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The Vinyl Cave Of Newton Heath

by Tom Clarke
15 January 2012 7 Comments

Hidden in a Newton Heath basement is a highly impressive record collection belonging to George Davenport of Pandemonium Records - here's a sneak peek inside...

Today we spent a couple of hours in a basement in Newton Heath, North Manchester, looking through literally 1000′s & 1000′s of vinyls, picture discs, cassettes and 8 tracks. The collection belongs to George Davenport and is all his Pandemonium Record Shop stock.

There’s a bewildering amount of music and despite being checked by collectors over the years, more vinyl than you could look through (let alone listen to) in a day, week or even month. The place isn’t open to the public but you can make an appointment to browse, although not necessarily buy. Unfortunately for both George and the amazing music archive that’s stored there he is facing eviction and the stock will be destroyed, lost forever. George is at a loss as what to do and the landlord seems to be set at getting him to leave, with no other option. The building is old and badly kept meaning there’s alot of water damage to the stock already (we saw 100′s of 1930s jazz shellac 12′s in a terrible state…)

Some friends at production company Tunafish Media are in the process of making a documentary about vinyl obsessive’s, with George featuring amongst others, which they hope will draw attention to the cause and hopefully find a solution to what will potentially be, a massive loss of an amazing music archive…any ideas? Get in touch if you’d like to know more or could help George with a storage solution.

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davis 12:10 pm, 15-Jan-2012

I dream of a record collection that size,would love to be the guardian of that treasure trove - if only I had the premises...

C 6:41 pm, 15-Jan-2012

I used to work for George at Pandemonium records during the 80's. Lovely guy I never got paid but he would record any LP for me on a tape. 10:24 pm, 15-Jan-2012

That's an amazing collection. And a terrible predicament to be in. I only wish I could provide some ideas. Hopefully this will get noticed and a music loving owner of a large building with some unused storage rooms may help if only in the short term to prevent any more of it being damaged.

Johnny L 12:32 am, 16-Jan-2012

At first I thought, 'Wow, that's impressive,' but what's the point if you don't play them?

John Stitch 11:11 am, 16-Jan-2012

As the owner of a large but diminishing vinyl collection I'd suggest Discogs, Oxfam and the local tip in that order.

Tom @ aA 9:15 pm, 23-Jan-2012

Thank you for the feedback - we're going back next week & I'm sure George will be enthused by the interest - he, maybe unsurprisingly, does not use the internet so will print this page for him... Yes, there are easy solutions. Either: (a) selling it (b) giving it away (c) binning it Whether he'll wish to do any, we'll see...

Spencer 6:43 pm, 25-Jan-2012

Pandemonium records is indeed an awe inspiring place. Check out for a selection of images I have taken over the years down at the shop. I really hope the collection can be preserved so others can enjoy the thrill of discovering forgotten music preserved within the grooves on an LP hidden in a North Manchester basement.

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