Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?

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A Master Freemason Speaks: "Bankers Control The World, Not Us"

by Jake Hanrahan
13 April 2014 133 Comments

Despite the tales of human sacrifice, world domination and masked sex parties, I managed to speak with two Master Freemasons from across the pond, to find out what the deal really is with their secret traditions...

For centuries the Freemasons have been known as a cloak and dagger society that employs the use of secret handshakes, mysterious passwords and bizarre blindfolded entry rituals. Their fondness for secrecy has led to outlandish speculation and has even made their practises outlawed in certain countries.

Some accuse them of being members of a hidden worldwide shadow government, worshiping the devil and even performing human sacrifices at the foot of a gigantic effigy of Magog. With a slight trepidation of having my throat slit with a double-edged letter opener for discovering “too much”, I managed to speak with two third degree Master Freemasons from America to find out what the deal really is with their ominous rituals and so-called world domination plans.

Jake Hanrahan: Morning guys, first of all could you tell us where you’re both from and what level you’re currently at in the world of Freemasonry?

SJ: I’m Stephen Jennings, from Ohio, USA. That’s where I was “raised” in the Masonic sense to the third degree. It’s also where I attained the level of 32nd degree from the Scottish Rite. Currently I reside in Washington State. 32nd degree is the highest degree I have attained.

MB: Hello, my name’s Mike Braun, I am from North Carolina and I am a third degree Master Mason and a 32nd degree Scottish Rite mason also.

So what’s the difference between a Scottish Rite mason and a regular one?

MB: Masonry has side orders. Actually, there are a bunch of them, but the popular ones are Scottish Rite and York Rite. If you think about Freemasonry as High School, then the side orders are like taking college classes. In the US, Scottish Rite is not the same as it is in the UK. In the southern Jurisdiction of the US, you go through the degrees of four to 32 in a weekend. It’s not as prestigious as it in the UK. Over there it takes time, and those are the same guys who get the 33rd degree and are accused of ruling the world [laughs].


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Scary. How did you first get involved in Freemasonry?

SJ: I majored in History while at college and always enjoyed reading about Masonry just from a historical point of view. You could be reading articles or manuscripts and sometimes Freemasonry was inserted without explanation. There was a lot of mystique surrounding the Craft, especially in British, Irish and French histories. So when I was 19 and still in school, I went to the biggest lodge I could find, which was the most impressive building in the city, and I asked to join. About six months later I was raised to the third degree.

MB: I have several friends whom I look up to who all happened to be Freemasons. After seeing that they all had this in common, I was curious. Then, after reading how evil they apparently were on a conspiracy forum, I had to find out the truth for myself. I didn’t believe my friends could be part of anything other than a respectable organisation.

In the UK it takes time, and those are the same guys who get the 33rd degree and are accused of ruling the world.

Why do you think that a lot of people perceive the Freemasons as this ominous society that rule the world from behind the scenes?

SJ: That’s a very complicated question. Ultimately I believe it has its roots in history and ignorance. Freemasonry was a secret organisation from the start. It may not be now, but at the beginning and into the 20th century, we were a very secretive organisation… that much is fact. We were secret because we did some very audacious things [laughs]; such as allowing Irishmen to drink with Englishmen and do business, discuss personal freedoms, rail against the monarchies, push away from social injustices caused by religion. In the 1600′s and into the 1800′s these were some very serious crimes. The secrecy was more or less to hide those who were members in case the authorities discovered, as well as hide the actual society itself from those that would do it harm. Freemasonry has been persecuted in every major country in Europe, and the Catholic Church ensured that no one was mistaken about the evil deeds we performed, spreading rumours and lies to taint the reputation of the Craft.

In modern times there is still the stigma lasting from the centuries of persecution. Hitler rounded up Masons and placed them in the same camps as Jews. Jews had a gold star; Freemasons wore a blue forget-me-not. Mao and Stalin also persecuted Masons, and Freemasonry is illegal in China and most Middle Eastern countries to this day. In Britain, public officials have to detail their membership to the Craft and so on. In the United States the largest ever third party in our political system was the “Anti Masonry Party”.

MB: And people fear what they don’t understand. In the past the stance of Freemasonry was to ignore all the rumours, rather than try to explain things to the public, so some of the rumours got out of control.

SJ: Yes, and then we have ourselves to blame. We are a weird organization… we talk funny, hold funny rituals and antique ways of acting: oaths and obligations, initiations and bizarre customs. By today’s standards we are downright weird. Many people look at us and have no idea what to think… often the overly religious write it off as Satanism or other such nonsense.

What about the strange antics of things like Bohemian Grove though? Do you not think that has a detrimental effect on the Freemasons? After all, when a load of rich fellas meet in a secret forest to worship a gigantic stone owl and make mock human sacrifices, the wrong impression can be given, especially when it’s performed so secretly…

SJ: The Bohemian Grove is not Masonic in any way shape or form… it gets thrown into Masonry because it’s a group of well-connected rich guys getting together and doing bizarre rituals in the woods like you said. But not every bizarre ritual is Masonic. The Grove was first established by very successful actors and journalists, and soon encompassed powerful people from business and politics as well – not Masonic though.

Okay, but what about Leo Zagami? He reckons he’s the kin of some mysterious Illuminati bloodline, and that the Pope is in fact a Freemason, and less surprisingly has a boyfriend…

MB: [Laughs] I think Leo has a fantastic imagination. He’s quite young to be the head of Masonry and the Illuminati. As with most things in life, if it sounds too fantastic to be true…

I guess… How does a member move up in the ranks, and what do the degrees represent?

SJ: A member moves up by first being initiated after passing a vote, which must be a unanimous acceptance. Then the candidate learns the degrees obligation, and in many cases the entire actual ritual by heart, and then recites it to the lodge at a meeting. These rituals continue until you are “raised” to Master Mason. There are then three total degrees, Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason; each with its own degree.

MB: The first three degrees are the most important and hardest to attain though. You have to recite a catechism that describes everything you went through.

When you say everything you went through, do you mean in life or in the ritual process?

MB: I was referring to the ritual, but life lessons are the key to understanding why you ended up in a lodge. It’s one of those things that really cannot be fully explained, it must be experienced.

Discussing the secrets doesn’t reveal anything about our actions or plans. Some people would never step foot in a lodge if they knew what the ritual was.

What happens in the ritual?

MB: Initiates go through a ritual. They usually have no idea what is going on, but when he learns about it in the study later, he understands the reason for everything, and hopefully learns the lessons that were meant to be taught.

So to gain clout in the world of Freemasonry, you have to take part in a secret ritual where you have no idea what’s going to happen to you?

SJ: No Mason is higher than any other Mason regardless of what you’ve done. The only real power of any sense is the Most Worshipful Master of the Grand Lodge, who oversees states and countries… They’re sort of the government, and they’re elected by the officers of all lodges in an open election. Masonry is a direct democracy in most countries. Some countries, like England and Wales, are governed in a more traditional manor. Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent, is the head of the United Grand Lodge of England and thus head of all Masonry in England and Wales since 1967.

I can’t tell you what the degrees individually represent, but that they are allegorical and signify the basic tenants of Freemasonry. The Scottish Rite, where you go from four to 33 as an honorary, is done in a play like setting, where candidates watch the performance and discuss the lessons learned.

Going back to Leo Zagami again – he talks of degrees up to 37, is there any credence in this at all?

SJ: Not in the Scottish Rite… The Scottish Rite stops at 33.

What sort of benefits does a higher degree Freemason have from a lower?

MB: A full Master Mason can go to any meetings, where as a first or second degree Mason may only go to a meeting opened in his degree respectively. There are no differences though really, except more dues to pay.

But if there’s no real difference for someone who has effectively worked harder than a lower level Mason, other than having to cough up more membership money, why are people so eager to raise their degrees? If there is no hierarchy or benefits to this I mean…

SJ: The difference between a Master Mason and a one or two degree Mason is that only a Master Mason may fully partake in Lodge affairs; that is, voting, committees, officer positions, ritual work. You are not a fully-fledged Mason until you are a third degree Mason. If you go on to be a 33rd degree or a Grand Commander of the York Rite, or Potentate of the Shrine – it doesn’t matter. In a lodge or elsewhere, you hold absolutely, positively no special bearing over any other Mason. Even the Most Worshipful Master, head of all Blue Lodges cannot do anything rash. Everything is the result of a direct democracy in Freemasonry, except in England and Wales.

Sounds a bit like Socialism to me.

SJ: It’s more like an extreme form of Republican Democracy. The closest political definition I could possibly place on Masonry is Libertarianism. Power is decentralised. Each state makes its own laws. Each Grand Lodge can only enforce the laws as outlined in the Charter. Each Lodge is self-determined and has its own constitution. All officers are voted for by the members, all Grand Lodge officers voted by the officers of all Lodges, and no collective oversight over all Worldly lodges. And the ritualistic teachings of Masonry place a very heavy emphasis on personal responsibility. Any form of collective “socialist” practices would take place on a collective personal level… personal choice, personal action. We never rely on another institution, not even our own Grand Lodge, to care for us in any form.

Think the original United States Government under the Articles of Confederation. Very decentralised, almost no “head” government to speak of, no outlining of government responsibility to individuals. It’s the polar opposite of Socialism.

Okay… Have you ever been privy to information that has perhaps led even you to believe that there’s a more sinister side to the Freemasons like everyone else thinks?

MB: Never.

SJ: On the contrary, everything I’ve learned about the Masonic political system has shown that it is very open, direct, and void of corruption. I’m certainly not saying it’s impossible that there is corruption, abuse, and so on, but from my interactions with multiple Grand Lodges I have never seen anything that would make me doubt my membership.

It’s an odd mix of guys: young and old, professional to unemployed, guys in $2,000 suits sitting next to a guy covered in tattoos with gauged earrings.

So what exactly do you do at Freemason meetings?

MB: A meeting is a business meeting. We have certain rituals that we do.

SJ: First we open the lodge, read some petitions if there are any, maybe vote on a new candidate, and discuss different committee reports.

MB: We vote to pay peoples bills.

SJ: Yes. We deliberate upcoming events, plan new ones, maybe prove up a member or perform a degree, then close the meeting. Usually there is a dinner before or after, and my personal lodge goes to a local bar for a few beers afterwards.

