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Motormouth: Lemmy On Lennon, Lynott, Hendrix And Hell's Angels

by Sabotage
6 November 2013 18 Comments

Not only has he been there and done that, Lemmy probably burnt down the t-shirt factory. Another classic from the Jack archive finds the metal god on sparkling form...

Jimi Hendrix


He’d fuck anything that moved. I’ve never seen a snake for chicks like that guy. Chicks just went nuts for him. He’d just sort of look at them and smile, and go “Whatcha looking at?” It’d be crass on anyone else, but with him it just worked ‘cos he looked like sex incarnate. And there was a lotta sex about ‘cos they gave us acid and the contraceptive pill in the same year.

I met him in 1967 when I came down to London. The only person I knew down there used to work for The Merseybeats and The Who, and I asked him if I could kip on his floor. He shared his flat in Harrington Gardens with Noel Redding (Experience bassist), who told me they needed an extra gear-humper on the Hendrix tour, so I went along and ended up doing the tour for a tenner a week. I did radio shows with Hendrix, TV, the lot. He was a real gentleman, and quite quiet offstage. You hear all this stuff about him being a wildman, but nobody’s wild all the time – it takes it out of you. We’d just take handfuls of acid together all the time. And I only ever had good trips… except once. We were tripping, but I went home and all the guys were asleep in my room, so I sat wide-awake in the dark for five hours and listened to them all snoring. It doesn’t sound like much now, but the snores take physical form. You start imagining what a snore looks like, and believe me, it ain’t pretty.

The Beatles


I stalked them. That’s how I met George and John in Llandudno, North Wales. I was the Llandudno branch of the Beatles’ fan club. So the night before they were onstage at the Odeon, I sneaked into their hotel and met them in the corridor. I dunno what I expected but they didn’t know me at all, I was just some face. But they were really nice under the circumstances. This was 1964/65, the height of Beatlemania, and it was fucking crazy.  You can’t imagine what that was like – the Daily Mirror had a full page, every single day, detailing everything the Beatles did, with four Beatle wigs on top of the page. John Lennon said you have to be bastards to get through the shit in the business and the Beatles were the biggest bastards of them all, but they were perfectly cool with me.

Sid Vicious

He asked me to teach him the bass. After three days of trying I had to tell him, “Sid, you can’t play bass.” He said, “Yeah I know,” all depressed. Two months later I bumped into him in The Speakeasy and he said, “Hey Lem, guess what? I’m in The Pistols!” I said, “But you can’t play bass.” He just grinned and said, “Yeah, I know, but I’m IN THE PISTOLS!” Nice enough geezer – I got quite friendly with him – but he used to get into many fights. One night he even ended up getting glassed by Bruce Foxton from The Jam.


There was no confrontation. I just came home to England and fucked a couple of their girlfriends.

Phil Lynott


A really great guy, a good friend, and very funny. His last public appearance was onstage at Motorhead’s tenth birthday party in Hammersmith. He’d never played any of our songs, but you can see him manfully trying to look at our expressions, guess the chords we were about to hit, so he could play along. Me and our guitarist Eddie were standing next to him shouting “E! A!”. And typically, he was game and we had a great laugh. The sound mixer saw the chaos he was in and put his bass right up in the mix, just to embarrass him.


Frankie Goes to Hollywood


One of the funniest guys I have ever met, period. I joined Frankie Goes To Hollywood onstage playing ‘Relax’ back in 1984, when they were really public enemy number one. Holly and Paul Rutherford were fucking hilarious together. We shared the same really ironic sense of humour and got on like a house on fire. There were two poor girls in bustiers in this room blowing everybody, absolutely everybody, that came in, in the hope that eventually they’d make it back into the suite where the bass player was supposed to be. You’d get a blowjob and they’d say, “By the way, if you see the bass player…” Except he’d already left. With his wife.


