Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?

Tupac's Former Bodyguard Reveals Who Shot The Rapper

by Matt Weiner
23 May 2014 271 Comments

Following the news that Tupac's former bodyguard Frank Alexander has died, here is an archive interview in which he revealed who he thinks was the killer (and explains why he wasn't to blame).


How are you doing Frank?

Just riding my horse, man. Just hanging out and chasing those cowgirls.

How did you come to be Tupac’s personal bodyguard in the first place?

I spent  11 years in the Marines and trained to become a world-class bodybuilding champion. I was working as a prison officer when I got a cal from a friend of mine, asking me if I wanted to work security for Death Row Records, owned by the man Las Vegas police believed to be the New Prince of Darkness, Marion ‘Suge’ Knight.

We heard they hooked you up with Snoop and the Dog Pound, and after your quick thinking saved them from being shot in New York, Tupac asked you to work for him.

I was 5 foot 11inches and almost 20 stone. I knew my size was a factor or Tupac. He liked having a big-ass nigga on his side. They used to call me ‘Big Frank’. Tupac also liked me cos I was the only one that could keep up with him. He was like the Energiser Bunny; he was a workaholic. Plus he loved to drive fast and crazy. He used to try to shake his security, but I was the only one who managed to stick with him. Tupac was a lot of fun. We had a blast.

How much did you get paid?

About $300 a day, but there were other perks.

Like what?

Like candy – Tupac’s code name for weed. Pac smoked weed 24/7. When he first got out of bed every morning, he rolled a Philly Blunt. Tupac taught me how to make one. You basically take a cigar, slice it up in the middle, take out the tobacco and replace it with weed. The shits so good, you’ll never go back. Tupac looked at things like this: money, first; weed, second; pussy, third. That’s saying a lot, because he really loved women.

So Pac wasn’t exactly training for priesthood?

I couldn’t count the number of hoochies Pac slept with while I was working with him. But it would have to be in three digits. Women threw themselves at Pac and he wasn’t dodging – including Madonna; Faith Evans (Biggie Small’s wife); OJ Simpson’s daughter, Arnelle; and Kidada Jones (Quincy Jones’ daughter).

You must have met some cool people.

I met a ton of people – like Samuel L Jackson and Tim Roth. One time, we were invited to Men’s Fashion Week in Italy and Pac and Versace hit it off real well.

Tupac was pretty close to Mike Tyson, wasn’t he?

Mike hung out with us all the time. He and Tupac had a lot in common: the bad boy thing. It goes back to where they came from. I remember one time on tour, Tupac had Mike come up on stage and do a song with him. Pac started rappin’ about Mike and Mike was jumping up and down on the stage, throwing his hands in the air and screaming like a bitch, he was so excited.

Tupac didn’t mind a scrap, did he?

Pac wasn’t a big guy: 5 foot 7 inches and 160 pounds, but he loved to fight. It was my job to neutralise those situations before they got out of hand.

Didn’t he get into a fight on the night he got shot?

That’s right. It was with Orlando Anderson, a Crip from the South Side. Anderson had previously got into a scuffle with one of the Death Row guys. They’d torn up a mall. That was the kick-off for everything that was to eventually happen.

So what happened with Anderson and Tupac?

On the night of the Tyson/Seldon fight, a friend of Suge Knights came up to Tupac and whispered that he had spotted Orlando Anderson in the arena. Tupac ran over and that’s when they got into it. I ran over and saw Tupac throw a couple of blows. Anderson tried to throw one back, but ended up going down, and that’s when a ton of Death Row guys jumped on him.


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That was the same night Tupac was shot, D’you think the two events were connected?

Yeah. If you get into a scuffle and you get you butt whupped, whatcha gonna do? You’re going to tell your friends, ‘Hey I just got into a fight and guess who it was with? Tupac!’ And someone’s going to say, ‘You know what, lets go get some payback.’ I can see that happen.

What happened next?

After the fight we planned to go to 662, Suge’s club. We were hanging out in the hotel lobby with some of the finest hoochy mammas, who were all angling to get into 662. But first Suge wanted us to go over to his place so that he could change. When we left Suge’s we had an entourage… 16 to 20 cars full of women, friends and groupies. We’d just turned onto Flamingo Strip and had stopped at the lights when this white Cadillac just rode up, man. This black gun stuck out of the back window and just started blasting the back of Pac’s BMW. All we saw was the gunsmoke. They blasted into the car 13 to 15 times, emptied the clip, and took off.

But you were with Tupac, right?

No, Pac had asked me to drive Kidada’s car. He wanted me to drive The Outlaws [Tupac’s posse] cos they were gonna be drinking and I was the only one who wasn’t. My gun was in my car, plus the law of the State of Nevada states that it’s illegal to carry a weapon.

But as his bodyguard, shouldn’t you have ignored his request and rode with him anyway?

No. If I’m working for you and you ask me to do something then my job is to do it, within reason. If you want to ride with the chairman of your record company and whatever you’re discussing has nothing to do with me, you don’t want my ears there. I’m going to take the keys and drive the car you asked me to drive.

After the shooting, Suge Knight held you responsible for Tupac’s death. How did that make you feel?

A lot of people thought it was my fault, but I had very few options. I was asked to ride in Kidada’s car. I had no weapon and the car had no gas. Had I been in my car I could have followed the Cadillac and possibly shot at it. At Death Row they always said that if anything ever happened then ‘we got your back. We’re going to take care of you.’ Well, that turned out not to be true.

In fact, you received death threats from Death Row…

That’s right. They wanted me to testify on Suge’s behalf over the beating of Orlando Anderson and I felt I had nothing to do with that. This was after they had turned their backs on me after the shooting. I realised they were using me and I didn’t want to be part of that. One of the bodyguards called me up and said, ‘Hey, if you don’t testify for Suge then they want you dead.’ I’m like. ‘Who does?’ and he goes, ‘Death Row.’


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Were you afraid of Suge Knight?

No! I wasn’t scared. I’m not afraid of death, so I’m not afraid of Suge. He’s in jail now.

Do you speak to anyone from Death Row now?

No, I don’t.

What made you write your book Got Your Back?

I was reading all the magazines about Tupac’s death and they were all saying things that weren’t true. The best source of the truth is from the horses’s mouth, and I’m the horse!

Do you have any plans to go back to being a bodyguard?

Its funny you should ask that, cos a friend of mine who bodyguards for Rakim and Whodini has been calling me trying to get me to work with him.

What did you say?

No. it’s not something I’m ready to do. I have a daughter and another career now.

There’s a line at the end of Goodfellas when Henry Hill has been given a new identity in suburbia by the Witness Protection Agency. He says. ‘That’s the hardest part. Today everything is different. There’s no action. I have to wait around like everyone else… I’m an average nobody. I got to live the rest of my life like a schnook.’ Can you empathise with that?

Absolutely. Ab-ser-lute-ly! I’ve lived the life of a rap star. I got used to five-star restaurants, five-star hotels… the best of the best, man. I had all that fun and then I had to go back to being an average Joe who has to worry about paying the bills. If I got the opportunity to do it again tomorrow I’d have to do a whole lot of thinking.

Frank Alexander’s book, Got Your Back, is available from his website

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Spencer 3:23 pm, 16-Jun-2011

Frank u r d man........reli luv 2 b n ur shoes back den rollin wt d gr8 tupac....legendary 2pac...dats awesome

Jon Wilde 4:58 pm, 16-Jun-2011

Great interview. Just spotted a Guardian online headline saying that a prisoner has confessed to the above-mentioned murder. Hmmm.

Tommy 8:17 pm, 16-Jun-2011

Check out this in-depth film about the mysterious deaths of Tupac and Biggie.

Keith from helsby 12:38 am, 17-Jun-2011

I must be getting old Can someone explain spencers comment to me

David L 1:40 am, 17-Jun-2011

Roughly translated, I think it means "Hi! I'm from Milton Keynes. Look at this new phone I got from that place that just opened in the Centre. Would you happen to know if this is the bus stop for the 33A? Criminy, did anyone see where I put my sim card, I certainly don't want to lose that".

Keith from helsby 1:41 am, 18-Jun-2011

SIM card whats one of them

Tunde 11:34 pm, 21-Aug-2011

I like ur interviwe your a d best,but who actually killed tu pac

Ian "Cunt" Hough 4:15 pm, 14-Sep-2011

The word is "schmuck" not "schnook". Fucking hell, honestly...

Rick Charles 2:50 am, 15-Sep-2011

Pretty good article about Pac's legacy 15 years later compared to Mike Tyson's:

Not buying It 11:55 am, 24-Sep-2011

If a bodyguard that worked for me was indulging in Weed (Candy), I would be very concerned. Should somebody entrusted with a persons safety be using a drug that impairs judgement and slow's reaction time? Not very professional I would think.

Emily White woman 11:59 am, 20-Nov-2011

I love Tu-Pac, i believe Shug night had him killed and made it look like he had nothing to do with it. He was like a strong arm and when tu-pac wanted to leave his lable, guess what?? he showed him... But what smarter way and easier way then to have him killed while he was in the ccar.... I am not stupid Shug ...God is the vindicator...LOve you forever Tu Pac, you were a profit like Bob Marley...Love you all.

trex king 2:44 pm, 3-Jan-2012

as i am informed that tupac got into afight well that the reason why the black gun stuck out the window and just started blasting

danny 4:47 pm, 25-Jan-2012

it is schmook to us but in their talk its schnook aswell , the theorys for the killing of pac is as infamous as the theories for 911, believe wot u want but it was no different to the gang murders that happen on a daily basis in america, it just happens that pac werent protected like what his bodyguard has sed, thats if the theory of pac being alive and faked his death to banish the commerciality in his life.... 15yrs on and theres no one with a diffinitive answer to all sed questions, doesnt that sound odd to you all!!!

Ian Hough 6:03 pm, 25-Jan-2012

Hm. I stand corrected. Sulking, but corrected. Your spelling is ABYSMAL, young man.

danny 10:05 pm, 26-Jan-2012

its just quick typin , didnt really care if it was mispelt as ya all know exactly wot i meant

penis 4:39 pm, 29-Jan-2012

suck a dick :D

Elvis 2:47 pm, 1-Feb-2012

2pac, they'll be no 1 like you, you're still the best. That MDF will rot in jail.