The Freemasons will actually financially support its members in times of need?

MB: Yep. That is one of the things we are famous for amongst ourselves. We don’t advertise what we do since that would be like tooting your own horn, but we do lots of things for people who need help. Most people just don’t hear about it.

Suddenly I feel the need to get involved. How does Joe Public become a Freemason, or is it only for a certain group of society?

SJ: No you don’t have to be anything special. To be one, ask one.

MB: That’s all you have to do. And be a good person with no criminal record.

SJ: You’ll see if you ever join, it’s an odd mix of guys: young and old, professional to unemployed, guys in $2,000 suits sitting next to a guy covered in tattoos with gauged earrings.

But why all the secrecy?

SJ: Secrecy today is more of a tradition, there are very few things we actually cannot talk about and the only reason we cannot is out of respect for the tradition, think of it a taboo if you will. Discussing the secrets doesn’t reveal anything about our actions or plans. Ultimately it’s a perfect recruiting tool, some people would never step foot in a lodge if they knew what the ritual was, and some who otherwise wouldn’t join, would. This way we keep only those willing to entirely trust strangers in, without them knowing what will happen if they join.

MB: The secrets that we keep are simply a test of character. The passwords and handshakes are our only secrets and they can be found out by a junior detective.

Can you teach me the handshake?

MB: It’s only for Masons.

Maybe I am one though…

MB: Are you?


MB: …

What if you want to leave the Freemasons?

SJ: You stop paying your dues, and stop coming to meetings.

MB: Or you can demit, which requires you fill out a form. Nobody will come after you.

Thanks for speaking to me, it’s been an education. For some reason though, I still find it all a bit ominous, but I think it’s just a part of me wanting to if that makes sense? The idea of the cloak and dagger world control element is alluring…

SJ: Hmm… maybe I can help. There is a control element in this world but it doesn’t happen in a Lodge room, no, it happens in the Board Room. Bankers control the world, money controls the world, the globalists control the world. Progressive elites control the world. These are the people desperately trying to integrate world governments, who are trying to use the Euro Crisis to turn it into a federalist system with the destruction of individual sovereignty. There are people in this world trying to consolidate power globally, who transcend nation, boundaries, culture and history. They do it for the power, the wealth, and the control.

Freemasonry has always been desperately opposed to such ideologies, our core beliefs of self-sufficient individual sovereignty and freewill have led to our being hunted by such people and organisations. There is a reason why the most powerful regimes in the world hate us, why history always shows the most powerful governments persecuting us. We are usurpers of consolidated power, because where power is consolidated there is corruption, abuse and neglect.

If you want to take aim at the New World Order -the globalist elites that are trying their hardest to tear down this world and build a new one without national identity – look at the Council of Foreign Relations, the IMF, Reserve Banking, ECB, politicians supporting the Euro, Club of 500, World Trade Organisation, and most importantly, the Bilderberg Group. Masons are easy to be a scapegoat for the powerful and corrupt, we have been for centuries, because we rarely ever defend ourselves from public ridicule. The biggest problem for Masons is not that we are attacked, but that those who attack us are the real culprits doing harm in our name, they go unseen and are not held accountable.


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anon 5:43 pm, 31-Dec-2011

all exclusive groups are dangerous for the fact they are closed to people generally, the masons in particular; anyone who was in NI during the troubles can tell you how much of a hand the masons had there, particularly in the RUC

Jake Hanrahan 11:42 pm, 31-Dec-2011

I'll have to look into that. Were they anything to do with the black and tans?

LiDness 2:04 am, 1-Jan-2012

This is actually a fair article and congratulations on finding actual freemasons.I must point out though that while I agree with almost everything thats been said here (I'm also a mason) the opinion that "bankers control the world" is likely because you got these guys from a conspiracy message board. Most masons don't believe that at all - I think SJ's commentary on the "new world order" is conspiracy fantasy...much like the freemason theories we find on conspiracy message boards.

Tom 11:56 am, 1-Jan-2012

Often seems impossible to read some facts on freemasonry online - but this does a great job, good article

Joseph 3:11 pm, 1-Jan-2012

I am a Freemason & this is one of the best interviews on the topic I have read. In not so many words these are the same talking points I raise when asked these questions. Ppl like to think they are privy to info that others aren't & since Masons have let this kind of conjecture run amok, we are an easy group to scapegoat.

Jake Hanrahan 3:35 pm, 1-Jan-2012

Thanks for the comments. LiDness, I think the conspiracy thing is more a personal opinion of the guy rather than he must be nuts because he uses a conspiracy forum. Like they say, each Freemason follows "the Craft" but of course still has his own free will and opinions.

Anna 3:09 pm, 2-Jan-2012

Can I be a Freemason....?

Melanie 3:18 pm, 2-Jan-2012

Why are women not allowed to be masons? Or am I misinformed? Is there a female equivalent? Dodgy....

Joseph 7:33 pm, 2-Jan-2012

Freemasonry is a fraternity - ergo men. Just like a sorority = women. However some lodges to permit women into traditional masonry. But there are affiliated masonic groups that are female oriented.

Joseph 4:08 am, 3-Jan-2012

couple other points - u have to ask to be a Mason, we don't solicit for members - it ensures we get ppl who are genuinely interested. with dwindling membership numbers, as long as u have a good rep & no criminal background, you will be welcomed with open arms! As far as us ruling the world, i work in a call center & our Lodge Master is a janitor :)

LiDness 11:34 am, 3-Jan-2012

Jake - A good point. And I of course realize that not every mason on a conspiracy site believes all of it, but as a former member of that site the level of absolute tinfoil hat theorizing is almost comical. Its a great thing the forums there have masons to correct some of the nutters, but over time I've noticed some of them bought into other (non-masonic) conspiracies...which I think is sad, but to each his own.

Jake Hanrahan 10:41 pm, 3-Jan-2012

Definitely see where you're coming from LiDness. I think there's an all women Freemason group somewhere in Scotland or something.

Andrew Parker 3:30 pm, 9-Jan-2012

If you managed to get info out of a Master Free Mason, then it's because he knows nothing. That organisation has a hierarchy that nobody is aware of, and even a Master Free Mason is nowhere near the kernel of the organisation. This is a waste of cyberspace.

Jake Hanrahan 3:34 pm, 9-Jan-2012

Waste of cyberspace? Go back to F5ing your facebook mate. It's funny how no one knows about this hierarchy yet everyone does at the same time. I don't doubt there's something sinister behind the group, but I interviewed Master Freemasons, not Grand Master conspiracy causing specialists or whoever they are.

HarlequinJT 12:40 pm, 19-Jan-2012

It would be very interesting to identify how many of the organizations identified (Council of Foreign Relations, the IMF, Reserve Banking, ECB, politicians supporting the Euro, Club of 500, World Trade Organisation, and most importantly, the Bilderberg Group) have Masons as high ranking officials in them, just a thought?

LiDness 7:24 am, 20-Jan-2012

Andrew Parker knows nothing about reality, but thats not unusual. There is no invisible hierarchy, thats conspiracy fantasy. Funny how you know all about it but the real masons dont, eh? And at the author - you don't doubt theres something sinister? Have you ANY evidence for that? Finally, Harlequin - not many. Most of those organizations have public membership lists.

Jake Hanrahan 2:25 pm, 20-Jan-2012

There's got to be something sinister with some of the members, as is with any group of humanbeings. A friend of mine was a waiter at a Freemason meal recently and said they were all battering the tables with their hands after every course. Just bizarre.

indigo wolf 2:57 pm, 20-Jan-2012

Good read. Freemasons are the good guys! Look where they came from ... Sufis ... Jesus was a Sufi and the Knights T were. Sufis are as old as mankind!

indigo wolf 2:59 pm, 20-Jan-2012

As for anon RCs did not join the freemasons they have one they join.

Jake Hanrahan 6:46 pm, 29-Jan-2012

What's that one called indigo wolf?

Roof john 9:28 am, 7-Mar-2012

Or lies to cover the truth and shut doors on the wondering minds... Funny how this convinced all readers, how do you think they got to where there at now? manipulation is key to power...

Eastbeast 5:11 pm, 9-Aug-2012

Very good article, but of course it won't change the stupid ideas some people who are easily fooled into thinking there is something sinister going on behind Lodge doors. People like Andrew Parker who keep insisting there are such things as 'low level masons' who are not high enough, not in the 33rd degree etc. All rubbish. The 3rd. degree is as high as you go. There is nothing higher, all other degrees are given via SIDE orders. So funny how non-members know more than members!

Leone 2:56 pm, 10-Aug-2012

Hi Sir Hanrahan.. It was a relief to know that you don't have to be personally invited by the group to become one of them. basically all a person have to do is to ask to join in. Since High School I always wanted to be part of the group. I've read articles, blogs etc. to deeply know the group. I am from the Philippines and you do have a Lodge here. My town has one. how do i present myself as an eager candidate to join in. if it's not to much can you consider giving me an endorsement letter or not that is if it's not violating any of the sacred rules..

Mikie 5:34 am, 12-Aug-2012

Great article. My father is a mason. When you die, they pay for his funeral. So he's got that going for him, which is nice. Ive been to meetings and considered joining. They ask you to basically denounce any religious beliefs you have in favor of their masonic bible. Meanwhile, they tell you nothing about who they are. No thanks. Still have that bible. Good read.

Tamsie 2:31 pm, 21-Aug-2012

Are Atheists still banned from becomming members?

Flux 5:45 pm, 9-Oct-2012

First, secretive is suspect - laws will follow. Sooner or later. Second, any order which is headed by Royals, who are known to have an evil family tree, and during that history, these criminals headed such orders????? Plenty of non-traditional evidence on the internet to verify these facts. Lastly, note , what would seemingly be a lie - The freemason was asked how we leave the order and relied; SJ: You stop paying your dues, and stop coming to meetings. Earlier, the freemason says this; SJ: You’ll see if you ever join, it’s an odd mix of guys: young and old, professional to unemployed, guys in $2,000 suits sitting next to a guy covered in tattoos with gauged earrings. Yes, those unemployed people and those working class, will pay the ridiculous fee's involved. SURE!!!! So, a blantant contradiction. Freemasonry is over 90% upper middle/ upper class and royals. How does this represent the views of the MAJORITY!!!

