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The Periodic Table of Heavy Metal

by Sabotage
22 February 2012 11 Comments

This kid may have failed his Chemistry exam but he'll always be a winner in our eyes.

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Wayne Deeley 4:21 pm, 22-Feb-2012


Martin Quirk 4:45 pm, 22-Feb-2012

Crap taste in heavy metal though; nothing remotely English or Australian, hence the four red crosses and the question mark of dis-belief from examiner. The correct answers were obviously; Zep , Sab, AC/DC and, of course, Tap and their respective symbols.

Creg 5:51 pm, 22-Feb-2012

He was asked for 4 and chose the big four of metal, probably the 'funniest' choice he could've made. Led Zep and Sabbath are overrated and have been far surpassed by the bands they influenced and AC/DC are a joke, no self respecting teenager would listen to them in 1992 (or now).

EponymousBosh 6:11 pm, 22-Feb-2012

No 'self-respecting' teenager would listen to heavy metal on account of being both shit and specifically aimed at middle-aged men who haven't seen their own dicks without the aid of a mirror for many years.

barnaby jones 6:21 pm, 22-Feb-2012

I like how he answered the preceding and following questions correctly. The kid clearly knows his stuff. He wasn't just bailing on an exam that wasn't going anywhere. And, I agree, he chose the big four of metal.

Martin Quirk 6:27 pm, 22-Feb-2012

@Creg - AC/DC are not a joke, they just don't take themselves very seriously. There's a huge difference. With the possible exception of Metallica (who, let's not forget, feature the living dick that is Lars Ulrich) the other three bands are pure, undiluted, human ejaculate. Led Zeppelin are the greatest metal band that there will ever be. Simple as. ... and AC/DC still ROCK!!

shorehamview 8:27 pm, 22-Feb-2012

Nobody noticed that this originally dates from 1992 then? What next in "Breaking News From 20 Years Ago?"

cliff vicious 8:55 pm, 22-Feb-2012

Slayer logo is wrong. Quirk is a moron. Eponymousbosh, well mature. I thought it was 92 again... Where is thus young genius now?

Gu Ai De 8:46 am, 23-Feb-2012

To be fair, he was clearly a speed metal, as opposed to classic metal, fan. That made him reasonably up-to-date in 1992. Five or ten years earlier and he might well have listed Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, and perhaps the Scorpions, for an all-Euro Big Four. The fact is, however, that by the early 90's most new US guitar-based bands were playing grunge, there were not any rising British metal bands to speak of, and what cutting edge European stuff there was tended toward Nordic death metal, an acquired taste if there ever was one. Given that, his choices make a lot of sense. Finally, just to set the record straight, AC/DC is not, and has never been, heavy metal. They are epitome of blues-based hard rock, pure and simple. At least the kid knew that.

TokyoDon 9:39 am, 23-Feb-2012

Awooga. Byoing!

Martin Appleby 7:58 am, 2-Mar-2012

Wonder if he has been laid yet?

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