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Mitt Romney Is His Own Worst Nightmare

by Tom Greaney
13 February 2012 11 Comments

After triumphing in the Maine caucases, Romney is nailed-on to win the Republican nomination in November. Only one thing can get in the way, and its the reflection he sees in the mirror every morning...

On Tuesday, November 6th 2012, the people of America will go to the polls to vote on what many are dubbing the “Obama Referendum.”

The Republican nominee race in 2011 was played for laughs. However, 2012 has, so far, given us a clearer field and a better understanding of what is going to happen. I.e. Mitt Romney will almost certainly win the Nomination. Romney has grown in stature of late, improved his debate skills and had the public backing of Donald Trump. So what on earth can get in his way now? The answer is Mitt Romney:

Mitt’s Mouth

Mitt Romney is rather gaffe prone. Pretty much every word he utters in public is well manicured in advance, however every now and then the real Romney stands up. Most evident in his astonishing claim that he isn’t “concerned about the very poor.” A line which reminds us all of that other public servant, Jesus Christ, who much like Romney was more interested in preserving the “squeezed” middle class.

When pushed, as to what he meant by saying that the very poor were not his concern a stammering Romney explained that the very poor had a “safety net”. The same argument allegedly used by Foxconn bosses in China, who thanks to a real “safety net” no longer worry about depressed employees jumping out the window.

The American people want a President that realizes the tax system is inefficient and unfair, not someone who is happy to let it continue the way it is and reap the personal benefits

Mitt’s Mormonism

Mitt Romney is a Mormon. Just 6 million other people in the United States follow the relatively unknown faith.

So how is this a problem? The most likely area where Romney will take a hit on this issue will stem from the history of institutionalized racism in the Church. Black people were considered a special but inferior creation, by the Mormon Church, which did not allow black Americans to the priesthood until 1978. Now, as many of you reading this are fully aware 1978 wasn’t that long ago was it? Romney was very active in the church at this time, having spent a portion of the previous ten years recruiting new members to the Church in Europe.

Racist policies seem to be socially forgiven in the deep dark depths of the past but in the late 1970s? It is just one of many “grey” areas within the Mormon faith that won’t sit well with many voters, and is difficult to explain away.

Mitt’s Morals

Romney has a problem in that no one really knows his politics. The Republican base wants a right wing candidate. Romney has held every political position in the book, often within the same day or sentence. He is a flip flopper of the highest order, which would be fine, but in this digital age everything he has said is on camera. Anyone can throw these video clips together and on viewing, Romney starts to look ideologically nebulous. In that respect he is the utter opposite of fellow candidates Ron Paul/Rick Santorum, who despite some questionable/disgusting beliefs, do actually believe what they say.

Mitt’s Money

Romney is a rich man, easily bracketed in the much-famed 1%. This causes two problems. First, Romney tries to hide his wealth. Romney can claim all he wants that he has “lived on the real streets of America.” Presumably going under the street name of R-Money, but no one is buying it. Especially when he offers $10,000 bets in Republican Debates or claims the $374,000 he earned in a years worth of speaking fees was “not very much” With America’s income inequality at African dictatorship levels is the Monopoly Man made flesh the right pick at this time?

Second, Romney has been and will continue to be pressured to release all his tax documents.  Romney claims, correctly, that he has paid “100% of what he owes”. All true, he has done nothing illegal. His problem is that he hides behind a flawed tax system that solely protects his kind and damages everyone else. The American people want a President that realizes the tax system is inefficient and unfair, not someone who is happy to let it continue the way it is and reap the personal benefits in bank accounts at home and abroad.

Mitt’s Mutt

Everyone loves dogs, everyone but Mitt Romney that is. It was once alleged that Seamus, the Romney family dog, was tied to the roof of their car for 12 hours on a family vacation. When pressed on this claim, Romney shrugged this off explaining that the dog “climbed up there himself” and was kept in an “airtight” kennel for the entire 12 hours. Airtight? He actually said airtight. Surely that can’t be true? Though this would explain why they didn’t hear a peep from Seamus the entire ride and why, the Irish setter, was sound asleep when they arrived, and has been ever since.

Romney will still probably nab the nomination, as the alternatives are simply too weak politically and financially. But even if he goes on to run for presidency, he will have to face all these problems again, but this time under a national microscope against a much stronger rival in Barack Obama.

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Kieran42 2:47 pm, 13-Feb-2012

You have to remember that the Americans would surely have learned their lesson from electing Bush Jr twice (although only once really). They surely wouldn't elect a self serving, multi-millionaire who is possibly below the level of intelligence required to run the most powerful country on Earth, again? Err....would they?

Doug Forbes 3:20 pm, 13-Feb-2012

"Black people were considered a special but inferior creation, by the Mormon Church, which did not allow black Americans to the priesthood until 1978." Absolute rubbish. 1. The Book of Abraham makes it clear that all people are sons and daughters of God and that moral and intellectual inequality is NOT the result of genes, biology or race. 2. The Aaronic/Levitical priesthood is known and accepted by all Christian and Jewish denominations to have been restricted by lineage in biblical times. 3. Modern Jews who are the only religion other than Mormons to claim the Aarnic/Levitical priesthood restrict this priesthood to less than 1% of Jews who are either literal descendents of Aaron or of the tribe of Levi. 4. To this day, the Mormon Church restricts certain ordinances to literal "sons of Levi" which excludes almost all members including the leadership; such as Thomas S Monson. It would be absurd to claim Monson was not a "full member". Yet he is ineligable by lineage to perform certain ordinances.

Rusty 3:44 pm, 13-Feb-2012

Thanks for publishing this. Have you seen my Dogs Against Romney Super Pack on Facebook (25,000 members and growing). Grr!

Harry Beresford 6:16 pm, 13-Feb-2012

Romney's official campaign website does not actually mention that he is a Mormon, although his faith has shaped much of his life. Has this guy got any courage - or any brains?

ad 7:31 pm, 13-Feb-2012

the public backing of donald trump is a good thing? that guy trump, and it's not often i throw the word no-nothing-inheritee-spasming-cunt around, is an absolute cunt spasm.

Lee Vaughan 10:32 pm, 13-Feb-2012

Poor dog. Poor America

Jake Hanrahan 2:43 am, 14-Feb-2012

America is doomed. But everyone should watch this - evidence it's all staged.

Another Welsh Dragon 2:26 pm, 15-Feb-2012

Who gives a fuck? One-party state masquerading as a two-party state.

sylvia holtzman 1:49 am, 26-Feb-2012

if you saw the winter olympics in salt lake city you would have learned a lot about Mormons. they hosted one of the most beautiful events. mormans dont drink alcohol . their children serve for a year in community service. they have an orchestra and choral group that is world renown.

sylvia holtzman 2:07 am, 26-Feb-2012

surprises me how we never discuss the paster who spoke against the United States and israel , the church obama attended for 20 years.. the people he associated with in chicago. how he acquired his home.???

daznez 3:35 pm, 28-Aug-2012

Yes, I can never wait till the world-famous Salt Lake Mormon Orchestra tours my city. Americans aren't that stupid that just because they can't afford pants to take down they're still gonna bend over and take one up the 'ass' from Republicans again. Not like us fearless Brits who've got 2 posh, privileged wankers running the country and doing absolutlely NOTHING to help the poor and jobless. Now THAT's bravery. All because Gordon Brown doesn't look good on telly. fucktards, all of us. Have a nice day.

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