Wale 11:29 pm, 13-Feb-2012

U revealld some truths abt 2pac....

death row inc 4:51 pm, 10-Mar-2012

welll I hone puff daddy killed tupac. If tupac n biggie smalls wasn't murdered diddy shouldn't b we're he is today at d tym pac died diddy was jst starting his record lable so he know wid tu pac been in death row soon biggy wud join him n his business wnt boom

Dan The Man 11:50 am, 16-Apr-2012

Well crikey, there are a lot of fucked keyboards out there.

BillyBatts 11:54 am, 16-Apr-2012

It is 'schnook', for the record:

Athena 10:40 pm, 16-Apr-2012

This guy sounds so dodgy. One of the Tupac's bodyguards was an FBI informant, and I wouldn't be surprised if this one was too. All these years later he is still trying to smear Tupac's memory. Tupac was not about the things he claims he was about (money, weed, fighting, 'pussy'). Tupac was a radical with a passion for justice. His music was about fighting for the oppressed. This so-called bodyguard knows more than Tupac's murder than he lets on. He has a very clear agenda here. No amount of muck-spreading about a true black radical can ever sully Tupac's memory however. All these years on and he is more popular and more loved than ever, and the reason for this is that he stood for truth, justice and liberation of the oppressed.

John Potash 11:30 pm, 16-Apr-2012

Sorry that Frank has to keep up the propaganda for his LAPD bosses. He showed me his badge when we interviewed together. In my book and film, The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders, I show the evidence of how U.S. Intelligence orchestrated Tupac's murder. Even in Biggie's FOIA released FBI documents investigating police say it was a highly professional hit. All those bullets and not one hits the much larger Suge just behind Tupac? This wasn't a quick revenge hit. It was attempt number 6 by police intelligence.

David Case 7:08 pm, 17-Apr-2012

Suge was hit in the 2pac shooting...he was grased in his head.

John Potash 12:46 pm, 18-Apr-2012

that's debated, as accounts say it was either a ricocheting bullet or wasn't even that, just glass. it's clear that 13+ bullets showed a purposeful intent to focus on Tupac only. Several top sources such as undercover FBI agent Kevin Hackie, Tupac's other bodyguard who was fired right before that Vegas night for trying to get Tupac not to attend, said FBI were in the motorcade behind Tupac, having him under surveillance when he was killed. Vegas crime reported Cathy Scott also said this and said FBI is supposed to stop a crime when they see it, despite surveillance. Of course there is so much more.

Anes Pervan Busuladzic 2:47 pm, 19-Apr-2012

Frank knows who killed Tupac because he saw Anderson in the White Cadillac with Keffe D but he just do not saying anything about it Frank saw Orlando pulled a gun and started shooting at his friend Pac who got shot four times

timmz0 11:41 pm, 22-Apr-2012

Frank honestly u did a gr8 job I'm a big fan of 2pac and I think I knw all bwt 2pac...the night 2pac was shoot suge told him its hot so take off the bullet proof vest,if the bmw was shoot 12 times who ever was in the back seat surely has 2 get hit and people claim that suge's daughter was in the back seat how can u take a child when u going 2 662? 2pac is still alive makaveli ( I am alive )well c u in 2014 tupac

Hyster red eye soulja 9:06 pm, 23-Apr-2012

suge plotted tupac death...

Im white 7:12 am, 27-Apr-2012

2pac is the greatest. Fuck lil wayne. He good but 2pac was and still is way beter.

Im white 7:13 am, 27-Apr-2012

Omg i wanna go trick or treating. Get hella candy.

sikario666 12:59 am, 2-May-2012

I think that It was all plotted by Puff,big and suge I think bad boy records paid suge to tell pac to take off his vest that knight. Alot off enemies wanted his head because he was saying things about the Illuminati society. He wanted to unmask them that they control everything in society. remember killuminati!

sokun 11:56 am, 10-May-2012

i've always wanted to know who killed him and this sounds right. didn't know tupac liked to fight even though i had most of his albums.

Ian Hough 1:04 pm, 10-May-2012

Boring cunts.

OLoo 3:17 pm, 12-May-2012

Really don't give a damn bout who killed a brother(from another mother)six million wayz To die choose one a brother got to die come what may(no doubt)but PAC still he rise. He lives in you and He's forever young that's all that count

sunday steven 2:48 pm, 13-May-2012

2pac they legend of all time, still I rise .

yada-yada-yada 6:04 pm, 24-May-2012

R.I.P. 2Pac u da best in the world who ever killed u will pay the price Death Row 4 life

jr 4:31 pm, 25-May-2012

diddy biggie n suge are all involved of 2pac death. Fuck em all

Rendy 10:20 pm, 1-Jun-2012

Rendy from south africa ......I love pac ,p.daddy,surge and biggy knows exactly that they plotted to kill pac....fuck surge....

Rendy 10:30 pm, 1-Jun-2012

I still don't get it coz ,its lyk pac was shot from behind ,and suge was not injured and the question is where was the rest of his death raw team and didn't they witness anything....its high time these guyz have to say the truth, coz it leaves some people thinking pac is alive somewhere probably he's gonna pop up maybe 2014

J9 10:42 pm, 6-Jun-2012

i look up to tupac, makes wanna be something huge in life....

I been in prison for 21 years.It was Pac's lyric's that kept me going.I love him 1:06 pm, 9-Jun-2012

Pac da best!!Fuck jz fuck lil wayne..

NaiNai 7:54 pm, 17-Aug-2012

Tupac can't be dead there is no way possible I know he isn't bedcause I seen him before he died and heard his voice he still is alive 4REAL and I just have hopes that he will come out and say he isn't dead and just be Shakur because that would make me a whole lot happier :)<3 #one love for him....

Dwayns 3:40 am, 1-Sep-2012

Who shot him thats why I read all that

Oliveth 4:56 pm, 4-Sep-2012

PAC is my legend the greatest rapper of all time who's ever that pull d trigger remember u will leave d world someday R.I.P PAC

Oliveth 4:58 pm, 4-Sep-2012

I still believe one day the killer will be unveiled

Frank labella 6:05 pm, 7-Sep-2012

You guys ever put 2 and 2 together? Tupac had just started to get his own label together, he tried to talk to suge, and suge told him they would talk when they got back from Vegas. tupac was owed $14 million in royalties and wanted to work a deal to pay suge the bail money he put up ($1.5mil) and cut him in on a percentage of the new label based on work the death row label talent would put in with PAC. He had mentioned the $14 mil b4 and suge kept stalling it. Of course Suge made the calls on the assassination of PAC. On the flip side, law enforcement have a legal duty to inform you if they find out you are a mark for some kind of hit. Tupac and death row were advised 4 times by local law enforcement and FBI that they had a bonafide threat buy an upper level Crip and government chatter on Tupac starting a movement in the youth back then against the Govt, so did suge and D R Records help get Tupac into hiding? We will see in 2014...

damien 3:54 pm, 9-Sep-2012

Tupac's death was purely gang related. Orlando Anderson and his uncle Keiffe D killed Pac Keiffe D confessed to it, Orlando is dead, Keiffe D is in Jail, Life goes on, lets get some pussy and money...

Kirsten 7:31 pm, 17-Sep-2012

When you work for such an influential person like that. Who is so big in the music industry, please tell me that you wouldn't participate in the drug use... Maybe if you were in the music industry and didn't like drugs, I'm sure your bodyguard wouldn't be token up too. Look at the facts, look at Tupac's life style. Think... Tupac, I love ya man. <3

Shutupstupid! 12:47 am, 21-Sep-2012

You want the truth, read the "rampart Scandle" or watch the documentary "biggie n 2pac. Those who think bad boy or biggie had something to do with it are ignorant!

sandile 8:44 pm, 25-Sep-2012

People wat I beilive is that a soldier never dies. Every body is talking abwt pac's life. Wat do you know about pac's life

killuminati 2:50 pm, 22-Oct-2012

tupac is dead he has a big mouth trust me we wouldve known by now if hes still alive

B.E.N. Da Rappa 2:56 am, 25-Oct-2012

Not My nigga Pac man dats Bull

dee 12:50 pm, 25-Oct-2012

People that did the murders are dead snap you idiots.. Rip tupac n pimp c

yung wigfall 7:52 am, 26-Oct-2012

This is shaun wigfall via florence by way of CASA GRANDE AZ . NICE INTERVIEW. SNITCH

RICKY J 10:39 pm, 9-Nov-2012

damn homeie i would do all i can just to meet ya let no man or woman ever beat ya can"t no one defeat ya tupac fan fo life frank u da man wiff da master plan peace and i'm outty

sunshine 8:52 am, 14-Nov-2012

Rip 2pac,u da best in d world who ever killed u will pay the price Death Row 4 life.only God can judge me.

Danny Williams 3:12 pm, 15-Nov-2012

Tupac Shakur was killed by DMX. Biggie Smalls was killed by Ja Rule. It was a CIA freemason secret ritual

oten 3:21 pm, 1-Dec-2012

The ass you shot the nigga, should serve death sentence and is there anyone to take up pacs shoes, how abt the son. reminiscence

rockerfellor 4:25 am, 4-Dec-2012

money is the true controller and what make things happen. Who has the real money Surge, 100 million. 2pac just an artist and poet. surge hold all the cash, record label, security and control of the people. bottom line. just look at Surge. who is alive surge, who has the money surge. who bennifits from record sales Surge. it is joke to blame the body guard who had no gun and a car with no gas. he was set up to be one of the fall guy. Carnegie the richest man in the world worth over 660 billion dollars left his factory of US Steel to a crazy man name Frick to bring in the pinkertage gang (hired guns)to kill hundreds of steel workers because that wanted safer working conditions which a there was a man a week die in the steel mill in the 1900's. So study your US history and look at who is still alive and who names are of the buildings. Surge could of paid to have 100 bodyguards around 2Pac, but that was not to be. The pinkerton gang hired us marshals guarded lincoln during the battle of the civil war. if general grant excepted the invintation with lincoln to go the play that night, general grant would had his 100 men miltary body gurads guarding the theater then no one would been able to enter or even come with in to the theater that night. and lincoln would not been assasinated that night with general grant. so understand facts and who had the real power with record company. look at the president. surge night could of hired and indepentdent security guards that evening if he wanted to if he was worried about his rap artist 2pac. surge did nothing of the sort. no hired guns , no security, no protection after 2 pac was shot the first time. that is crazy, hey if some body try to shot elvis do you think they would be able to get away with that. i blame surge for everything. why keep your most controversal artist 2pac under so much pressure to create and write rap songs all the time and make his feel that he always in dept. surge controls the money and did a bad job of it for a person who cares about 2Pac well being. 2pac even said after the first time he was shot trust no one. a true poet and artist. life was pulled away from a young man who was born in jail.

