Sonnymoon Made You All A Sexy Playlist For Valentines

Dreampop duo Sonnymoon have made a Valentines playlist so sexy you could listen to it on your own. But don't. That'd be tragic.
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Dreampop duo Sonnymoon have made a Valentines playlist so sexy you could listen to it on your own. But don't. That'd be tragic.


We aren't big on holidays, but we love a good excuse to make a sexy playlist. Sexiness comes in all moods, shapes, and sizes. Sometimes you want to bang into some dressers and pull tablecloths off furniture to some Nirvana or Death Grips or even the Eyes Wide Shut soundtrack. Other times, you want to be all "Baby I am making love to you on this bed of marshmallows and after I've made you cum four times I'm going to feed you chocolate covered goji berries to this Barry White classic". This is that playlist.

Listen in this EXACT order:

1. Bill Evans - Some Other Time

From the first pluck of the bass to the last flutter of cymbal….even the clapping at the end of the performance is sexy. Bill Evans contributed heavily to one of the best albums of all time, Miles Davis'Kind of Blue. If you haven't heard his solo stuff this is a great composition to start with. Light some candles.

2. Sarah Vaughan - In A Sentimental Mood

Sarah's voice is so sensuous. This is a recording that feels as though everyone was on the same page. The page of love. This is the song you slow dance to.

3. Jeff Buckley - Everybody Here Wants You

Jeff. Jeff. Jeff. What a soul. He loved women. He respected women. He said his voice was a woman. When he says "even now you're undressed in your dreams with me," I believe him. This is a good time to perform the "Jeff Test" Ask yourself "will sleeping with this person be better than masturbating to Jeff Buckley?" If the answer is yes then you may commence.

4. Depeche Mode - Blue Dress

Every single song of theirs is sexy. Every single sound they've ever created and/or utilized is sexy. Davids voice is the epitome of sexy, the range he chooses, his fluttery emotional delivery. Ahhh. So sexy, so sexy, so sexy.

5. Lana Del Rey - Shades of Cool

What a gem. Gorgeous voice, incredible songwriting. She is writing the new jazz standards. This song will be in a real book someday.

6. Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica

If you've put this music on to relax or sleep but found yourself wanting to "exercise" instead, well, join the club. This is the song you look deep into each others eyes to (hopefully while doing other things, too).

7. Jill Scott - Crown Royal

"Catch that thrust give it right back to you. In so deep I'm breathing for you." Jill is using her poetic genius to guide us all to climax.

8. Neil Young - Harvest Moon

Perfect postcoital anthem. Lay in each others arms (preferably under the stars) spark that joint and pass smoke between yourselves.

9. Gonjasufi - Nikels And Dimes

This song feels like a rolling river, so we suggest a romp in a river or lake or shower (whatever is easiest to get to while still hearing the music). Maybe you are at a resort somewhere and the jacuzzi has a built in speaker system. Use that. If you are locked away in a love cabin, unlock the door and get to the nearest body of water. If you are in your dorm room, sneak into the communal showers together and bring your portable USB speaker.

10. Barry White - What Am I Gonna Do With You

Barry White is a professional love maker. He wants you to make love, too. Luckily, you just did! So break out the goji berries and strawberries and fondue fountain and feed each other some of those precious calories you just burned.

Buy Sonnymoon's new album, ‘The Courage Of Present Times’, out March 23rd.


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