Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?

The Daily Mail: Using Human Tragedy To Push Their Vile Class Agenda

by Harry Paterson
3 April 2013 65 Comments

Of course Mick Philpott is a hideous individual, but he is as representative of the poor as Hans and Eva Rausing are of the rich...

Those of us with a shred of humanity, those of us on even nodding terms with basic human decency might choose to spend a few moments today reflecting on the horrific tragedy that befell six of Mick Philpott’s children. We might even go a little further and feel an indescribable rage towards a man, a so-called father, being the conscious architect of the demise of six of his seventeen – yes, seventeen – children.

In a cynical and twisted plot, the jury at Nottingham Crown Court learned, this selfish and misogynistic creature deliberately started a fire and attempted to frame his neighbour all with the intent of appearing the hero by rescuing his children. At the same time visiting revenge upon the hapless neighbour who had slept with his partner. There’s more than enough there to sicken anyone.

Not the Daily Mail, though. For them a human tragedy of this nature is simply an opportunity to push even further their revolting and immoral class agenda. Today’s front page, emblazoned as it is with the banner headline, ‘Vile Product Of Welfare UK’ says everything about a tabloid whose connection to the lofty ideals and principles of the Fourth Estate is as tenuous as those of the Tory party to compassion and equality.

In one sense, there’s little new here; the putrid rag, right from its Hitler-glorifying headline, ‘Hurrah for The Blackshirts’ all the way to the present day, has consistently articulated the most vile prejudices and bigotries of its blue-rinsed, would-be middle-class, Conservative readership. On the other hand, the stomach-turning cynicism of both the sentiment and timing of today’s front-page marks a new low for a publication one might reasonably have concluded couldn’t possibly sink any lower. “Inside the house of depravity: Two giant TVs, a snooker room but the children were barely fed by Mick Philpott whose sordid lifestyle beggars belief!” screams the Hate Mail, in its usual strident tones of sanctimony and sneering self-righteousness.

After a veritable onslaught of vituperation, lies and sheer malice aimed at those out of work, the disabled, single mothers and immigrants alike, the Daily Mail has been a key driver in fomenting a culture of hate against the nation’s poor and underprivileged.  Lurid and hysterical attacks, based often on outright lies, are its disgusting stock in trade. And in a week when the poor have been hammered yet further by the introduction of the ‘Bedroom Tax’ and other heartless and spiteful cuts to benefits, it’s nothing less than vomit-inducing that the toilet-paper tabloid seeks to make political capital out of such an emotionally-charged and appalling crime.


Inside The Daily Mail’s Cannabis Report

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Of course, the wretched parents in this contemptible episode are as much a product of the welfare state as Peter Sutcliffe is of the Road Haulage Association. Or Beverly Allitt is of the Royal College of nursing. What they might well be a product of, though, is neoliberal free-market economics; a system where the only possible measurements of value are those that can be entered on a spread-sheet in pounds and pence. A society that sees its workforce as nothing more than a resource to be employed, abused and then sacked at will, depending on the whims of the market. A culture that deems it perfectly moral, no; necessary even, to scapegoat the elderly, the disabled, the unemployed and working poor alike and view them as merely cannon fodder in an on-going class war. The sole purpose of which is to enrich still further those at the top at the expense of those at the bottom. In such a society, one that utterly distorts our natural humanity and produces the most grotesque and aberrant human behaviour in pursuit of wealth, why should we expect anything different from those at the bottom of the social order?

One might also wish to consider the nauseating hypocrisy of its editor, Paul Dacre. This repellent caricature of a press man sanctions, daily, attacks on ‘scroungers’ when the rich and Conservative demagogues, whose cause he so enthusiastically champions, freely use British infrastructure, resources and personnel to acquire their ill-gotten gains.  And then promptly shift the loot off-shore to avoid paying their fair share of income tax. ‘Scroungers’ eh? You bet.

