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The Strypes: The Irish Teens Giving Rock N' Roll A Kick In The Arse

by Sabotage
1 May 2012 9 Comments

They've been dubbed Ireland's answer to The Beatles, their first single was a cover of The Fab Four's "You Can't Do That", but this tune shows that they're no tribute act.

In a musical climate where everything is loop pedals and sampling, sometimes it’s nice to say “fuck off” to all of that and bring everything back to basics, which this tune does brilliantly. Ok, so it’s another cover, the little scamps turning their attentions from The Beatles to Bo Diddley, but they make it sound unique and fresh whilst still doing justice to the original. The fact they even know who Bo Diddley is should be a cause for celebration!

Check out their Facebook and follow them on Twitter. They’ll be playing their first London date on May 6th at the 229 Club on Great Portland Street, before travelling to Spain, France, Japan and all over their native Ireland for more dates this year.

Oh, and by the way, in case you hadn’t guessed from the video, they’re all sickeningly young, not one of them is old enough to buy a pint yet. Fuck’s sake.

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Will Hambleton 11:41 am, 1-May-2012

This is also a cover. The original was released in 1962 by Bo Diddley. Its a good cover though

Johnny L 1:15 pm, 1-May-2012

No shit it's a cover? Ironic that the freshest sounding tune of the year so far is a cover of an old Bo Dddley song. Got to give The Strypes their due, they take a standard and imbue it with their own spirit, make it theirs. Insanely young to have the (Rythm &) Blues. Cool video, very creative filming. Moderatley successful bands who've done cover versions in the past include The Beatles, The Stones, The Clash, pretty good company for a bunch of school kids to be keeping.

Harry Harris 4:01 pm, 1-May-2012

Cheers for the heads up guys, I naturally assumed that a group of 15 year old Irish kids wouldn't know who Bo Diddley is - more fool me! Really excited to see what this band do next though.

Tom Madrid 4:09 pm, 1-May-2012

Eh? Is it 1964 again? I don't get it.

Dave ManU 5:28 pm, 1-May-2012

Seriously cool version of this song - very young Beatles, with a bit of Oasis thrown in!

jonny carson 6:01 pm, 1-May-2012

A group to watch out for, some very cool videos on youtube.

Astonishingly Pretty 26 Year Old Latina 7:43 pm, 1-May-2012

You guys are so cute.

Gaz Dunne 10:47 pm, 1-May-2012

Excellent video but do we really need yet another novelty teen covers band? Yawn.

Jimmy James Jameson 2:49 pm, 11-May-2012

Rather these little pups than a never ending production line of Cowell cocksuckers Gaz. For 13 and 14 years old they are seriously talented and very cool to boot. That they're digging into a rock and roll back catalogue that is older than their grandads, tells us as much about their discerning taste as it does about the last decade of music.

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