Cartoonist Tony Husband: 50 Songs I Love

Britain's best loved cartoonist thought he'd take up the 50 songs challenge. He dedicates his list to Kevin Ayers
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Britain's best loved cartoonist thought he'd take up the 50 songs challenge. He dedicates his list to Kevin Ayers


1. Rolling Stones - Jumping Jack Flash

This is the song for my funeral.. The greatest single ever by the best rock band ever.

2. Neil Young - At The Turnstile 

Neil is my inspiration. Still trying new things. This track is from one of his best albums, On the Beach.

3. Radar Bros - Stay

I was introduced to the band by Aaron Burtch, Grandaddy’s drummer. The band fit my every mood and if I’m not sure what to play, I can really on Jim and his band.

4. Low - Two Step

Alan and Mimi’s harmonies melt the heart, none more so than on this track.

5. The Stooges - Real Cool Time

Pure dirty rock.

6. Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun (Live)

My favourite guitarist’s greatest solo… close your eyes and let Jimi transport you through galaxies.

7. Otis Redding - Been Loving You Too Long

So full of soul, brings tears to my eyes.

8. The Smiths - How Soon Is Now?

That guitar, wow… love the girl in the video too.

9. David Bowie - Man Who Sold The World

Again, a really heavy album. I’ve been into Bowie since 67… Visconti and Ronson made this album rock.

10. Brian Jonestown Massacre - Wisdom

Unpredictable, mad but brilliant. Love Anton.

11. Cat Power - Nude As The News

Dark Cat… had ticket for her London show but she cancelled. What a voice.

12. The Damned - New Rose

Rat Scabies… say no more.

13. 13th Floor Elevators - Slip inside This House

The best acid song ever.

14. Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band - Bat Chain Puller

Another of my heroes… the groove to on this track is awesome. Based on windscreen wipers I believe.

15. Tim Buckley - Driftin'

This voice... makes you melt, cry, laugh… it’s wonderful.

16. Pixies - Cactus

Such a good band… love Frank’s lyrics.

17. Hank Williams - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Possibly saddest song ever written.

18. Benny Goodman And His Orchestra - Sing Sing

The track that turned me on to music… In my dad’s collection, live at the Carnegie hall one of the greatest live albums ever, and of course the mighty Gene Krupa!!

19. Burning Spear - Resting Place

Wonderful stoned voice… great live.

20. Soft Machine - Why Are We Sleeping

One of the great 60s bands… Ayers and Wyatt together. Magic.

21. Jefferson Airplane - Bear Melt (live)

Takes me back to the Magic Village in Manchester in the late 60s… Underground club where I saw Floyd, Tull, and many more. The DJ would play this about three in the morning and this beautiful hippy girl would get up and dance trance like to it.

22. Randy Newman - Sail Away

One of the great American songwriters. Clever, dry and funny… a genius of songwriter.

23. Fairport Convention -Matty Groves

One of the great live bands… never failed to please.

24. Robert Johnson - Crossroads

Dark and lonely... the path RJ chose to take… he did a pact with the devil they say.

25. Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy

The great Muddy with this wonderful ramshackle of a song.


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26. Jethro Tull - We Used to Know

Reminds me of my hippy days and love Martin Barres solo.

27. Meat Puppets - Lake of Fire

Influenced Nirvana who nearly made the list, went for the influencers.

28. At The Drive In - Napoleon Solo

Totally wired and wild. Love drumming to this in my studio, the energy is awesome.

29. Public Enemy - Don't Believe the Hype

My favourite and I think the best rap band... say it like it is boys.

30. Flamin' Groovies - Texas Border

The most underrated band in history… their first 2 albums are up there with the very best. Saw them live at Bickershaw… mind blowing.

31. Grandaddy - He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot

Drift off to this one… like being in a soothing bath of sound.

32. Love - August

Could have been any number of Arthur’s songs but the drumming on this wins it for me. I love drummers.

33. Throwing Muses - Pearl

Kristen Hersch is one of my favourite ladies. Her solo stuff is fabulous but love the Muses.

34. Breeders - Cannonball

Kim and Kelly, love them both. This song is near as damn perfect, which isn’t always a good thing as I’m not keen on perfection in music.

35. Television - Foxhole

I saw television in Manchester a while ago… I presumed Tom was the main guy but Richard Lloyd shone.

36. The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Just simple a very beautiful song.

37. Talk Talk - Such A Shame

Great band that just disappeared. Love the video to this.

38. Bill Withers - Grandma's Hands

Wonderful songwriter, the Staple Singers do a great version of this too.

39. Traffic - Mr Fantasy

Hippy memories of seeing them at Glastonbury in the early 70s. Winwood is one of the coolest guys around.

40. Joy Division - New Dawn Fades

Dark and dangerous… and Hookies bass line, bloody hell.

41. The Hollies - Air That I Breathe

Wonderful song by one of the great singles bands.

42. Kevin Ayers - Song From The Bottom of a Well

Don’t know where Kevin’s head was when he wrote this but it’s brooding and menacing. Ayer’s guitar rips the paint off the walls.

43. British Sea Power - Waving Flags

One of the best live groups around. I’ve sang along merrily to this at many a gig.

44. Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock

The beginning of rock? Certainly a contender.

45. Alasdair Roberts - The Leaving

One of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. Find it on Ballad of the Book on the wonderful Chemikal Underground records.

46. Elbow - New Born

Guy’s voice pierces through very emotional track, very moving.

47. Mark Lanegan - Strange Religion

From the fantastic Bubblegum album. Saw him tour with this and he sang from the shadows the entire set.

48. Gram Parsons - She

Great driving music from Gram. Took the Stones into a different area. Sadly couldn’t keep up with Keef.

49. The Only Ones - The Big Sleep

Peter sadly addicted to heroin and a lot of the songs are about the drug but they can play and rock. Hate heroin

50. I Am Kloot - Storm Warning

Love the band and the people. One of their great tracks. John is such a talented songwriter.