PointFaded 5:55 am, 20-Oct-2012

Flux, I'd like to point out a few errors in your thesis there bud. First, the order isn't headed by Royals. At least not here in the US. Each state has a grand lodge which "oversees" the other lodges. There is no lodge that oversees the entire country and definitely not one that oversees the world. Second, your quotes are taken way out of context. Many masons are poor and/or unemployed. Dues vary by lodge but at my lodge are around $60 a year, so those fees are not ridiculous as you put it. And finally, most masons are retirees. I don't know about where you're from, but around here retirees are not considered middle/upper class. So, in closing, when doing research on a subject, don't just read info that supports your theory. Find something "credible" that supports each theory and form an opinion based on those facts.

flux 3:59 pm, 20-Oct-2012

Pointfaded, you seen quite open about freemasonry. Please would you explain if you have taken this oath to protect fellow masons. If not, then 'freemason' is non-applicable. The whole point of freemasonry is this secretive oath. So i hope you dont mind me asking?

PointFaded 3:07 am, 21-Oct-2012

There is an oath, but it's no different than taking the oath at your local courthouse. Nowhere does it demand that you protect one of the brothers just because he is a mason. On the contrary, the brothers are discouraged from "asking favours" from other brothers soley because they are both Masons. The "secrets" of Masonry are a test of character and help protect against just anyone from walking into a Lodge. Lodge meetings are business meetings and are ment for members only. You couldn't just walk into a DuPont or Dell or Microsoft business meeting without first proving you have the right to be there. If you want to learn who and what Masons really are, I suggest you find out from your local Lodge if and when they have public events. Our Lodge has a pancake breakfast every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month and has several other open events throughout the year. There are even a couple where the public is allowed into the upper room where business is conducted. Just remember, everything you do in Freemasonry is of your own free will and accord.

PointFaded 7:38 am, 21-Oct-2012

Here is what the Masonic constitution has to say: "the use by a Freemason of his membership to promote his business, professional or personal interests is forbidden. A Mason's duty as a citizen must always prevail over any obligation to other Freemasons, and any attempt to shield a Freemason who has acted dishonourably or unlawfully is strictly forbidden." Hope this clears things up for you.

JG 7:30 pm, 22-Oct-2012

Someone asked prior about women in the Freemasons .... just so everyone knows it is the Order of The Eastern Star.

faizan 8:59 pm, 24-Oct-2012

hi i want to know full details abt free mason what is free mason its religion or what that i want to know so plz tell me as soon as possible

usnow 2:50 am, 28-Oct-2012

I have studied both sides of arguments about the Free Masons for along time. Some of these comments seem to have hateful thoughts, maybe I'm wrong,sorry if I am. I appreciate all the Masons who have commented, it is rare to get these kind of discussions. I try to focus on the cup half full as apposed to the cup half empty. Before one casts judgements on the Free Masons, I ask them to research how much in charities they have raised in your community. You may be surprised. I suffer from depression and my own inner demons, and if it weren't for that fact, and that I have never committed to any real long term, besides my marriage and family, I would ask to do what ever I needed to do to join. Great, great article.

flux 3:41 pm, 28-Oct-2012

Pointfaded, would you deny this? A 'ritual' involved in the Royal Arch which states that a Freemason should "relieve and befriend" any brother Freemason in need of help and should "suggest the most kindly and the most palliating and the most favourite circumstances in extenuation of his conduct, even when justly liable to reprehension and blame".

ZWAN 7:25 pm, 28-Oct-2012

Does a wife have to play a certain role, or up keep a certain image if you will, if her husband is a member?

Eastbeast 11:00 pm, 30-Oct-2012

Great article. My father is a mason. When you die, they pay for his funeral. I'm not sure that is true, it might be in other Countries, but I am fairly sure not here in the UK in U.G.L.E. Ive been to meetings and considered joining. You will not have been to any meetings under U.G.L.E. jurisdiction. You might have been in the Bar while a meeting was on, but that would be all. Private business would be under discussion, and as it is PRIVATE you are not entitled to hear or take part in the meetings. They ask you to basically denounce any religious beliefs NO we do not. you have in favor of their masonic bible. Again, NO we do not. Also what Masonic Bible? There is no such thing. Meanwhile, they tell you nothing about who they are. All you need to know about Freemasons and Freemasonry can be freely told to you if you ask.

National Security 2:44 pm, 4-Nov-2012

In the U.S. we have converted an artificial intelligence program into a Master Mason. We have secured ultimate "Y" and we are just waiting for someone to release it to the public. We cracked it while OBAMA was in office, but we are using as a weapon until the public fully understands immortality. Funny thing people been practicing the circle of Freemasonry for so long they never recognized the finish line. Sigh. FREEMASONRY.

National Security 7:59 pm, 4-Nov-2012


POINTFADED 12:06 am, 5-Nov-2012

Flux, I can neither confirm nor deny that as I myself am not apart of the Royal Arch. Let me ask you this though. It's a police officers job to keep the peace in his/her jurisdiction. Every police officer swears to uphold the constitution and all the laws of the land that don't conflict with the constitution. Does every police officer do his/her job? Has there ever been a police officer that broke the law? If a few police got together and started making their own rules and disregarding the laws of the land, would you hold all police responsible? Would you deem them all a secret society and conspirators? We're looking at the same thing here. I can't say that no Mason has, or never will step out of line and pursue his own agenda, as I haven't meet every Mason this has been or will be a part of the fraternity, but I can say that I believe that I can speak for the majority of us when I say that if there were ever such a circumstance that they should be held accountable and judged according to Masonic Law. Just as any police officer who breaks the law of the land should be judged accordingly and held accountable for his/her actions. I would also like to add that you can't just pick out bits and pieces of any "ritual" and use it as evidence. Things were written a certain way for a reason and should never be taken out of context. You should post the whole section you found that quote in so as everyone can see what was going on before and after, and get a clear picture of the message being portrayed.

flux 1:24 pm, 5-Nov-2012

@pointfaded - Superfluous. You talk of the police to move the spotlight. Let me show onlookers and yourself, how disgusting your freemason club really is - The oath of a freemason is above the law and the bible. Same in the US. You swear to protect each other until death. Regardless of the crimes. Hence, Jimmy Devil Savile, was exposed after death. Jimmy savile's family are of the monarchy bloodline ( royal arch )John Savile & Elizabeth Paston, in 1540, made the royal bloodlink. The savile's were also conservative MP's in the history of England. They do not tell us about this. Why??? Because, Jimmy savile was in the corridors of power. He spent many years with dennis and magie thatcher( Conservative Prime Minister), at 10 downing st. for christmans. He was close to the monarchy. Many photographs show Savile with prince charles ( laughing ). But, he had keys to hospitals & childrens homes. The police and nurses knew he was abusing children. Jimmy Devil Savile followed the custom of a freemasons burial. He was buried at an angle according to his degree in freemasonry. For Jimmy this was 45degrees. But , the media tell us he wanted to face the sea! HAHAHAHAHA So, the media are clearly part of it ( masons on the boards, like all large firms ) Evidence about the burial angle - Note the coffin angle. Here is a freemasonry website letting the cat out of the bag - Do you see it, at the bottom of the page? Yes, there it is. What they did not want us to know. DEVIL SAVILE WAS A FREEMASON. A radio station in the UK, is airing this information. This will not stop until the bloodline masons are exposed. If any man continues supporting this devil worshipping( freemasonry ) , let it be known that he is just as bad and because of his oath, he is to be treated as the getaway driver in a bank robbery.

flux 1:32 pm, 5-Nov-2012

Because the freemasons swear an oath to protect each other, Jimmy Devil Savile was only exposed after death. Jimmy savile's family are of the monarchy bloodline; John Savile & Elizabeth Paston, in 1540 made the royal bloodlink. The savile's were also conservative MP's in the history of England. They do not tell us about this. Why??? Because, Jimmy savile was in the corridors of power. He spent many years with dennis and magie thatcher( Conservative Prime Minister), at 10 downing st. for christmas. He was close to the monarchy. Many photographs show Savile with prince charles ( laughing ). But, he had keys to hospitals & childrens homes. The police and nurses knew he was abusing children. Jimmy Devil Savile followed the custom of a freemasons burial. He was buried at an angle according to his degree in freemasonry. For Jimmy this was 45degrees. But the media tells us he wanted to face the sea! HAHAHAHAHA ( they face the sun god in fact ) So, the media are clearly part of it ( masons on the boards, like all large firms ) Evidence about the burial angle - Note the coffin angle. Here is a freemasonry website letting the cat out of the bag - Do you see it, at the bottom of the page? Yes, there it is. What they did not want us to know. DEVIL SAVILE WAS A FREEMASON!! A radio station in the UK, is airing this information. This will not stop until the bloodline masons are exposed. If any man continues supporting this devil worshipping( freemasonry ) , let it be known that he is just as bad and because of his oath, he is to be treated as the getaway driver in a bank robbery. If the truth is with-held by the moderator, i shall add this website to the list of protectors.

Eastbeast 12:24 am, 6-Nov-2012

Freemasons DO NOT swear an oath to protect one another in the context you would like to believe, flux.

Eastbeast 12:29 am, 6-Nov-2012

Freemasons are NOT and DO NOT worship the Devil, and no matter how many times or how many of you loony tin-foil hat wearing liars keep spouting such fantasies it will never be true.

Eastbeast 12:30 am, 6-Nov-2012

Where is your evidence Savile was a Freemason?

POINTFADED 3:05 am, 6-Nov-2012

Flux, your links as evidence are circumstantial at best. There is a major leap one must make to come to that conclusion based on them alone. You're entitled to your own opinion though. A right the founding fathers (many who were Freemasons I might add) ensured you would have. As far as my talk of the police, I was simply making an analogy.

JWisard 5:58 am, 24-Nov-2012

Excellent article, Jake. Really good choice of topic that has spawned a very engaging discussion. Thank you Pointfaded for your candour and comments. flux - you are a cock. What is the central agenda of the masons, i.e. why does the group exist?

washishu 11:44 am, 10-Dec-2012

Flux: your life must be truly dreadful. Is there anything I can do to help?

