound! when somebody books richie they know what to expect and richie knows that they expect the hawtin sound aswell, so to have a chance to play after all thos big comercial guys and end the night on some next level shit on a major festival and say no is just idiotic! and the quote “I think there is something still very magical about someone who is solely a DJ and not a producer/DJ” is about djs who actually make it well in the industry, not about bedroom djs. and that was said because nowadays almost every upandcoming dj gets his name out on a bigger level thru productions! you got so many kids playing for huge crowds that cant play for shit but have some big records out, but if you make it as a dj without your own productions you really must be good at what you do!!! so that quote makes total scence

Dj Stipe 4:10 am, 29-Aug-2013

This article is very bitter. Not a today Richie Hawtin. Who cares, let them have fun. I saw the beach party in the water it was terribly tacky, but then again, who are you to judge anyone's amusement. His music isn't that great theses days but it's still alright much better than 90% of dj's that's for sure. Why mock on ibiza people and lifestyle. I know it can get very cheesy but it is what it is people still have fun. Let them be. It was sure so much better back in the day. Your article is either very sour or you're getting old and bitter.

Nelson Dias 12:48 pm, 29-Aug-2013

Interesting.............There is always pressure in those world on what is real....te sellout occurs we are all human and prone to it.......I am with you keep it real and f%%$k the sellout.....There are things more valuable than money.... Mr. Hawtin is but a lightning rod for what the world is today....Cheesy immoral and lacking substance and cheapening anything that does....It s a constant pressure like the wind or waves beating down an ocean cliuff slowly eroding what is real and breaking it down....A natural process and what needs to happen to make room for new pioneers new innovators...It is a cosmic dance and we but a world that is powered and controlled by spiritual powers beyond our comprehension..... The sun will rise again tomorrow and the story stays the same a fight for love and glory....these simple rules apply as time goes by... :)! great article with depth and insight. Thank you.

Morgala 2:04 pm, 29-Aug-2013

I agree. I went to see Hawtin last week at enter in space and he's not the dj I saw back in Newcastle and, hold your breath, rezerection event 2 up in bonny Scotland. The bloke has moved on from then and that's his choice, but I don't like his current style and image. There are other "oldies" out there who keep it banging, like jeff mills, you don't see him with hands in there surrounded by an entourage of gimps.

Urmur 2:22 pm, 29-Aug-2013

That guy wasn't a founding father of anything. Allready the first F.U.S.E. tracks were a (pretty good) copy of the early UR stuff.

Pyro 3:14 pm, 29-Aug-2013

I saw Richie @Space this summer and he was just fucking incredible, as he always was! This guy who wrote the article never set a step in Ibiza and doesn't know anything about it so I would recommand.. return to the grocery where you worked and let the opinion about Ibiza/Richie to people who know what they are talking about. There's no place that comes even close to Ibiza, nothing compares especially in the states!

JRO 4:08 pm, 29-Aug-2013

He's pretty much been selling out for years and he's not really pioneering anything these days apart from promoting the sales of traktor which in itself is killing the dance scene by giving half wits the belief they can DJ. Jeff Mills on the other hand is still pioneering, creating and developing ways for electronic dance music to grow. I'd like to see richie play with his wee flashing touchy box while keeping up with an orchestra

Liam 4:13 pm, 29-Aug-2013

People have been saying the same about Sven Vath and his label! Techno is a lot more cooler and more people are listening to it than they did in the 90's when Techno was at a cross roads. Personally I think it has become more easier for so called underground artist to sell out, but if Richie is still selling out all his gigs he must be doing something right. I think RH is at a point in his career where he doesn't have to prove anything, and doesn't care what anybody thinks about him!

pipo 4:33 pm, 29-Aug-2013

lol @ Any you need to go out a bit ;)

pipo 4:38 pm, 29-Aug-2013

@Pyro, if you like space nowadays then it's you who obviously dont have a clue about the island

pipo 4:41 pm, 29-Aug-2013

richie and space in 98, o yes, but richie and space in 2013 sorry but for tourists only, no comment about the ""music"" ...