In conclusion, then, we can be certain of several things; the Daily Mail, along with its troglodyte scribblers and hacks, who laughably pass for journalists, are an affront to decency, fairness and honesty. With today’s headline they have confirmed their standing as the most toxic faecal lump floating in the sewer of British tabloid ‘journalism’. The comments in response to the rag’s noxious online edition of the Philpott article confirms, beyond any doubt, that’s its readers are stupidly ignorant, cruel and spiteful bigots. Following all this, though, we can also be sure of thing more; they, and the Daily Mail, spit in the very face of humanity.

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Dail Heil 11:47 am, 3-Apr-2013

Daily Mail Online business model. 1. Publish shocking headline and or right wing views 2. Wait for outrage to ensue across social media 3. Watch as said outraged members of public share the link to the article expressing their disgust 4. Laugh as more and more outraged visitors come to your website driving up the price you can charge advertisers 5. Congratulate yourself on becoming Newspaper of the year yet again thanks to your high amount of hits. The Daily Mail is the biggest and most successful troll on the internet. Don't feed the trolls.

james barry jr 11:48 am, 3-Apr-2013

great article , well done sabotage times !

Markxist 11:52 am, 3-Apr-2013

The Daily Fail are just gutted the Philpotts aren't Asian/Polish/black/Irish travellers.

Tim 12:18 pm, 3-Apr-2013

I couldn't agree more Harry, a superb piece. That evil, hate peddling rag is unfortunately preaching to a large, loyal, non-vote wasting minority.

Jpeg 12:24 pm, 3-Apr-2013

It really just makes me so mad and I feel so helpless! How can readers of the Mail be so blind and cruel!

Tony L 1:37 pm, 3-Apr-2013

Why not make a complaint to the Chair of the PPC Practice Committee. Oh. It's Dacre. Oh well.

Dan 1:59 pm, 3-Apr-2013

Whilst I don't agree with any of the slap dash ramblings coughed up onto the pages of the Daily Mail I don't wholey agree with you vitriolic attack on their article. Whilst there are many unfortunate people in this country that try hard to find work and get off benefits there are still way too many people without any intention of finding work and happy to scrounge for life.....I know as I am related to many of them. Your argument reflects the polar opposite of what the Daily Mail is suggesting but the answer is neither black nor white. The only answer is to get tough on benefit claimants whilst rewarding those that are disabled, elderly and those that ARE actually making an effort to find employment. I can't disagree with the DM's headline either, he IS a "vile product of welfare UK" he created a vast family for the sole purpose of reaping state benefits and that greed for yet more entitlements sadly drove the vile f****r to endanger and wipe out six young children. There are more people like him than you think!

Martin 2:45 pm, 3-Apr-2013

Only six comments before we get a Daily Scum apologist. Must be a record ! Great piece Harry - we said and very true. Those of us who REALLY know people who are being affected by this are getting angrier and angrier not only with this disgusting government but with the vile tribe who vote for them and buy this disgraceful heap of odure, (and it's bastard sister publication the Daily Expshite also.)

potter aton 2:57 pm, 3-Apr-2013

I do not buy it or did I vote for the fuct wits. If you live off the state you must play by it's imposed rules. I have no feelings for the dead or the living Philpotts I know them not. martin if you fellow man is without and you can help him. Help him. If we all look after one another we would have no need for the State. Was a good read ...

shihabsjoi 3:05 pm, 3-Apr-2013

"The comments in response to the rag’s noxious online edition of the Philpott article confirms, beyond any doubt, that’s its readers are stupidly ignorant, cruel and spiteful bigots" As a brown man, I sometimes log onto neo-nazi forums like stormfront just to get a measure of the ignorance/hatred that's out there. I leave it feeling superior. Reading the Mail reader comments however does not leave me with any such glow. Because unlike the fascists who are lonely in a bedsit somewhere no one cares about, the Mail readers are among us, voting, judging, probably teaching our children. Reading the Mail readers comments leaves me feeling like I'm donald sutherland in Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Sarah 3:58 pm, 3-Apr-2013

@shihabsjoi Not sure about all fascists. One of them is Sunderlands head coach. But I agree with what you said about Daily Mail readers though.

Allmodcons1965 3:59 pm, 3-Apr-2013

Job or no job this vile piece of shite deserves never to see daylight again,and I truly hope he gets kicked shitless inside..