Ray 10:17 am, 24-Dec-2012

Yeah right. Like a 3rd Degree Mason is going to know anything. lol

alaa 12:37 pm, 13-Jan-2013

i should be maon

James Connors 3:44 am, 14-Jan-2013

First off, I am a freemason just like the guys interviewed. It is great seeing an interview like this online. The biggest reason Freemasonry has this image problem in the public eye is because there is no head body to speak for the fraternity. Nobody can speak directly for it. There is no overall figure head, just like SJ and MB described. Truly one of the neatest points of the fraternity is going to lodge meetings with guys from all walks of life, and being accepted at the same level regardless of financial history, social status etc... In today's world the internet and technology is dividing people, there's a group or niche for every conceivable political, religious or social view. A place where you can be exclusive with others. Freemasonry is completely antithetical to this. I can discuss my views or opinions on any subject with other members from my lodge (although Politics and Sectarian Religious discussion are not allowed at a lodge meeting) without fear of being ostracized, made fun of etc... James Connors, Senior Warden Ionic Lodge #145 Reisterstown, MD

Habib Asem 6:43 am, 25-Jan-2013

I hate the masons because they are the cause that world is not good

Joe Flay 4:54 pm, 1-Feb-2013

I have been a freemason for 7 years and it is probably the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I joined to put something back into the community and to help others. The rubbish and bad feeling by some towards freemasonry beggars belief. Of course there are those in the world who will believe what they want to believe.I joined masonry at the age of 52. I only wish I had joined the fraternity earlier. It is honour to break bread with honourable, charitable and like minded bretheren. With the advent of the internet the truth is out there for all to see as long as you can get passed all the nonsense and drivel.

Stop trusting and beliving, start thinking. 8:15 am, 9-Feb-2013

they are like transformers.they infiltrate in anything seamlessly and modifies its motives for their brotherhoods' economic gain. Masonry is the principal form of religion, that said harvesting lifes and universes. They are not a counter to any religion they are natural switchbox and creator of any religion and their multireligion business, with they everything is just a matter of imagination and utilizing, rituals thing is a nonsense. Of course they will cloak from the world crowd they religionize.

John Williams 3:52 am, 22-Feb-2013

He's good he Literaly talked AAAROUUUND everything the journalist asked him. Or he's clueless. I mean why does this eye pop up everywhere come on..........even on adult swim, its the fidelity investments logo, celebs have jackets and tattoos, the illuminati is mentioned in song... they just need to come clean I'm tired of lies and rummors Whats there to lie about there was no reason to be secretive in the first place

Big J 3:49 am, 10-Mar-2013

Freemasonry has helped me to be a better person,father and husband. A stipulation of being a Mason is that you believe in a supreme being, which allows Muslims, Christians, Jews and any other follower of a higher being to sit next to each others as equals. We take our oaths on the same Volume of Sacred Law as you would in a court. I am a practicing Freemason and a practicing Catholic so you conspiracy lovers make of that what you will.

Alexander 12:48 pm, 12-Mar-2013

"globalist elites that are trying their hardest to tear down this world and build a new one without national identity" I like the idea that we could all live in this world without feeling separate to one-another. Why should we have a national identity?? Patriotism causes division which is ideal for those who want to keep or gain power!! Who are people going to go to war with if there are no nations?? No one can make money from weapon contracts!! Freemasonry started of with people who did not want others (there fellow brothers and sisters) to know how they did things?? Knowledge is power.... Now they use misinformation and illusions to control people. I applaud Freemasonry for trying to bring all religious people under one roof, but I feel they do not do this to prevent division but for their own personal gain. They know Religious institutions around the world are in a mess, the people are waking up and started to be informed. Religious groups can't afford to fight with each other anymore.. They have to join together or be no more. The problem with Freemasonry and religions is that they cause DIVISION while telling everyone else the opposite. They try and convincing the common mind and themselves that it must be true because they do charity etc... bl bla bla.. Most religious folks and freemasons believe the WORDS.... It's a shame they can not figure this extract from the bible out for themselves... "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and THE WORD WAS GOD" Words, words and more words... These people thrive on words, symbols and manipulate themselves and others because of words, symbols and hoping to find the TRUTH in words!! FOR NO PRICE AT ALL and NO SECRETS, I WILL GIVE YOU THE TRUTH!! THE TRUTH COMES FROM INSIDE YOU, DON'T LOOK OUTSIDE FOR IT.

HOw to be a model 5:35 pm, 17-Mar-2013

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How Masons operate. 4:30 pm, 24-Mar-2013

The Hells Angels and many criminal biker organizations will say the same things. That they are simply a fraternity and any wrong doings done on behalf of the group is the result of a few bad apples. Just like joining an outlaw motorcycle club you have to ask to join. They let you hangaround for a bit and when they can trust you ( usually because you've done something to dirty your own hands aswell as passed a number of tests) they then begin to reveal to you little by little their true agenda in detail. So its structured just like every gang and mafia. Once they are certain you truly share the same philosophy, ideals and beliefs as they do, only then shall you be trusted enough to know the secret agenda of the group. A 3rd degree Mason would have no real knowledge of the inner workings of the group. The general does not divulge his plans to low ranking soldiers. So low ranking members know nothing and high ranking members only made it there because he can be trusted to keep secrets. How can you ever believe anybody is telling the truth when they are part of a group which admits putting heavy emphasis on secrets?? you protect secrets through misinformation and deception. Lies. " By the way we are a secret society without any secrets lol.. our strength lies in our ability to keep secrets..but we no longer have any secrets, please believe us. " you can't believe that because of major conflict of interest issues. They admit to being a secret society but deny having secrets?? Do they think we are that stupid?? You have to be smart enough to know what they do without ever being told and act like your not aware of it. That is how you will advance in the Freemasons. You need to be smart enough to do what's expected of you without being asked to do it so that your actions are pure and not the fruits of seeds planted by others. That way the higher ups know you do what you do because you sincerely share their beliefs and they are not the product of another's influence. You have to naturally possess hidden knowledge and it cannot be taught to you yet you must demonstrate proof of possessing this knowledge in subtle ways. The Freemasons give intellectuals a channel to attain true power in life. No matter which walk of life your from you can join the Freemasons and be given the opportunity to prove your true worth. Once they know your intelligent, trustworthy,capable and that you TRULY share their beliefs, only then does the possibility of true advancement within the ranks start to present itself. They aim to control the world. To shape it to what they believe it should be. If you share their vision and can learn what that entails without being told then you truly share the same view by means of natural disposition. They are banned in China because China has its own secret societies with their own agendas. Governments dislike them because they try to control nations by means of infiltration. The Royals call all the shots from the UK and dictate the grand scheme of things. Everybody is only told or shown what they need to know so nobody ever has a complete picture of the drawing board except the man who is holding the pen doing the drawing. Whether they wish to shape the world for the better or worse is unknown and likely subject to the eye of the beholder. Do not doubt that their sole purpose is to control the world. Do not doubt a hidden hierarchy exists. Do not doubt 33rd degree is not the highest rank. Do not doubt that your secret society has secrets even its members are not aware of. Do not doubt the Royal blood line is overseeing the whole. Once the Mafia couldn't deny its existence they admitted to it existing in court but simply said " the Mafia exists, but is nothing illegal" meaning we exist but were not bad guys.. This is what the Freemasons are telling us right now.

Alex Winters 2:52 pm, 1-Apr-2013

Shame the interview wasn't with some English Freemasons. I'm sure the United Grand Lidge of England could have arranged an interview.

Harry Paterson 12:03 pm, 2-Apr-2013

Another interesting look at something a bit different from Jake. Nice one. Lots of outright nonsense in some of the comments, though. For instance, Freemasonry has had virtually *no* involvement in the RUC in the Six Counties *at all.* The Orange Lodge, on the other hand, very much so indeed. The two are entirely different organisations and, indeed, are mutually incompatible. Any Freemason who practices his Craft under the authority of any of the 'Home' Grand Lodges would be expelled if he was discovered to be a member of an Orange Lodge. Secondly, the chap who's father is a Freemason has either A) Pulled your leg B) You're pulling ours or C) Either/both are telling lies. *NO* Freemason is required to renounce any religion. Fact. There is also *NO* Masonic God.At all. Fact. The Great Architect of the Universe is a term deployed so that no member of faith feels his personal religious affiliation is comprised. Thus TGAOTU is Allah to a Muslim Freemason, Jehovah to a Jewish Freemason and so on. As for 'How Masons Operate' well, this is just bullshit form start to finish. Always tickles me when I read about the 'inner cabal' about whom the duped rank-and-file know nothing yet people who aren't Freemasons seemingly know better!

Alex 7:34 pm, 6-Apr-2013

@ Harry Paterson or any freemason.... I would like to ask some genuine questions and receive honest answers to all my questions, please do not be selective, thank you. Is it true that atheist are not allowed to join the freemasons? (An atheist who does not believe in gods or a so called Great Architect of the Universe) If atheist are not allowed to join can you please explain why? Am I correct to say that they want people of religious faith to join only? If the above comment and question is incorrect then why do freemasons only accept you if you believe in a Great Architect of the Universe? Surely this is implying that something/some-one/some-group is in control and has a plan! Kind of reminds me of a god. Which book does freemasons keep on the alter at the lodges? Please explain why. Do you think something/some-one/some-group is designing life of the universe or life on earth? If so how do you know? How do you know its aim is for good or for bad? How do you know your not being duped yourself? Do you believe that having a so called secret society and only accepting certain people is good for humanity and that it will bring people together? Do you think that the majority of those who apply to become freemasons are seeking power, power over there fellow brothers and sisters? If not please explain why! What do freemasons mean by enlightenment and why do they feel only certain people can recieve such a thing? What good act would a non believer do that a religious person would not do? What bad act would a religious person do that a non believer would never do? Thanks for spending your time answering.