Samantha Fox


She’s got balls of steel. I met her in rather unexpected circumstances. Well, I never fucking expected it anyway. I went on as a guest at a Hawkwind reunion show the year before last. They have this centrepiece song of cosmic paranoia, ‘Master Of The Universe’. And this deep, God-like voice is supposed to boom out, “I AM… THE MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE!” and frighten the shit out of you. And when the moment comes, it turns out [guitarist/singer] Dave Brock has got Samantha Fox to do it. Jesus Christ! I said to her, “Don’t do it, for fuck’s sake, think of the fans who treasure the bloody thing.” But she just looked at me and said, “I’ve got to do it. It’s Dave Brock’s band and he invited me to. I can’t let him down now.” So this little voice is going, “Er, I am the mistress of the universe.” She looks like the mistress of someone, but possibly not the universe. She’s a great girl but talk about a casting error.

Ritchie Blackmore


I’d always heard he was difficult, so I thought he’d be a pompous twat, but I was pleasantly surprised and got on very well with him.  He was always shaving your eyebrows off if you fell asleep. He’s a really good laugh; just make sure you’re not lying asleep near him. He did the best vindictive-based trick I’ve ever seen. His tour manager pissed him off, so Ritchie slipped him a Mickey Finn. And this guy woke up, groggy with no clothes on, without personal items or papers of any kind, in the back of a locked hire car with no keys, on the deck of a ferry to Iceland. Is that fucking thorough or what?

There were two poor girls in bustiers in this room blowing everybody, absolutely everybody, that came in.

The Hell’s Angels

I used to share a house with two of the Angels. They liked the band so we kind of got associated and they felt very protective. We had [guitarist] Brian Robertson with us from Thin Lizzy, a suave dresser. He always had this thing about being the guest artiste, so he tried to stand out with his clothes. We did a stadium gig at Hackney Speedway which the Angels had put on. So we were surrounded by these massive, tough Hell’s Angels, and Robbo comes out with these tight little green satin shorts and ballet shoes on. There was a lot of muttering, you could feel it was turning nasty. Someone said, “Who’s that cunt with the satin shorts on?” “That’s Motorhead’s new guitar player.” “Ah… Let’s kill him.” Robbo doesn’t know how he came close to dying for those shorts. I never met Sonny Barger, though. He was always in jail. He’s doing well now – not only is he still alive despite all sorts of cancer, but he’s an author of memoirs. Big climb in visibility. Big drop in credibility. Always the way.

The Comic Strip


I met Robbie Coltrane and that lot when I was in their film Eat The Rich, along with other people who did cameos – Bill Wyman, Paul and Linda McCartney, Nosher Powell and Koo Stark. We also did the title song. The film was about cannibalism at a smart restaurant and, despite having to get up at dawn and hang around all day, it was a laugh. There’s a scene where I’m riding a motorbike, but it’s not me ‘cos I was in the States, so they used a girl as a body double. A big girl.



This lot attracted all the fucking rejects. We were taking acid all the time, every day. It came to a head at the Canadian border. I got out of the bus to take some pictures and they went for a meal. And when I got back to the bus, they’d gone… which was charming. It was this real, “Ah, he’ll be alright, man” type hippy act that they always had. All my money was on the bus. So I hitchhiked all the way across from Michigan to Detroit with gay truck drivers, VW vans full of hippies, et cetera. Lotta drugs. I got there and the hotel was having this seminar and for some reason it was full of cripples. Everywhere were people in leg braces and wheelchairs. Surreal. I made it to the soundcheck and played the gig. Finished at two in the morning and at four, bang, I was fired. No explanation, nothing. Is that a bad day or what? There was no confrontation. I just came home to England and fucked a couple of their girlfriends.

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JOHNNY ANGEL 10:11 pm, 23-Dec-2010

I dont think the Hells Angels are gonna like you saying Sonny Barger has a big drop in credibility. I have known Sonny Barger for 46 years and he is has the same credibility and respect he has always had, if not more.