Terry 8:51 pm, 4-Dec-2012

Pac was the greatest rapper R.I.P

Prudo1 8:49 am, 6-Dec-2012

Its quite a pity dat 2pac died a miserable death but a think a reasonable man who knows he is troublesome n like stepping on toes shud av bodyguards all ova him or beta stil ride in a bullet proof car.its unfortunate dat he wil av 2 regret al dis in hell

Prudo1 8:50 am, 6-Dec-2012

Its quite a pity dat 2pac died a miserable death but i think a reasonable man who knows he is troublesome n like stepping on toes shud av bodyguards all ova him or beta stil ride in a bullet proof car.its unfortunate dat he wil av 2 regret al dis in hell

topunk 2:05 pm, 9-Dec-2012

2pac is not dead he lives in cuba with fiedel castro and his army

Lincoln 11:49 pm, 11-Dec-2012

Tupac Shaker life be hound death one that will keep on inspiring a generation and thous still to be bone engraving positive foot prints with wisdom and understanding of the truth about life and the wickedness out in the world even in he's death he leaves a leagues ,at the end of the day its not he's death that we will remember him by but he's work as a lieder lied ding a generation that is mislead and negatively influence by the world a leagues that still lives on in the hearth and minds of people around the world,like a great lieder ones side done let them try to full you or even try to school you stand up and fight for what is right

lolloa 9:56 pm, 12-Dec-2012

this cool tpac rip u are great im happy yur bodyguard did this and i say and sorrow to yur family we miss u so much i luv yur music

lolloa johnson 9:57 pm, 12-Dec-2012

have agreat u are the best raper

napa 10:24 am, 13-Dec-2012

Tupac is a great man.he would have lived his life for God rather for the devil by smoking weeds,thugery act,fighting and co.let's all live our life for God.he's the owner of our spirit and soul.

thendo 2:15 pm, 19-Dec-2012

u will always be my hero

Ananias 6:44 pm, 22-Dec-2012

Fcuk whoever think he is better rapper that 2pac nd Suge is resposible fo Pac s murder

Pharmg332 7:53 am, 26-Dec-2012

Hello! cgefaae interesting cgefaae site! I'm really like it! Very, very cgefaae good!

Ummie 6:32 pm, 26-Dec-2012

WTF Furst of it it is not tupac that die second one id that the body like have straight tattoo end 2pac have no tatto like a simbol !

Daz Dillinger 9:06 pm, 2-Jan-2013

tupac lives! hiding from those illuminatis in cuba

¤Gr!mmr€@p€r¤ 3:35 pm, 5-Jan-2013

lol america in a whole is screwed up man ya'll know y I'm saying that. their government kill whoever they feel is a threat to them, their image&focus especially on those who find out about some of their dirty lil' secrets, hell the country's movie directors shamelessly even make movies representing the kinda shit that's going on up in there! Bigtime example's r the Kennedy bro's just coz they were against govm's racism crap, Martin luther King whom I admired SO much for the same purpose(freedom), and sadly the legendary TuPac Ameru Shakur, fuck death row, his last words to a reporter was "Thug Life bby, that's my comment" lol. Ahh man the man was just the father of rap&no matter who try what today or in future as a rapper, ya'll just gonna waste ur time if u gonna try to outshine Pac as simple as that! So who shot him don't know, not important, who planned it all is of more significance, that huge ass suge was paid by fbi skunks to get rid of Pac coz they just couldn't take the mans arrogance towards them he even made them out in his music, "some things will never change" & "picture me rollin" to mention a few. And ofcoz suge was all so happy to oblige coz he owed Pac that fortune&hated him for wanting to leave his fat ass, its all as simple as that dowg. Oh yes I almost forgot, this mo'fkn bodyguard betrayed his own African rooted brotha man, all of them should know Pac may have favor soon in Gods heart when His day come for a resurrection due to his latest songs giving God all the praise for his career&for turning against satan's illuminati shit unlike jay-z, rhianna, lady gaga etc they know who they r. In conclusion, after reading all this ull notice that the entire USA govmnt&leaders, even their popes&christendom leaders r in the hands of illuminati. Illuminati control govmnt&fbi, Pac turned on them devil followers so they instructed fbi to illimenate him. Damn they even manage to put wooden glasses on all ya'll eyes folks, sad. Like Pac said, "ey yo we hop out 'dis bitch"

Chunda 9:05 am, 9-Jan-2013

Mahn,it happened.You did a right thing.It just hurts me to lose such a rapper.

Sam BZ 4:57 pm, 10-Jan-2013

Pac was my friend before his carrer an while he Has been chilling in Aruba an his moms island dat was bought back in 95.

Bob 6:04 am, 12-Jan-2013

Amazing how rappers ect hire morons to guard their lives if your a body guard you shouldn't even be driving really. Oh you look tough ill hire you should be out. How about you have real world combat expertise you can out shoot 40 people out of 40

lyrical.rhyme.slayer 1:50 am, 15-Jan-2013

The brother knew he's verdict and the consequences of his dramatic rhymes hence the lyrics that constantly highlighted his death long before those bitch ass arguments and minor fights aroused between pac and those broke ass wannabees, so judging by his predictions of what eventually turned out to be concluded with with led raining like a thunderstorm during winter I recon the depth of this story runs far beyond any of uses imaginations.

Gav 10:55 pm, 16-Jan-2013

2 PAC was killed by the CIA FBI any of that shit because he was a was Martin Luther king.he was starting a was biggie.people were beginning to sit up and listen.he was a modern day preacher,and the dirty mob began a media witch hunt between them,which in turn-turned two friends into enemy's!both cases remain unsoved??-coincidince????

solomon 10:08 am, 25-Jan-2013

they can never be another pac i believe pac is somewhere remember his words (espect me like u espect jesus 2come back) but either hiden or death surg, puffy biggy and illuminaty hove d answer.

Niege 5:50 pm, 28-Jan-2013

Eminem shot proof and Obie Trice. Tweet me for my in-depth evidence. @NiegePls

Uhhforeal? 4:47 am, 29-Jan-2013

Fuckin Tupac sucked. I said when he was alive ill say it now. He was a fucking hypocrite and an awful rapper. Juice was a cool movie though.

chrus 9:06 pm, 1-Feb-2013

there was nobody in the backseat on 2pacs bmw. as he was getting hit, he jumped into the backseat. but it was too late.

pius Joshua 9:53 am, 2-Feb-2013

fack all ha8rz **murder tupac but ya can't murder his legacy.....:P

Draco 12:28 pm, 2-Feb-2013

I luv u pac

Frank Lied 1:45 pm, 8-Feb-2013

I hate articles like this. I don't believe Frank because Pac wasn't a weed head. Snoop yes. Frank paints the image that Pac was smashing a whole bunch of hoes. After Eazy got aids, Pac slowed down. I poked holes in this entire "article" .

2pac 9:31 am, 10-Feb-2013

Big F...I thought this article was about who shot me...and I didn't die instantly so this aint about the mafucker who shot me...its about who made sure I stayed dead...such irony I signed for death row...guess my sentence was shorter than I imagined. ...LOVE PEACE UNITY...I died for good course or disappear because today my name Scares the shit outo my murderers. Boo!!! Hahah

wa 7:05 am, 11-Feb-2013

Tupac is a thug straight up alright he was a motherfucking gangster if u wanted to roll with death row then u had to be good they were a fuckin mob not some god damn street gang full of crackers! So stfu! Listen to the song hit em up! And btw tupac! Theres a heaven for a G! Last one breathin! i hope ill see u in heaven some day! Im white And im 13 tupac has inspired me with his music! If u dont like him dont comment u ignorent fucks! Hes gone! Dont talk shit! Thats fucked up bitch! Better back the fuck up before u get smacked the fuck up! Biggie and tupac both inspired me! Both good as hell! Im from the hood! I drank whisky when i was 10!

Maurice 2:25 pm, 11-Feb-2013

Of ol tha deathrow memberz who witnessed da shootin nobody gv tha cadillac a chase.... Big f u know mre than wh@ u said in da interview ...u mean a man of shakur's calibre wld go to a club in a convoy wth no gun 4 self dfence, suge an frank plotted amaru' death.fuck u frank an die slow asshole .fuck that son of a bitch suge he profited a lot from 2pac' talent .....fuck u ... Ríp 2pac u were a legend an ur legacy wil liv forever...outlaw

turkey 1:00 pm, 16-Feb-2013


bossy 2:03 pm, 16-Feb-2013

so who killed tupac?

tupac shakur 12:07 am, 20-Feb-2013

its true i am am alive hiding from thoes motherfucking illumanatis

tupac shakur 12:09 am, 20-Feb-2013

cat trust anyone

illuminati 4:35 pm, 20-Feb-2013

tupac is alive

GD 8:16 pm, 22-Feb-2013

It's not illegal to carry a gun in Nevada..I've had a concealed carry for 10 years..It was Frank's fault as a REAL bodyguard YOU tell the clients what needs to happen for their safety...You never leave your clients side

ratfink 1:22 am, 24-Feb-2013

Rap is shit. If they wanna go around popping each other than they're doing the music a big favor.

sammy 2:13 am, 24-Feb-2013

miss you big frank. those were the dayz but they went so fast

Stephen 5:43 am, 25-Feb-2013

All you conspracy theory people need to shut up. He beat a guy up and they got him back. He's gone! Period. This body gaurd knows pac better than 99.9% of you. SHUT UP. He was probaly 5'7. Most guys with a lot of energy are smaller. I am small. A lot of small guys like to fight too. We have more to prove. Tupac said he's " a little guy". One of his freinds said he's "tiny". Why is it hard to believe he loved money, pot and girls? I do, don't a lot of people? My lord! Facts are facts!

