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Not So Foxy Knoxy: Is Amanda Knox As Hot As She's Made Out To Be?

by Jordan Waller
26 March 2013 56 Comments

The media are still quick to frame Amanda Knox as a Black-Widow Beauty - but is she as gorgeous as they say?

The murder of Meredith Kercher has been one of the biggest crime stories of the decade. An awful and tragic loss that has managed to divide international opinion from the off whilst snowballing into an over-sensationalised mess of media hyperbole. The main embarrassing shadow dangling over all proceedings being the sex icon platform we all seem to have erected for Amanda Knox. A notion that has dominated front-pages everywhere and one that we should now steadily move away from. Not least because the angle serves to trivialise and detract from the actual tragedy of it all but also because it’s absolute bollocks.

Painted as the pretty girl next door wrongly embroiled in a bloody and violent crime, it is the stuff of movies. It is then, fairly easy to see why the media would look for a beautiful leading lady in this already dangerously Hollywood tale, but seriously? Amanda Knox?

Yes she is a young woman, with a clear(ish) complexion and an alright figure but would you really? Honestly? If she were a girl in your office she wouldn’t be Jane the receptionist with legs to the heavens and breasts to make a teenage boy weep, she’d be Alice the work experience girl that smells of cereal and reads sci-fi novels on her lunch break. She screams this from every angle and yet we simply attribute it to an edgy kind of sexy that quite frankly baffles me. The truth is she’s boring and bookish and we’re clutching at the sensationalist straws so tightly to pretend that she’s a seductress that we’ve cut off the circulation of good taste. I mean she’s hardly an ice pick wielding Sharon Stone is she?


Foxy Knoxy, I Know How You Feel: I Was A Teenage Murder Suspect

 I’ll admit that she is sort of pretty in one of those ‘I-have-no-deforming-scars’ kind of way but she’s still hardly what the speakys would call a ‘class act.’ If she was a constant provocative tease at every given opportunity I might be able to see what you’re all getting at but she doesn’t even do that. She dresses like a teacher for crying out loud and not one of the sexy kinds that you see in Internet movies with suspicious dialogue. We’ve stooped back to our school selves, a mass of hormonal teenagers perving over the ageing History teacher with a face like a shoehorn and one too many buttons undone on her blouse. The fact that you were sensitive at that time and could sometimes see her nipples on a cold day didn’t really change the fact that she was perched in front of a rose-tinted lense. Such shameless and ill-placed lechery was every bit as embarrassing then as it is now readjusted to another ‘accessible’ object of affection.

Still, maybe it’s not her looks per se but her easy, breezy and confident personality that make her a winner. Because hey, what’s not attractive about a young American woman in her granny cardigan doing cartwheels when under pressure in a police station and telling tales of ‘making love’ as her alibi. Well cartwheels for starters. Who the fuck does cartwheels over the age of ten other than a gymnast? Let alone resorting to such nimble behaviour when feeling angsty and alone in a police station. It’s weird, attention seeking and exactly the kind of behaviour you desperately avoided in women growing up. The loud, ‘look at me I’ve got flowers in my hair types’ that had an odour of soil to them that made your cringe and run for the hills.

Unless it’s the sex talk that’s got us all fevered? All that making love. Making. Love. Two words that conjure up a whole host of missionary based thrusts tied limply between a ford escort and walks in the park. Sexy huh? Yup, that’s right you’ve managed to get yourself a hot twenty year old cartwheeler and you’re going to fuck it all up by making love to her in your own apocalyptic vision of the rest of your life? Twenty-year-old students don’t make love. They fuck and they shag. Surely that’s the point and appeal of sleeping with a twenty something year old. You don’t need to watch Channel Four for the evening to realise this.

The whole obsession with her ‘effortless’ sex appeal completely and utterly drowns me in a cloudy puddle of befuddlement. Is there something wrong with my own taste perhaps? Do I actually have some kind of shallow commercialisation fetish that clouds my view of real beauty? Perhaps. Or maybe it’s the recession that did it? Or Rupert Murdoch? I bet it was bloody Murdoch wasn’t it?

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Bernard Bresslaw 10:23 am, 16-Oct-2011

What an utterly retarded article. "Let’s refocus on the actual story and return our gaze to solving a horrific crime" By writing an article on whether you would have fucked Meredith Kercher perhaps?

robin lee 10:33 am, 16-Oct-2011

Meredith Kerchers sister is quite fit though, come to think of it Maddie Mcanns mams not bad either. not so sure about Sarah Paynes mam

MrDarke 12:35 pm, 16-Oct-2011

What a godawful article, c'mon ST you can do better than this.

Man 12:42 pm, 16-Oct-2011

Knox is Billy Corgan with a wig, the Kercher girls are gorgeous. The Foxy Knoxy tag resulted from possible misogyny and the sexual aspect of the prosecutor's case (sex game gone wrong) and the fact she was described as flirting with the Italian police. Either that or she goes through bins of an evening. I still think she did it but I do like The Smashing Pumpkins first three albums so as you can imagine i'm in a bit of a quandary.

