Trading Mixtapes: Jeremy Underground Paris x Hunee

What happens when two of the finest DJs and musical connoisseurs in the game produce bespoke mixes for each other...
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What happens when two of the finest DJs and musical connoisseurs in the game produce bespoke mixes for each other...


Hunee and Jeremy Underground Paris have had a mix-off on Soundcloud, each handpicking 6 tracks for each other ahead of their appearance at The Nest on June 7th.

As Jeremy explains on his Soundcloud....

"Hunee came with this brilliant idea: I should record a mini selection of 6 tunes that I think he would love - and vice versa. Hoping to please him with tracks he doesn't know and that he would add to his wantlist."

These two are among the most respected selectors in the business, with Jeremy's 'My Love is Underground' imprint one of the finest and most consistent house labels to emerge in recent years. As expected, both of their selections are on the money.

Hunee for Jeremy

1. Joki Freund Sextet - Yogi Jazz
The only jazz record in this selection (thanks MCDE for the heads up on this one...). A long german modal workout, a type of jazz i hope you will enjoy.

2. Pedro Santos - Desengano da Vista
Jeremy, being a certified brazil collector and lover, you are hard to impress. I still burned my fingers to include two brazilian cuts. This one here, being a very deep and hopefully unknown shortie to you.

3. Jorge Ben - Katarina
Jorge Ben, so many great albums, and probably an obvious cut, but so good and shifting the mix towards a more uplifting side. I think I remember we talked about this record while being stuck in classic parisian traffic and you didnt know "the one with him and the dog on the cover".

4. The Brief Encounter - Get A Good Feeling
A rare album, recently reissued from the Jazzman. A funky boogie cut, a good feeling, a band at its peak, a dancefloor set on fire.

5. Jr. Tucker - Take A Message (From My Body)
This has been an emotional rocket ever since I heard it (big up to Volcov). A one-dollar nugget, something i can see you might be putting on for all the bodies!

6. Mr. Fingers - Stars (1992 Version)
A 1992 Version of this Larry Heard monster. An end of the night flight, had to squeeze in one house thing for you. Fasten your seatbelts, Underground Paris is about to take off!

Jeremy for Hunee

Intro/ Iasos - Libra Sunrise - Unity Records USA 1975
Here's the description of the track written on the backsleeve:
"The rising sun, electrifying all life with the scintillating joy of celestial dimensions". Something you definitely need!

1/ Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Colors Of Anyhow - GRT Canada 1970
This I already know that you like :) As I dug it up for you when we spent time together at Superfly in Paris some weeks ago! Such a beautiful LP. Was making sense to start the selection with it.

2/ France Gall - Musique - Atlantic France 1977
Most french people know this track, but as you're german.. there's a chance you've never heard of it! Let's see.. Amazing french disco.. A hit back in the days, overlooked by 'boring diggers' as "too mainstream" maybe, but great music - that's all we care about! I had to put something from my homeland in this selection :)

3/ Rosana - Muito Independente - Odeon Brazil 1978
As we were talking about Brazilian music the other day when I almost made you miss your flight to Leeds! I'm sure you gonna love this little 7inch! Love Rosana's voice!!

4/ Patrice Jefferson - Look Mama, No Hands! - Niambi Records USA
Pretty rare one I believe. I'm sure this will put a smile on your face!

5/ Carol Shinnete With The Concrete Band - Cyanide Love - Zilko Records USA 1984
One for the weasels! Ebay-Popsike & co.. The music in itself: one of my fave boogie tunes! You probably know this.. Anyway.. I'm sure it's your cup of tea!

6/ The Harden Brothers - Deep Inside Of You - H.B. Productions USA 1981
Ok I'm ending this selection with some heavy stuff. Can't remember if I mentioned this one last time we saw each other or not.. Was worth including it anyway!