Bobby Boy 5:25 pm, 26-Feb-2013

I have a really hard time believing Suge ordered the hit, simply because who would order somebody to shoot someone while their sitting right next to you. Not only that, but Suge caught a bullet during the shooting too. It just seems way to dangerous, and highly unlikely, anybody would order somebody to be killed in a manner that could easily get you killed also. It would be like hiring the mafia to blindly shoot up your living room to kill your sisters husband while your all sitting in their having dinner at the same table.

abot to feel the wrath of a menace 7:52 am, 27-Feb-2013

bullshit was suge knight shot,and why would you not order a hit,like reports from the detective who worked the case said.who could shoot 13 to 15 bullets at a vehicle and get away with it? cops that he wanted to question ever got questioned,he was told to leave it alone,which then led to him retiring.

tHnG LIf3 9:11 am, 28-Feb-2013

Twas the workings of deviously scheming minds. 2pac was the show, he was rap. The game was 2pac because he made it that way. It was who he was, the industry, white fools, and other whack rappers could not compare to the dynasty he was building in and outside the business. This is why when they all come together, pay off 2pacs "homies", and set up fall guys,it can become the mystery it is today. Killuminati has the answers. Jay-Z, Mobb Deep, Nas, Biggie, DRE, and each other individual from the LVPD to that 20 car caravan (the snakes, crooked cops) even White Manz World, he told you. They all were gunning for the top. Just where he happened to be that fateful night.

brandon mather fucking jackson 7:33 pm, 1-Mar-2013

i think u motherfuckers need to respect the ones who have lost their lives tupac was a wise man he may have had trouble with the law but a lot of stars do and hell even us kids have run in with the law but pac didnt let it affect him he just kept rolling on he had so much to say and not enough tim to do it and in my option i think surge knight was the reason pac died i think he was mad because he was exposing the illuminati and they didn't like tht so they had to stop him before he spilled everything on the table about them so i hope tht surge fucking sits in jail for the rest of his life and is getting fucked by a big African american till the day he dies cuzs hes a pices of shit... r.i.p tupac u will be misses by millions and loved by all

Kelvin Baulen 3:36 pm, 6-Mar-2013

Pac be the man,but mafuckers gut him down.his quotes still talk.

SHAMEEN 8:59 pm, 7-Mar-2013

Mutha fuka 2pac is still alive.his a real g.and real Gs dnt die we multiple.no1 can escape the illuminati but pac gave ul a head start.I'll come bak.since there is no death certificate for him wen he comes bak he won't go to jail.I HEARD A ROUMOUR I DIE MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD DRAMATIZED,PICTURES OF ME IN MY FINAL STAGES U KNW MAMA CRIED,BUT THAT WAS FICTION!SOME COWARD GOT THE STORY TWISTED,LIKE I NO LONGER EXiSTED,MYSTERIOUSLY MISSING!ALTHOUGH IM WORLD WIDE BABY I AINT HARD TO FIND,WER I SPEND MOST OF MY TYM MY CALIFORNIA GRIND.

Shadow 8:46 am, 9-Mar-2013

Fuck all y'all hatas

ozy 12:14 pm, 10-Mar-2013

Since u have died rap is dead I don't kno which mother fker killed u. U have too much talent u have gone to a better place these people will rot on earth aswell as hell. I love u. Ur so sexy an fitt never b a man like u.

John bishop 11:19 pm, 11-Mar-2013

Tupac been in a bad situation. Either he still alive or was a well planned out hit.

John bishop 11:22 pm, 11-Mar-2013

Sound lyk a well planned out hit

bossma 12:56 am, 12-Mar-2013

if it s true dat pac is dead i blv d illuminati had somth 2do wit dat wit dat wit d help of d us govt. d illuminati has eaten deep d us govt nd controls evr y affairs. 2pac pose as a threat 2dem by running his nd was silenced wit a mysterious set up of death

veliyana 4:49 pm, 12-Mar-2013

it is vry obvious dat the U.S Govt thru the F.B.I and C.I.A been given the order by the Killluminati members who runz the U.S Govt gave the order for the hit bcos, Pac was a serious threat to dem so dey had to illuminate him by paying frank and soup to sell him off like judas did to Jesus, Soup and frank nos quiet well dat Pac is goin to die dat nite

Anderson 7:44 pm, 12-Mar-2013

I shot him ..

4pac 6:41 am, 19-Mar-2013

I know someone who used to hang out with Anderson. He said that after he got back from Vegas that weekend, when asked about it he said "I popped him for fuckin with me" He even elaborated and said he told his uncle he got in a fight with 2pac Suge and Deathrow jumped him. His uncle helped him plot the hit and drove the Cadillac. They was trying to get Suge too but he missed. He later changed his story when the cops came knocking.

TWD 9:02 pm, 19-Mar-2013

OMG...some of you people really need to go back to school. Spelling is atrocious and you grammar is ridiculously ignorant.

MO THUGS 1:05 pm, 20-Mar-2013


Legend (~Wickedpoet~) 5:37 am, 21-Mar-2013

Fact is that the person who was 2-pac is dead whether or not that individual has continued on as someone else or is actually dead remains a mystery. As well as the fact that people live and die all the happens..he was a talented person who grew up rough, lived fast and like many artists have done in one way or another died fast. He made mistakes which for whatever reason cost him his life as we know it. He did and said some things in his life that weren't great and other things that were kind of messed up, No he was not the greatest man ever on earth and no he wasn't perfect but, he was great in his own right as many artists have been around the world, through out history... what matters most are the positive things we can learn from his life, his music and he untimely demise as well as other musicians and even people around us.. Thats far more important than going over and over whether or not he is dead or not or who killed him if he is dead...that's a waste of time that you could be spending on doing something with the positive aspects of his life, and music. If you look close enough to those around you, you will see amazing and talented people all around you..listen and learn, you might just find the greatness within yourself..

Snoop Dogg 6:11 pm, 24-Mar-2013

I'm be honest because I have kept this in for all these years, me and PAC was threatened 2 days before the murder took place both out phones were ringing 24 hours a day for days straight. I shut mines off for 10 hours I turned it on and it rang quick and home boy says snoop you dead nigga can't turn me off. Swear that on my kids life. PAC was gunned down and it was planned had 0 to do with Orlando Anderson fight I'm come forward some day but haven't had it in me as of yet. I believe suge knew everything and it was his bodyguards who were also LAPD officers that were off duty at the time. We recently took a picture together and allowed it to be on tmz cuz we are considering coming forward on Oprah together the offer is 2 million apiece we promised to tell everything for 5 million apiece so we will see.

Michael 10:29 pm, 24-Mar-2013

9ice interview.... U really expos some part about 2pac which I don't know.

michonne 4:22 am, 26-Mar-2013

sug killed pac. he the mastermind. he only got anderson to do it cuz they got a feud & this way he wouldnt be the first suspect esp if he was in the car too. he mad enough to risk getting shot so he dont gotta take the rap

AKINSOWON OLUWASEUN 9:47 pm, 26-Mar-2013

Infact it was so painfull when i heard that 2pac is dead,dey can only kill your body but dey can't kill your soul.may your soul rest in perfect peace.i love you

henry 2:54 pm, 27-Mar-2013

tupac whoever killed u must neva see peace in his life.pac l met you when you taken to the hospital you dont seem dead l know that you will appear lively in 2014 bt puff diddy and suge must pay for the did to are the best rapper ever to be born to humanity nd you will be de best to de end of time.fuck lil wayne,eminem,drake, are the best.

Preacher 3:12 pm, 28-Mar-2013

One things for sure which ever coward murdered tupac will burn in Hell, do you hear you will not get away with it ! Thou Shall not Murder. You are going down and you will burn forever and ever, and suffer torment and pain, your pit awaits you.

Preacher 3:13 pm, 28-Mar-2013

Moderation lol whatda

armslaw 11:15 pm, 30-Mar-2013

Mehn! I tank y'all 4 d wondaful comments. @rockerfellor. U absolutely ryt abt history, & d why they shuld not b 4gottn. I dig u my nigga! Y'all seem 2 b 4gettin d very 1st witness hu claimed 2 av seen d whole incident go down & hu was willin' & ready 2 testify. Akiyele Yulua 'Kadafi'. & wot happend 2 him? He was "accidentally" murdered few month 2 d trial. Mehn! Sumtin aint ryt here, sumtin aint ryt...

armslaw 11:19 pm, 30-Mar-2013

Mehn! I tank y'all 4 d wondaful comments. @rockerfellor. U absolutely ryt abt history, & d why they shuld not b 4gottn. D present & d past all av a relationshp. I dig u my nigga! Y'all seem 2 b 4gettin d very 1st witness hu claimed 2 av seen d whole incident go down & hu was willin' & ready 2 testify. Akiyele Yulua aka Kadafi, & wot happend 2 him? He was "accidentally" murdered few month 2 d trial. Mehn! Sumtin aint ryt here, sumtin aint ryt...

siya 1:06 am, 10-Apr-2013

sug killz 2pac and puffy killz biggie to build their empire and focus on bottom line not in beef between east and west.RIP 2pac and biggie ur bosses eat u guyz.

Tp97 3:46 pm, 10-Apr-2013

2pac is THE GOAT. None of these fake ass rappers can compare to what he did. And honestly I believe 2pac is still alive and will make his ressurection in the next couple of years.

2PAC 1:20 am, 15-Apr-2013

See you in 2014 fc in c

olle 1:56 pm, 19-Apr-2013

Dude, are tupac died? or he is still alive?

Dee Jay 3:01 am, 22-Apr-2013

Dexter Issac shot Tupac in New York (94) by order of James Rosemond. I believe Rosemond and/or Issac could've been in Las Vegas on the night of September 7,1996. The question is did they know Suge Knight and/or Orlando Anderson?