Rob 4:07 pm, 3-Apr-2013

Sums up this piss-poor excuse for a newspaper exactly. When will people wake up to these constant "divide and conquer" tactics?

Ben 4:10 pm, 3-Apr-2013

Yup have to agree, but it's not just this story, its every story, right down to the weather report and who's to blame.

MadderHat 4:32 pm, 3-Apr-2013

@Martin I think Dan gave a great and measured comment asking an important question there 'Who or what is to blame for what happened if it isnt the current welfare system as the DM says?' I would welcome an answer as I'm stumped for alternatives.

Harry Paterson 4:47 pm, 3-Apr-2013

MadderHat. The answer is in the article, albeit from a reverse angle; the welfare state is the creator of this crime in the same way the Road Haulage Association was responsible for the Yorkshire Ripper. Or, indeed, that the Daily Mail is a product of journalism... For whatever reason, Philpott appears to be a women-beating piece of scum. If you want to accept the welfare state is responsible for him then, logically, the welfare state also deserves all the accolades we can muster for producing the kindness shown by the army of unemployed neighbours and local residents who gave up much of their own paltry benefits to help pay for the childrens' funerals.

Andy 5:00 pm, 3-Apr-2013

Why can't i see the comments!!!!!!

Andy 5:04 pm, 3-Apr-2013

Harry, aren't you using human tragedy to push your class agenda?

Grubberkick 5:08 pm, 3-Apr-2013

Good article... I haven't bought any of the newspapers for many years now and don't even glance at them as I walk past the stands.. I think this is the only way to truly hurt them. Disengage.

Ohthisbloodypc 5:08 pm, 3-Apr-2013

I hesitate to say this but here goes.... I'm not sure why people are so obsessed by the Daily Mail It's read by less than 1 per cent of the population, if the sales figures are anything to go by Of that group, half the readers seem to be people who buy the paper just so they can hate it. They can't keep away: it's a like a drug: Street name Dudgeon. And at least once a day you get high on it I'd suggest not reading it, and not boosting it's profitability by constantly publicising it Me? I can handle it. I like to think I'm fairly liberal minded. (No not that kind of liberal)

Blake Carrington 5:35 pm, 3-Apr-2013

@Dan I would wager that Mick Philpott is responsible for Mick Philpott's actions. Yes, there are elements of the welfare system that are broken beyond belief but a dumb fucker will always be a dumb fucker, no matter what their social circumstances are.

Markxist 5:46 pm, 3-Apr-2013

@shihabsjoi, with you completely. @Andy, no he's not. He's answering the debate raised by The Fail from a different angle. They're pushing their agenda, to respond to that in a disagreeing term is not pushing your own agenda, merely offering a different POV. It's the nature of a mature debate.

Andy 6:55 pm, 3-Apr-2013

@ Markxist. thanks for reminding me this is a debate - not sure if mature belongs in the same sentence. It's interesting to read that Harry thinks the Daily Mail is now at the bottom of the journalistic pile, I always thought the Evil Murdoch Empire had the rights to that one!

Harry Paterson 7:18 pm, 3-Apr-2013

They're second in the table, Andy. Still a good chance of scooping the league but, for now, the Daily Heil is in the numero uno spot. Seriously, I know you're a right-wing fan-boy but you aren't a drooling brain-dead one. Instead of trolling, tell us what you really think of this coverage by the Mail. Surely even you can't defend it?

Cymruambyth! 7:25 pm, 3-Apr-2013

Its not the welfare system, but the state has created something which contributes.. The welfare state has allowed and probably encouraged this man to breed like he did in order to claim the handouts and give him the life idiots like him think they are owed. Its not a class thing though as on the other side you have the elite, the money men, the politicians (and celebs) who use this country to make their money then stash it offshore to avoid paying their taxes. Class doesn't come into it, every class has people that are encouraged by the state and greed and do 'evil' things in order to maintain what they believe to be their right. The DM caters for those who think they are the elite who have the platform to hide their own behaviour through digs aimed at those less fortunate. Meanwhile people like me work 12 hour days to get bummed from all directions.. Does that make me middle class??

