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Meet Sheyla Hershey: The Owner of the World's Biggest Breasts

by Sabotage
29 December 2013 18 Comments

Size KKK and counting, the owner of the world's biggest boobs shows no sign of stopping...

Sheyla Hershey has got massive fake tits.  That’s the first thing to say, and presumably the first thing she wants you to say.  Remember Big Jenny from sixth form?  The one with the mams she knew you spent the whole of Chemistry staring at?  Well, Big Jenny ain’t got nothing on Sheyla;  the proud owner of the world’s biggest  breasts.

She recently bypassed Texan law by going back to Brazil, the country of her birth, to have the operation that bumped her up from a FFF to a KKK cup.  Apparently, she’s not done there and has aspirations to keep pumping them full of silicone gak despite the very real possibility that this could actually kill her.

She has a website- – where she promotes herself and her various ventures, which apparently include running a record label, being in a Phillipine band and aspiring to be  an actress.  Plus she’s got really massive fake tits.

You actually have to sign up to view most of the content on her site, which we have done but haven’t received our verification e-mail from it yet so for now you will have to make do with these pictures here.  There are plenty of video links on the site though where from what we can see she spends most of the time defending herself or her balloons in one way or another.

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Sam Diss 8:32 am, 22-Feb-2012

I feel sorry for the poor sap who stumbled across this, Googling "KKK" and finding massive knockers instead of some white supremacy.

GB 11:11 am, 22-Feb-2012

You never know, he might have been pleasantly surprised, the boobs might have even made him momentarily forget his hatred. Who doesn't like boobs?

andy southgate 11:12 am, 22-Feb-2012

Larry David - Mondo Freaks.

Jimmy James Jameson 12:27 pm, 22-Feb-2012

Unlike some of the braindead spunk buckets with ridiculously enormous tits, this silly bint has quite an attractive face. Admittedly not the first thing one notices about her, but hot as fuck all the same. Hope she adds porn to her list of pursuits soon.

R Griffith 12:47 pm, 22-Feb-2012

I feel sorry for the little girl.

Paul 1:42 pm, 22-Feb-2012

If she keeps adding to them I fear we'll soon be seeing another 'In Loving Mammary' headline...

CynicalKiddo 2:31 pm, 22-Feb-2012

Brain failure.

Kirby 2:33 pm, 22-Feb-2012

Shouldve tossed all that sillycone in her rumper, wowowowow

anon 3:15 pm, 22-Feb-2012

what the fuck, this bitch is crazy. She'd be pretty attractive with just big tits, instea dof insanely big silicone bags

Everon 3:43 pm, 22-Feb-2012

Ooouch pretty attractive,,,but she should give a break cos popin thoes sack more could be freely dangerous ...

Jacob Dyer 5:47 pm, 22-Feb-2012

my name is jacob dyer and i live in bristol. it is fantastic. i sound like barnaby bear. i like barnaby bear. one time he went to france. i went to france. but some kid burnt my neck. i didnt like it.

DisgustedRelative 4:11 am, 23-Feb-2012

At least you guys can't say you're related to her... I'm a distant cousin to her husband, and let's just say, it's not something to be proud of. Did you know that she doesn't let her daughter have toys?!? She's only allowed a make up stand. She's pretty much a joke.

Kane 3:40 pm, 24-Feb-2012

They look so stretched and painful! I'd love to sleep with her, but would be terrified of them exploding!

mal 10:48 am, 26-Feb-2012

I wonder if she has been kept abreast of the pip implant scandal? ( cue punathon)

LV 11:55 am, 4-Mar-2012

someday hers boob go up cobommm

washishu 12:50 pm, 16-Oct-2012

This woman is clearly more than a little disturbed. However, it seems to me that most of the above comments illustrate exactly why she feels the need to do this.

polska 3:29 pm, 30-Dec-2012

dear lord her cleavage looks like a massive bum.

loneranger 2:41 am, 10-Jan-2014

I have seen bigger than that (and natural!)

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