The Phoenix Reviewed: Fall Out Boy Have Evolved For The Better

After a thumping return to the music world with 'Light 'Em Up', Fall Out Boy differentiate substantially once again with 'The Phoenix', bringing a Cobra Starship feel to the table.
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After a thumping return to the music world with 'Light 'Em Up', Fall Out Boy differentiate substantially once again with 'The Phoenix', bringing a Cobra Starship feel to the table.


When Fall Out Boy announced their return to the world of music earlier in the year, fans of the Illinois based punk rock band were understandably excited. Almost instantaneously, the video for 'Light 'Em Up (My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark)' made its appearance on YouTube, with it being available for download on iTunes that very same day.

Way to surprise your legions of fans, eh? Well, on Monday the video for their second single of the album 'Save Rock And Roll' emerged online, aptly titled 'The Phoenix'. As anyone will tell you, a Phoenix will raise from the ashes when death appeared a near certainty. Considering Fall Out Boy have re-emerged from the brink, cutting their indefinite hiatus to an abrupt end, the song itself continues the trait of their approach to “save rock and roll”.

The song has somewhat of a Plan B aura to it initially, with 'Ill Manors' springing to mind – a chilling reminder of Match of the Day 2, it has to be said. Of course, this is brought to a swift end when Patrick Stamp angrily opens in the first verse, “We are the jackal lanterns in July, setting fire to the sky” a particular highlight in the chain of events. The bass drum in the background adding to the atmospheric beginning aids in the song that would comfortably become a fan favourite during stadium sell out tours.


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Naturally, this all leads up to the chorus, of which Stamp busts out his familiar shriek that one can closely associate with the Fall Out Boy vocalist. At this point, the song has taken a more upbeat turn, adopting a similarly sounding approach to that of friends Cobra Starship, with the emphasis on the utilisation of synthetic beats and something more technologically advanced than a guitar, bass and drums.

“I'm going to change you, like a remix. Then I'll raise you, like a Phoenix.” Perhaps the most telling line in the whole song, emerging at the end of the chorus each and every time. Not only is it the name of the song, but the Phoenix reference points towards their decision to end their indefinite hiatus, raising from the ashes like - you guessed it - a Phoenix, something mentioned in the second paragraph, another link between the song and 'Light 'Em Up' through the eerie shrill of "I'm on fire!".

Furthermore, the remix quip hints at their change in musical tastes and approach. If 'Light 'Em Up' taught us anything, it was that Fall Out Boy have completely altered their direction in which to take following 'Folie à Deux'. 'The Phoenix' again differentiates considerably from 'Light 'Em Up', with the “remix” factor coming into play. Either way, like the first single from 'Save Rock 'n' Roll', this is yet another fan appeasing song that will undoubtedly play its way into the hearts of fans who have welcomed their change with open arms, perhaps quicker than 'Light 'Em Up'.

The Phoenix is available for download on iTunes now

The new album 'Save Rock And Roll' is available for pre-order now and is expected to be released on Monday April 15th