LIL COOL THE DON 5:25 pm, 25-Apr-2013

2pac if u out the man you rock you made me a thug u made me know the outside world (niggas don't die we multiply )

Saeedi 1:24 am, 26-Apr-2013

Wooow i read wit anticipation,its more cleare to me nw th suge is da mastermind behind pacs death.Hope he rots in jail......long live pac spirit!!!

martin paul 1:06 pm, 26-Apr-2013

I have so much respect for you, you seen so much in your life, good and bad... the fast life slowed down.... I lived that style, but not the scale you guys did it on, which makes it special... My dreams like everyone else is to think they can live forever.. Good luck in your strive for peace and enjoy your new life { family }. makes you want to live for ever....

Frezh Blade 9:13 pm, 26-Apr-2013

to Not buying it, well you could easily say if you gonna show someone how to roll a blunt and smoke with them on a regular basis even if you are the bodyguard, it was considered family to 2pac. so in the rap industry and the bodyguards will too, so i do not find it unprofessional. I find it reality.

Dj@asa 1:15 am, 28-Apr-2013

Thugs mansion. Young 4eva, live 4eva and did 2geda. 1luv

thug 11:46 am, 30-Apr-2013

R.I.P Frank Alexander !

Dri 8:44 pm, 30-Apr-2013

That's crazy I watch that interview last Wednesday R.I.P

WANDA 9:13 pm, 2-May-2013

R.I.P. BIG FRANK he was such a goog person I talked with him through facebook and Truthabouttupac social sites. He been we from facebook to instagram I think he doesn't have a facebook any more. But the last time I talked with frank I can't recall the last time but we was talking about Tupac I was telling Frank Tupac kept coming to visit me pac will come into my dreams and sometimes show up. And that he just talk to me as if he knew who I was or something. Tupac haven't never been in my appartment but came to talk with me sometimes I actually felt he touch I was crying because I always wanted to me him in person I still think to myself dam I saw Tupac to many times in my dreams and he will show up in my room, frontroom, hallway, and bed. Tupac is my number #1 best rapper ever and will always be. As I was crying he was hugging me and wiping my tears I was like I'm just happy to be seeing you the first I seen him I was like man Tupac I was so excited like I don't believe this. Tupac and I was having conversations he was like he not dead he been having plenty fun as usual I remember on one day I was in my bed sleeping good he was beside me and waking me up telling me in my ear to buy the outlaws CD Perfect Timing at the time I was like when my ride come I will buy the CD so I went back to sleep to get some more rest. Then later got ready and everything to go get the CD. Tupac also sent me messages on twitter it was 1 one particular day I was saying me, my son, and little daughter listen to his music it was a topic twitter had going on then little then I know I looked and so messages from Tupac I forgot the name he was using but his location was Havana,Cuba. Tupac was saying he be chilling, nobody can be him beacuse a lot of dude's want to be him and that its only 1 him, that he been making more money than ever, that he been doing dam good with no drama in his life, he away from all the bullshit, he said he had to do what he had to do, he said it was nothing wrong with that because somebody tried to kill him so he had to handle his business, he said Cuba alright but not the best place but he fine where he at, and that he be boring sometimes. I saw Tupac like at least 6 or 7 times in my dreams or just show up.

ripbigfrank 9:26 pm, 9-May-2013

when i was watchin one of his documenteries when he was going to his house. the pittbulls going crazy in his front yard. i couldnt help but think man, this guy has to be watching over his shoulder 24/7? sure enough.. dam. rip frank. only one out of pacs camp who was cooaperating (sry for the spelling im high)

Laura 3:24 am, 25-May-2013

my eyes fill with tears reading all these comments .2pack was beautiful and the world would be better with him still here

mode7 8:15 am, 25-May-2013

i know its only God that judge the killers of 2pac,and also know there is a little pac in every 1 of us and they cant kill that.

Shyn 10:54 pm, 31-May-2013

In Reggae, it was Bob Marley, In Pop, Michael Jackson and in Hip Hop (Rap) it was Tupac. Nobody will ever Rap they way you did. The great Legend of Rap - Tupac Shakur Rest in Peace, Young Nigga.

kevin mtawa 5:38 pm, 2-Jun-2013

we got loose,

gang pound 8:55 pm, 2-Jun-2013

Fuck all them you who killed tupac they jealous little bitch's R I P tupac

Luke 6:24 am, 3-Jun-2013

So officially who do you guys think killed Tupac and biggie? Or r they still alive? Y did PAC beat up Anderson?

Find the white lady (Paige Hemmis) 5:06 pm, 4-Jun-2013

Frank was gunna question the white lady on why she said there was a helicopter the night Tupac died. Is this why Frank died?

Biggie Smalls 5:56 am, 9-Jun-2013

Everyone knows me and the east coast crew paid the crips to kill that west coast @$&%

Tracey 2:16 am, 14-Jun-2013


Tracey 2:18 am, 14-Jun-2013


that girl 5:15 am, 15-Jun-2013

I still luv me some tupac.always and forever

Grand Champ 9:30 pm, 15-Jun-2013

My ambition is to thug, R.I.P nigga

Prescavali 10:06 pm, 15-Jun-2013

There are a million evidence to prove that the legendary rapper, actor, poet, screen writer, prophet/preacher, activist/revolutionary & philantropist. Tupac Amaru Shakur A.K.A Makaveli, the Don Killuminati is not dead but alive. But if you believe my nigga Pac is gone, then ask America and his evil cohort called illuminati, ask the CIA, the FBI, ask Suge Knight, ask Bad Boy records & P. Diddy... As for Orlandor Anderson & his body guard Frank Alexander, they are but clay in the hand of a potter. Anyway, whatever our stance on this issue. Please remember Pac'spoetry 'In The Event of My Demise'. He said "In the event of my demise. When my heart can beat no more. I hope i died for a principle or a believe that i 'd lived for. I 'll die before my time, because i feel the shadows depth. So much i wanted to accomplished before i reach my death. I 've come to grips with the possibility and wiped the last tear from my eyes. I love all who were positive in the event of my demise".

Dom 11:14 pm, 16-Jun-2013

Just wanna believe thug did not die! pac if u're out there please a sign

sabotage fags! 2:34 am, 24-Jun-2013

this site sucks, fucking dirty fags!

Elijah Renagi 10:26 am, 27-Jun-2013

This sight is cool... The legendary would make the world beautiful if he was still alive..

BIG SMOKE'Z 8:36 am, 29-Jun-2013

Yo Pac every 1 wants 2kno where u r n wat happen eye say fuck em.'' if they can't let cha rest or let cha go treat em' like hoe'z u were the next Malcolm X but like u said tha good die young w/o tha chance 2 express ur full potential so thug I peace my boy n c u in thug mansion soon my boy EAST SIDE OUT

DJ 1:59 am, 2-Jul-2013

Knight had Tupac and Biggie Smalls killed.

DJ 3:01 am, 2-Jul-2013

Russell Poole was right about the fight at the MGM being staged.

B1lly 6:54 am, 3-Jul-2013

Rest in peace your the best..

B1lly 6:56 am, 3-Jul-2013

Rest in peace your the best there is best was best there ever be..

illuminati No.2 11:21 pm, 3-Jul-2013

actually, we had this whole thing covered up. this shit wasn't no crip thing. That was our cover-up story.We paid that crip to go and fight him. We had tupac killed because he refused to worship satan anymore. All mainstream record labels have whats called an "unofficial contract" where you have to have an occult meeting and take a code of silence similar to the mafia's. You cut your palm and you bleed out into a cup in the middle of a pentagram and praise Lucifer. The underground labels like icp's psychopathic records, and immortal technique, and hopsin are all enemies that we use the media to make them look as bad as possible. Tupac didn't screw quincy jones, so he was killed because he wanted to leave the life an expose our illuminati's plan... LOL! just kidding, but seriously, this wasn't some crip shit. Frank was probably threatened with death not because of suge, but because he knows who really did it. the fact is, there is a picture of tupac, with the same lady who said he was taken away into a helicopter not an ambulance, and dr dre. and in the backround, is the same white Cadillac! That seems the most likely person to have actually killed him. either that, or he is really alive in cuba according to that Cuban rappers video.

HaveFaith 2:28 pm, 6-Jul-2013

This is really sad. Some one mentioned in a comment that suge knight got grazed in the head.. Umm and your point is?. Suge , diddy's gay ass and plenty others who are still alive today & still Very Popular were involved in Tupac's death i have no doubts. That industry seems to be very shady. You have others killed to be on top.. Of course they would say Frank Alexander committed suicide when i'm quite sure someone had him murdered. It's very baffling , these people are Nuts... R.I.P Tupac & Frank <3

HaveFaith 2:48 pm, 6-Jul-2013

FUCK Jay-z to with his camel bitch ass..

HaveFaith 3:26 pm, 6-Jul-2013

This story can go so many different ways! Frank really could have done what he said he did , as far as doing what Tupac told him & 9times out of 10 People from the Record Label or who ever probably killed him for talking too much and not riding with Death Row for suge's case. Or frank could have been in on it and felt bad for what he did and committed suicide! Most likely it was my first scenario.. . All i know is someone had Tupac's Murder planned out from Jump

Thetonester 9:11 am, 8-Jul-2013

I hate rap...actually hates too strong a word...i dont 'get' it...but I liked tupac...not his music...the man...he had his flaws..of course...but he seemed very real...and he had very kind and deep old soul...he is dead, make no mistake...ive seen the autopsy pics...not pretty....anything that burns that bright cant last which is why he was taken....i read this guys book...and he loved PAC...and was heartbroken when he died...and I believe this knight fella has blood on his hands...among others...such a sad loss to the world...if his music is your thing...rejoice in it...remember him..and celebrate him...that's all you can African american street people have got to stop killing your own...but I don't think that will ever happen because you have it so hard over in australia and im white...and old..haha...I've been to LA, New York etc...I've seen how you have to live...its a terrible thing...i digress...remember him...NAND for christs sake learn how to out

Davo-007 8:07 am, 10-Jul-2013

There is an interview with lil-kim regarding Biggie Smalls and Tupac's killing, she says it best, this goes way over there're so called fued, even over Suge's head, we all know what what Tupac rapped about, "The Truth", the things that we wearn't ment to know, corruption the Political system, the FBI have had there eyes on him and have been trying to shut him for a long time, that's why he went to jail for sexual assault (touching a woman on the butt, the whole assasination was planned. There were also talks of that Tupac wanted to get into Politics, could you imagine with the popularity that Biggie and Tuapc had he would have got in. These two deaths go way deeper than we all think, he was a modern day Martin Luther King, was a voice for black people and poverty. RIP my brother!!!