Ian Hough 1:12 pm, 16-Oct-2011

Based on the photographic "evidence" provided here, I'd have to say yes, yes she is as fit as they say.

mh 1:29 pm, 16-Oct-2011

trying to pretend you are above the obsession with her looks by saying she isn't good looking is still part of the obsession. Terrible article.

Damon Minchella 1:29 pm, 16-Oct-2011

This article is an embarrassment.

Danny 4:43 pm, 16-Oct-2011

I'd puddle her belly button. But she's only OK.

somesaltedherring 5:01 pm, 16-Oct-2011

It depends on the setting. In Italy she was beautiful because she was being compared to Italian women. In Seattle she's just like all the other young women: Nice enough but when you see a dozen like her every day you stop noticing.

gallagher 6:30 pm, 16-Oct-2011

Where do you get all the sex stuff from? She does not seem attractive at all. Knox was never referred to in these terms in Italy - a she devil and that kind of stuff - yes but never sexual or attractive. The Italians will probably not request an extradition when the case goes for appeal - they just want rid of her. She has done 4 years and most likely will never kill again. The important thing is that she should not make money and fame from the murder.

GaryPiss 7:14 pm, 16-Oct-2011

Up her arse, then BOOM: straight into her gob

jeff munday 7:37 pm, 16-Oct-2011

WHO CARES !! Are you the guy who attempted to write about CHAVS at festivals !! Ever thought of getting another job !

Caroline 7:44 pm, 16-Oct-2011

this article is so right-on. she's a 6/10, maximum. it's weird that so many italians are turned on by murderers.

Brownpants 7:58 pm, 16-Oct-2011

What a pile of vacuous rubbish. Really, is this the best you can do? Child.

Horrible Article 8:05 pm, 16-Oct-2011

Wow this definitely wins the award for "most inane sexist bigoted and embarrassing" article I have read this week! Mr. Waller, for your information, whether or not YOU are personally attracted to Ms. Knox's portrayal in pictures and other media, the entire CASE was built on her "raw sexuality" and on her being a "sex crazed she-devil"... The POINT being, as a carefree woman who sometimes has sex with people, Knox was vilified by the media left and right and jailed for 4 years for a crime she did not commit. To come out after 4 years and write such an inane article about how "Knox is not so hot" after all COMPLETELY MISSES the point: she's ALREADY suffered for her looks (however they have been perceived). Not to mention your article is just disgusting to any people who truly respect women.

Neil Park 8:25 pm, 16-Oct-2011

Starts off like the author is trying to make a valid point about the media obsession with images they create, but it quickly descends into Loaded,FHM, wank into a tissue shite.

revolution now 8:52 pm, 16-Oct-2011

Pretty is as pretty does.She's still the same lying murderer.

James Footballrocksmycasbar 9:11 pm, 16-Oct-2011

unbelievably shite article. What absolute tripe.

Unidentified 9:35 pm, 16-Oct-2011

This article is a disgrace. It is beyond hypocrisy. And it is ludicrously insensitive to those who know Meredith. I think it should be taken down. And somebody should tell GaryPiss's what a cock he is.

Frank C. 10:09 pm, 16-Oct-2011

You're just jealous because she has a soul.

Whatever 10:11 pm, 16-Oct-2011

On the front page as well. Reads like it was written by a 15 year old. 1/10.

robin lee 10:22 pm, 16-Oct-2011

to the person calling themselves 'horrible article' ... if you believe that she is innocent you must be either retarded or american, or a retarded american

Jean 1:17 am, 17-Oct-2011

you should look at the facts not what she said, or what she look like. She was maybe forced to say things as she said and her face is maybe this or that for many reason...I would turn green in her situation. THE FACTS do not be so stupid...what country are you coming from. FACTS, Means do you have traces of her on the victims, on the crime scene etc... please stop bull.

lucca 3:20 am, 17-Oct-2011

Amanda is innocent and much prettier than Meredith's sister Stephanie.

Doug 6:40 am, 17-Oct-2011

@robin lee That's me. Retarded American. At your service. Here, I'll even spell somthing wrong for you. Give you plenty of ammunition. Go ahead and insult me. I can take it. But Amanda will never even know you exist.

Charlotte 3:22 pm, 19-Oct-2011

Possibly the twattiest article on the internet

Jim 10:21 pm, 26-Oct-2011

In very poor taste.

Jude 4:49 pm, 22-Nov-2011

Another 'embarrassing moment' for your collection there, Jordan. If there's irony in there somewhere, you can't tell. Completely pointless.

dave 5:34 pm, 21-Sep-2012

I don't know where to begin but my conclusion is that the article and the hack writer suck.