Ian salmon 8:08 pm, 3-Apr-2013

Brilliant piece Harry. The only person responsible for Philpott's actions is Philpott. That the Mail uses it as yet another excuse to attack anybody below the middle classes is an utter disgrace.

Connstevie 8:23 pm, 3-Apr-2013

There was a case a few years ago, a millionaire by the name of Christopher Foster who deliberately murdered his wife and daughter, then set fire to his mansion. It emerged he had serious money problems as a consequence of tax avoidance schemes which HMRC were pursuing him for. I would be absolutely certain that the mail did not run a headline stating that this tragic event was a creation of tax avoidance. Indeed, there are several cases a year of men (invariably men) who murder their own families for a whole host of complex reasons. These cases cross all class barriers, from the unemployed to the wealthy...but of course a balanced analysis of this nature has no place in the national press who prefer vilification and ideology

Harry Paterson 8:48 pm, 3-Apr-2013

Heartening indeed to see so many insightful and perceptive observations. Thanks, people. I must confess, I was mentally bracing myself for an ignorant avalanche of ill-considered, knee-jerk lefty bashing. Finished the day in a slightly better mood than when I started. Thanks.

Markxist 9:02 pm, 3-Apr-2013

Yeah come on Andy, politics aside, tell us YOUR view of The Fail's angle to the story. And it is an angle, they brought the class issue up (like crime is only something the working classes involve themselves with) Harry's just reacting to it on the stall they set up. So come on, what's yours?

Andy 9:23 pm, 3-Apr-2013

Harry, Markxist. I appreciate your genuine questioning of my view on the Mail - far from trolling I really do mean to try and get a slightly different view to yours. By your definition I am 'right wing' but having been mauled previously (rightly, i embarassingly add) I don't seek to maliciously offend. I've often agreed with you Harry but have my doubts that using the language you do can and does alienate you from your valid points. Now, you ask my opinion of the headlines and the Mail itself, here goes... you'll love this... I fucking hate the Daily Mail it is full of lies, vicious vitriol and downright scandal mongering shit! I wouldn't wipe my arse on it in case I caught something, it's worse than any red top has ever been. Whilst being no fan of the Sun either at least they are fucking obvious with their lies. There you go, something we agree on... possibly!

Markxist 10:24 pm, 3-Apr-2013

Andy, I didn't mean to suggest you were trolling or trying to offend personally, I was just keen to hear what your POV was following your initial comments, which as I'm sure you'll agree, stood out by being not instantly agreeing with the general consensus. And yes, definitely something we agree on!

keachy 12:41 am, 4-Apr-2013

well put!

Harry Paterson 9:16 am, 4-Apr-2013

Nice one, Andy.

Andy 9:52 am, 4-Apr-2013

Cheers Harry, Markxist.

lu rezekne 10:19 am, 4-Apr-2013

I think that the Sabotage Times is just as guilty as the Daily Mail in using this story to push their own agenda down the reader's throat. Like it or not, Philpott is a product of the welfare state. A cushy lifestyle of sex and TV 24 hrs a day,it's no wonder he lost his grip on reality. Would his psychopathic tendencies have emerged had he been going out,earning a wage? Would he have even had the time to have all these lovers and children if he had been employed?

Harry Paterson 10:59 am, 4-Apr-2013

lu rezekne. Firstly, Sab Times has no agenda at all. There is no editorial line and the views of its contributors covers pretty much the entire spectrum of political thought. Secondly, there is no editorial line nor are there any op ed pieces. So, your first assertion is utterly, entirely and comprehensively wrong. In every way. As for your ludicrous observation, "Like it or not, Philpott is a product of the welfare state" how on earth do you make that Daily Mail-style leap? As a former solider, isn't he, rather, a product of the military? Or as a Derbyshire resident, perhaps it was the malignant influence of those grassy dales? Did you actually *read* the article???