Mano Di Candia 4:54 pm, 29-Aug-2013

Jody O'Dea, thanks for wasting 10 minutes of my life to read your utter bullshit. First off learn who Plastikman is, second of all I think you should checkout what this man is doing for the EDM scene in every aspect of it and I am talking about technology, finding new talent amongst others. No one does everything right and he has done some serious shit in his career as in investment moves like the stupid cube. Apart from that though, if you do not risk, you do not win something back and in 20+ years I think he has done more than any other DJ out there. Please go back to journalism school to learn the basics, cause sitting in a room scanning the net for good and bad reviews about somebody isnt investigative journalism. Until then.... enjoy some controlerism at work from the man himself just two years ago

Andres 6:03 pm, 29-Aug-2013

Mano Di Candia x2 I think EXACTLY the same. AND Ibiza=Vegas, seriously?? What a disrespectful/rude thing to say. Obviously you've been hanging out with the wrong people, just stay away from the island man. You and your bad vibe.

sven dohse 6:45 pm, 29-Aug-2013

mano, your video explains why exactly richie hawtin is doing the wrong thing. just look at the crowd, i mean techno was created in a basement, your video shows an exact opposite meaning to the term rave. anyway, a very well written article, although one sided. but i do agree he is now become a hypocrite, and if you ask everyone who do the electronic music at the capital of techno, namely berlin, they will agree. example, why does nick hoppner does not promote extensively his label (o-ton) or his world famous club (berghain) , although he knows they can make very profitable revenue from tourists coming into berlin. its true the old chap wants a bit more when he retires but when you make music like me and a million other people in the world, art lasts longer than money. this does not go out only to richie but boys noize & crew, chris liebing (somehow ? he is promoting too much), and various other up-and-coming-mainstream-artists.

Luke Dunavski 12:34 am, 30-Aug-2013

Hey Man, I can understand well, but you know that it got everything to do with money or mostly. Then Coco is right with Plastikman and after. Richie (Carl,etc) they are getting old man. Electronic music has evolved so much that there is no more "Plastikman - PAKARD" or Dopplereffekt etc etc with some hard dark and mathematical sound. and DIFFERENCE! Nowadays everything is almost the same! BUT STILL Hawtin is a LEGEND and always will be! Like Carl Cox and all the others. The Kids just move on and listen to Skrillex and that Gangnam Style thats all. And Richie seeing that stuff, I'm sure he doesn t even want to bring out his new stuff! JUST ENJOY WHAT YOU LIKE! IS FROM TODAY OR 50 YEARS AGO IT DOESN'T MATTER , TILL YOU LOVE YOUR MUSIC AND YOUR STYLE! "Just turn up the volume and enjoy!" - Luke Dunavski

Bob 3:15 pm, 30-Aug-2013

Richie was the one of the best djs in the 90s. When all this final scratch and traktor stuff came up, he became boring and he still is. What I really don't like about him is all the marketing shit he is doing. The endless numbers of photos showing everybody how great his life is with his girlfriend, his private jet, his massive pool and finca on Ibiza, the champaign etc. This just sucks for an underground artist and none of the big guys like Sven Väth, Laurent Garnier or Adam Beyer do this to this extend. There is nothing wrong that Richie enjoys his private life and has a great time. But does the entire world want to share all this decadence? I think it is silly. His m-nus label is not really relevant anymore, at some of the big clubs like Berghain they do not want him anymore and among the people that really love and understand electronic music he has become of no one. For me he is just a stupid popstar this days and I personally do not expect anything great from him anymore. I might go to Enter this September still and if his set disappoint me again, I will just not listen to any of his shit anymore. Bye Bye Richie Hawtin.

Bob 3:29 pm, 30-Aug-2013

What some djs simply do not understand: Showing all your private life and how rich you are, costs you all credibility. This is something for rockstars or popstars and for the likes such as Paris Hilton. You can play in front of 50.000 people and can still be underground if you do not sell out yourself to the mainstream media and expose your private life.

gets it 3:51 pm, 30-Aug-2013

most clueless author of all times, find a different topic because you know nothing about techno. :)

Richie Magdacardo 3:30 am, 1-Sep-2013


schizflux 12:42 am, 2-Sep-2013

So we've got some new cliche*... What else is new? _______________ * An expression, idea, or element of an artistic work which has become overused to the point of losing its original meaning, or effect, and even, to the point of being trite or irritating, especially when at some earlier time it was considered meaningful or novel.

con 1:40 am, 3-Sep-2013

hawtin is wack and has been for quite some time now. mills is keeping it real. mad mike still has his dignity but far less $$$ i'd reckon.