Alexander 7:36 pm, 6-Apr-2013

@ Harry Paterson or any freemason.... I would like to ask some genuine questions and receive honest answers to all my questions, please do not be selective, thank you. Is it true that atheist are not allowed to join the freemasons? (An atheist who does not believe in gods or a so called Great Architect of the Universe) If atheist are not allowed to join can you please explain why? Am I correct to say that they want people of religious faith to join only? If the above comment and question is incorrect then why do freemasons only accept you if you believe in a Great Architect of the Universe? Surely this is implying that something/some-one/some-group is in control and has a plan! Kind of reminds me of a god. Which book does freemasons keep on the alter at the lodges? Please explain why. Do you think something/some-one/some-group is designing life of the universe or life on earth? If so how do you know? How do you know its aim is for good or for bad? How do you know your not being duped yourself? Do you believe that having a so called secret society and only accepting certain people is good for humanity and that it will bring people together? Do you think that the majority of those who apply to become freemasons are seeking power, power over there fellow brothers and sisters? If not please explain why! What do freemasons mean by enlightenment and why do they feel only certain people can recieve such a thing? What good act would a non believer do that a religious person would not do? What bad act would a religious person do that a non believer would never do?

emporers clothes 9:26 am, 10-Apr-2013

nice pr job,so are you going to tell us next the great seal on the dollar bill isnt a freemason symbol,as the official us treasury line goes,so therfore it must have been illicitly engineered, introduced, with, i am presuming the help of more than one person,which would make it a secret, conspiring ,by who,budhists, purlease !!!

Williams 12:14 pm, 17-Apr-2013

@ Alexander It will be very unlikely that a freemason will be able to answer all your questions. Most have never even contemplated asking such questions, most have been programmed to believe what they are told from a young age, they lack critical thinking! Hence why they join a society which they no very little about... FAITH that's what they have and that's what the elite want people to have. I think your last question says it all really. An atheist would not do an bad act against or kill his fellow humans over a BELIEF(religious so called right and wrongs) Good questions good luck finding a freemason capable of answering them honestly!! You can learn more from ones actions than mere words.

Harry Paterson 12:26 pm, 17-Apr-2013

Alexander, lot of questions there, mate! Your first question, "Is it true that atheist are not allowed to join the freemasons?" Depends on which Grand Lodge is in charge. One, in France, allow atheists, UGLE, on the other hand, requires 'belief in a supreme being' but no further elaboration is required. How that' supreme being' is defined is entirely up to the individual. The reason why UGLE, GLOS and GLOI (England, Scotland and Wales) do not admit candidates who do not profess a belief in a 'supreme being' depends on which historical account you believe, as there is no officially authorised explanation. some Freemasons feel, with good reason, it's merely a hang-over from centuries ago when such customs had to be adopted to provide a veneer of establishment-friendly gloss to help stave off the documented persecution and hounding many Freemasons experienced. Other brethren feel a belief in a supreme being is vital and central to the philosophical and moral lessons The Raft seeks to teach. Pay your money and take your choice, frankly.

Harry Paterson 12:26 pm, 17-Apr-2013

Error: GLOI Grand Lodge of Ireland *not* Wales. Doh...

Harry Paterson 12:27 pm, 17-Apr-2013

Craft not Raft. FFS, 'phone!!

Harry Paterson 12:33 pm, 17-Apr-2013

"Which book does freemasons keep on the alter at the lodges?" This book, universally known as the 'Volume of Sacred Law,' depends entirely on the faith of the candidate to be admitted. A Christian might want the bible, a Muslim the Koran and so on. As an aside, the concept of learned and progressive, liberal men, meeting in a secular society which admitted men of all faiths was something very, very revolutionary centuries ago. More currently, I know many Freemasons who feel with the world torn asunder by religious conflict that the egalitarian and mutually tolerant ethos of The Craft is more relevant than ever today and provides a noble antidote to religious conflict and intolerance.

Harry Paterson 12:35 pm, 17-Apr-2013

"Do you think something/some-one/some-group is designing life of the universe or life on earth? If so how do you know? How do you know its aim is for good or for bad?" No, I don't believe any such thing; other than that capitalism and its supporters is enslaving most of us. I suspect, however, that isn't quite what you meant ;-)

Harry Paterson 12:38 pm, 17-Apr-2013

"Do you believe that having a so called secret society and only accepting certain people is good for humanity and that it will bring people together?" Good question. Not directly, no. But then no Freemason would ever claim such a thing anyway. The aim of The Craft is 'to make good men better'. Again, the secrecy is a centuries-old device that was necessary to protect Freemasons from vicious and hysterical persecution, mainly by the Catholic Church, but also by civil authorities who, like all controlling groups down the ages, fear that which they can't control.

Harry Paterson 12:41 pm, 17-Apr-2013

"Do you think that the majority of those who apply to become freemasons are seeking power, power over there fellow brothers and sisters? If not please explain why!" No I don't think this and the reason is because *all* Freemasons swear an oath (or 'solemn obligation' if we're going to be PC) specifically *not* to use their membership for personal gain/influence/power and those who do so will be expelled instantly.

Harry Paterson 12:45 pm, 17-Apr-2013

"What do freemasons mean by enlightenment and why do they feel only certain people can recieve such a thing?" 'Enlightenment' is knowledge of self and how to apply that knowledge to one's relations with the rest of humanity for all our benefit. Freemasons do not believe only a select few can receive this. All men 'of mature age, sound judgement and strict morals' are eligible to join. That many choose not to is their choice and in no way reflects an elitist approach by The Craft. "What good act would a non believer do that a religious person would not do? What bad act would a religious person do that a non believer would never do?" No idea as this is a question for a religious person and while The Craft comprises men of many different faiths, it is, essentially, a secular organisation.

Harry Paterson 12:47 pm, 17-Apr-2013

Williams, you'll notice *all* Alexander's questions have been answered. you seem typical of that paradox among the anti-Masonic community; someone who is not a member yet claims to know much more than those who are :-D Funny, really.

Alexander 6:06 pm, 17-Apr-2013

Thank you very much Harry Patterson, I know I had asked a lot of questions and really appreciate you answering them all. I have many more questions however I do not want to burden you any longer with my ignorance. However as you have kindly answered my questions I must tell you why I feel so strongly about knowing about Freemasonry. First I will tell you a little about myself: I am happily married man to a lovely wife for the last 12 years, I have two adorable children, and my family comes first before anything else. I am an Atheist, I came to this judgement after spending many years reading various religious text on Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and various new age religions. I also spent a fair amount of time reading books on Darwin, evolution various authors and biology. I am not prejudice against anyone having faith in there religions however I do see how it divides people all over the world and even in my local communities and It saddens me. I came from a broken family and left home at a young age and was led astray by elders who I thought had there best interest in me, however I was young, Naive and foolish. I made an oath when I was 18 that I will remember all the things I disliked and make sure I learnt from these mistakes, including the mistakes that my mother and others around me made. I also wanted to make sure that my future children/family would never have to feel the way I had felt in my past about things. To this day I am 35 years of age and have kept my oath and have even gone as far as helping others in need. Now this is where Freemasonry comes into it. Two years ago I started helping a young family out, The children were having difficulties at school and parents had many problems of there own and clearly could not cope. One child reminded me of myself and I felt a duty to intervene. I befriended the step father and slowly started to help him as I believed he could be the light the family needs, he was a good guy but was not aware of his potential and the impact he'd could have on these children. luckily, I work for myself and can spend time with others and helping out my children's local school, while trying to be good role model for my children. Now I started to look for liked minded people like myself in an area that I have only spent a few years in and needed some kind help, I have helped others in the past and been successful but this particular family was draining my energy and I needed my self some guidance from like minded people. Then I spoke one day to an acquaintance who mentioned freemasonry to me and said they are people like me, people who want to help others and better themselves. So I did a little research and telephoned the grand lodge in ST Albans, I spoke to a gentleman and we proceeded to have a polite conversation, Then he said that I must have a belief in a supreme being to be even considered being apart of this fraternity. I manage to avoid answering this question and went on to say I will call him If I feel if this was right for me and my family. I guessed I already made my mind up there and then but had to think what supreme being meant and did not want to lie to anyone that I did believe in a god or any supreme being. I never had a second conversation with him as after absorbing the conversation and understanding what Supreme Being meant I felt I could not join a group which was prejudice against others because of what they did not believe in. I realised they were not people like me. Just one more thing..... You said that more than ever religious people from all walks of life need to work together, I also think Atheist & Agonistics have a massive role to play in the development of oneself and mankind. Thank-you again for answering all my questions.. all the best.

ILLUMINATI 12:33 am, 18-Apr-2013

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Williams 9:56 am, 19-Apr-2013

@ ILLUMINATI. lol, Freemasons have some competition across the Atlantic waters. @ Alexander. Clearly you made the right choice, those who discriminate against others are just as bad the fanatical religious nut jobs! You Alexander could teach a freemason a thing or two. I fear they would not listen as they have superior complex issues, are hypocrites and actors. Look at Anders Behring Breivik, mass murderer (mind controlled fool.) Jim Davidson, pedophile along with many more. Did these men become better people? Oh.. wait I can hear a freemason say "there is always bad apples in any bunch" Oh yes your correct, it's just when that bunch starts protect each other and it becomes more than just an odd case here and there. Sounds like the Catholic and Anglican church. Alexander, your a true brother to the family of the human race.. you have empathy these people don't posses it, not even with there own families. I wish you good health and a happy life, I believe you will get both. @ Harry Patterson. You sir are a conjurer and a fake. You did not answer all those questions. If you did not get it.... Alexander was being polite! Capitalism is not enslaving us, in some cases it's actually freeing people from enslavement. RELIGION enslaves people, whether they know it or not! It oppresses them and there loved ones. It makes them divided to the rest of humanity and makes them ignorant. It makes them slaves to there god (the establishment) which is also head of freemasonry. Black and white is every where in the corridors of power and the church and in many countries the police also. It's people like you Mr Patterson who enslave mankind, you are just to bias and institutionalized to know it. In the Uk freemasonry is made up of policemen... It's the police which blindly protect the establishment and the capitalism's greedy bankers. There job is protect the people, but they like most hypocrites care only for money and there own security... and those in power know it! Keep up with the PR stunt Harry.. I am sure it will attract more greedy folks.

Williams 10:03 am, 19-Apr-2013

@ Harry.... I nearly forgot. The only reason you answered some of those questions is because of my first comment! You wanted to prove to yourself, to me and others that your were not what others think you are! Shall we all believe it was just coincidence that you replied straight away after my comment! Again... Ones actions speaks louder than mere words.

