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RIP Anne Williams: Twitter's Farewell To A True Hero

by Sabotage
18 April 2013 1 Comment

She fought for Liverpool for the last 24 years and deserves every ounce of praise and respect being shown on this sad day.


RIP Anne Williams: The Tributes To Liverpool’s Fallen Hero

Anne tirelessly worked for the people of Liverpool over the last 24 years for the truth of Hillsborough to be uncovered and will reserve a special place in the hearts of supporters across the world. May she rest in peace.








RIP Anne Williams: Fighting Liverpool’s Good Fight Until The End

The Heroes Of Hillborough








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Stan Dalglish 6:52 pm, 18-Apr-2013

You should read her book about Kevin. It is tough to read at times but a Mothers love for her son shines through and she would not give up, regardless of the countless cover ups and delay tactics. The fact that you have the the club itself commenting on her passing and the likes of Stevie G, Robbie Fowler and even our neighbours from over the park is testament to her legacy. RIP Anne.

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