Rosker 4:12 am, 23-Jul-2013

Who ever try to to kill pac will never be persue u wld never be a famous like him he is d best among the best fuck these present rappers rest in peace pac. I Salihu-rosker and Comeluck. Wit Abdallahmaibara. And Ibrahim sagir. Bye

ROSKER UXTAXAI MEN 5:07 am, 23-Jul-2013

So fistly i'm great to FRANKALEXENDRER R.I.P becouse even some few month ago i talk wit him on twitter but in fact i cn't recall the actually on which month but also ALEXNDRER he told me that great Rapper Amaru.Shakur he didn't die az he act as Nigga he say he is just multiply pac would return on this commin' 2014. I agree wit that According to my varies proof. 2PAC right now he make an new Albumz at each year mothern when D sepectatorz seen him also. I hear some fabulous rumour that there a new rapper frow last vega his name Blac haze.hahaha i swear u that motherfucker diggin' deep throw ur mentallity, There Ain't Blac haze it's just a Makaveli resumedback. Go and ask that Motherfucking Fake Nigga that call himself as D boss what is the main purpose 4 making that song TUPAC.BACK what is the evidence? Ask him that Rick.ross Fact actually he knw who is that Blachaze, FAKE.RYD3RX SO PAC'z Rest in Peace I Salihu-Rosker. Wit my frndz who's togeh'x admire Tupac Comeluck. Abdallah-Maibara. Ibrahim-sagir-ado, BYE

thuglife 11:44 am, 23-Jul-2013

Frank Alexander was only Tupac's bodyguard for about 3 months. He scewed that up and let Pac get shot. Its a shane he's dead. Guess he committed suicide cause he couldn't go on as a big fuck up who faled to do his job and protect Pac. Reggie Wright should have never hired him. He wasnot the bodyguard type. RIP tYupac

???? 1:51 am, 26-Jul-2013

so what thesis of the story... is it about your job.. or tupac be alive till this very minute

thuglife 7:19 am, 26-Jul-2013

Dudes demons caught up with him. What's rj bond going to do now?

hutchendawg 3:06 pm, 6-Aug-2013

Lets see what 2014 brings.

snoop doggy dogg 11:57 pm, 6-Aug-2013

I have information or involvement in PACs death and i should come out with it to the public

loppy lope 11:54 am, 8-Aug-2013

If 2pac is alive he's not coming back all the things he went throw no one wont think twice to even do that,he made most of us strong ,life goes on hope his finally happy wherever he is peace be with him,to tell the truth didn't know big till 2003

loppy lope 11:55 am, 8-Aug-2013

If 2pac is alive he's not coming back all the things he went throw no one wont think twice to even do that,he made most of us strong ,life goes on hope his finally happy wherever he is peace be with him,to tell the truth didn't know big till 2003 but hear some of his song didn't lik most of his songs

Ja 7:18 pm, 10-Aug-2013

What hate did Orlando have on tupac anyway?

thuglife 6:56 am, 12-Aug-2013

Tupac boduguard Micheal Moore died this past Friday from an oxy overdose. They r droppin like flies. A lot of death row people r either dead or locked up. Snoop's a snitch. One of the Outlawz is locked up in peliquin Bay. It is a good thing maybe that Pac don't have to see his peeps go thru all this. Jkohnny J locked up then commits suicide. Just weird shit

Is Truth About Abs a Scam 3:16 pm, 12-Aug-2013

Hi there, constantly i used to check webpage posts here early in the dawn, as i like to learn more and more.

illuminusceezar 3:31 pm, 14-Aug-2013

Everyone wants to know about Pac's life....Rip bro

Lil Dady 8:55 pm, 14-Aug-2013

fuck that 2pac waz killed by free masons :/

bagyourball 12:53 pm, 17-Aug-2013

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toolow 9:48 am, 22-Aug-2013

wat a nigga?

normann 5:54 am, 14-Sep-2013


History 8:47 pm, 18-Sep-2013

Dave Dick 12:22 pm, 20-Sep-2013

more like "how are you doing frank ?" -"just riding my horse penis, man"

HatWhakeRoota 1:56 am, 22-Sep-2013

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investigation 9:03 am, 23-Sep-2013

I ran over and saw Tupac throw a couple of blows. Anderson tried to throw one back,

mike johnson 7:51 am, 25-Sep-2013

All you homos are gay. Listen to me. I am the smartest person on earth. Pac was killed by crips linked to Orlando Anderson. They knew that pac would be at club 662 that night. They just happened by dumb luck to see his ride on the way and shot him. All this other bullshit you idiots are pushing is dumb.

mike johnson 10:12 am, 25-Sep-2013

Who farted?

mike johnson 1:30 am, 26-Sep-2013

OK forget everything I just said. I just saw pac. He was at Burger king. He booght me a whopper. He likes extra cheese.

just like pac 12:53 pm, 26-Sep-2013

Ever heard of conspiracy? JFK MLK Malcolm x tupac biggie jam master jay nobody knows who killed these people even John Lennon was a set up remember god the trigger men and the devil know the truth now frank Alexander rip. The world should wake up smell the coffee brewin its money the goverment fbi cia police they will kill you when your to powerful and don't want to go along with the plan when you speak the truth you will die and no one. Will ever no the truth may god bless the family of each and everyone of the before mentioned may they rest the peace will come on judgement day rap is dead the greatest are gone tupac your life was just like mine single mama half sister no real dad step pops a drug dealer music a part of our lives to get by tell the truth live survive Pac you are alive in each and everyone of us that struggles with life love happiness sadness you'll never be forgotten your words and life should be a part of us all your music is a blue print for us all. To examine study practice live by be a straight rider only god can judge us till the end of time keep your head up hope heaven has a ghetto because we all get around keep your past in the rearview because it me against the world may god bless each and everyone of us RIP Pac miss you we will all see you soon peace love and happiness to us all smoke weed everyday:)

mike johnson 1:39 am, 27-Sep-2013 that above reply was fucking gay. Get a life dummyhead.

Oldstyelz 3:25 pm, 24-Oct-2013

e frank chu a peice a chit u know dat.........chu a roach man if my homie got pulled up on smoked n i had a gun i woulda blew there brains out

Oldstyelz 3:31 pm, 24-Oct-2013

ey frank my bad r.i.p.

Oldstyelz 3:42 pm, 24-Oct-2013

r.i.p. herd frank was a bad ass

Oldstyelz 3:54 pm, 24-Oct-2013

picture me holin a 44 police sayn get on da floor i smack ya n put a iron ta ya child come from da sticks my dady was raised in dem wilds cubz fa life roll up a blunt oldstylez thugs is rite hold up ya pump dont front im leavin holes for miles .........sorry frank thug life fa evea rip

Oldstyelz 4:37 pm, 24-Oct-2013

wang say hi

Oldstyelz 4:46 pm, 24-Oct-2013

2Pac was a fuckin badass r.i.p. thug fa life rip death were would ya be without da row

mike johnson 8:53 pm, 26-Oct-2013

Old stylez is a fag

DADADDY##### 5:36 am, 28-Oct-2013


chris 5:30 pm, 10-Nov-2013

there were only 2 ppl in that car pac and suge. while pac was getting shot. he tried to jump into the back seat. he didnt realize he was even shot at first. he saw blood dripping from suges little injury, and though he was shot. then pac passed out. its all in several books ppl

pico 8:05 am, 1-Dec-2013

Sorry 2 pac you wil always be my hero

a friend 10:37 pm, 2-Dec-2013

frank was a good person and full of advice. I got to know him toward the end of his life. Thank you for being a friend and a mentor, I just hope that what was publish was not a big lie!!! Specially about the way that you die. I can't picture you doing what the internet says, it sounds more like a cover up that some one else might be afraid of what you may have to say.

Mac Dodger 11:20 am, 10-Dec-2013

American Government with PDiddy, Surge, Snoop and Orlando Anderson's connivcance were all involved in his untimely demise. They must be held accountable sooner or later.

PacFan 5:06 pm, 13-Dec-2013

"If" Pac is Dead Suge shot the fatal shot to his lung... have u been in a car with a 300plus pounder... Thereis no way Suge shouldnt have been hit... orlando was NOT in the cadillac he was in the car to the left of Pac which is probably the car Suge threw his weapon in when he shot pac... Khadafi who is dead for real now was the only Outlaw who said he heard two different guns fire(google it) now he dead!!! Biggie was Puffy's sacrifice for him to be where he is now cause if Big was here all Puffy stuff would be Big's and Puffy wouldnt be AS successful as he is now...If pac isnt dead it was STILL staged by the illuminati cause it is obvious that Pac joined BUT he could have joined and then refused to continue to be a fag like 90% of the rap game and was killed cause he was breaking the oath!! The shit is real!!!

derdrick motaung 12:32 am, 19-Dec-2013

tupar i love u 4ever! Hip hop nt same... U missing... I start to love u after u died... Ur death made u immortal. But u already know that... That ressuraction documentary took my breath away....

derdrick motaung 12:46 am, 19-Dec-2013

does it matter who killed him? 2pac wont come bk if we find his killer. 2pac was big when he was alive yet so much bigger after death. The killer gv him immortality. Mayb thats what he wanted. To be that rapper evn aftr rap game change and he long dead we stil think of him. I stil play ur records you went 2 soon. 2pac lived his life 2 fullest...we should look @ourself nw.

Shornette Allen 9:53 pm, 30-Dec-2013

Like his mom says, "we all want him 2 be here, " unfortunately he's not, so 2 keep his memory alive let's all jus continue to love him and keep him in our hearts. RIP 2PAC SHAKUR

Samuel mamusha 11:34 am, 1-Jan-2014

2pac is nat only artist he is also a freedom fighter.luv u!