HOWIE 11:49 pm, 23-Dec-2010

Lemmy you are invited to stop by the Hells Angels Cave Creek Arizona clubhouse to meet Sonny Barger anytime you want. HOWIE, HELLS ANGELS CAVE CREEK ARIZONA

longryder 6:58 pm, 24-Dec-2010

This was a great read.,.BUT..I don't aagree with your assessment of The Chief and his relationship with the Angels..He was not in jail all the time ..ever..He would get jammed up by the real crooks of our Justice dept..with Bogus beefs..and would often take the tome someone else should have earned..But he has always been a good and decent man ..and tough as my ex wife's sense of humor...But the Feds ain't won but a few battles ..and they will never win the war..These jerks are the most corrupt sissy's in all of America..The truth will be told one day..BTW..tell the Rothschild criminals to kiss my American ass..they are what is wrong in this worldR,,bloody thieves

longryder 7:00 pm, 24-Dec-2010

..Amen to Johnny Angel..more people talkingtrash who ought to keep quiet until they are worth listening to

Wally 81, Kitchener,Canada 11:42 pm, 25-Dec-2010

I have never met Sonny and I am an Angel! Great Man , Great Credibility & I do not have to meet him to know that , member or not. It is the media whores like yourself who would bragging that you met him, if you had the honour & hoping to make a buck on it also !

Keith Wildman 12:33 am, 26-Dec-2010

Blimey, the Angels aren't happy! Interesting to read Lemmy saying that. Something must have made him form that opinion but the comments above seem to indicate otherwise. Maybe another ST article there?

Chilly Willy 8:58 am, 31-Dec-2010

drop in credibility? fame got to you, buddy.

Patrick 4:27 pm, 31-Dec-2010

Hell's angels are cunts and so is Lemmy for getting around with them.

whoa 4:30 am, 5-Jan-2011

Ol' Lemm likes to spin a yarn or two.I don't believe half of it.Pass the bloke a pin so he can pop those blisters on his mug.J/K

Joe Goedhart 11:58 pm, 9-Jan-2011

Shit, leave Lemmy alone. He was asked to do an interview, and gave HIS accounts.Im sure it wasnt meant to be with malice, just a passing observasion.Maybe even on acid???

Martin Dewar 12:54 am, 4-Feb-2011

Wow. Those Hell's Angels groupies at the top of the comments are dicks.

Buzz 1:12 pm, 11-Feb-2011

Lemmy's Riding free! Hes à lone Wolf!! Remember IRONHORSE Take dope/stay bloke

Vince 2:23 pm, 16-Jul-2011

I do not think Lemmy should be criticized for what he said about Sonny Barger. He meant no disrespect towards him.

Steve Robinson 4:37 am, 20-Aug-2011

do you get the feeling the touchy Hells Angels at the top are a tad thick?

Joe Wolf 4:06 pm, 10-Nov-2012

Hells Angels are the biggest wankers to ever breathe air. They should be wiped out for all eternity.

Moncler 1:18 am, 3-Jan-2014

and saying that a person lives in a "henhouse", or is a "chicken" meant that he is cowardly or weak. When somebody says he came from "the 'hood", it denotes a rough and tumble person prone to violence, hence most people steer clear of them because they might get into a fight. If someone said he was just released from the "cuckoo's nest", it meant they just recently got out from a mental facility or rehabilitation center. A "trip down memory lane" meant that someone is being nostalgic about their past, and a "journey to LaLa land" either meant going to sleep or trying to make it big in Hollywood. The term "excuse my French" does not mean that the speaker is uttering a French word, but implies that a profanity is being expressed. Politicians have also made good use of these types of terms. Being a "log cabin" personality meant that the individual is simple and unpretentious yet steadfast and dependable. A symbol of individualism, of the pioneer spirit, of hard work and humble beginnings, this representation has gained much good publicity that a person running for office. Moncler

Andy. 3:25 am, 9-Dec-2014

I've met a few Hells Angels, I have to agree with 'Joe Wolf', very egotisical blokes who are only tough when there's more than one of them. Lemmy spoke his mind about the HA and some of you start foaming at the mouth, typical HA and their supporters, no respect for others, you have to give it to get it, which is why they don't get any from me. SYLO

jo 12:09 pm, 21-Jan-2015

I don't think Lemmy said any of this shit. The name of this website is called Sabotage Times. I think someone just doesn't like Lem or Motorhead.

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