Fail 4:06 am, 5-Apr-2013

There may well be people like this but that doesnt mean the whole working class should be assaulted. There will always be psychos, I likethe way middle class murderers dont result in their whole "class" being held up to scrutiny. The point here is it is one man and the people he manipulated who caused this. His kids were, by all accounts, well liked and loved in their schools and community. This is the real tragedy - who knows what they could have become? to use this case as the daily mail have done, an now the government, is shitting all over their memory. also, please refrain from using the word "breed" when ur talkin about people- its a tactic the daily mail use to dehumanise poor people

Harry Paterson 5:56 pm, 5-Apr-2013

Superbly put, Fail.

Underrepresented 3:56 pm, 6-Apr-2013

Philpott killed 6 kids for benefit money. If six kids dying should not provoke a debate about this culture what should? We can't ignore the issue just because it doesn't fit in with your blinkered left wing view. The death of the kids is DIRECTLY linked to the benefits.

FAIL 4:46 pm, 6-Apr-2013

-underrepresented - you obviously have a different definition to what a debate is than most people. Jumping over the article and the other comments (ie - the debate) and then saying "blinkered left wing views" isnt a debate. how about addresing some of the points raised?

Underrepresented 5:18 pm, 6-Apr-2013

You've jumped over my point. He's killed kids in the pursuit of benefits. One could say he's a vile product of welfare uk. Yet the mail are treated like the murderer. I hate the mail, but I hate how a dividing line has been drawn. On one side is welfare claimants on the other is everyone else. The left are on the wrong side. I'm labour but can not agree that the mail are wrong here and there are no links to benefit culture and these deaths. They are directly linked and its foolish to close your eyes to it in pursuit of looking right on.

Underrepresented 5:33 pm, 6-Apr-2013

If you nutters lived on the estate where I do you would see these scum bags in pyjamas at 2pm buying £8 packets of cigs with dole money. We are all sick of them and want something doing about it. Skinny latte sipping guardian readers who have never been to an estate keep defending these scum bags and support policy that keeps these scrotes in poverty. We don't need middle class elite liberals fighting battles with middle class daily mail readers that play with the lives of the real working class. The mail, on this particular issue, are right. I know it's difficult to understand but it's just true. A stopped clock tells the right time twice a day, this is the case with the mail here

FAIL 5:47 pm, 6-Apr-2013

youve lost me totally, are you having me on? if not, have a break from the computer, think what you just wrote through again and try and make it coherent

Underrepresented 5:52 pm, 6-Apr-2013

It doesn't fit in with your blinkered world view. Just switch your mind off. But outside of left wing Internet land is the real world, where 'real' people are pissed off with scum and the apologists of scum who exacerbate the problem

FAIL 6:05 pm, 6-Apr-2013

no one wants to support those people per se, its the manner certain people use it to attack people who are not scrounging that gets people worked up. for example, just look at how theyre cutting what disabled people get. look at how they have set targets per job centre to cut people off benefits completely. the deaths were down to benefits but its not like great hordes of jobless people are going around murdering kids is it? some people seem to abuse the system and no one supports that, but to let people take swings at "benefit-class" people like this seems like a cheap, inhumane attempt at drumming up support for their latest assault on the people who genuinely need them. and shame on you if you want to put the people on ur estate into the same bracket as this psychopath.

Underrepresented 6:10 pm, 6-Apr-2013

This is about benefits culture, the mail have said he is a product of that culture. I don't think they have said all welfare claimants are like philpott that is the assumption you have made. I think, me personally, that there is a link to the tragedy and benefits culture and the mails response, although sensational,is valid in this case. The culture where I live needs changing and if the mail spark the debate so be it. It needs to be had.

Underrepresented 6:23 pm, 6-Apr-2013

The mail are filling a vacuum that has been created because not enough pressure is being put on people to get off their arses. The mail may think everyone is a scrounger but the guardian think everyone a deserving worthy unlucky in life loser. Both sides do not know the reality here but both have big opinions. I just live amongst it so feel strongly about it. I've never been on an Internet forum before but what I've read on the guardian and on here I think is madness. People who have never been on an estate making out there is no benefits culture and the problem is in the minds of mail readers. Let me tell you all, there are loads on the take. Big time.

