Super Sized 45s: Ace Vinyl Artwork Given A New Lease Of Life

Morgan Howell's brilliant 3D artwork that captures the magic of the humble 45...
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Morgan Howell's brilliant 3D artwork that captures the magic of the humble 45...

Said Johnny Marr to MOJO in 2007: “The seven-inch single, as an entity, is an absolutely powerful, possibly otherworldly object.” One man who understands this is artist Morgan Howell, who creates extra-large, hand painted 3-D reproductions of classic paper sleeve 45s for his Super Sized Art imprint.

Morgan's superb oil-on-canvas works capture the unique, battered quality that only an old 45 could posess, incorporating superb details like old girlfriends names crossed out on the sleeve, and natural wear and tear.

MOJO Magazine eulogised about Howell's work, explaining that  ‘Rarely has theMOJO office been so galvanised than when Morgan Howell popped in to show us his Supersized Singles. The 3D quality is uncanny, just like an original single has been blown up with some science-fiction enlargement machine and plonked on your wall.’

Morgan recently donated the original super-size paintings of The Beatles Double A-Side, Hey Jude and Revolution to Sound & Vision. The paintings reflect two sides of the same double A-Side single, so you get a wonderful contrast between the front and back of the Apple Corps logo. The attention to detail is incredible: the creases on each side of the record bag even mirror each other. They sold on the night raising £20,000 for Cancer Research

Famous customers include Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, Don Letts, Jerry Dammers, Sony Music, Decca Records and Columbia Records. You might not be able to afford one, but hopefully this gallery gives you an idea of their brilliance.

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