Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?

The Top 5 DJs To See In 2013

by Tom Armstrong
11 February 2013 16 Comments

There are so many DJs playing great sets at the moment. If you get the chance, you've gotta make sure you see these guys - and soon...



The most hyped name on the underground circuit right now, the Numbers label boss has the ability to sell out warehouses without the need to announce any supporting DJs. His eclectic style sees him unafraid to throw absolutely anything into the mix so long as it’ll get the heads moving. Expect speed garage to ’80s electro boogie.


The Belfast duo became 2012′s rising stars with their $tripper EP and the ’90s house influenced Vision of Love, but it’s their tekkers behind the decks which really sets them apart from the competition. These boys are seasoned crate diggers, which gives them a seemingly endless supply of B-sides, dub mixes and rarities to explore. Their decision to go all-vinyl should also be applauded in a world weighed down by digital blandness.

Jamie Jones

Say what you like about the Hot Creations label boss, his meteoric rise from underground hero to global superstar is not without merit. Over the past three years he’s helped define house music for a generation, and his DJing skills, along with his label’s identifiable brand of deep, slo-vocal house, are what got him there. Still one to see in 2013.


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Krystal Klear

Versatile and accomplished in as many styles and genres as we care to name, the big lad from Northern Ireland’s talent shone through last year in both performance and production. From slamming down earth shattering bass at Fabric for RinseFM, to getting a sweaty Bestival crowd bouncing to disco, crowd control seems to be his second nature.

Joy Orbison

He stole the show at last summer’s Eastern Electrics festival with a full frontal selection of UKG classics and remixes, and his own productions, including last year’s anthemic Elipsis, make him one of the pioneering producers of a new generation. His unreleased material, which he saves exclusively for his own sets, is reportedly even better.

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K 1:18 pm, 11-Jan-2013

Agree with all of these, Jackmaster has a slot on Radio 1 now, so shall be getting big, anyone should check out his tweak-a-holic mixes if they haven't already.

Chris 4:23 pm, 11-Jan-2013

Jamie Jones personifies the current poser-house essex boy scene, i do not wish to see him anytime soon thank you. The rest i agree with although Julio Bashmore & Four Tet are on the to-see list.

dovesong 4:41 pm, 11-Jan-2013

One of the best dj's i've ever seen is a guy called Sean McCabe boy can this guy mix,check him out.

The tailor 6:16 pm, 11-Jan-2013

You should check out online radio station... full of great soon to be massive DJs

Antony 2:26 pm, 12-Jan-2013

nobody touches dj tiesto and paul van dyk. DONE!

Tom Armstrong 3:22 pm, 19-Jan-2013

Yeh I know Jamie isn't everyone's cuppa tea Chris, but still a great DJ regardless of the crowd he attracts

Matt 3:26 pm, 23-Jan-2013

Jackmaster was pretty average when i saw him DJ in Ibiza, i didnt hear anything eclectic.

goughy 6:26 pm, 22-Mar-2013

Dont these twats become rich and famous doing nothing more than playing someone elses music?

Tom Armstrong 12:08 pm, 3-Apr-2013

Yeh they do Goughy. Terrible world we live in ain't it.

joe frazier 5:26 am, 26-Apr-2013

Flume dosent even rate he will be turnin heads soon

T Barnone 5:40 pm, 13-Jun-2013

Why exactly should Bicep be applauded for their decision to go all vinyl? I just don't get this digital vs vinyl debate. I have not heard one convincing argument as to why vinyl is better; scientific tests have proved that the 'sound quality' element is a myth so I'm still confused as to why everyone gets so giddy over wax?? Also, why is so much fuss being made for 2 guys who basically play 90s deep house? Really do not get Bicep AT ALL.

Mat Fox 3:32 pm, 17-Jun-2013

Daniel Avery Andrew Weatheral as always

Harry 11:07 pm, 18-Jun-2013

Pretty standard list that lacks imagination and knowledge. Jamie jones is the worst of the worst. His label is pure trash. People to see are femme en fourrure, youandewan, no artificial colours, dj rum and silk 86

Steve 8:28 am, 22-Jun-2013

Chris, took what you said as credible but then you said Bashmore - Au Seve couldn't be more of a poser-Essex anthem if it tried!! Appreciate all suggestions - Sean McCabe is sick and definitely agree with that one. Bicep are amazing but Dale Howard is still one to watch. He's pioneering a fresh angle that is going to be a monster - watch this space

Tobais Funkos 2:46 pm, 7-Aug-2013

Ok.. well let's see. All these DJ's mentioned are pretty much cut from the same cloth.. They all play modern 'Housey' or 'clubby' tunes. There's not much else on offer here.. As for the 'decision to go all-vinyl should also be applauded in a world weighed down by digital blandness' I couldn't agree more.. I'm a strictly vinyl only DJ myself, that's because the music I play is very specialist.. 60's/ 70's Raw Funk and heavy Soul 7"/ 45's to be exact. To me There's nothing more frustrating than a DJ using a laptop.. I personally don't think they have the right to call themselves a 'DJ'.. they should be know as 'Lap jockeys'.. As they don't play 'discs'!! Plus any idiot can borrow other peoples digital music files or download (bad quality MP3's) upload them to a computer and call themselves a blooming DJ.. It's that simple! You may as well plug in a flipping i-pod and be done with it.. Lap Jockeys are putting vinyl DJ's out of business and it's a very sad fact that most music venues don't even have record decks anymore.. Sort it out, as I really want a gig soon!!

db 1:52 pm, 27-Aug-2013

Tom I thought after reading your piece on Hawtin you knew a thing or two about the scene. But after reading this and the one on Ketamine you quite clearly have a lot more experience / knowledge to gain.

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