FAIL 6:27 pm, 6-Apr-2013

- this is the Daily Mail, you know full well where they stand on all this! it sounds like u have genuine and sincere concerns - if u get ur debate in these terms it wont be the one u were looking for

Underrepresented 6:34 pm, 6-Apr-2013

The left will allow the mail and torys to lead this debate unless they get a grip of it. I just think the working man is not being heard. The default position is always 'whatever the opposite of the mail is'. Accept there is a benefits culture, say something in the media that working people can get behind, occupy the centre ground, change society from in government like tony Blair did. I want to vote labour but they are not representing me anymore. This lurch to the left will hand the initiative to the mail and leave labour in opposition for a generation

Andy 2:05 am, 7-Apr-2013

@underepresented. Extremely well put. The ground in the middle is where this 'argument' needs to be discussed, neither the Mail nor Guardian are where it's at, Oxbridge educated journalists don't have a clue either way, they don't live in your world or mine.

Harry Paterson 11:15 am, 7-Apr-2013

"...The mail are filling a vacuum that has been created because not enough pressure is being put on people to get off their arses" This simply staggers me. I can't believe I'm actually awake, in control of my cognitive faculties and really did just read that. Where the fuck are you living???? There is nothing less than an absolute *avalanche* of hate-fueled pressure raining down, daily, on benefit claimants. 42% of which are pensioners, by the way. Fuckers, aren't they? Google 'ATOS' think then come back and try again. Jesus...

Harry Paterson 11:23 am, 7-Apr-2013

By the way, Underrepresented, I'm not sure how you equate journos of a lefty persuasion with middle class bleeding heart liberalism but just to be clear; the man who wrote this article, i.e. me was brought up on one of the most notorious and poverty-stricken slums in Scotland. Alloa's infamous 'Bottom End' was markedly absent of chattering classes, organic wholemeal bread and copies of The Guardian. Years later, living in England and bringing up kids of my own on a less-violent but equally poverty-stricken council estate in Nottingham, proved conclusively to me one important truth: the overwhelming majority of people on benefits are decent human beings trying desperately to live fulfilled and noble lives, look after their kids and get a job and pay their bills just like anyone else. I know the life, know the people and know the places. I'm *from* those places. No one, least of all a Daily Mail apologist, is in any position to lecture me on these matters. My opinions did not form in a vacuum; they arose as a direct result of first-hand, real-life experience.

Harry Paterson 11:28 am, 7-Apr-2013

As for this "This lurch to the left will hand the initiative to the mail and leave labour in opposition for a generation" Are you alive??? This about a Labour Party who *invented* the proto-type for the workfare the Tories introduced! This about a Labour party who, less than a month ago, sat on their hands and *abstained* while the Tories, who broke the law, moved the goal-posts and stole, yes stole, money owed to benefit claimants who had been illegally and unfairly sanctioned! 'lurch to the left'??? FFS, if only! For crying out loud, man, what goes on in your mind??

underepresented 6:28 pm, 7-Apr-2013

my experience if very different. there are absolutly loads on the take. loads of total scum. not saying there arnt worthy claimants out there, but the mail's headline 'vile product of welfare uk' is a fine description of the guy who murdered his kids for benefit money. my idea of the left is obviously very diffrent to yours. total communism is where your at. i am what most people would describe as 'normal', fair wages, decent pension, curb massive handouts for the feckless, look after the needy. not to radical

underepresented 6:38 pm, 7-Apr-2013

looking at your other articles- thatcher's a c**t,the beatles are s**t, soldiers are wa****rs, the royals are t**ts, now welfare claimants are salt of the earth heroes. this attitude is appaling to most people. this uber left wing nonsense didnt work for michael foot or kinnock-the public thought they were nutters. like i do you.