Harry Paterson 8:32 pm, 28-Apr-2013

You need to go and have a lie down, love. In a darkened room with a cold compress. On the question of organised religion, I couldn't agree more with you so chill out, there's a good chap. As for UK Freemasonry, you are, with respect, talking utter bollocks. The membership comprises men from every profession you could possibly imagine. I know fairground workers, teachers, doctors, dustbin men, engineers, writers, musicians, politicians, factory workers, trade union officials and social workers who are all Freemasons. You need to take off your tin-foil hat and learn to relax ;-)

Scott 1:48 pm, 12-May-2013

Mikie, You are so full of shit. Masons do not pay for their members funerals. You have never been to a meeting, becuase you would have to be a member to be at a meeting. And a Mason would NEVER tell you to renounce your religion! You have to believe in a higher power to become a Freemason. Atheists are not accepted into the Fraternity. Membership is open to men of any ethnicity or religion who can fulfill the essential qualifications and are of good repute. Masonry cannot be a religion for many reasons. My lodge has members from Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, and other Christian families. Mikie 5:34 am, 12-Aug-2012 Great article. My father is a mason. When you die, they pay for his funeral. So he's got that going for him, which is nice. Ive been to meetings and considered joining. They ask you to basically denounce any religious beliefs you have in favor of their masonic bible. Meanwhile, they tell you nothing about who they are. No thanks. Still have that bible. Good read.

James 11:02 pm, 20-May-2013

I have one question. in the Websters dictionary in my school (i have no clue what the exact name or edition is) the definition of a Knight Templar is quote "Any member of a freemasonry" and the Templar were a large and powerful military and political power in Europe. this is the opposite of what SJ describes the Freemasons as, why is this?

william peter 7:08 am, 26-May-2013

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Matt 4:43 pm, 7-Jun-2013

I would like to add some comments in to this thread to add my opinion to some of the questions and answers above. First off atheists cannot become Freemasons due to the fact that they believe in nothing viable to be able to make their oaths on, masons take their sacred oaths while their hand is on their own particular holy script book just like in any courtroom around the world, so if you have no belief in a higher power or supreme being then your oath is really null and void of any worth, and before anyone says but isn't their word good enough, I ask you to tell that to the judge next time you get a speeding fine etc. as for Freemasons wanting to control the world the majority of the founding fathers of the US including George Washington were Freemasons so does that mean the USA is already a Masonic nirvana completely engineered and run by the Freemasons??? Honestly please go back to chasing Bigfoot you nut bag conspiracy theorists you may have more success

illuminatisuccesshouse 11:09 pm, 7-Jun-2013

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Nani 9:12 pm, 13-Jun-2013

Not to denounce freemasons or any religion, but do you guys know that even satanists protect their religion??? I don't claim to know anything about freemasonry but its to be expected that they would say stuff they just said. This is all an advert. (I chose to believe that secrecy is the key to attraction) After all, who wouldn't wanna know what's happening inside area 51 bunkers? :D....

asdf1234 3:53 am, 14-Jun-2013

this is my way of ranking those involved in the new world order, (pyramid scale) it the lowest to highest goes from top to bottom: average people (dumbed down, slaved cattle) police (also mindless workers, but with added ego, and the love of controlling humans directly) military (the sadistic mercenaries of the ruling order, used for pillaging of resources) politicians/presidents ( puppets of the industry's. very dishonest and will do anything in terms of corporate fundraising to get re-financed for another election, they play as the one's in control, but aren't) CIA/NSA (they are the corporations henchmen. conduct highly dangerous missions in order to further their bosses wants. used occasionally to force politicians to keep quiet about corruption, bigfoot, and aliens or they will be murdered) fortune 500 corporations/lobbyists ( they lobby the politicians by said terms above, and do anything to make more money, which they know leads up to world control,fortune 500 goes from cleaning product all the way up to oil companies and pharmacies, its just to say all industry's in the world, they're also the owned assets of the richest of rich ruling familys) secret societies/illuminati (all people who manage the fortune 500 are fall guys for the secret societys. satanic worship and alien interaction begin at this level of hierarchy) central banks/all banks ( they finance and bankroll the secret societys so they can further their agendas. the banks essentially rule the world in open view, because everyone knows pretty much) rothschilds ( the royal familys of england (percy family) personal bankers. The rothschilds own all central banks, and virtually all banks are owned by them. They handle the royal family's finances as their personal bankers. They are directly in charge of the nwo, and are the percy's -chief of operations managers) percy family/royal familys (they are in charge of the entire world. Everything bad that happens in this world is because of a direct or atleast indirect action of this highest rank of power. sacrafices of small children within pentagrams to the blood-gods are normal here and they must continue selling souls to satan for him to continually grant them their wish of global domination) satan/lucifer himself ( he has control over everything we have a word for. the universe is his, and he has gained control of many alien races who now act as his minions to invade earth to deliver plans to the rich ruling familys named above.)

gregfullmoon 7:38 am, 16-Jun-2013

Hiya all, an interesting and refreshing article on the old craft. I'm not a Freemason. I could be though, I work as a builder, though not much any more. I'm very engaged with symbolism and the esoteric tradition. I've read into many offerings from seers of various paths, including Rudolf Steiner who describes the Masonry degrees. In the lecture series known as the Temple Legends Steiner discusses Freemasonry and places it in a broader spiritual context. Here's a link to the 7th lecture in the series which includes an outline of the 3 degrees, Apprentice, Fellow Craftsman and Master Mason; By navigating the Steiner Archive (GA 0093 lecture series) one is able to access more of what he said on the Craft and importantly the context that he places it in. Please note that Steiner's stuff is a bit thick if you haven't encountered it before. As has been repeatedly said by those here who are Freemason's the purpose is to improve the individual. The Temple is an allegory for a vessel for divinity.. so the Temple as church, as the World in a macroscopic sense and as the human body at a micro level. Here the perfected man is able to find his own Christed being. I've used the Christian term here, however it could easily be Krsna, or one's 'Higher Self'. Thoth, Hermes or Mercury is the bearer of the Wisdom to humanity; 'As is above, so below, and the inverse, as is below so above.' From this prosaic description arises the image of two equilateral triangles superimposed, the so-called Star of David. It however is older than Judaism and reflects man reaching to the Heavens and the Heavens likewise reaching to us. I acknowledge the difficulty the secrecy that Freemasonry elicits in some, however as stated by many commentators the Authorities through the Ages have persecuted many who were heterodox, and still do, Bradley Manning, Snowden, anti War protesters, environmentalists, whomever confronts rampant materialism, seeking to promote humanitarian and/or spiritual values at their most practical. Whilst Freemasonry traces it's linage to a meeting in a pub in London in 1717, I easily see the esoteric tradition which goes back through the pages of history, through the Templar Knights, the Diaspora Jews, the building of the Temple in Jerusalem, to the Egyptians and perhaps before these. So we have the institution, there are offshoots.. One of my interests is in the Art of Astrology, another practice which has had a checkered acceptance by the mainstream through the ages. I'm ever noting the dates of events and looking to the Heavenly patterns associated. The horoscope for the USA 5:10pm Philadelphia on Thursday 4th July 1776, places the Sun at 13 degrees of Cancer. Cancer is concerned with security and the home. It is mediumistic and ruled by the Moon. In Mundane Astrology (of nations etc.) the Moon represents the people and the Sun represents the Authority. The USA Moon is in appropriately in Aquarius the political sign of the coming Age. Aquarians are friendly, humanitarian, forward thinking and intellectually capable. Philadelphia's meaning taken from 'behindthename' website; From the name of a city in Asia Minor mentioned in Revelation in the New Testament. The name of the city meant "brotherly love" from Greek φιλεω (phileo) "to love" and αδελφος (adelphos) "brother". It is also the name of a city in the United States. Initially in this comment I offered that I had a sympathy with Freemasonry; I try to gather meaning from stuff.. events, people, symbols. The Birth of the Nation occurred in the city of brotherly Love. The second part of the name 'delphia' could also be ascribed to the Delphic Oracle. A place to access hidden Wisdom from the Earth. The Founders of the USA had a scheme in mind; the construction of a state whose base ideals upheld the noble ideals of Freedom and Equity. These Founders were profoundly influenced by Freemasonry's ideals; a beneficial Architect Constructing a fine Temple. Humanity thrives in conditions of Freedom and Liberty, which if balanced by mutual respect and shared responsibility is best for the 'State of Affairs'. The best Democracy after all is the participatory one in which all shoulder the task of building the future. In respect to whom controls the World.. in it's simplest guise it is the 'money power'. In a spiritual sense this might be an entity that is referred to as Mammon; How does it manifest on Earth? The Money Power also understand Astrology, Alchemy, Hermetics effectively the esoteric Arts, and have the resources to gather the best to their side. We've all heard the quote attributed to one of the Rothschild scion 'give me control over the nation's money and I care not who is the government'. To this effect the Money Power has fostered a fear based environment in the USA and throughout the World. It is they who are ever dividing, and conquering.. this is evident in the divisiveness and fear raised by folks in this thread. The Money Power knows that the USA Sun is easy prey.. Cancer is a sucker for worry about where the next dollar comes from. The history of USA independence from Britain is the history of Britain wanting to plunder the colony's economy through taxes initially and through control of the money supply via the imposition of Private Central Banking. A number of experiments being enabled and foiled until the dirty trick of Christmas eve 1913 which saw Congress enable the Federal Reserve Act, quickly followed by the Taxation Act, to guarantee the loans made by the Fed Reserve. So happy centennial birthday Fed Reserve.. not.. Another way of looking at who controls the World is here; Have a lovely day.. greg.

