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Nick Clegg Calls The Nation's 18-24 Year Olds C*nts

by Sabotage
26 February 2012 8 Comments

Good old Clegg, manages to brighten up your day by being a complete tit time and time again...

Nick Clegg, he’s an unstoppable tool isn’t he. Here he manages to call every 18-24 year old in the country a cunt. It happens after about 26 seconds. Enjoy.

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Jettatura 12:21 pm, 26-Feb-2012

No way! Really? What a c*nt!

Capt Chutney 1:40 pm, 26-Feb-2012

Better footage:

Yellow 2:06 pm, 26-Feb-2012

no f***ing way!.......

Creg 5:05 pm, 26-Feb-2012

Ha, I thought the original footage had just been 'edited' by careful use of the pause/fast forward buttons, etc

GB 7:26 pm, 26-Feb-2012

but a lot of them are

Doesn't matter 7:46 pm, 26-Feb-2012

I'm nearly 42 and I'm a cunt. How dare he descriminate.

Cuse 8:33 pm, 26-Feb-2012

What an enormous cunt.

Matthew hudson 7:38 pm, 27-Feb-2012

What did the chap in the corner sign for that

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