Harry Paterson 10:51 am, 8-Apr-2013

OK, underrepresented, let's try some actual facts. Less than 1% of all benefit claims are fraudulent. That's a figure from the DWP, by the way; not the State Ministry for Commie Propaganda. Less than 1%. Got that? Which means that over 99% of ALL benefit claims are genuine. Take from that, the 42% of that bill that is paid out to pensioners and the 62% of that remaining number is actually paid out to people *in work* got that? *In work* Next up, the biggest single element of benefit is housing benefit. Something over which claimants have no control. That figure is determined by greedy, rapacious landlords whose exorbitant and obscene rents are pad by the taxpayer. i.e. us. Given all that, we can say with total certainty that the layabout scrounger bleeding the system dry is so statistically irrelevant as to be effectively non-existent. All these figures can be gleaned from the DWP; not The Weekly Worker, Newsline or Socialist Worker. From the government's *own department.* Total benefits bill is around £5.5 billion per year, of which, as we've seen, less than 1% is fraudulently claimed. Now compare that to the estimated £92 billion per year we lose through tax fiddles and corporate scams and one can only wonder at the mentality of someone like you happy to be ripped off and stitched up by the rich, by the banks and by the government for literally billions and yet you howl with outrage at the far lower figure fiddled by benefit claimants. The government and the Daily Mail love you; their noxious bullshit propaganda swallowed whole by brainwashed dupes just like you all over the country.

Harry Paterson 10:53 am, 8-Apr-2013

As for Kinnock being left wing, that's just ridiculous. Utterly stupid, in fact. Kinnock laid the ground for Blair and was an unprincipled right-winger who waged a witch-hunt against socialists, scabbed on the miners and placed Labour firmly on the right.

Harry Paterson 11:03 am, 8-Apr-2013

And let's finally nail the utter fallacy this scum-bag killed his kids for benefits. The judge in the trial, who was privy to the *evidence* not Daily Mail hysteria, thought quite otherwise. See here

underrepresented 3:29 pm, 8-Apr-2013

my sister is a single mum of 2. works part time 5 days a month part time air hostess. shes just bought a 30 grand audi on finance. she can afford it through the money she legitamatly claims through family tax credits. there is no way she will go back to work full time. you stick to whats happening on the dwp website, i'll look out of my window onto the real world. its not the fraudulent claims that are the issue- its the whole F""king handouts culture that traps people in poverty-encourages welfare dependency-and destroys areas like mine and the area you used to live at before you became a left wing trendy, patronising the poor.

underrepresented 3:35 pm, 8-Apr-2013

my point is- even the poor are sick of welfare culture- and the poor dont read the mail-they havnt been brainwashed with propaganda-they dont need you 'defending' them.the left can not keep endorsing a life on benefits as a legitimate lifestlye choice. normal people wont have it any more. your politics are to radical for normal people and no one will buy into it. its the REAL working class who keep getting shat on, by the rich AND the welfare crowd.

Bob Stylo 7:06 pm, 9-Apr-2013

Underrepresented. 'not saying there arnt worthy claimants out there' When you 'look out of your window', how many claimants can you see that are worthy of their benefits? You appear to know everyone's details, personal circumstances, claim form particulars etc without even wanting to consider the DWP's own figures. I'm interested to hear about your quantitative methodology in how you arrive at the assumption that most on benefits are 'on the take'.

Harry Paterson 7:45 pm, 9-Apr-2013

Bob Stylo, bravo, sir.

fail 6:36 am, 10-Apr-2013

Indeed, underrrepresented you seem to be basing your argument on your estate,and further to that you seem to be basing it on the speculation that they are all lazy and on the take. not facts. who are you to judge who should get benefits? Is it just the people who you like who should get them? what was that about blinkered views?

Linsey 11:42 pm, 22-Nov-2013

Zzzzzzzzz......zzzzzzz...zzzzzzzzz....zzzzzzzzz.... 'Kin hell, must have nodded off during the bit about' "neoliberal free market economics"........never mind, that book you've got due out about the miners strike should have them queuing out the door of your local Waterstones. Are you going to mention all oF Arthur's dodgy dealings and London penthouses etc?

Ssagag 4:55 am, 5-Dec-2013

Hey Paterson, what makes you think those government figures aren't just... made up? Like everything else the government lies about? Welfare state needs people on welfare. Government loves it when people are dependent on them.

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