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Sexual Album Covers From The 50s And 60s

by Sabotage
18 June 2013 6 Comments

In the 50s and 60s the realisation that sex sells went global, and these beauties show the effect it had on album covers...

The world changed in the 50s and 60s. From the depression of the 20s and 30s to WWll, life was decidedly straight-laced. Then a new breed of free-thinker emerged from short trousers and pop socks and realised that sex, above anything else, sold. This was felt in all areas of the arts, but these album covers show that the effect upon music was palpable…

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dovesong 11:57 pm, 28-Dec-2012

nothing smutty just sensual,sexy woman.

Richard Wood 6:40 am, 29-May-2013

In the preamble it should say: "...the realisation that *sexism* sells..."

Hawks82 2:08 pm, 29-May-2013

Blind Faith?

ronbailey 1:58 pm, 31-May-2013

"Nude" does not equal "sex".

Elf M. Sternberg 4:33 am, 1-Jun-2013

Good grief, my parents had that Port Said album in their stash. Now that's a childhood memory...

Jeff Hitz 2:14 pm, 18-Jul-2013

What's with the new format? This article isn't available for android phones?

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