MAKAVELI 8:50 am, 12-Jan-2014


Mike 'lil cookie' Thompson 7:02 pm, 19-Jan-2014

Look everyone I'm give a hint into the truth, me and Pac was close and all I can say is he told everyone that this would happen and nobody listened he told you when how and why he would have to "die" he also foretold when he would "resurrect" turn your TVs on July 7, 2014 and the truth will be revealed. Sorry but I can't say anything else.

HASSAN 9:15 pm, 25-Jan-2014


Sadiq Nuhu Jallah 2:24 am, 28-Jan-2014

Am not sayin am gonna change d world' but I guarantee that I ll spark d brain that ll change d world" 2pac rest in peace

David 11:22 pm, 29-Jan-2014

Man it ain't your fault,the guys who killed PAC robbed the world of a great poet

ashad hossain 4:42 am, 23-Feb-2014

The killer gv him immortality. Mayb thats what he wanted. To be that rapper evn aftr rap game change and he

Killuminatti 12:39 pm, 1-Mar-2014

I am tired of hearing of the loss of so many great legends the Govt needs to be exposed i am a loyal fan of Pac's I miss him he had knowledge he was charming he was so smart and most of all talented. i READ MURDER RAP AND THAT EXPOSES WHO THE KILLER'S OF PAC and biggie were . Read carefully i hope for the Mother's of both they get justice once and for all

Kcashad 8:54 pm, 5-Mar-2014

This dude Dahsack has the look and the sound he should play Tupac check this out.

bjorn 10:31 pm, 18-Mar-2014

he didn't reveal shit

Smithk284 11:38 am, 26-Mar-2014

Very nice! begadeaeac

Smithd992 11:00 am, 28-Mar-2014

Very nice! dabbedfage

Smitha493 9:30 am, 29-Mar-2014

Very nice! kfgddeceda

Tionna Hill 9:55 pm, 8-Apr-2014

because like if he is really dead its pretty fucked up that somebody would lie and say he faked hes deafth like frfr thats pretty damn crazy and ik at da end of the day he still dead cause it been like 19 20 years since he did or did not die so either way he dead now so everybody plese chill with da back and forth hes alive no hes died cause on the frfr if i was tupac i wouldve told anybody shit about faking a deafth there 4 ik he anit tell no of you that either so who ever starteed this back nd forth shit pleases stop the shit is fucking annoying and just fucking carzy im tryna get a great grade on this project but everybody fucking cufese the fuck out me DAMNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doc luv 6:36 pm, 12-Apr-2014

We met pac b4 US slders destroy Osama binladen's splc at australia. Pac did said to us he got called frm Osama.

Oldstylez 1:27 am, 24-Apr-2014

Tupac miss ya music Dogg we all brothaz mike jhonson is a fag.

Oldstylez 1:39 am, 24-Apr-2014

wassup sabotage timez my niggaz stop talkin bout pacs buissness and listen to his music u stupid fucks yall ant still down fo shit exept bein bitch made wang kill these pussy mafuckas wang kill ya n fu k ya mothaZ

Oldstylez 1:54 am, 24-Apr-2014

i ant np tommy gun or rocky im rambo in da hood my nigga Oldstylez just a hood nigga i ant scared bi polor niggaz stay inside regulate bring back death row !

Oldstylez 2:00 am, 24-Apr-2014

life ant eazy bein me will i see da penatentury o will i stay free

Oldstylez 2:06 am, 24-Apr-2014

haters get no love stop hatin me u fuckin idots fuck a gang lone wolf fuckin yo mamz

Oldstylez 4:11 am, 24-Apr-2014

how bout mile j meet up wit oldstylez n im a show yall how throw blowz like ray take a seat fo fo cold smile i ant mad at cha denanan nanan na na ns ns

Oldstylez 3:43 pm, 24-Apr-2014

all yall niggaz is gay stop drramin of me n tupac wearing dresses im not actor thug life real outlaw felony hit ya wit da steel if da witness say dey saw fuckem buck da law like 2pacalypz claim no gang lone wolf quickdraw recock my shit glock yo click clip ya drop yo whip

Oldstylez 4:11 pm, 24-Apr-2014

i jus kidding man ey ey i just kidding ah fuck u know who i trust me!!!! tgaz whou i trusz

Sammi piper 12:47 am, 1-May-2014

wait y did the cops stop looking for tupac body thats a question i have in my head all the time when i listen to tupac and why did he use to call himself Pseudo at times and Pseudo mean fake so wouldnt that mean he faked his own death and have someone say that im really confused please help me with this ive done some research of that night and then read this and thought maybe but idk for sure

18wheeler 3:18 pm, 11-May-2014

who the fuck killed 2pack went 2 UK , Jamaica , Saudi Arabia ,Japan , USA , North Korea ,Russia , UAE , Afghanistan and Russia no one nose damn mystery 2pack u da boss this is dj kimo u will ear me in 2030

Tupac A. Shakur 3:38 am, 23-May-2014

I'm not Dead I'm Alive THUG LIFE in 2014.

Haillie mochapo 11:09 pm, 23-May-2014

Wow. Kow i know who killed my role model before i got a chance to meet him... Anyway like he once said 'life goes on' i gat uncoditional love for Tupac Amaru Shakur

roc 11:23 am, 27-May-2014

Keep it up my niggi I know u still here let them hoes and fakes be mist lead but u a real niggi so keep risen gods almost here for his people always love rock phx az

cleophas 3:10 pm, 27-May-2014

Tupac was da man,his music still rocks n he left a legacy....but who killed him?Frank pliz give us an happy that the case has mot been closed

Alize 4:54 pm, 31-May-2014

I personally think suge killed pac. Think about it, pac wanted off the label, so suge killed him. Also if pac left, they were going to make no more money off of him, but if they killed him, bingo, whole lot of cash incoming. Then they would release all of his unreleased songs under their label. Im not saying suge literally killed pac, im just saying he ordered some guys to do it, why do you think suge wasnt touched?

stan 1:10 pm, 4-Jun-2014


Azernus 6:03 am, 2-Jul-2014

Smoke rising from the barrel of my shotty. I finally got revenge now count the bodies. Twenty cops, one for every year in jail. Tryin to keep a @#$$& down but you failed - Tupac I've always loved PAC but it's lines like these that would get anybody killed. If you really killing, it's unwise to brag. Maybe had he heard the song 'I fought the law and the law won ' that is the truth. While gangsters everywhere get high, authorities train their aim at top notch shooting ranges just waiting for the idiot who gives them reason. I hope PAC finds peace in Thugs Mansion but I hope PAC fans everywhere learn, live by the gun, die by the gun. We are all mortal and saying or doing the wrong thing can get you taken off here today. My question is if any would die for something, first ask if it's worth dieng for and second ask if it would die for you, 4 real.

Beka Shakur 3:35 pm, 2-Jul-2014

Frank Alexander was assassinated 4 many reasonz, 1 being 2 soften the hearts of real Makaveli fanz so we don't raise hell over Assata Shakur's bounty being increased by a million dollarz, & so we don't put much attention into the assassination of Malcolm X's grandson in Mexico City, Mexico, his assassination was most likely carried out by Kevin Hackie, the bodyguard working 4 Death Row that was also an FBI Informant, a rat, who probably made BOTH phone callz 2 Frank, 2 work 4 Death Row, & the death threat

Anonymous 12:08 am, 5-Jul-2014

******Suge or Puffy didnt kill Tupac**** THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO THINK!!! SEARCH OR GOOGLE "OPERATION WHITE ANGEL******* Please pass this along so we can receive justice! Please! -The Out Brigade

Saddleback 4:13 pm, 15-Aug-2014

I know Frank didn't commit suicide. We were Brother Marines and he was very religious when I knew him..unlike him to do it. I have people in the background to this day eyeballing those who may be responsible!

Don't trip 12:11 am, 27-Aug-2014

Just want to point out that something is very wrong with his statement about Nevada gun laws. Nevada gun law allows you to carry concealed, allows open carry, and states that if you have your weapon in the car with you and you get stopped, the weapon has to be on the passenger seat in plan view for the officers. Don't believe me look it up. the only thing that would stop him from carrying is a lot of casinos post signs saying no guns allowed. But in his position he would certain ignore those gun free zone signs and carry inside anyway. I'm sure he knew what I've just stated so that was an odd comment for him to make.

Kris 8:59 pm, 31-Aug-2014

Tupac comes back next week everyone.

kunle 2:14 am, 8-Sep-2014

i guess 2pac is still very much alive.

18yrsTODAY 8:32 am, 13-Sep-2014

give us a sign Makaveli. the people need you

scottmaclran 1:39 pm, 17-Sep-2014

Tupac was a boay no way he could keep quiet for this long look everyone he aint returned yet face it the king really is dead let the man rest in piece god bless ur soul tupac ill listen to u till i die forever peace ma man

polpis 8:41 pm, 9-Oct-2014

We all may say what we believe,an assume about this soul!..all I can say he live his life to the fullest an achived what what most musicians and artist wud never!..with his life he enspired the many includind myself!..“As he said “LET THE LORD JUGDE THE CRIMINALS”the killer may not known by the world....but heavens shall testify!..RIP PAC your name will never die..generations will know n be inspired by 25years of your life!..“salute”

4 sight 6:23 pm, 16-Oct-2014

i get it, i got, from long time we know it , but we refuse to show it. i got ya back is a good statement and i get it

Jay Jharo 2:26 am, 20-Oct-2014

You peoples just too dumb to face facts Tupac is dead. His mother went into the hospital he was in and told them to take him off life support her self. Did yall ever think that maybe it was a jealous bitch who had no reputation what so ever that killed him. Diddy and Suge had money why the fuck would they kill Pac. And if he's still alive maybe he wanted to get away from all of this and live like you stupid, quick to judge niggas.

Jay Jharo 2:29 am, 20-Oct-2014

You peoples just too dumb to face facts Tupac is dead. His mother went into the hospital he was in and told them to take him off life support her self. Did yall ever think that maybe it was a jealous bitch who had no reputation what so ever that killed him. Diddy and Suge had money why the fuck would they kill Pac. And if he's still alive maybe he wanted to get away from all of this and live like you stupid, quick to judge motherfuckers.