Dj Disciple 4:44 pm, 5-Sep-2013

F#CK commercial EDM

Alan Dunlop 3:30 am, 6-Sep-2013

Stop calling H a techno DJ. He plays bland tech house snooze fest stuff.

drno 5:32 am, 8-Sep-2013

DJ'ing is something anyone can do now. Those guys are up there now to make sure people are ordering those drinks. Just about every DJ I've ever loved from the late 90s early 2000s has changed their sound to this boring same sounding music that seems to be what every big DJ plays now. The technology is making so that now to be a working Dj you will have to be very attractive and full of yourself. I'm glad I have a lot of the mixes and music from the earlier times. I know things change, but this is going backwards with a LED. Hawtin knew what he was doing and when to do it when he decided he had enough of doing the Elvis thing with Detroit techno and starting something white guys can call their own (elevator music minimal). It's gaming for DJs now. The gear is what matters, and you better keep up with it or don't bother showing up to the gig. No one cares about vinyl, and soon CDJ's will go the same route. Hawtin will be able to retire with the money he's made when hes spinned his last record with a smile on his face. Not too many DJ's can say that, so I imagine he can care less what haters think about what he's doing now or the lack of impact on the genre his current sound has. I wish the music didn't have to suffer, but the arts are becoming something that will be a glorified hobby for the masses soon. There's no value in digital.

Diogo Brito 4:29 am, 9-Sep-2013

Man, this article is so unprofessional. I feel sorry for you. By the way you write about the subject i can tell by a mile you don't know shit about what you are talking about. Pfff, fucking hipsters...

Mano Di Candia 12:03 pm, 23-Sep-2013

Unfortunatelly EDM is the new trend in the world right now, there are no more rockstars only superstar DJs. This is how it works people. His life is over exposed because he has been around for donkeys years and he is considered as a legend. Sven Dohse and Bob, sorry buddies I disagree with your opinions since Berghain is a major clubbing destination and one of the top ones in the world I might add. Hoppner has done a great job there and his work is also great but he is not in the stardome in the likes of Hawtin, Cox, Digweed and all the others that have been around for more than 20 years. Sure the media is cramping everyone style but nobody can stop this now unless we go back in time and warehouse parties. Also the fact that he plays in La Boqueria and not in an underground club for 150 people, well you see there is a demand for him. drno even though I love controllerism because its giving everyone the chance to take music to the next level or work ones imagination, I have to say that all my respectfull DJ friends have vinyl ONLY for profesional gigs. I am not a DJ but I also buy 5* vinyls since thats the only way to keep it real in this day and age. con, I so agree with your opinion on Jeff Mills, the guy kicks ass big time!

bogdan 8:43 pm, 25-Sep-2013

at ANY you are wrong: the music hawtin plays is maximum average. by far not the best you can hear. there are hundreds other DJs, who took over his role without being so commercially successful. the only true fact is: Hawtin is a business man, but not a innovative DJ anymore.

celebrity cellulite hurts 3:40 pm, 26-Oct-2013

Thanks for taking the time to focus on this, I really feel strongly about this and love understanding more on this topic. If feasible, while you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more info? It is extremely useful for me.

tom 6:16 pm, 9-Nov-2013

Whatever anyone says or whatever criticisms can be made of Richie hawtin he is and will always be relevant because he was certainly one of the innovators of electrónic/techno music as We know it. For that alone he deserves respect for his art. I dont listen to his stuf so much now bit his fuse/circuit breaker/plastikman stuff of the early 90s was immense. I find his djing a bit too deconstructive these days as I like to hear tunes that get to the point! But respect where its due course everyones entitled yo an opinión and Fair enough to criticise his stuff now but easy on the negative character assasination and remember your history!

arnie 10:35 am, 21-Nov-2013

AVLmusic soundcloud im much better than richie with his 90ties outdated shit

matt 7:38 am, 11-Dec-2013

To Derrick's comment; who is your favourite DJ please? thanx

Alucard 7:39 am, 17-Dec-2013

Well I see it this way, look at the so crappy Boiler Room Ibiza set: The people have fun, obviously Richie has fun, but one guy stands beside whining about how everything was that much better in the long long ago times. Why should Hawtin use the same equip as 15 years ago, he used it a long time, now he is using other stuff, what about it. The writer must really be one sad Panda. You get old and stick in the past, get over it.