Bro mark 10:54 pm, 16-Jun-2013

I'm a English mason. All we do is enjoy our masonry, and give monies to charities. To masons & none masons alike. English masonry is the second largest charity giver in the UK. I can not speak for my USA Brothers, but I'm sure they do the same. S&F yours Bro Mark

donny darkoh 5:38 pm, 18-Jun-2013

There are good witches and bad witches, good lodges and alpha lodges. The 'good' guys are completely in the dark even though they beg for the light in their rituals.

mark moel 8:48 am, 22-Jun-2013


Ness Claudell 2:27 am, 20-Aug-2013

The truth is, that only about 17 presidents had been Masons; Geo Washington, J. Monroe, Andy Jackson, J. Polk, J. Buchanan, Andy Johnson, Jim Garfield, Wm McKinley, Ted Roosevelt, Howard Taft, W. Harding, FDR, Harry Truman Gerald Ford. LBJ only made it to the 1st Degree in 1937, Reagan made Honorary Scottish Rite Mason on 2-11-88, Geo HW Bush was only confused as a Mason since he used Geo Washington's Masonic Bible when he was sworn in as prez. And one of the secret handshakes is done with your right thumb on your 3rd joint of index finger, and also putting your right thumb in between your 2nd & 3rd fingers of right hand must be uncomfortable, besides juvenile. The letter 'G' inside a star or Masonic symbol on the edge of any town stands for 'Gnostic' or anti-christian. Since by the 3rd of 4th degree you will be informed that all prior teachings that you must be a christian is false since they want you to be a Theist, then an atheist, and then pure worshipper of Lucifer. They found in Masonry if they start out telling the truth that none or hardly none would want to continue. And the blood oaths that continue use a skull cap as a cup to drink red wine or blood with your allegiance to the masons. And IF any other Mason needed help, whether right or wrong, you are obligated give it. When the police of 1888 London knew of Jack the Ripper he was allowed to continue since those prostitutes knew secrets about the Royal Family. And is why no one who is involved with police work or the law should also be members of the Masonics since their credo is to subvert the law and crash down any regime. They are for a godless dictatorship YET, it is the ultimate goal of the Illuminati and Freemasons to be rid of ALL religions, royalty and pope or government but be back with Nature acting as one's own god and your religion is 'Reason'. The symbols are borrowed from Egypt's pagan era of Osiris and Isis. And their creed was from 1778, "Life, Liberty, and Proiperty" [fraternity] but Jefferson was moved to change that last one to "Pursuit of Happiness" being that 50 out of the 55 signers of our original documents as a new nation were done by Masons and Illuminati (who had joined as one group on Dec. 20, 1781. Bavaria banned the Illuminati in 1785 after they started there in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, a German law professor who had worked for, not been, a Jesuit. Aam adopted the teacxhings of rasdical French philosopher Jean Rousseau (1712-1778) who became indoctrinated in Egyptian occultism in 1771. READ the book "World Revolution" by Nesta Webster (1921) "New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies" by Wm T. Still (1990) Albert Pike and Manly P. Hall for more disturbing information In 1826 a Captain Wm Morgan of Batavia, NY was drowned in Lake Erie for being the 1st to publish the oaths and secrets of the Blue Lodge. Masons who also exposed some of the evil intent of Masonry was Le Coutealx de Canteleu in 1863 "Les Sectes et Societies Secretes" and Vicomte Leon de Poncins who called the aim of Freemasonry was to pervert the Christian nature of Western Civilization into an atheist nationalism. Mormonism is also part of this as Joseph Smith was a Mason, too. Hitler persecuted the Masons, but after they helped him rise to power along with Prescott Bush, Geo W's grandfather. The truth is out there, don't be duped by their jargon and doubletalk. How else do you think they got this far?

Noel 4:35 am, 21-Aug-2013

I was born and raised as Catholic. After joining Freemason, I'm being persecuted by the Catholic Church. Why are religious groups anti-Mason? I don't understand it.

Josh 3:36 pm, 14-Sep-2013

Finally! A wonderful and informative interview. I noticed a brother said most Masons don't believe the banker conspiracy. I personally disagree because I don't see it as a loose conspiracy. We should not shade ourselves in ignorance of facts when the patriotism of a Freemason should be held higher than that of an average citizen. I think most people in the world KNOW banks and special interest groups control a large part of the world. @Noel I was also raised Catholic. I separated myself because, in my opinion, I believe in a stronger moral code and a more open mind than religious institutions offer. I'm not trying to discourage your faith. I just want you to know you're not alone in persecution and that you're brothers will always be there for you... but you already knew that. SMIB

chris 11:50 pm, 16-Sep-2013

here in scotland they are bad , just read what they did to a downs syndrome girl for 20 years and got away with it, still trying for justice

Charlie 11:32 pm, 21-Sep-2013

Nice explanation Ness. I tend to believe your theory of the masons, the interview seems to be a large amount of wordplay to hide the truth, interesting post though!

Tony 6:43 pm, 22-Sep-2013

This is one long discussion, I like it. Anyways, my Dad's a mason, so naturally I've spent a lot of time researching it. I have found nothing to suggest anything sinister, at least, no more sinister than any other group of people. I can't understand why the simple fact they have a few secrets causes everyone from the Pope to the majority of the public non-Masons to stigmatize them

James 6:51 am, 3-Oct-2013

How can anyone here say anything about them I mean seriously I doubt none of the non Masonic people have gone to a lodge to check it out all you do is look for information on the internet that's stupid as fuck anyone can get on a computer if they know how and change facts or statements to be whatever they want it to why don't you actually go to a source and find out for yourself. I'm not a mason but I have several friends who are part of a group that keeps secrets a few are masons when asked questions they answer you as best as they can. Most people think masons are satanist because they deal with the illuminati that's not true they really don't have much to do with each other

ugg 12:35 pm, 24-Oct-2013

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Felixxx 3:29 am, 15-Nov-2013

is it allowed for a satanist to become a freemason? i really want to know

Pai You Guo 2:29 am, 16-Nov-2013

The bottom I ever went in Pai You Guo manner was 1400.

Tom Lloyd 11:18 am, 10-Dec-2013

What are Freemasons "famous" for? COVERING SHIT UP! Don't believe 80% of this article, they're trying to soften the blow. The Bankers ARE the Freemasons, as are the Corporations, AND ROYAL FAMILY! The CIA were created by the Skull and Bones, a Freemason Society, the CIA BRAINWASH those in the East to join this made-up group we know through the mainstream media as the Al-Qaeda and Taliban, along with lesser known "groups" such as Al-Faisal, the brainwashing basically has the so-called "terrorist" believe he will meet God if he commits a certain deed in his god's name... The CIA use Religion to control the East, so no matter if Freemasonry is banned... It still persists anywhere, everywhere! The Real Terrorists Are A Lot Closer To Home! You Idiots!

ベビースリング 4:01 am, 24-Dec-2013

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ryqn 3:21 pm, 31-Dec-2013

I don't believe he actually went to the building and asked to become a mason, considering you don't ask to become a mason, you have to be asked to become a mason. That's coming from someone with a friend whose dad's a mason, he's told us a lot of stories, from what I can tell, it's nothing of the dark society a lot of people make it out to be.

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SAO 1:58 pm, 23-Jan-2014


George Piccot 9:22 pm, 31-Jan-2014

The world cannot be controlled, except by accident

Sam Parker 3:06 am, 11-Feb-2014

Watch Chris Everard's documentaries on YouTube in particular "The Illuminati" & also David Icke's & Anthony J Hilder's work. I believe that Freemasonry is more than what is spoken about here, SECRECY!!! people are murdered for speaking out!!!

Ellen Aldridge 8:25 pm, 11-Feb-2014

Taking part in rituals they don't fully understand and then trying to assure they really don't mean anything, even whilst accepting they are "bizarre".. Makes perfect sense to me. How can one possibly seek to explain what one fails to understand? They may indeed be harmless, but how can one possibly know? And if you can only get to the 32nd degree, how can you vouch for what the 33rd degree is doing?

John Robertson 2:06 am, 23-Feb-2014

I was beginning to be impressed at what was being said about the Masons until I read that Prince Edward Duke of Kent was head of the UK Masons, it was downhill all the way after that ! The man is such a prat ! Sorry to be so blunt but I can't think of any other description .

HU-Maid 10:29 pm, 2-Mar-2014

The leader of masons is : Samiri (The Antichrist) age : Thousands of years Beginning of the masons ( 3000years ago) Quran - surat taha 20:95 to 20:97 [Moses] said, "And what is your case, O Samiri?" He said, "I saw what they did not see, so I took a handful [of dust] from the track of the messenger and threw it, and thus did my soul entice me." [Moses] said, "Then go. And indeed, it is [decreed] for you in [this] life to say, 'No contact.' And indeed, you have an appointment [in the Hereafter] you will not fail to keep. And look at your 'god' to which you remained devoted. We will surely burn it and blow it into the sea with a blast. only Prophets and The Antichrist can see the angels.

John doe 7:44 pm, 14-Apr-2014

All those funny rituals are nonsense, most of them don't believe in god or satan. But the rituals do have a purpose. It is a form of intimidation, conformistic brainwashing to instill respect and fear. To be part of a herd that knwos where to find you. The same way the army has it's 'rituals' to transform wild young men into docile followers of commands. Or like the rituals in church with the dresses and ropes. Imagine the pastor doing his preaching in jeans and sneakers in a café, people would not mainain quit out of respect. The dresses, impressive buildings and rituals make sure people become quite and docile.

My-Self 11:46 am, 8-May-2014

MASON = Black Magic system you can Note that: The greatest people the greatest figures And also magic users are Masons They control our minds and everything

Caps 5:53 am, 9-May-2014

Great article, some of the comments were interesting some lame and repetative . One thing I will say, the great masons are a religion. Otherwise why wouldn't they explain a greater being in a different way (this would eliminate the atheist thing)? I had/have a chance to become one but they sound similar to the Mormons, I was brought up Mormon. If I can't commit to being a Mormon why would I commit to something similar (Note: I'm using similar by definition). To summarize, I'm not religious nor an atheist (which is quickly starting to sound more and more like a religion as time passes), I'm just a very opened minded, and smart ;), human being. Oh, and check out Illuminati work at home program, LOL.. jk....

abdulhalim 8:39 am, 10-May-2014

What is power of freemanson and how god and freemanson is beter so that my religión say god is evry this and mason say power of the word most be get in mason this is why ?

ymousanon 3:12 pm, 17-May-2014

I am sceptical of the master freemason who says the banks rule the world not the freemasons. There are many freemasons in power like GW Bush, John Kerry, et al and no doubt too many financiers are also skull and bones. Freemasonary started out as a bascially good secret society. Today it is a vehicle for evil

Randall Fruusto 2:23 pm, 2-Jun-2014

Well I sincerely liked studying it. This article provided by you is very effective for proper planning.

