Sod The Brits: Here's Four New UK Bands You Need In Your Life

As ever the Brits was shown up as a night out for the dinosaurs and divas. Ignore it and check out the quartet of British bands kicking up a very enjoyable racket...
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As ever the Brits was shown up as a night out for the dinosaurs and divas. Ignore it and check out the quartet of British bands kicking up a very enjoyable racket...

So the Brits have passed again in haze of hoity-toity hashtags and online chatter about how rubbish the music was.  And let’s be honest, some of that is fair enough; One Direction did not release the best British single of last year.  Bruno Mars was not the Best International Male.  Ed Sheeran seems like a nice chap but his music is dull. You know this.  I know this.  But they move in different musical circles to most Tom, Dick and Felix's trying to make their way in the music industry, and to lose perspective of that is to lump yourself in with one of the endless stream of knobends currently getting their headlines by banging on about the supposed death of rock music


Nevertheless, if you found the Brits a little hard-going and are desperate for some musical inspiration check out these four British bands making big pop sounds in their own way.   Each have yet to release an album, but can give  a little faith to the naysayers:

Alt J

Everyone’s been losing their shit for James Blake (himself nominated for a Brit)  over the last year.  The music these guys are making- a kind of skittery electro soul that at times verges into folky noodles- is taking what he did but making it joyful and accessible and weird and totally fucking different to anything you’ve heard in a long time.  Ignore the name (officially it is the symbol that pressing Alt+J makes on an Apple) which has seen them lumped in with the witchhouse mob.  They are glorious.

Listen to their soundcloud HERE


These really do make a bevy of wondrous sounds, influenced by the American lo-fi grunge sound of the early 90s that has been the sound of a thousand gigs up and around East London over the last couple of years. If you like any or all of Grandaddy, Weezer or Teenage Fanclub you will almost certainly fall for these, and if you can listen to Roman Holiday without feeling warmed by the instant pull of its central riff then you might as well just give up now.

Listen to their bandcamp  HERE

Hey Sholay

Hailing from Sheffield, an area that can well be claiming to be going through its own little musical golden age of late, they sound a bit like Turin Brakes (remember them?) but an awful lot better.  Been touring pretty relentlessly, they make dreamy pop sounds that sounds very familiar from the off.  All the songs on their Soundcloud are ace, though Dreamboat is recommended for anyone that likes a tune with oohs in it.

Listen to the Soundcloud HERE

Theme Park

Theme Park really exploded at the end of the last year and found themselves playing every Ones to Watch gig across the land.  They’ve just released a new single Two Hours onto the net and it’s an expansion from their previous singles  Wax and Milk, which seemed to be far more in thrall to David Byrne (no bad thing, mind).  Two Hours keeps a hold of the jittery off-kilter pop vibe but chucks in an awful lot of synth.  This may or may not appeal to you and there are some that will say by doing so they have removed much of what made them stand out, but there are also many that will think they’ve just pushed things a little bit further.  Will be everywhere in the Summer, with good reason.

Check out their youtube channel HERE

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