Arnerd 1:06 pm, 10-Jan-2014

Article should be called, why am I irrelevant ... Because i didnt archieve shit in life, and i spent my days writing jealous bullshit, where i dont even know shit about. Richie is the king, along with Marco ;)

john 7:41 pm, 10-Jan-2014

your a clown

SundayAdventurer 11:46 am, 5-Feb-2014

Ha, what an article. The author is a hypocrite himself as he too has jumped on a bandwagon. He has sold out and joined the mainstream slaters, who relentlessly bad mouth and disrespect one of the most prolific pioneers of the techno music industry. It is far too easy to do. Anyone who puts the self in the public gaze will always receive criticism, naturally. I first saw Richie Hawtin play at The End nightclub in London, 12 hrs of non stop, avant garde cuts and mixes that blew my mind, off-kilter transitions laced with subtlety and authority, without a shadow of a doubt he was a master of a sound driven and fuelled by the crowd... The crowd these days are unfortunately a different crowd of cocaine snorting trendy wannabes, not the loved up crowd of gurners of the 90's. If anything is to blame for the demise of the scene it is the un educated crowd of wanksters snorting low grade marching powder, posing for the rest of them.

SundayAdventurer 11:56 am, 5-Feb-2014

May I add.... Until we have Richie Hawtin tracks playing six times a day on BBC radio 1, six months before they are getting released just so they can get to number one in the charts, and, until my mum and dad are whistling Plastikman tunes whilst they tend to their garden, until the 11 year olds I teach at school are doing flash mobs and all dancing like Hawtin on YouTube. We cannot truly say RH has sold out. For someone to keep pushing his music to wider audience and still maintaining the level of 'underground ness' that he does, the man is a genius.

The Mau5 should die 12:05 pm, 5-Feb-2014

It must be frustrating for a man like Richie Hawtin who has been Djing for years, producing amazing albums, changing his style and pioneering sounds... Why?....... Because little greasy pubescent rubber face rich kids like deadmau5 and skirllex come from nowhere without the background or knowledge, push a few buttons and make some shitty noises and they are on as much money as Madonna. To the author of this article.... Are you happy with your life, are you happy with where you are going...... Make your transition.

mongki 7:19 pm, 18-Feb-2014

Richie is the king, he deserve a big stage. and big stage for him is good for techno world. i had enough the " tetetoeet toet toet" fist pumping kind of thing from "main headliner" djs. i would be more than happy if Richie got a residency in Vegas. it mean every week vegas will held an Techno event. better than nothing. i dont get why techno still need to be underground. yes i know the root is underground. but i would be more than happy to see some techno DJ on the main stage of EDC, or UMF, or Tomorrowland danced by 50thousands people or more it would be a dream come true for me if i can hear techno on radio, see people dancing to techno in some clubs and else. and to make that dream come true is by going big. residency in Ibiza, main stage of huge festival, and else is a good thing. and Richie is one of the few man that can make it happen. i dont know bout you, but i heard difference in every year richie's set. and Richie still have that spirit to play a free event in the market, taco store, street, and else.

LadyS 8:09 pm, 1-Mar-2014

even though I'm an RH fan, i dont have problem with the content of this article. but i DO have a problem with the current popularity of assessing an individual's 'relevancy'. i always want to ask...relevant to what? it just sounds like a sulky teenager on a message board...

andy n 5:23 pm, 10-Apr-2014

I agree with the general point of this article... BUT how are you only realising this now? Hawtin has been acting like a goon, playing bland, soul less noise (can't bring myself to call it techno) for the best part of 10+ years now.

Starr 3:12 am, 11-Apr-2014

Did the writer even see his recent Plastikman Live tour? Irrelevant?! groundbreaking AV/multimedia at the cutting edge of his league. Also one of the most innovative producers with regards to marketing in the world across all music platforms - always has been and continues to illicit collector interest from his fans. Sure his Ibiza thing was cringeworthy, so what? With regards to Writer's comment: "Hawtin’s sharing stages with.." where else do you suppose he plays? many of these festivals do have line ups with commercial dickheads, but they are also the biggest festivals in the world that people who are true electronic music lovers (nb. I did not use the term 'EDM") also attend. how about you work on your writing skills rather than trolling for the sake of causing controversy to get hits on your article. If you had great writing skills and had something relevant to say, I'd give you that but your poor effort and low blow is boring.

Simon F 7:28 am, 11-Apr-2014

This article is absolute and utter trash. Im sure Mr Hawtin and his team are acutely aware of his "brand", and don't get me wrong it is a global brand. From when I first bought and listened to F.U.S.E. along with Polygon Window, Black Dog in the early nineties it changed and helped mould my electronic musical life. I would like to thank Rich for that, and that's got zero to do with wether he still influence's me now. If anything i have more respect for him presently, for being able to run many very successful ventures. If Francis Bacon was alive and selling at the price of Jeff Koon's would you judge his work in the same way?