Jeff ceaser 6:04 am, 21-Oct-2014

The 7' days theory, suige Knite's character and tricks ever, the hope for 2014, the photo of snoop @ the 2014 BET awards where some people say 2pac was spotted in the pic, the Name Jamal Millwood, the Cali city they talk about where Jamal Millwood is, Pac's lyrics "im going back to Cali" i still dont know what to say, the fact that his body wasnt found.....i guess he still lives

2pac 10:18 am, 27-Oct-2014

i'm not dead nigga's..

Manni 4:38 am, 2-Nov-2014

Tupac ent dead you guys are fucking retards for starters on CCTV when the fight kicked off PAC was wearing a white shirt and white jeans when he got beck to the hotel the had the same outfit on and he left in the same outfit but a photo taken just before the vagas strip he had on a white vest and blue jeans photo taken on at the shooting clearly shows a helecoptor landing and PAC getting in even thow the police report says that he got in to a ambulance the university medical centre of southern Nevada doesn't even have a helicopter pad TUPAC IS ALIVE ..

Manni 4:52 am, 2-Nov-2014

Tupac used the word macveli Meany times after he got out of prison macveli was a guy who faked his on death and there was a book about it michigan prison where PAC spent 10 days for beating up another rapper with a base ball bat has a copy of that book that Tupac engraved his name into it and after tupacs death there was a huge fire in the prison library on the 12th of September 1996 a prisoner escaped John Dillinger who had 3 million dollers paid into this bank account after his escape from prison he was never seen again

Nzelu 8:10 am, 3-Nov-2014

I don't know anything abt him buh i believe He iz stil alive.

Cookie . 7:02 pm, 15-Nov-2014

Smh , we all know Suge Knight plotted Tupac Shakur's death. Smh.

dup dre 12:46 pm, 19-Nov-2014

surge n puffy fuuk all of plotted the death of tupac n biggie bt we dont gv a fuuk macaveli steal hits in our lives RIP TUPAC N BIGGIE we love you all

Andy tait 6:06 pm, 22-Nov-2014

rip to a real thug nigga love you nigga x

Andy tait 6:07 pm, 22-Nov-2014

rip tupac shakur

zap 1:33 pm, 9-Dec-2014

Back then in the 90z shit was n it was rap war n who's gonna Strike first n evybody wanted a Piece of pac including his own Folks now he's dead n everybody Is so rich its a sad story even in The hospital they could have resurrect him cos he was a real thug pretending His just a musician everybody Planned this shit n it wrong taking A life isn't an option rip my pac f FUCKALLYALL!

Breely Windham 10:44 pm, 11-Dec-2014

I think suge knight orchestrated the hit on pac because he was leaving death row records and taking many unreleased tracks with him,so unfortunately Tupac was killed in cold blood over some songs BRUH

The terminator 10:47 pm, 11-Dec-2014

RIP Tupac The return of the outlaw

Niggas is gay 3:42 am, 25-Dec-2014

Frank was tupac's homosexual lover. They would 69 each other all the time.

KD 1:00 am, 29-Dec-2014

2pac is a brother frm anada mother..#R.I.P..U stl one of d greatest rappers to eva walk d surface of dis planet

sourabh zim 6:01 am, 8-Jan-2015

we really want you tupac. O:-) <3

groundamal 6:02 pm, 8-Jan-2015

Fromslaves tostars , the powers that be trimble keep killing eachother they say,, and you obey . When the people come together then Babylon will fall , till then your all still slaves . Clean your heart hear your God with a clean mind and you shall see

Butternut 12:58 am, 17-Jan-2015

Its been years now, my nigga Tupac is bones underground. But I still him rollin in radio, parties, jamming in ppls minds like back in da days. Leave my nigga in Peace and let his soul Rest.

amarunkue 7:26 pm, 28-Jan-2015

Gone too soon wil always luv n miss u dude rip in peace pac

nigga jape 1:11 pm, 9-Feb-2015

years gone but ur memories with me is stil fresh like u said is gon b some stuf u gonno see is gonno make u smile into da future yes u right cos am smilin now cos life goes on and for franky y'all gat nuttin to loose cos everybody gatta die and even if they kill u they can never take the life of a yound G so get money .RIP brothers

dillon the truth 10:37 pm, 12-Feb-2015

This is a fake website frank Alexander didn't say the half of thus some fake as butch put this up tupac was shot and some may think he is alive and planned his death maybe its true maybe its not if u listen to his last album makaveli listen to some of the lyrics that he is planning his death. 'MAKAVELI' mix the words up in makaveli and u get ' AM ALIVE' and the K is left out the K stands for killumanati look it up And see what it means maybe this was his planned like he did survive the 5 shots that biggie smalls crew shot him after biggies crew shot him he started a rivalry between east v west coast and claimed that he shagged biggies wife so tupac make a song 'hit em up' then biggie made a song 'who shot ya so things did kick off and on the night tupac got shot just few hours before he got shot he beat a gangster named Orlando Anderson and maybe Orlando wanted revenge and was involved in the shooting tupac may have got shot but knew he was going to live and fake his death when PAC was in jail he red a book about a man back in the 80s who faked his death to get away from his enemies tupac did say onhis last interview he wants to change and made a song called changes and he also wanted out of death row so maybe suge knight had a plan to kill him to becauz tupac was making suge millions thereus sso many stories even that biggie payed someone 1 million pound to kill him the people that no about his life no the truth and belive he is still out there if its really true he did we'll and gave a lot of clues about faking his death like in his song on the last album he said "expect me nigga like u expect Jesus expect me nigga I'm coming" and made a song 7 dats before he was shot about dying and going to heaven called ' i aint made at ya' and the number 7 comes into question a lot like he died when he was 25, 2+5=7 he got shot on the 7th of September he spent 7 full days in hospital he was reportedly pronounced dead at 4:03 4+0+3=7 he made 7 songs in his last album to do with hinting towards his death his last words to the police was "FUCK YOU" that was 7 letters he said he is suppose to believed to cone back when he is 52 5+2=7 which he will be in 2023 2+0+2+3=7 at 4:03 4+0+3=7 the time that he also died he also named in his album the 7 day theory that's when all the 7's come into account u have to think about it he is still in Cuba under the ground living peacefully smoking his dope and he was the 1 who could of set up biggie smmalls death but what could of happened is tuoac was planning this all to fake his death but he probably did get shot and ruined his planns of faking his death no one probably knows unless PAC has told people but we will have to wait to c if its true he was a rap god he wanted to be a God that's y he named himself the god of rap and comparing himself to Jesus so maybe he will be back with us he said if he had a daughter in has last interview he would name it kcabblli he spelt it out in purpose maybe that was another hint because if u spell it backwards its' ill b back ' are use starting to catch on thats y no one has been charged with the murder cuz he probably ain't even dead there is a lot more evidence that he is there I no lots more if u look at his life, story, LYRICS and even some pictures and especially his last album can u spot more hints that he makes let's see if use can notice write them down and post it on this may PAC be with us all

dillon the truth 12:16 am, 13-Feb-2015

So u took my comment down because its true It shows in the video that PAC was wearing a white suite when he was fighting way Orlando Anderson was seen leaving the hotel in his white suit, he was seen shaking mike Tyson's hand in his white suit but half an hour later when he was riding with suge knight he magically was wearing a vest top and jeans ???? Was that really tupac in the car with suge ?? No it wasn't tupac was in the car behind suge with his body guard so suge purposely turned and drove the car back up the street so police would follow him while tupac gets away in the bodygaurds car, because if it was really tupac that got shot the bodyguard would follow suge to see if he is alrite it was all there plan and they did a good job the hospital police and lots off people were payed to shut there mouth tupac ain't dead use should all no that and use think its 2014 he is returning its not its 2023 2+0+2+3 =7 get it rite as I said look at all the evidence and clues and hints from tupac himself that he isn't dead its his plan the reason why no one has been charged with the murder of tupac is because he ain't really dead he is in Cuba somewhere and will return just like Jesus as he says in his last album figure it out yourselfs and stop way all this shit that biggie killed him suge was involded lies lies lies also tupac thought it would be a good time to do it after his fight way Orlando so police would pin point Orlando about his death seriously people need to know what actually happened listen to Hus album makakeli (am alive) the don killumanati the 7 day theory there is 77 clues tupac made that he ain't dead I can't be arsed writing them down but figure it out with his pictures, quotes , LYRICS, interviews and especially his last album predicting his death he just wanted to be like the guy he red about in jail his name was maciveli spelled different but still spells I'm alive so that guy he red about fakes his death to get away from enimeis tupac wanted to change he named a song to called changes PAC is still here he left with the bodyguard and starting a life by himself biggie smalls found out a few things and so did Orlando so tupac ordered them dead and killed them frank the bodyguard let something slip by mistake but he had to die that's how frank died ask suge knight he also hints at tupacs alive can't believed police hasn't caught on but fuk da police as PAC would say so many people were killed for opening there mouth but still PACs fake death remains in control we will return 2023 wait and see he got away that night in the other car while the person with suge knight that was a dubble of tupac was the one that got shot cuz PAC knew he was going to get shot so planned this all out he beat the fuk out of Orlando knowing Orlando would get revenge so smartly put another person that's PACs dubble in the driver seat while PAC was watching in the car behind so suge turned the car so police would follow him and give tupacs bodyguard to get away with pac look at the pictures of the person who was really killed tattoos on his arm that aren't on the real tupacs arm and the bits of fake skin were also showen plus now there is a video of tupacs double getting fake skin n features in him to make him look just like tupac its on YouTube police are dumb as fuck haha that's all I'm saying PAC is alive the truth he will return figure out yourself expect me nigga like u expect Jesus expect me nigga I'm cuming And wen I'm reincarnated And love people who know bout my demise And wen I die am I really give or still here We the last ones left but not death Fuck the media I'm here and always will be When I'm not here anymore think about it carefully And when I die with shots to the body , really People need to realise The famous lyrics that he hints to people he is alive MAKAVELI = "AM ALIVE" the K stands for killumanati The DON the 7 day theory is all hints clues and evidence he faked his death may PAC b with us all he ain't dead

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