Truth Teller 11:37 pm, 4-Jun-2014

People are talking apples and oranges here. In the US, there are two paths of rites. The York Rite Masons have only 3 degrees. Period. When someone talks about being a 3rd Degree Mason that is the top of the line. Scottish Rite Masons have the teaching divided up into 32 degrees. Only with that order would a 32' Mason be higher than a 3' Mason, and no one stops at 3' in that order. 33' is an honorary award, it's not the diving board to wealth, power, and Satanism. Why all the secrecy? The esoteric lessons the Masons teach, while quite unremarkable in today's Age of Information, historically could get one killed. Galileo was executed for saying the earth revolved around the sun and was not the center of the Universe. People have been burned at the stake for being witches because they used herbs to heal the sick. There is syndrome (the name of which I can't recall)that details how once one establishes a "belief" about a falsehood, no amount of factual evidence to the contrary can change that belief. Mason could open their lodges and meetings to the public and their detractors would say, "They didn't sacrifice any babies because I was there." There is a Masonic Lodge in every small town in America and it stands to reason that these local farmers and merchants are not meeting regularly to rule the world. You have heard it from the horses mouth. It's an organization that take men of good character and make them men of outstanding character. They are charitable. The Shrine club was created as a branch of Masons where they could get together, have some fun, and blow off steam. And even the Shriners support a network of hospitals for crippled children and burn victims, at no cost to the beneficiaries. The few who leave the order often do so because they feel Freemasonry is not religious enough. It is NOT a religion. It demands only one belief: in God. No, it does not shove Christianity down anyone's throat. If you think it should, don't join. It's a bridge between men of many faiths. You have your own church to go to for the more biased doctrine. You should not expect Freemasonry to do this as well. No, the Masons are not going to pay for your father's funeral. But they will be there, perform a service, and offer respect. This is a group who will not defend themselves publicly and have been persecuted for other things long before they were deemed to be part of the Illuminati. Their silence sets them up to be the perfect scapegoat. But if for any reason the USA falls apart and lies in tatters, the Masons will be in every town to create something of value to rise from the ashes. There is a reason the founding fathers were Masons. It takes only one black ball to keep out a new member. This policy may be their greatest strength and also their greatest weakness. While they scrutinize the character of prospective members carefully and must all agree upon admittance, it is the one time in which democracy does not rule and, in fact, only one member can take all the power from the others. Accusations of racism comes from this one policy. If only one member doesn't want people of color to join, he can force the membership to be all white. And while most members want to include all men of good character, they are hesitant to change what has worked for centuries. Criticize Freemasonry if you will, but do it based on the facts, not on gossip from conspiracy theorists. I would imagine that those who wish to rule the world were also boy scouts. But you don't see Scouting put on the chopping block. There is no doubt many very rich, famous, and influential people are Masons. This in no way makes Freemasonry about that. I hear people talk of the Illuminati, the Royals, the Vatican, and Freemasonry all in the same breath. No one hates Freemasonry more than the Vatican, for the Masons will tell you things that will empower you that the church does not want to you know. The Vatican would prefer man stay in ignorance. You can lump many things together in your quest for conspiracy, but you cannot merge the Vatican with Freemasonry. It's like saying Vegans and the Beef Industry are in cahoots with each other. Mason lead by example. They believe all men are free and sovereign. Each local lodge governs itself. There is no mothership that rules. To survive as long as they have, particularly at the local level should indicate that they are doing something right. And perhaps their time has passed. The information age has made available to all people the codes of right conduct and various paths to self-mastery. Like many organizations they may become a club of very old men that will eventually die out. But not today. And not tomorrow. And certainly not because their loud highly vocal group of detractors know absolutely nothing REAL about them.

Bill Alexander 12:08 am, 10-Jun-2014

There were some excellent contributions submitted here. Intelligent, well thought out responses to questions and criticisms regarding freemasonry. As a master mason myself I felt a certain pride when I read the opinions of other masonic members who provided explanations to complicated questions. The Truth Teller is spot on in his explanations as well as many other contributors here.

Johna387 2:31 am, 2-Jul-2014

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A fellow Earthling 9:38 am, 2-Aug-2014

@ Williams and Alexander..... love to you both because I resonate with the tune your singing whole heartedly. :o) Thank you for sharing.

michael kululya 8:10 am, 5-Aug-2014

am very disire to be a fremasonary member

Russian Love 2:04 pm, 8-Aug-2014

Freemasonry is indeed evil in this way: Wicked spirits do indeed exist as Jesus the Christ says. Freemasonry treats this idea as amusing. Hence masonic ritual is open to influence by these very intelligent evil spirits. It happens slowly over a lifetime and it is enjoyable, pleasant and friendly. Masonry gently leads the world by cultural operations away from Christ the King. It is all pleasantly liberal ... and evil.

Russian Love 2:16 pm, 8-Aug-2014

Freemasonry is a indeed a religion. To be a charity you should not have to believe in a god, dress up in silly clothes or be forced into degree rituals.

mr bimbom 5:45 am, 11-Aug-2014

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tony 1:42 am, 28-Aug-2014

read Albert Pike and Crowley work,both masons btw

tony 3:51 am, 28-Aug-2014


Burnz B Oz 6:30 pm, 5-Sep-2014

Great read... My words .... So it would be quite absurd and ignorant to point the finger to those brothers whom day and night bow to Lucifer and take direct orders from there so called light bearer, to cause havoc in this world and infest the Human soul ; corruption, violence, conspiracy unprecedented evilness conjured up that the human mind and consciousness isn'able to fully comprehend and made to function to.There is a control in the universe, galaxy's clusters etc and in the unseen dimensions , levels, it's infinite . A Creator; a God, The potters wheel or Fate of the human race is inclided to Like all things that have come and vanished at some point. Who are they really then? , well IMO these are the ones whom manipulate the world and in fact turn it upside down day and night. Every soul would be accounted for the evil deeds it has caused... , Abit of secrecy? No ! call it sincerity more, Lucifers time is about up and has gone into an amok state and the awakening to the real world is very s oon. Lucifer once an angel turned rebellious is playing all he's let's say...tricks We will all soon enough understand everything much clearly and the pains of this false world..Thanks

Burnz B Oz 7:05 pm, 5-Sep-2014

That being said there is an evil and good side to it all. Same goes for Freemasonry, and unfortunately the Evil ones are the Powerful Ones in the World today...

Dennis Richardson 9:33 pm, 5-Sep-2014

Freemasons, third degree to the much higher degrees are the Politically Correct henge men of these Illuminati bankers of London and New York. You Freemasons will burn in HELL with your Illuminati Masters, The Jesuits and Satan. Please do not change your minds, you are not wanted with those that have never been Freemasons.

Theresa 6:24 pm, 7-Sep-2014

I just read a book on banking conspiracy: Chaos Profiteers by O. Thoresen. It tells a story of the Federal Reserve, the Bank of International Settlement and bankers benefiting from the chaos they create in the financial markets and the economy. There is a Jewish mastermind in the plot, but not clear to me from the book whether the Jewish bankers are a running the profiteering schemes or not. The plot has to levels. First about a Society of the Elect with an agenda for a New World Order. Then United Bankers coordinating central bank policy with bankers profiteering schemes in cooperation with politicians. Can anyone tell explain facts from fiction for this book?

BENSON MAXWELL 2:59 am, 23-Sep-2014


Gamble 8:29 pm, 6-Jan-2015

I am a self imagined mason. I am a lone wolf. I am part of no fraternity. I am one of a kind. I can wear whatever mask I choose by simply doing so. I love to talk to the fraternal masons, I always come away with something new to consider. I overstand that no man is an island, however I always choose personally who I may or may not break bread with. I am not religious, however I have eyes to sea that power does exist. I know that binary and geometry have worked when commanded to, but all is in all places in all space at all times, such as in quantum. I suppose I do not believe in GOD that way it is typically sold to the masses. Well, that is just a little about self. I do have an open question. Are there any lodge members work to reinstate the Articles of Confederation here in America? I do not mean to insult any fraternal masons by writing of self, yet I AM that I AM. ---Gamble.

Adam 5:27 am, 19-Mar-2015

@TruthTeller - you say the Masons are diametrically opposed to the Vatican? That seems like the exact binary dialectic trap the "Illuminati" (royal families) would use to trick the world into taking sides against each other - much like a devil would do, if such a spiritual current/entity existed, and opposite of what a God would want: harmony, peace, sharing knowledge and technology openly. "They" of course control the symbols, orders, degrees and talking points of both organizations - notice how Freemasonry eventually becomes hebrew "kabbala"? Gee wiz! Cui bono? I mean, come on? The black and white checkerboard symbology is right in your face. You don't see how silly it is to be divided as a people between a Vatican fear-based belief system and a masonic "private society of secrets and rituals", which both happen to be rooted in the same Babylonian Talmud mystery cabalistic symbology? What if the catholics and the masons dropped their rituals, both told Satan (the divider - the royal families) to go fuck off or join humanity and work like the rest of us, and they actually worked together openly to make life great? Interesting how both organizations have a villain antagonist - the anti-christ - who proposes just that: breaking down religions and nations as oppressive tools of control and enslavement. The script even says: "he will offer great ideas and be a good speaker", which has caused many to be highly suspicious of any individual in the future from ever stepping up to offer solutions to any of the injustice and greed in this world - insane! The enslavement systems have their own self defense mechanism built in, actually offering the cure but poisoning it by shooting the messenger, whoever would voice that stated cure. Lol. In other words, it seems the babylonians (modern day Talmud worshipping "Jews") have been using this triangular dialectic thesis/antithesis tactic so long to keep the planet subjugated to their imagined rituals and privately coined "money"... purposely creating one religion that says to surrender and not use your brain, and predicting that reasonable minds would call bullshit by making sure to establish the alternative "society of reasoning thinkers", which supposedly reveals to you the "secrets", which just happen to conflict with the beliefs of the previous created belief system. Insane! It's beautiful tactic actually - almost like inventing electricity out of thin air and powering your own home on the static generated from the + and - battling for territory. What do the masons think about dialectics? How about zen "trancendentalism". Obviously the Republican and Democrat dynamic is a joke of mass proportions - the masons and catholics remind me of the same counter-productive self defeating dynamic. One of the main reasons I believe the masons are bs is because of the fluoride in the water supply. Almost every municipality in the US has forced medication, industrial waste " medicine" being forced upon us. You're telling me the masons have no hand in this? The fluoridation of municipal water is entirely counter to the stated philosophy of not wanting to force their beliefs down anyone's throat - fluoridating the water is literally doing just that.

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