Renato 7:53 pm, 20-Apr-2014

Look, I don't even care how much he gets paid or where the hell he plays. To tell you the truth i don't care at all who's playing as long as the sound's good. But I've been drawn to he's parties quite a few times in the last years and i have to admit, he doesn't play anything new for some years. Nothing new as is nothing different. I can't say I miss Hawtin or Plastik from back in the day, but i do miss having real fun at hid parties. I always get the feeling that i have to make my body move to that sound as opposed to "can't stop moving to this sound" wich is what i (still) get from quite a few of the new and old school DJ's. Anyway, if you don't like it, don't go to that party, plenty more to go. All around every single music genre, did you ever heard of any artist/band/DJ/etc who kept innovating/barrier-breaking/influential?? I don't think so. If he's about to become the next Tom Jones or Celine Dion who cares? There's a whole other world of DJ/Producers to listen to...

SwagMan 12:08 am, 9-May-2014

Cool just what we needed, another essay by some 'edm expert' who got into electornic music last year with hardwell and is now a techno fan and thinks they are OG. get lost.

kieran alexis 7:21 am, 29-Jun-2014

Hawtin was always not really that interesting to me [musically]. Plus 8 was not really that special as a label although there were a few stand out tracks they were nothing on, say, UR, and any number of Belgian tracks/labels at that time were far better and not such purist wank. Since 1988 the rave scene was always prone to elevating people to these wild heights. EDM is replaying the exact same dynamics, sadly with many of the same people. I blame the dynamics of the business, namely event promoters and journalists. Some people, like, say, Tenaglia, are genuinely talented and deserve it, others, not so much. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Having said all that, I'm really pleased about the EDM phenomenon, I think it's great. Gave me a reason to go back to producing dance music, because in amongst the commercial same-old there is superb quality in the music, and such great positive energy.

Lloyd Moore 11:21 am, 22-Jul-2014

I've just come back from Tomorrowland and experienced the best set I've ever rocked it to, and it was Richie Hawtin. You can not deny this guys talents, same as Tenaglia and Nicole Moudaber. I don't care how much money a DJ makes, it's not the point. Richie Hawtin is an amazingly talented guy and his set was unreal, seconded by Adam Beyer.

Brando 7:55 am, 6-Sep-2014

Richie Hawtin For Life.

Depth Charge 11:18 am, 30-Nov-2014

Good honest article and about time. Hawtin was OK when he was banging out UR acid copies in the the early nineties, but slaying a holy cow here, I NEVER saw the importance of plastikman, which to me seemed like a poor version of Hood and Mill's Minimal vision. Hawtin is now the purveyor of that most awful sound, its not techno, its some kind of pseudo "cool" plink plonk for posers in sunglasses, who pump their fist carefully (so as not to disturb their immaculately quoffed hair puddings). Really this has opened the door for the whole awful wave of bland (for the masses) Tech house that Troxler and Carola are playing. Its not real, nor credible and there will be a backlash against this awful "EDM"whereas real experimental relevant music will continue to survive. Saki and Techno ??? Richie Hawtin, is the elton John of EDM, he belongs to Darth Vegas now.

Steve 12:44 pm, 1-Dec-2014

one of the best articles i have read in a while. richie has had a huge ego for a while and everyone was his entourage. being a dj from detroit i know a lot of shit i shouldn't say. richie has been fucking up for years and relies a lot on his people and electronics to make him sound good. Not saying he's not an intelligent guy or at one time he wasn't a good guy. but he's been letting his head get to him for years and has proly done way too many drugs, especially ketamine which has made him lose his sense of reality. when he did the cube thing years ago the ads were like an advertisement for the show the 4400 which was out around the same time and he was the jesus like figure. most of the minus people don't even wanna deal with him anymore, and stick to their own routines of touring to not come close to handling him and being his bitch again. good for him. he made a shit ton of money and can suck paris hilton's many dicks encrusted with swarovski crystals.

tocal 4:52 pm, 1-Dec-2014

this is about criticize just for the sake of it, because eveybody has to be a bad or wrong side. thats BS. how about Carl Cox? No one talks shit about him. they sacred cows because they have earn it.... so live with it :)

Danny 10:10 pm, 24-Jan-2015

Wow... the dude who wrote this must have been really tough on meth or something like that. He has got no clue at al

RICHIE HART 8:53 pm, 25-Jan-2015

I have read some of the article and I whole heartedly agree with what I read. Something that happens to many successful creatives is that once you become known for something or have set your own style that you like the most, you stick to it. Richie Hawtin has ceased to be ground breaking and dynamic because of it. His performance process and style has radically influenced that of many more genres. He has peaked! Now it is a fun roll down for him...

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