Harry Paterson 1:49 pm, 26-Mar-2013

Three cheers for sadly predictable cultural norms, eh? And they say patriarchy is dead. Le sigh...

modernist 2:04 pm, 26-Mar-2013

@somesaltedherring, yeah because it is common knowledge that yanks are better looking than Italian Women. HAHAHAHAHHAHA Dick!

Mr Sensibility 2:55 pm, 26-Mar-2013

Disrespectful shite!

James 3:43 pm, 26-Mar-2013

Puerile, offensive, humourless crap. Please grow up or shut up. Preferably both. And soon.

Bill 4:28 pm, 26-Mar-2013

In its quiet way, this article is completely gross.

Thomas 5:12 pm, 26-Mar-2013

Half the Yanks I know are of Italian heritage.

Lehiff 5:23 pm, 26-Mar-2013

@somesaltedherring What the fuck ye are talking about? you can find a lot of eyetalian birds like that in milan, for example. Fuck Seattle they tend to be ugly bugly there anyway. Ponce.

Markxist 6:45 pm, 26-Mar-2013

Disgusting article that is utterly devoid of any merit whatsoever.

Harry Paterson 6:50 pm, 26-Mar-2013

Just read it again. Was wondering if I'd been a bit quick to judge. Nope. It really is as tasteless, insensitive, cold and misogynistic as I'd thought. I'm the last writer to slag off anyone else's 'work' but this really is disgusting. Do you have women in your life? One can only imagine how they view you now...

Stan Dalglish 7:13 pm, 26-Mar-2013

A crass article. Bad taste. This site is quickly losing credibility.

Jesus 7:31 pm, 26-Mar-2013

She looks like Tom Cruise in a dress. She's pretty ugly.

elle 3:47 am, 27-Mar-2013

She is pretty. Super gorgeous, no. She simply doesn't have the kind of beauty that takes your breath away, but she's cute and it's natural.

Winston 3:14 pm, 27-Mar-2013

Being a sex crazed middle class girl away from home is what has kept her OUT of prison. It certainly did not convict her. Look ho wquickly they locked that black lad up, overnight more or less. The Italians know that they have dropped a bollock and two killers are poncing around about to get paid for their crimes!

Legal Wrangle 12:53 am, 28-Mar-2013

Perhaps the only reason she's got this reputation is simply because 'Foxy Knoxy' rhymes. It's a no-brainer for those looking for an angle to write about in the papers.

Kane 1:10 pm, 2-Apr-2013

Have I misclicked and opened "Holy Moly"? Site going downhill fast....

James 4:34 pm, 18-Apr-2013

Uhm what straight man cares about how a chick dresses when on trial for a murder? This chick is hot. I would give her an 8 out of 10. Doesn't need makeup, great bone structure, beautiful eyes and a nice slim body. She's hot

ron mccord 5:48 pm, 24-Apr-2013

Are you kidding, this girl is hot she has no makeup or anything else to flatter herself in prison and still looks hot. Most women wont be caught dead without makeup on, she has good hair, skin, face and figure the whole package yes a solid 8 and unlike kardashians is natural and not slutting around

Big Jim 5:35 am, 1-May-2013

Big Jim wouldn't be long with her, I'd bang her harder than a barn door in a storm.....Big Jim likes to finish on their feet.....Big Jim don't pay for strange.

Roger 2:45 pm, 12-May-2013

So has Jordan Waller got that job with the Daily Mail yet?

Jordan Waller 8:14 pm, 12-May-2013

Just reread this myself. I agree, it was pretty crass and the point I was trying to make definitely got lost before I'd even defined it. Live and learn,my bad folks. Can you all stop hating me now, my vapid soul hurts.

Gerald 3:22 am, 4-Jan-2014

She takes a good picture. She has a good body with smooth skin and blue eyes. Her bone structure is very good for close up pictures. She stands out in any southern European courthouse. She does stand out in Italy where the female cops look like rugby players.

randy albin 7:40 pm, 10-Jan-2014

amanda is really not that bad looking. she could be in modeling or fashion industry or something. what a shame that people don't like her

Sid James 8:22 pm, 31-Jan-2014

Ah, Amanda Knox. As God once said, she's worth a bastard. By the way Bernard, shouldn't we get some cakes?

Julie 4:08 am, 21-Mar-2014

What kind of world has this become??? A mound of evidence is against her and the Italian boyfriend. Who is thinking of the poor girl that was murdered? We are again talking about the hot looks or some say not, on Amanda...convicted of murder. Who cares

bob 10:25 pm, 15-Oct-2014

amanda is hot and sexy and innocent, you piece of shit. i'd lick her pussy so hard. fuck italy and the uk for ruining amanda's life when she's clearly innocent. and hot.

bob 10:27 pm, 15-Oct-2014

and sexy.

team amanda 10:35 pm, 15-Oct-2014

watch this video if you think amanda is guilty. the italian police are a bunch of bumbling morons.

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